because it's the last time he sees her

ok but why do kcers think that when stefan dies caroline is automatically going to klaus? as if hes even an option to her? she had plenty of chances to choose klaus but she didnt. she rejected him MULTIPLE times, it’s not because shes “not ready” its because shes not interested in the man who terrorized her friends, murdered her boyfriend’s mom and tried to kill her twice. even after that one time she slept with him she felt guilty about it. just the fact that yall want to see caroline with her abuser is so disgusting

Another chance || l.h.

I swear we’ll make this last


Luke wobbled back to his hotel room having to much to drink from the bar. He slide in his key card a couple times before it blinked green. He barged in seeing his girlfriend shove clothes in her suitcase. “Where are you going?” he slurred. 

“Home Luke.” she whispered. 

“Its because I went to the bar.” he angered, “I dont have to be with you all the damn time y/n.” 

“That’s your problem Luke! Your always out doing something and you never want to see me.” 

“Because you’re fucking annoying!” he blurred out. Y/n’s heart sank to the ground hearing him say that. “Do-you hate me.” she whimpered. Luke stayed quiet not wanting to answer. “Luke!” 

“Yes okay.” he shouted, but quickly changed his answer realizing what he just said. Y/n covered her mouth letting the tears fall spill, Luke sobered up seeing what he did. He held his arms out wanting to comfort her but she pushed him away grabbing her bags and marching for the door. 

“No-y/n, im sorry.” he said grabbing her wrist before she left the door.

“Dont touch me!” she cried, “I want nothing to do with you.” heartbroken knowing she was nothing to him.

Luke was stunned hearing her say that. “You-dont mean that.” 

“Yes I do. Dont talk to me again.” Luke watched her walk out, he was speechless never seeing y/n so angry with him. 

Luke needed to hear y/n’s soft voice, the way she made him smile whenever something went wrong. He needed to know if she was okay. Its been months since they’ve talked, Luke was hesitant about calling y/n, making it clear that she wanted nothing to do with him. But not being able to hear her voice was killing him and so he called but of course, went straight to voicemail.  “I need to use your phone.” Luke said to Michael.

Michael gave him a questionable look, pulling his phone from out his pocket. “Why.”

“I need to talk to y/n.” 

“She really doesnt deserve you. She’s the nicest person to be with and you screwed up with her, multiple times.” Michael said.

“Michael shut the hell up, I know what I did.” leaving the room to talk to y/n privately. It rang a couple times before she answered with a raspy voice, sounding like she was crying. “Mikey?”

“Uh-no its Luke.”

Y/n paused not knowing what to say. “I want to-”

“I was serious when I said I wanted nothing to do with you.” 

“Yes I know but y/n I need to talk to you.” he begged. Luke wanted to surprise her during the show but y/n immediately refused, sticking to what she said. Luke pleaded until she finally agreed, only to watch the boys preform. 

She  took the first flight down the city where they would be preforming, checking into her hotel and stayed until the show started. Y/n ignored the texts she was getting from any of the boys knowing that it was probably Luke wanting to check on her.

The boys were coming on any minute from now and y/n stood front row of Calum’s side of the stage. Lights went off and the fans started scream holding their phones out. The boys ran out waving to the fans holding their instruments. Luke glanced over at y/n feeling revealed that she actually showed. He gave her a faint smile waving a small hello, but she didnt wave back.  

“Were going to start off with a song dedicated to someone special to me.” Luke said over the microphone looking directing at y/n. Michael strummed the chords, Calum plucked the strings of the bass and Ashton beating on the symbols.

Luke held onto the microphone letting his blue electric hang. Y/n teared up knowing he was playing her favorite song and the fans screamed louder knowing what song they were playing. 

Tonight we’re fading fast
I just wanna make this last
If I could say the things that I wanna say
I’d find a way to make you stay
I’d never let you get away
Catch you in all the games we’ve played 

Luke smiled seeing her tear up in what seemed to be happiness mouthing ‘i love you’ to her. She frowned nodding her head, walking away from the venue. Luke was lost not knowing what happened. He never seen her so unhappy and he wanted to do was run after her. 

I want a Soulmates fic where you don’t get the name until you’re like 21. Derek and Stiles are dating (and Stiles’ name has been on Derek’s wrist for years) and Allison and Scott are engaged and Allison saw Scott’s name appear on her wrist last year on her birthday. Stiles wears a thick leather band around his wrist until Scott’s birthday, because they always wanted to see together and so he refuses to look until they can do it at the same time.

Not that they’re expecting to be surprised. Its the principle of the thing ya know.

