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i guess i just remembered this story from the DEH stage door so Michael Park was the first person to come out and i was so fucking starstruck like holy shit thats Michael Park and when he gets to me hes super friendly and so incredibly sweet just taking his time to talk and sign things and so i say to him “i have to say i think you are the funniest member of this cast” and i explained that he was just so uplifting and funny in interviews and stuff and first he said “well when this is your job you can never take yourself too seriously” which is honestly great advice and then a little louder he says “hey make sure to tell Will Roland you think im the funniest when he comes around” and i swear i hear from all the way down the stage door line in a very tiny Will Roland voice “michael i swear to god” 

  • some tumblr user: I stopped watching Doctor Who because it lacks representation and is not progressive enough.
  • Doctor Who: *casts a woman to play the Master*
  • Doctor Who: *has multiple LGBT+ characters*
  • Doctor Who: *season ten companion is a black lesbian*
  • Doctor Who: *talks about racism, homophobia and even Donald Trump*
  • Doctor Who: *confirms lead character is nonbinary and pansexual*
  • Doctor Who: *casts a woman to play the Doctor*
  • some tumblr user: Actually I stopped watching DW years ago and nothing can make me care about it lol.
  • me: Did you just... move that goalpost all across the universe right to Skaro???

Just a few hours left until the release of Splatoon 2!
Who else is excited??

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hey I'm just wondering if there is a download for the wonder boy top seen in your florale pants download and the skull top seen in your anya jeans download (I think they are the same top but I am not 100% sure

they are indeed the same top!! (also the same as the “black is my happy color” top i sometimes use). you can find it here!

just as a reminder to everyone if you Did Not Know, in the end notes of orange fic is a collection of absolutely beautiful, stunning, amazing, wonderful, tear-inducing artwork, graphics, and fanmixes based on my silly words by some of the most fantastic people in the whole damn world, that are altogether humbling and inspiring and sometimes i just open them to smile and cry. crysmile. crile. it me. i’m overwhelmed. I’M VERKLEMPT 


Oh man, this is such a beautiful perfect Rei moment. There’s something really affecting them now, and it seems like whatever’s going on, they don’t think they’ll be able to keep from succumbing to it for much longer. Everyone was blasted down, and it’s Rei – suffering from whatever’s been done to her – who still makes it to her feet first. 

“I’m going,” she says, and I love that it’s not a question, it’s not a command, it’s just a declaration. She’ll use every ounce of will left in her to fight back for as long as she can, and whether anyone comes with her is irrelevant. This is what SHE is going to do, the end, full stop.




That time the Doctor took Rose and Jack to the planet of bananas and got a little carried away… 

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oooh what are you reading?? thank you :)

it’s a fic from the HL Summer Exchange:

Like an Endless Summer (87k)

“You just wanna go fawn over Styles as soon as possible,” Zayn grumbles.

“I do not. Plus, he probably got ugly this year. Eighteen is an awkward time…I bet he’s got acne and one of those terrible fuckboy haircuts all the hipsters are getting these days, with the shaved sides? Just watch, the first year we’re gonna get any time together is gonna be the first year I don’t have a stupid crush on him.”

Or, Louis is a riding instructor at a summer camp, and Harry is a fellow counselor who he’s been successfully managing his crush on for the last two summers. That is, until Harry shows up this year leveled up and lethal, and all Louis’s formerly perfected veneer of nonchalance melts like a popsicle in the sun.

i think it’s gonna be good!!! 

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I'm new to tumblr. I love amedot but I'm checking out the fandom and it's a ghost town!? Most amedot blogs haven't posted in months! What even happened?

Hello and welcome!!! well, a lot of people have left over time, most people don’t stay in a fandom forever (or like the same things forever) But i’m gonna blame the silence on the hiatus, and we haven’t seen Amy and Peri onscreen together for quite a while, It’s gonna be wild when we get some content again, i assure you!!!

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My boyfriend has this thing that every morning I have to give him a kiss and when I don't see him at the apartment or something like that he's sad the entire day and will come home pouting and just cling into me until I give him cuddles and kisses until he's satisfied

are you dating moonbin

* Bin clinging to you in the morning with his nose buried in the back of your neck
* Bin not letting you leave the bed for work and whining when you pull away
* Bin sitting up with his hair all over the place and squinting and pouting
* Bin not letting you leave the house unless you’ve kissed him at least three (!!) times
* If you don’t
* You know what’s coming
* Dramatic Bin sending pouting selfies over Snapchat / Snow
* Bin dropping his bag on the floor and slinking over to you the minute he gets home
* Bin winding his arms around you and backhugging you until you laugh and shake him off
* Slow kisses until you relax into him
* Bin pulling you over to the sofa and just holding you while you watch some mindless show on the TV
* Bin burying his nose in your hair and smiling to himself and playing with your fingers
* Bin whining when you pay too much attention to the TV and not enough to him
* Bin pecking your cheek every once in a while and smiling when you look up, startled
* Bin just being a very affectionate cuddle monster I love Bin so much my heart aches

Goddamn I’m on tumblr mobile and I’m so weak dhdkshdjsh I’m weeping I’m 10000% Reliant on skinship I highkey identify with your boyfriend

okay so I’m doing a text RP thing on Hangouts & I found out one of the people in this group actually goes on my bus? And has gone on my bus for 2 years? And he knows my name but everybody on the bus calls me this nickname (that has nothing to do with my name unless I explain how I got it) so I know exactly who he is but I don’t think he knows who I am akdhfjsjsh // I feel like I’m living a double life