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I know there’s a challenge associated with this but rather, watch these losers be losers

okay so both jaime and bart make really uncomfortable Trauma jokes as a coping mechanism. jaime didn’t for the longest time because it made him feel uncomfortable even talking about it, but eventually he realized that making jokes about it made him feel better and bart thinks they’re hilarious because he has a really fucked up sense of humor given his everything. 

and of course only the two of them can laugh at them or even stand to hear them, really. plus they come up so sporadically that the rest of the team forgets that they make them from time to time and like, forgets to warn new members. 

so they just got a new team member and the new team member is on a mission briefing. robin is doing it and mentions something about  an out of body experience and jaime’s just like “THREE MONTHS OF MY LIFE WERE AN OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE” in that wink wink nudge nudge kinda tone and everyone’s uncomfortable except for bart’s who’s just like up top man, up top, and then he makes an uncomfortable joke in turn. 

and the new girl turns to robin with this terrified look like “does this happen a lot?” and he just kinda nods and says “yeah they’re just kind of like this. we just kind of ignore them until they stop when this happens” 



The real reason Brienne decides to go to the Dragonpit in S7. Hint: Hearteyes muthafucka 😍

From the season 7 leaks that came from legit leaker, an fyi from me:

“Brienne agrees to go because she knows Jaime will be there, so she believes she will be safe - she believes him to be an honorable man.”

We’re going to see Brienne talk about Jaime with Sansa next season!

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Why would Jamie kill her?? pls explain

Because she’s completely lost it. She’s essentially become the Mad King 2.0 (the man Jamie destroyed his honor to stop). She’s unstable and she’s dangerous. And Jaime, while he loves her, is going to see that. And he’s going to do what has to be done to stop her. The real question is will he be able to live with himself after?

ALSO, and this is only something you’d know if you read the books, there was more to Maggy the Frog’s prophecy than was seen in the show.

Cersei: “Will the king and I have children?”
Maggy: “Oh, aye. Six-and-ten for him, and three for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds, she said. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

The entire theory hinges on that one word: Valonqar

“Valonqar” is High Valyrian for “little brother.” Now of course Tyrion is the obvious answer here. He is the youngest Lannister child, and he of course hates his sister. But I believe he’s a red herring. Because remember, while Jaime and Cersei are twins, Cersei was born first.

the best thing about this whole dang dress fiasco is the starkids reaction to it

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am i the only one who is really annoyed by the fact that brienne always calls jaime "ser jaime" like GIRL you have seen each other naked and been through so much shit for fucks sake dont be so formal smh

(hi nonnie and so sorry for replying this über late, I hope you still see this <3)

You might have come to the wrong person with this question (and not only because I suck at replying asks on time!) because I definitely don’t find it annoying. Unnecessary? Yes, kinda. Sad? Yes. Heartbreaking even? Yes! But not annoying.

Now I don’t know if you were thinking showverse or bookverse, but *George R.R. Martin voice* in the books there are several reasons Brienne would address Jaime as Ser Jaime. For one, it’s what etiquette requires. He is a knight, so he is a ser. Similarly, Hyle Hunt is Ser Hyle for example. Brienne is close enough to Jaime that her dropping the “ser” would probably not offend him, but it would be a very intimate way of addressing him, and Brienne is not comfortable with that. Courtesy is a lady’s armour in more than one way.

(Side note: in Brienne’s dreams she calls Jaime just “Jaime” and - unless I misremember - in her narration she switches between “Jaime” and “Ser Jaime” and I’d actually love to analyse why/how. But clearly she thinks of him more intimately than she talks.)

Secondly, it’s also about genuine respect. Brienne calls Jaime “Ser Jaime” because she respects him as a knight, and it is very important for Jaime she does that. Being addressed like any honorable knight, plain and simple, is kind of a big deal for the Kingslayer. Maybe Brienne even recognises this on some level.