And then the whole pack is there for the double birthday celebration and they reveal their wrists. On Scott’s is Stiles’ name and on Stiles’ wrist, Scott’s name is clearly inscribed. Everyone is like oh my god this is terrible, they’re so happy in their other relationships, how could it not be Allison and Derek and then Stiles is like “told ya so” and Scott high-fives him and Allison has to give Derek $20 because they made bets and she lost.

Ya know, just like hey, your soulmate doesn’t have to be the person you’re in romantic love with. 


Aoi-oritsuru ( 2 / 2 )

October 1, 2016

Zutara Month Day 1: Secret Lovers

It starts two years after Aang’s death.  Zuko visits the Southern Water Tribe more often than any other place, save the Fire Nation.  Zuko and Katara brush it off as nothing to worry about, she just needs a friend at the moment and Zuko is happy to help.

Kya notices when she moves down to the South Pole.  She watches her mother and Zuko, she sees how close the are and the little touches they share.  She thinks its cute, that they both found love again.

Bumi and Izumi find out at about the same time.  Izumi finds out when she sees a bill for a hand tailored winter coat, to be shipped to Katara in the South Pole.  Bumi finds out because Kya tells him.  Izumi abuses her power just a little to call Bumi about this.  He laughs at her concern and reminds her their parents are old and they should have fun too.

Tenzin is the last of their children to find out.  Korra is seven and he’s visiting to check up on her.  He stumbles upon his mother and Zuko kissing in a corner.  He screams “Mother!” and the couple break apart.

Later Katara explains to Tenzin that she and Zuko wanted to keep their relationship private.  They’d both had high profile ones in the past and, now that they’re older, they just want to love in peace.


Please forgive any typos I’m having a hard time seeing because I’m crying so fuckig hard and I can’t see through the tears I literally have tears streaming down my face and neck not in the way tumblr usually means ‘I’m crying’ I am legitimately upset

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Head cannon: Nat took the arrow necklace(in cap 2) from Kate.

YES! Alternative head canon: Kate originally bought the arrow necklace for herself. Then, fully intending to show it off, she found out that Strike Team Delta was being split up again - Clint was off to Afghanistan and Nat was off to work with Captain America. She didn’t understand why SHIELD would split up its best team. The last time they did, Clint fell under Loki’s control, and Natasha almost died trying to get the Hulk to cooperate (because she knew the Hulk could help bring Clint back).

So, against her better judgement, Kate snuck into Natasha’s room and left the arrow necklace on her desk.

Worst case scenario? Natasha would use the arrow necklace to strangle her for sneaking into her room. (Unlikely.)

Best case scenario? She’s going to think it’s from Clint and Clint would have this goofy half smile on his face when he sees her wearing it. (Likely.)

Natasha wore the necklace. She knew it was from Kate, but it reminded her of Clint nonetheless. When she and Clint finally met up after the fall of SHIELD, the goofy half smile on his face was enough to let Kate know that SHIELD or no SHIELD, what they had was the best case scenario.

It’s not that I don’t want to get married. It’s the childhood of hearing my parents have “discussions”.
It’s when I was in 4th grade and my mother wrote “stupid” on my forehead, because that’s how my father made her feel. It’s the time when I was in 7th grade and my mom told me she married my dad for me, and that she knew he wasn’t the one. It’s the years of seeing how my father hurt my mother and let her down. It’s the amount of people I see getting divorced. It’s the way people talk about divorce like its normal, but it’s not. It’s the fear of having a child and hurting that child because my relationship doesn’t last till death. It’s not that I don’t want to get married, it’s that I’m to afraid of what will happen.
-I’m afraid it will be like my parents marriage

Okay , so I guess tonight is full of rants. I swear this is going to probably be the last time I bring the famous thing up , because they are doing this for attention.

But I feel like we all need a reminder, because Its Not okay.  Why is the public so silent about Kanye’s blatant misogyny as soon as Taylor swift is involved?

Taylor has made it very clear that she’s not comfortable taking her clothes off.

Here’s a screenshot of her interview with Rolling Stones 

 She checks every bathroom, hotel,dressing room for hidden cameras so nobody gets a video of her changing. And what does Kanye do ? He essentially puts her naked body on display for the world to see.

People are so blind in there jealousy based hatred of Taylor swift. that they forget kanye is no saint.

he put a victim of domestic violence in a bed with their abuser Are they forgetting the “ Bill Cosby is innocent tweet” ? What about the degrading way he talked about Amber Rose ,saying he “needed 40 showers before getting with Kim ”

It’s possible Taylor did lie, or make a bad judgment call, she’s human too. she was kinda put on the spot ,maybe she needed time to process things.. Your allowed to change your mind.

we have to remember, we have about 5 minutes of a hour long phone call, in edited 10 second chops. Not to mention Taylor was demanding that they release the full call ,And they haven’t. So, it’s pretty clear they have something to hide.
Taylors statement has been the consistent since February, theirs has changed multiple times.

