because ive lost control over my life


Another pillar crossbreed because Ive lost control of my life.

Shrine Eevees are the result of breeding a Turnback eevee with a Pillar eevee.

They are interesting in that the mixing of the elemental strength of Turnbacks and the Attunement trait of Pillars has resulted in an unusual aura that can subtly change the area they live in over time.

Their intensely elemental auras can cause changes in their territory such as a shrine leafeons territory being unusually fertile with rapidly growing plants. Or the area a Shrine vaporeon dwells in raining significantly more than normal.

Shrine eevees do not attune to legendaries like pillars. But regardless of this they are popular with people that maintain shrines and temples as they are beleived to thin the veil between the mortal realm and that of the gods.
Though the truth of this is debatable.

Female shrine eevees only come into heat for a short window of time bi-annually. And are very picky about mates. Making them notoriously hard to breed.

They are not a good breed for inexperienced breeders/trainers. As they are aggressive towards strangers. And warm up to people slowly.