because its so gooooood


all the boys // panic! at the disco


Have some eye candy haha ♥

I had such an awesome bday yesterday and too much energy left, so I doodled some of my recent fav characters * u *

anonymous asked:

i started watching Suspicous Partner because of you AND ITS SO GOOOOOOD!! i was wondering if you have any other kdramas you really like? i need something to watch now that i've seen 28 episodes within the span of two days

haha, I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much :) that makes me happy. I made a recommendation list for korean dramas that I update regularly.

I might also advise you to check these out if you enjoy the lightweight romcom dramas: (I don’t personally love all of these, but they’re worth a go. you might love them)

  • age of youth
  • you’re beautiful 
  • playful kiss 
  • my princess
  • dating agency cyrano
  • boys over flowers
  • secret garden
  • coffee prince
  • love rain
  • flower boy rayumen shop
  • she was pretty
  • heartstrings 
  • mary stayed out all night
  • the greatest love
  • she is wow
  • dream high 
  • oh! my lady
  • my fair lady
  • pinocchio
  • pasta
  • I do, I do
  • big 
  • ma boy
  • reply 1997,1994, 1988
  • strong woman do bong soon
  • weightlifting fairy kim bok joo 
  • school 2013
  • flower boy next door 
  • pretty man
  • my lovely girl 
  • cunning single lady 
  • surplus princess 
  • cinderella and four knights 
  • introverted boss
  • cheese in the trap
  • emergency couple