I’m sure Brienne will eventually, either accidentally when overcome by emotion or perhaps by Jaime’s insistence, drop the “ser”. But so far it doesn’t disturb me. It’s what she’s comfortable with and what he appreciates. Of course it’s a little heartbreaking Brienne’s walls are as high as Winterfell’s and that she loves him so much yet addresses him so formally, but isn’t it quite bittersweet too?

As for the show - well, I have less to say because I haven’t been paying as much attention and also I feel like the etiquette/culture is not as consistently portrayed, but what I said about Brienne hiding her feelings behind courtesy and calling Jaime “Ser Jaime” out of respect is just as valid in the show canon imo. Only in the show in season 6 you can clearly see that Jaime (how much thanks to Nikolaj the Ship Captain’s acting rather than the script though??) craves for more intimacy and emotional connection with Brienne, but because of the precarious situation (and maybe because of personal insecurities) she struggles to maintain the distance and calling him “Ser Jaime” is one tool of that. Frustrating for a shipper, I understand, but I still wouldn’t call it annoying. Sad, more like. Fingers crossed that we will hear her call him just “Jaime” in season 7!

Why I don't bother engaging with Jaime-haters

Here are the rules:

If Jaime does something shitty in defense of his family, he’s bad.
If Jaime does something shitty on Tywin’s orders, he’s bad.
This is not to be confused with when Tyrion does something shitty on Tywin’s orders, in which case he’s a victim of an abusive parent.
If Cersei does something evil, Jaime is bad because they’re siblings and lovers.
When Tywin commits atrocities, Jaime is bad because he’s Tywin’s son.
When Joffrey behaves like a vicious little monster, Jaime is bad because he’s Joffrey’s father.
If something is done to Jaime and he doesn’t fight back hard enough, he’s bad.
We know Jaime will be the one to kill Cersei because we’ve already figured out that he’s bad, and we know he’s bad because he’s going to kill Cersei.
And when he kills Cersei, that’s still bad because kinslaying is evil.
All Lannisters are the same. (Except maybe Tyrion.) All Lannisters are evil because everything they do is shitty, and we know everything Jaime does is shitty because Lannisters are bad people who do shitty things.
When Brynden and Edmure Tully think Jaime is bad no matter what he’s offering them, they’re right because all Lannisters are bad.
When Lysa Arryn and Littlefinger conspire to kill Jon Arryn and lie about his death to turn the Starks against the Lannisters, that does not reflect the slightest bit on the moral worthiness of House Tully.
When Brynden Tully snags all the available food from the countryside and hoards it to hold Riverrun against the Freys, it’s fine if the smallfolk are starving because the Tullys are good people.
When Jaime does something unambiguously good, against the wishes of his family, he’s bad because it’s selfish of him to want to feel good about himself.
When Jaime gains the trust of Brienne of Tarth, that means Brienne will die to save Jaime, who will die after killing Cersei for no good reason.
When Jaime defends Brienne, he’s bad because she’s a good person and he used to insult her.
If Jaime can be executed for disobeying his father’s or sister’s orders, he’s bad for following those orders because Lannisters are bad people.
When Cersei says she and Jaime are one soul in two bodies, she’s right, and that means Jaime is bad.
When Jaime burns Cersei’s letter and rides off with Brienne, he’s still bad because Cersei says he’s her other half.
When Catelyn arrests Tyrion based on Littlefinger’s bad information and her own worse judgment, that’s fine because the Starks are good people.
When the Lannisters retaliate against Catelyn arresting Tyrion, that’s bad.
All the Lannisters are the same because Ned and Cat think so.
When Roose Bolton says Jaime Lannister sends his regards, that means Jaime is responsible for the Red Wedding which was organized while he was imprisoned, maimed, tortured and had no way of contacting anyone outside of his captors.
When the author says Jaime’s storyline is about redemption, he’s wrong because we’ve already established Jaime is bad.

There’s only so long this “debate” can go on before one gets tired of running after the goalposts.