because its really shippy

hey so I haven’t done any Ghostbusters stuff in a while but

Abby and Patty go on Disney dates. like, every time a new Disney movie comes out they are THERE, in the wayback of the theater with their jumbo popcorn and smuggled candy, laughing and inevitably crying and probably swearing at animated characters. 

(quiet swearing, because of the kids, but still. it’s a good thing they didn’t know each other when Frozen came out, because their collective reaction to The Hans Thing would have gotten them kicked out.)

and it’s like their Thing, because Erin doesn’t really care for kids’ movies (no matter how many times Abby tries to explain that “It’s not for kids, it’s for people who like joy. Do you not like joy?”) and Holtzmann is waaaay to fidgety to be comfortable in movie theaters no matter what’s playing. so it’s just Abby and Patty having a blast and getting a kick out of having a buddy to go with. Abby used to go to Disney movies alone and feel like a weirdo, and Patty used to have to borrow her neighbor’s kids, and they’re just really stoked that they have each other to hang out with now.

(Current update it’s now almost 5AM, lineart isn’t done yet, because I thought it was a good idea to add MORE and I will try really hard to finish it through tomorrow. Like. During the day. If you have any theory or speculation about what’s going on based on the wip I posted – Spiky who looks surprised and Placey with her mug –, please tell me about it 🌱 I wanna see what you’re imagining. But for now, I’m leaving because en I’m just)

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I’ve been reading @incorrectknb all day

it’s funny because I’m shorter than both of them … not in their junior high days tho