because it's the 4th of july

It's 4th of July 2017

And I have a few reminders:

Mauna Kea is still under attack. The Peace Park is bullshit! Protect kanaka maoli land and beliefs! Hawaiian land in Hawaiian hands!

On that note, Hawaiian Kuleana lands are still stolen away from us. These are lands which have been passed down to families for generations. The only problem is haole require us to have land titles and we don’t because that’s a haole invention. So they steal the land in hushed court cases. Today. They steal the land today. Ok, maybe not today because the courts are closed, but tomorrow.

Hawaiian people are a very small population but they make up a disproportionately high number of arrests and homelessness. Hawaiian convicts are often shipped from the islands to the mainland where they often suffer a loss of culture and struggle to adjust, making rehabilitation more difficult.

Burning flags is a protected constitutional right that is often an integral part of anti-colonization protests. If it upsets you, remember that having our land stolen is pretty fucking upsetting to us.

Honestly, at all my other Polynesian siblings, you deserve autonomy and continued cultural renaissances. I understand if you trade it in for representation with the behemoths, but please consider how you will break free in the future.

codlena  asked:

So I try to ask you this question very calmly because my emotions is 100% out of control, but I swear you have to do a little writing about this last picture Cody posted in bed ! I know I probably pissed you right now, but we have to get some words for this picture it's crazy, lmao

I lost it when he posted that picture. So, I hope you enjoy this crazy drabble i came up with after I read your message. Feedback is much appreciated, ha.

ReallyCody: Couldn’t be happier to be home on a day like today. Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸

“Babe? I’m home!” Cody yelled out as I heard the front door open and closed. 

I quickly spit out my toothpaste and yelled, “In the bedroom!” I rinsed my mouth with water and put my toothbrush on the toothbrush holder.

Cody dropped his bags by the bedroom door as I walked out of the bathroom. He looked exhausted, but the light in his eyes were bright as he smiled at me. I squealed as I ran towards him. Cody opened his arms before I lunged at him, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. Our lips instantly meshed together for a deep, long, and passionate kiss. Cody had been gone nearly a week in Paris for a Teen Wolf Convention while I was stuck in LA working, and boy did I miss him.

“I’ve missed you so much,” I said between kisses.

Cody’s arms tightened around my waist and captured my bottom lip between his before he pulled away. “I’ve missed you more.”

“Impossible,” I mumbled against his neck before peppered his jaw with wet butterfly kisses. Cody chuckled as one of my hands slowly trailed down his back, feeling his impressive muscles underneath his shirt. His hands moved to my ass and squeezed it, making me gasp.

“Wanna bet?” His voice was deep and low against the shell of my ear as he pulled my hips against his, instantly feeling just how much he’s missed me.

I tugged his shirt, signaling him to remove it. He shook his head, denying what I wanted. I pushed my bottom lip forward and gave him my best puppy eyes. “I want to take a shower first and get rid of this airplane smell.”

“Fineeeee,” I groaned as I hopped off of him. I turned on my heel, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to his chest before I had the chance to walk away. “But you can join me in the shower if you like,” Cody said huskily as his arms wrapped around my waist.

I smirked as I leaned up on my toes and pressed my lips against his. He slipped his tongue in and fought for dominance. Without breaking our kiss, we walked backwards towards the bathroom. When we reached it, we quickly began removing our clothes. I turned on the shower as Cody closed the door behind us before our lips met again under the warm water.

Cody wrapped a towel around my back and pulled me towards him, pressing my naked wet body against his. His lips smirked before he kissed me. “I love you.”

“I love you too, baby,” I smiled.

“Come to bed with me,” he whispered against my lips.

I hummed with approval. “Let me just dry my hair first and I’ll be right here.” 

“Okay, babe,” he pecked my lips once more before he walked away. I couldn’t help but watch. He truly was a beautiful man.

“And don’t you dare put any clothes on, Cody Allen!” I shouted.

I heard him chuckle. “Only if you promise you won’t put any on either!” He shouted back.

“Deal!” I wrapped the towel around my body before I plugged in the blow dryer and began drying my hair. After about five minutes, I walked into our bedroom to find Cody underneath the fuzzy comforter I bought and his phone in one hand, taking a selfie.

I giggled. “What are you doin’, baby?”

“Taking a quick picture. One second,” he said as he quickly typed something on his phone. My phone on my nightstand buzzed. I saw an alert that Cody had posted a new picture on Instagram. I clicked on the link, saw the picture he just snapped a few seconds ago and read the caption,

ReallyCody: Couldn’t be happier to be home on a day like today. Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸

“Damn, baby,” I mumbled. Cody chuckled as put his phone down on his nightstand and rolled to his side to look at me. I shook my head at him and asked, “do you have any idea how many girls you’re going to kill with this photo?” 

Cody chuckled as he shook his head. His smile quickly faltered and his eyebrows furrowed together as he saw the towel hugging my body. “I thought we said no clothes?” He uncovered himself and showed me his birthday suit.

I licked my lips before I tucked my bottom lip between my teeth. I dropped my towel and slowly climbed into bed, making my way towards him. “Ready for round two, baby?”


