because japanese is really hard

I Only Buy AUTHENTIC Japanese Items

Hey! Alright so. This one happened two years ago at a lovely convention called Tekkoshocon that is held in Pittsburgh, PA.

My husband, our friend, and I were chilling in an open area. We just got done with some panels and were figuring out what to do next. We usually spend out time in the dealers’ room and artists’ alley, so we were planning on going back to those next.

Before we could put that plan into action, this girl who I will call M, came up to us. She came up to us because of what her and I were wearing. Red and white sailorfuku in the style of Lucky Star. I wasn’t really~cosplaying~, I just felt like wearing it because I don’t cosplay anymore (financial issues) and it’s all I had that fit me from middleschool (20 at the time of this story now).

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I’m laughing really hard because this person gave a local Japanese restaurant a 1 star review on yelp because the japanese owner was weirded out by him and his weeaboo friends trying to speak broken Japanese at him