because it's torture

do you ever think about how Problematic™ your early teen ships would have been if tumblr existed back then? like. jesus. kids these days: you have no idea how great it was to enjoy, for example, violent possession/manipulative bodysharing hard dubcon in peace. thirteen year old me needed space to be freaky.


i learned how to make rainbow parabolas with a graphing calculator and also faced my greatest fear of drawing profile isnt that just dandy

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Legion of Doom Len gets his hands on the Flash. Barry tries to appeal to a man that doesn't know him to remember a relationship that hasn't happened yet.

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Tasting a New Blue

I used to chain eat blue.
I was ecstatic when my tongue turned and my lips were stained and sticky from the candies I knew were fleeting.
Simple bits of blue I snuck between chastisement from my mother.

I would go to the sea
And laugh so openly that
I swallowed down the salty blue
And choked on the salt and brine
Still ecstatic to have blue pass my lips
To taste blue and have it be a part of me

I grew
I thought I knew and had tasted every blue
But then
I tasted Blue and You

We sat on a bench and watched the sea
We fought for blue candy
Blue Cotton Candy, sticky fingers
Lips and tongues and teeth stained blue
Grinning at each other and forgetting
Then you kissed me or I kissed you
And I discovered a whole New Blue


Six of us are… dead.

I guess you could say I killed them.

Still one more year until the game is out and i am already suffering in hell


So here’s a dramatic re-enactment of what happened last night:

Apparently I respond to Phil torturing me (YEAH, @philsterman01​, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID) by drawing for hours, so here are some of the sketches to accompany part of his Adrinette scene. Go listen if you haven’t yet because THESE ARE ADORABLE (and all his stuff, really?? pretty sure I’ve said this a million times now lol)

The Marin AU is @yaushie‘s and the voice clips (HNNNG) are @philsterman01‘s (the sketches and total lack of self-control are mine TTATT)

keeping yuuri on the ice

Many of us were expecting Yuuri to win the gold and for Victuuri to retire into domestic bliss after having found each other. But perhaps we - like Yuuri - missed the fact that Yuuri’s own skating has value beyond being for Viktor or embodying his feelings for Viktor. 

Yuuri still doesn’t know that Viktor was empty and unfulfilled in his lonely God-like position (and may likely be done with figure skating in general?). Yuuri still believes that him continuing to skate is holding Viktor back. While he still believes this, Yuuri retiring to put Viktor back on the ice amounts to Yuuri again not seeing his own value as a skater, the value of continuing to push himself and his value to Viktor. 

No wonder Viktor’s pissed off. 

I still believe Viktor did not truly intend to return to competitive skating. Nothing about his expression or his previous monologues suggest he’s super keen to return. But Viktor has always met Yuuri in his own ‘language’ in order to keep Yuuri close to him. Yuuri will be a delicious katsudon to channel his Eros? Viktor loves katsudon. Yuuri wants to call these ‘good luck charms’ instead of wedding rings? Viktor will call it a good luck charm. 

And now that Yuuri has equated attaining gold to leaving Viktor and leaving skating? Viktor will fight to keep Yuuri from the gold, so that Yuuri will keep skating. And if that means making a comeback himself even if he’s not 100% about it, Viktor will do it. Skating has always been their love language so this is Viktor desperately saying stay close to me through his actions.  

Looking back, it’s pretty masterfully executed. Viktor fires Yuuri up before the free skate by emphasising all he has sacrificed for Yuuri to win gold. This seemed really out of character at first - Viktor’s love isn’t conditional on Yuuri winning gold and we know this. But Yuuri has ‘already made up his mind’. Viktor reassuring Yuuri of his love (eg. ‘I will love you no matter if you win or lose’) would reaffirm the romance issue but it would not keep Yuuri on the ice. So Viktor says he wants to kiss the gold medal. Yuuri has to win. To Yuuri, this seems like it’s acceptance of Yuuri’s decision. Skate a perfect program, give Viktor his final present (a gold medal) and retire. 

But Viktor has other plans. After the skate, he essentially says to Yuuri, ‘you skated a great program but you still need to beat me.’ Will his own comeback motivate Yuuri to continue skating? Maybe - it certainly excites Yuuri. But Viktor has to be sure. Yuuri can’t win the gold. So now it’s up to Yurio. It’s no coincidence Viktor chose this moment to insist on breaking the news to Yakov - when he knew Yurio was listening.

I really don’t think it’s skating, for Viktor. 

Note Yurio being the one to see through Viktor’s comeback talk and zero in on the main point, which is Viktor’s desperation to prevent Yuuri from retiring from skating. Let’s not discount the fact Viktor put aside all that happened at the beach and make himself both vulnerable and humble by hugging Yurio - this is a crisis and Yurio understands this and skates the skate of his life, all while thinking he will make Yuuri regret retiring for the rest if his life by winning. Viktor’s not the only one who sees value in Yuuri’s skating as its own existence – Yurio’s noticed it from the beginning. And Yurio wins, and it’s working - Yuuri is fired up. 

