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I wanted to have a quick sit down and evaluation of this panel…. and how Judar seems at this point in time.  At first it surprised me:

Like how did he go from this…. 

to how he is in canon now?  Suddenly satisfied with his life?  Doesn’t it seem kinda extreme?  Did the timeskip really mellow him out that much?

Alright I’ll be the first to admit the timeskip really did rub me the wrong way in many aspects and threw out a lot of potential character development to try and wrap up the series real fast in this one final arc…. But let’s just pretend that isn’t a thing at the moment for the sake of this argument.

Apparently Judar attempted another war through Nirva in Reim when he couldn’t find Hakuryuu so it goes to show this development wasn’t too sudden… plus undoubtedly the finding of his village and… parents… ((though I’m still confused about what that means considering we’ve seen them die in Solomon’s wisdom)) probably gave him a bit more perspective but was it really enough to change him that much?

So here… after many thoughts… is why I think Judar became content with his life and purpose, even being able to conquer his anger.

We’ve obviously seen who he would have chosen as his King’s Candidate if he’d been given the freedom and choice other magi had and it’s not really that much of a surprise if you remember Balbadd and have read some SNB to see they share history together.

Judar was mad ever since then that his life was taken away from him and controlled by Arba…. he pictured himself living differently like the others had and was jealous he couldn’t have helped build Sindria and be happy.  He wanted that so badly, feeling like his own chaotic desires weren’t even his own will in the first place but a result of falling and being under Gyokuen’s influence.

((This is why I’m so adamant on making people understand that Judar isn’t naturally evil or chaotic, sure he would have been problematic but he’s still got good in him, the fact that he wanted this speaks a lot for his character.))

Moving on, this was the dream he was upset about having… this was why he was so angry, because he wasn’t given the freedom to chose this… to choose Sinbad and Sindria.  With that in mind, look at the modern magi universe.

Now Judar sees what would have happened if he’d blindly followed Sinbad: he sees the results that they’re all living in.  He’s taken control of the rukh, even magi like Titus and Yunan are bent to his will and are all for this self-sacrificing ploy Sinbad’s inflicted on them…. He would have turned out exactly like them if he’d followed the destiny he was so jealous about.

In short: he would have been manipulated either way.  

Now that he sees this, he’s not nearly as upset and jealous anymore.  He realizes he’s had an alright time with his life… he’s had fun and met a worthy King’s Vessel, even having the chance to take his revenge on Gyokuen and wage the war he wanted for the fun of it.  

Reading this chapter doesn’t make too much sense if you don’t take into account that the destiny Judar thought he wanted would just be rolling over to Sinbad like the rest of the world.  

If he hadn’t been taken and forced to fall… he never would have conquered his own fate and been free to make his own choices.  Now he can chose when and what to fight for himself.  Because of his suffering and hardships, he’s here now with the ability to chose…

And that’s why he’s satisfied with his life.

Judal and Aladdin (ch. 352)

Judal and Aladdin always had a rocky relationship. It started with Judal being extremely rude to the younger magi punching him in the face, then on their first fight Judal had his ass handled to him by Aladdin and on their second fight Aladdin send Judal to space. 

While Aladdin seemed not to harbor any ill feelings towards Judal, the latter always showed dislike every time he met Aladdin. That happened even when they met post time skip:

Judal’s feelings are highlighted by the way he talks to Aladdin, often mocking him and calling him “kid” instead of his own name:

That’s why the latest chapter is important. Because Judal finally is calling Aladdin by his name and for once he doesn’t seem bothered by the younger magi (instead he is there to save him)

Seriously, I can’t agree with anyone saying that Judal didn’t have a character development or that the relationship between the two magi remained static.

so originally, everyone’s standing in the circle like this

okay, cool, Aladdin in the front, Judal in the back, and Alibaba & Hakuryuu in the middle. but then after everyone powers up/djinn equips, they end up moving….

because apparently Judal and Hakuryuu could not wait any longer to stand next to each other again :D this is so precious; I’m loving it~