Few expected this little school from Massachusetts to return for yet another Frozen Four appearance. But Samwell University is yet again in the NCAA Championship after an unbelievable run through the playoffs.

In the magical land of Netflix, they have a separate poster set for Year 2 Spring Semester. 


I didn’t want to mess up the flow of my release dates, so just accept this comes out July 4th. 

Year 1

Year 2 Fall Semester

Year 3 Set 1

Year 3 Set 2

Spin off


Johnny getting worried because you passed out from studying for exams || Requested 💘

Happy 4th of July to all of my American followers! This day is very important in our history because it was this day that Bang Yongguk set us all free from the mundane current status of k-pop and its relentless hold onto the edm/pop genre and plotless music videos solely relying on synchronized dances in box sets to gain popularity™ through his groundbreaking, iconic, original, self-produced mixtape single entitled “Yamazaki,” available on all major music and video streaming platforms. God bless the U.S!

types as annual memes
  • ISTJ: any version of the "tomorrow is Halloween" post with 18 comments complaining about how it's not even fall yet
  • ISFJ: posting this on internet explorer, happy [year that is long gone]
  • INFJ: Christmas festivities starting at exactly midnight on November 1st
  • INTJ: delivering stern warnings to the new year
  • ISTP: that cartoon deer in snowglobes post
  • ISFP: looking forward to fall despite seasonal depression because at least you can be sad in a sweater
  • INFP: on October 3rd he asked me what day it was
  • INTP: the skeleton war
  • ESTP: comic sans valentines
  • ESFP: ideal date is April 25th because it's not too hot and not too cold
  • ENFP: it's gonna be May
  • ENTP: what will be the last meme of [year]
  • ESTJ: over the top patriotism on the 4th of July
  • ESFJ: that Thanksgiving slideshow with comments from kids who just wanted to talk about Squanto
  • ENFJ: getting really into the first day of Hogwarts
  • ENTJ: people who know nothing about sports making comments about the Super Bowl
*Typical usuk fic*

(I actually love usuk please dont hate me lmao)

England: u wanker
America: i did nothin wrogn
England: ye u did u git
America: ???
*at bar*
England:*is drunk* y did america leaVE
ME next week is July 4 *is cry*
France: oh Angleterre~ (in italics) can u not see he luv only u??
England: *is more drunk* U FROG NO HE DOSNT, U R A BLODY GITT
France: *eats baguette* honhonhon mon cher~ (also in italics) but u love him dont u
England: *such drunk* u dont undrstan my feelings :’(
France: *says something about america and england having sex or whatever*
England: U BASTARD
*somehow got back home in England and its also the day after*
England: i hear doorbell who could it be???????????????? I have no ideaaa
*answers door*
Egland: nooooo not youuuu
America: hello i hav com to stay the week
England: no u git u cant *is emotionally and sexually conflicted*
America: oh come on iggy. Itll be like the good ol times
England: *has overly dramatic flashback to aforementioned “good old times” that lasts for approximately three chapters*
England: f-fine u wanker
Ameica: yayyyy
Eggle: i’ll mak u supper
Americ: no ur food sucks AHAHAHAH
Amerr: chill bro imma eat it anyway
*during supper*
England: i hate hamburgers they mak u fat
America: U FUKN WOT M8
*england sips tea and smirks*
England: u know what u r probably the worst country after that bloody frog
England: oh yOU DID NOT JUST-
*conflict somehow resolves
*after supper*
Acirema: i wan somethin to drank
Arthur: what u want america??
America: *blushes becuse WOW HE SAID AMERICA SO SEXY but no homo* i want to fuk u in the ass- i mean i want a cup of coffee plz
Englyjingle: coffee is 4 plebians we dont serve it wanker
Amerca: fuck u i like it, fine what else do ya hav
Glands: tea
Am: wat else
Eg: scones
Alfred: thats not a drink
Americs: *tears up* e-england i thot something was wrong… why are u so sad
England: *thinks* wow his face looks like when he was a child so cute. But it also makes me want to be fucked in the ass by him.
Hamburger: is… is it becus of the 4th of july??????????
Elgnand: y-yes
Americaaa: wow i never thought of that possibility, iggy-
Scone: i hate that name wanker u kno that
“England’s former colony”: kk i wont call u that. Anyway iggy, i lov u and want to hav sexs rn and i only left so i didnt hav to do the incest becaus i loved u sexually from the beginning. Now its 100% ok but i didnt wanna show my tru feelings. I totally didnt rebel because ur taxes were to high and u didnt give us any political say
England: i-i felt the same way lets hav sex
*after like 4 chapters of long angsty sex*
America: i bet u liked visiting florida haha
England: shut up git
America: wooowww ur eyes r green so perf
England: *blushes* and ur eyes ar blue like the sky when we 1st met
America: wow that turns me on lets *insert highly sexual act thats probably banned in like 74 countries*
England: only if u can handle it *waggles eyebrows* i was once a pirate u kno
England&America: o_o
Canada: I’m also fucking France
England&America: O_o
*France suddenly appears*
France: Adieu Angleterre and Americas~ *he winks and both fly away on a baguette*
America: I love u
England: bloody git wanker
and they kissed

What even was this

Fragility and Fractures

A/N: This one takes place on Jughead’s birthday. I wrote it before episode nine aired, so forgive me for continuity errors with Ethel! Enjoy :)

Jughead Jones was at a party.