Now it’s time for Viktor to sink in the final hook. He’s failed as a coach, clearly. He doesn’t get to kiss Yuuri’s gold medal. How sad. What a regret. 

There’s the Yuuri he loves, this (and not making his own comeback) is what gives Viktor his ridiculous Minami!moe eyes. A Yuuri who wants to continue to fight. A Yuuri who will stay with him.

So these two idiots confusedly stumbled into what they both wanted - to stay together - without having a proper conversation about how…that doesn’t necessarily need to involve skating. But right now, it does need skating. 

Stammi Vicino therefore achieves the dual purpose of both reassuring us their romantic relationship survives but also that one of them being on the ice should not be at the expense of the other. If this becomes a thing in Season 2, Yuuri needs to understand that if Viktor chooses to leave skating, it’s Viktor’s own decision, and not a sacrifice Viktor is making to keep Yuuri on the ice. 

This is a conflict the writers have left unresolved - and it’s something I think they need to resolve to move forward. Hopefully a second season will give them the time and nuance to do this in depth. 

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obiyuki; you're the hot neighbor who jogs by my house right when I'm watering plants AU

Shirayuki bit back a curse as she shuffled through the dry grass to her finicky rose plants. Her nose scrunched up and she reached out to stroke the leaves, wondering if it was the heat, or the lack of water, or poor soil… or maybe it was just a combination over everything.

Probably everything, honestly.

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The Female Warlord Who Had C.I.A. Connections and Opium Routes
Born to royalty in Burma, Olive Yang, who died last week at 90, rejected her birthright to become a cross-dressing warlord and opium trafficker.
By Gabrielle Paluch

I thought this was a plot for a movie. But no. Olive Yang routinely had crushes on her brothers’ love interests so her family married her off to a younger cousin. Once she got pregnant she rAN AWAY and became a warlord. She named her son after the jeep. She dressed live a man and had an affair with an actress and sounds terrifying.


Alice X Lucy

All the best people are crazy/ All the best people are….
My patient’s POA says that in their opinion the patient is unable to make their own decisions, so I have to get their approval before I change anything...

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headcannons for schneep:

-very VERY short temper. will snap easily if his patients aren’t compliant

-has a collection of medical equipment that he hides away, because its literally fucking torture devices, but he insists that it’s for medicine.

-will grow attached to certain patients and take great care of them. they always have the highest chances of survival under his care. tho it’s iffy

-he doesn’t realize that anti’s gotten to his head. insists that he is the same good doctor. literally thinks he is the good guy

-you cannot tug at his heartstrings. he has a stone heart. not even the ones he is fond of can not convince his mercy if they fall on his bad side suddenly

-often gets into the drugs and is high while operating

-’forgets’ to put his patients under sometimes.

-has Chase tied up in the back room, his guinea pig, where the other patients cannot see. he doesn’t want his patients to worry. Or be aware of what really happens in Schneeplestein’s care.

The Eye of the Beholder

A ficlet about Otilia and the Castle.


The first time the Castle sees Otilia she is furious, shouting at her king as they approach the city, beating around him like a moth around a flame. Sympathy is not a feeling the Castle has much experience of, not towards the little flesh creatures that live inside it, but it understands the frustration of a wayward Master. Andronicus is rushing to his doom and she may not stop him.

The King casts her off, offers her to the Heterodyne. She betrayed him, he says, and Otilia shouts that she did not, she has not even failed, not yet. She will find the Heterodyne Girl, she will fulfil her orders. The Heterodyne takes her anyway. Orders the Castle to restrain her and tells it to keep her safe.

The Castle has to drag her to its deepest dungeon, pin her to the wall, chain her. Such an odd little shell they’ve given her, like one of their own bodies, so small, so inefficient a design. Yet within those limitations she’s built like well made armour, rivets through the joints that so easily dislocate on humans when you pull them apart. Winches for the wings set deep, deep into her back. An engine humming in her chest that could power her for hundreds of years.


The Castle shifts its passages. The Masters are busy after all. Elsewhere Bludtharst is chaining Andronicus to a slab and the outcome will doubtless be entertaining enough to keep him busy for a while.

Perhaps, if the doors are not obvious, they will not think about this dungeon.

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My headcanon is that Shiro's scar is the result of a muzzle, specifically, one put on him during the amputation and modification of his arm. Shiro probably did all he could to fight the 'scientists', and so they muzzled him, the upper part of the muzzle cutting into his skin as he tried to lean up to keep fighting.

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