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i would watch the fuck out of a benjamin sisko cooking show

An article in The Guardian claims that Jake Gyllenhaal basically tortures himself to get an Oscar! The worst thing one can do while judging your work is to question your integrity & intentions. No one knows anything about the reason why we do anything, but let me tell you something. There’re people who choose baity roles & do nothing but fake every word they say to get an Oscar. Those who aim for an Oscar don’t do one tenth of what Jake Gyllenhaal does. Jake Gyllenhaal is always incredibly prepared. Lots of people praised his performance in Stronger, his latest movie, because he nailed the Boston accent & the demanding physicality of the role. He could’ve used a couple of stunt doubles like others, but he didn’t. In  Prisoners, he basically developed a character Denis Villeneuve himself gave credit to Jake for making it more interesting than the one that was originally on paper. Yet, why would aiming for an Oscar is becoming something to be hypocritical about? Because of what others do, not because of what people like Jake Gyllenhaal & Amy Adams,for instance, do. Those who prepare & those who are willing to go to extremes to maintain authenticity & truthfulness hope their work gets the appreciation and recognition it deserves. If you want to blame someone, blame the machine that resulted in that situation, not the people who work hard.

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  • The Team Free Will Award- best over all (aka Amber’s pick)
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  • The Impala Award- best multifandom blog
  • The Castiel Award- best original works
  • The Dean Winchester Award- best icon
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  • The Lucifer Award- best url
  • The Adam Milligan Award- best nsfw posts (because Jake Abel should do porn kk)
  • The Kevin Tran Award- best theme

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