Tree her publicist, said she was on the line during that call too. I think tree would tell the truth , because she knows it could get even messier.
I do wish her original statement was more clear and left less room for them to manipulate the situation. Thats a publicist job though, to make things less messy. It’s not her fault. How were they supposed to know kimye wire taped and edited the call. 

It’s really sad because Taylor was already paranoid about stuff like that , and it happened by people she thought were her friends . 

Everybody fails to bring up the fact that they lied to Taylor! They deceived her. Not only did they never play her the full song or inform her of the context , they completely changed the lines!

Taylor ( and the world) first heard the song with "I feel like Taylor still owe me sex// I made that bitch famous” . When the song debuted at Madison square garden on February 11. 
The song that played at the debut party was disgusting.

EVERYBODY was tweeting “that no women ever owes anybody sex . ever ” after the song debut at Madison square garden. Yet they are all silent now.

Joseph khan tweeted reminding people 

 And look at Haley Williams tweet , saying that “ Thats not even the worst part of the lyrics “  the person attached an article referencing the Bitch part.

That leads me to believe it wasn’t just the word bitch, it was also the “ owes me sex ” part, it also could’ve just been the whole song in context.
Some of her friends were even at the show. karlie kloss was dancing in her seat but as soon as the first lines about Taylor played she stopped. Jamie king was so upset she got up and left. They were shocked. Look at those tweets from after the fashion show.

Taylor is very close to her friends and family. She talks to them everyday. Some of them were most likely with her when all this went down. I think she would have told them everything .

I doubt they would’ve reacted the way they did, if Taylor was okay with the song. I know they are good friends, but I don’t think they would involve themselves if she wasn’t truly hurt.
Abigail got multiple death threats on Twitter for defending Taylor. All those people knew they would get hate for standing up for Taylor but they did it anyway.

I wish Taylor and Tree came for him about the owes line. Although I get why they didn’t.
Taylor would still be attacked because
1) Kanye didn’t even release that version, he just debuted it that way at the fashion show. So people are forgetting the grossest part.

2) people would say , “ well ‘she was okay with the we might have sex line” despite the fact that there’s a huge difference.

To say that she played the victim and tried to make them look bad is ridiculous! They don’t need taylor swift to look bad!
They are harassing her in this one sided feud. It’s clearly jealousy.

Her entire Grammys speech was not a dig at Kanye. It was a message to empower women.


EVERY major award she gets , is met with a huge amount of backlash; as to whether or not she deserved that award. That never happens with a man. 

She still has people who question her songwriting abilities, saying “there’s no way she writes her own songs”. Unfortunately this frequently happens with female artist who write their songs, people assume they have ghost writers.
Every person who works with Taylor is stunned to learn she actually writes her own songs. Imogen heap,for example said she was very impressed by Taylor swifts songwriting- saying “ I wasn’t actually sure how much of her songs she wrote, but I’ve seen her in action”.
Nobody ever questions male artist who claim to write their own songs. It’s just “this guy is genius! ”

Not to mention all the sexist criticism Taylor gets for writing about relationships , when male artists do it all the time!

It’s deeply ingrained sexism.

I do think that reference to fame was extra ,but to be fair that song first played a few days before the Grammys. That was how she first herd the song, it was still fresh in her mind. The “fame ” probably a last minute thing that she added to her speech.  she felt betrayed and was hurt, probably wasn’t thinking too much. 

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Whoever is after the liars in the time jump; how did they figure out its a HE so damn quickly?

This makes me think that the ‘he’ is someone insignificant. I have a feeling Spencer was just talking about Ali’s dad; he’s pretty much the reason CeCe became A so maybe he has come back into Rosewood after going away for all those years and is now going to SEE his daughter Charlotte (he was knocked out last time he heard her story). I don’t know, just a thought - because it’s odd how they know it’s a he. So they must be talking about someone they already know. If it’s another A, A would never sign the text with 'Kisses -A the guy"…

The Elite and Maxon as Little Kids!!

America: Constantly banging on the piano, and her hair is always a mess.

Celeste: Smears her moms makeup all over her face and looks into the mirror and asks herself “Am I pretty yet?” “Yes I am!”

Marlee: Makes friends and talks to everyone she sees, including the squirrels.

Kriss: Always drawing all over the walls, and always has a book in her hand.

Elise: Never says much at all, and spends the days perfecting herself in every way.

Natalie: Never has both shoes on, and runs around constantly getting lost from her parents with her sister Lacey.

Maxon: In attempt for friends has a bunch of imaginary ones, and runs around creating any mischief he can.

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