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So in case y’all are wondering what’s happening in the UK right now;

A few months ago, our Prime Minister (who’s officially going down as The Worst in Modern History,) called for a Snap Election. Now, I want to stress that this bint made a public statement when she took office saying she would not call a Snap Election, but then, it’s pretty obvious she’s very shit at keeping promises.

A hop, skip, and a jump later, and we had last night. Basically, a shit tonne of under 30′s registered to vote and they all voted Labour. Labour is the Conservative anti-christ, lead by a man named Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn is our Bernie Sanders; he isn’t from a rich family, (heck, he was born round the corner to where I live,) he isn’t owned by any massive newspapers or companies, and to be quite honest, he’s pretty down-to-earth. He’s the under-30′s wizard, basically. He’s our Gandalf.

In the election last night, the conservatives lost 12 seats in parliament, and Labour gained 29. It was a fucking disaster for the Tory majority. (Jargon; Tory and Conservatives are the same people, same party. Tory is just quicker to say aloud.) They no longer have over half the seats in parliament, so they no longer have a majority. This is bomb for the public, because it means that they have strong opposition for the shit they’ve been wanting to do, such as privatising our free healthcare and cutting police numbers to save money, (you all saw the attacks in London, right? Those attacks would have been impossible to enact if the Tories hadn’t slashed the MET by 15,000.)

So it sounded really fucking good at that point. The Labour government could form a minority government if it joined with the SNP, (Scottish National Party,) the Green Party, and the Liberal Democrats. Even with this Justice League together, they wouldn’t hold the majority in parliament, but it would be so much better than them all going their own way.

Until the Prime Minister announced she’d form a coalition government with the DUP.

The DUP, aka the Democratic Unionist Party, are a party based in Northern Ireland who are unbearably like the US Republican party. They’re pretty easy to pin down;

- Anti-LGBTQ+ rights,
- Anti-Women’s rights,
- Pro-capital punishment,
- Littered with scandals regarding the abuse of public funds,
- Pro-Life, (not just by policy, I mean women who get abortions in NI serve jail time,)
- Climate Change deniers.

Without making it too personal, we basically went from a Conservative government, to a Conservative government seasoned with the above. We literally went from bad to worse, despite over 70% of under 30′s signing up to vote for Labour because we had enough.

You can expect to see a load of riots and protests in the UK over the next couple of weeks, I can assure you. But basically, the UK just became a really shitty place to live if you’re a woman, gay, or poor. Especially poor. 

OOC. hey guys! finally back home. I worked an extra 1.5 hrs today so I’m only back now but I’m in a great mood. I think the secret to me being in a good mood is reading books I’ve read before. I picked up Life of Pi again today and I’m half way done already! (I’m a slow reader shhhh).