Strange sentence, yes. But when said party happens to be your very own, you tend to be there.

When Betty decided to throw this party, at Archie’s house, Jughead was adamant at first- parties, while baby showers may be, were not his scene. “It’ll be fun,” She said, wide cerulean blue eyes pleading at him, and so he agreed.

But right here, right now, all Jughead wanted to do was curl up with his laptop, or even better, Betty. That clearly wasn’t going to happen, so Jughead had excused himself from the sweaty crowd in Fred’s living room, gone to the kitchen and grabbed a solo cup of coke. Sitting on the  a kitchen  a counter, he hoped it wasn’t laced with anything.

Nonetheless, he sipped it periodically as he glanced at his phone, listening to whatever overplayed pop song that his peers currently danced to.

He checked his texts. One from his dad.

Are you coming home for dinner?

Well, no, he wasn’t, not after he realised that the Serpents dealt with drugs.

And well, he was at his very own birthday party. He typed out a quick reply.

Not today, dad.

He shoved his phone inside his pocket, catching his foot tapping the counter with the pop song’s rhythm. He immediately stopped.

“Hey,” Came a voice from behind him. Jughead jumped, despite the noise.

“Hey.” He said, realizing it was only Ethel.

“So,” She began, going around the counter in front of him, “Happy Birthday. Seventeen!”

He smiled. “Yeah, I’m finally a dancing queen.”

The reference flew over her head.  

“Nevermind. What brings you to Archie’s humble abode?”

“I heard it was your party, which I really couldn’t believe, because Jughead Jones is throwing a party? I knew I had to come here for sure.”

Jughead chuckled and looked at her. “Actually, Betty’s throwing it for me. I’m not really a party person.”

Ethel deflated slightly. “So, you and Betty a thing now?”

“Yeah, she’s my girlfriend.” Jughead blushed. He was so utterly grateful that he was with Betty. Right now, he was the luckiest guy on earth.

Ethel smiled, in a way that seemed half-hearted. “Cute top she’s wearing.”

Ah, the crown one. Jughead’s very own reference. When he had first seen it, all he could do was laugh. Betty had actively searched for one online.

“She's​…” A ray of sun in his usually-dark life, the paragon of beauty, the best person he’s ever had the pleasure to meet, let alone spend time with- “cute, too.”

Ethel awkwardly nodded, and pursed her lips, still caught in a half-smile.

Thirty seconds passed with an awkward silence. Jughead decided to break it, and stood up.

“I should probably-”

“Archie still has feelings for Betty.”

Her interruption took him by complete surprise.

“What?” He asked. “He still… Does?”

Ethel nodded with sympathy. “I heard Veronica tell Kevin in PE yesterday.”

“You were eavesdropping?”

“No, I just happened to pass by.”

Jughead sighed. “Why are you telling me this, Ethel?”

Ethel’s eyes widened. “I just wanted you to be prepared, you know. And if you need someone to turn to, in case stuff happens…”

It was Jughead’s turn to purse his lips. “Listen, Ethel, I know Archie well, and he wouldn’t do this. I’m dating Betty, too… and I trust her.”

“Fine, Jughead. “ Ethel said, eyes suddenly misty. “I wanted to help.”

“There’s nothing to help with, Ethel. Thanks, though.” Jughead said, annoyed, and left the kitchen.

Half an hour later, after dancing (in his case, shuffling his feet) with Betty, on her request, they both went out to the porch, and sat on the swing.

She leaned in for a kiss. “Happy Birthday, Juggie.”

“Happy, all thanks to you.” He smiled against her lips.

She pulled away. “Oh! I almost forgot. Your birthday gift.” She bent down and pulled out a package- wrapped in blue and gold, haha, from underneath the swing.

He perked an eyebrow. “You hid it under here?”

“What can I say? Betty Cooper is always prepared.”

He laughed. “And may I ask what it is?”


“Well, can I open it?”


His fingers neatly unwrapped the pretty paper- unlike Archie and his sister, who both tore at wrapping like savages. With careful movements, he separated tape and dresses- “Will you hurry up already, Juggie?”

He glanced at her, smirking. “Didn’t think you were that type of unwrapper.”

“I’m not, but just do it already.”

He gave in, being a little more rash with his movements, and put paper aside to reveal-

“A Kindle?”

“You love reading, Jug, and I know you find it difficult finding some books you really want to read, so…Here!”

Jughead’s fingers traced its smooth surface. “Betty, this must have cost you a fortune.”

He said, looking up at her. “I mean, you didn’t have to-”

“Shut up, Jughead. I did. And don’t worry about the cost-that internship over the summer helped.” She held his hand. “Do you like it?”

Jughead hugged her. “It’s the best gift I’ve ever received.”

She grinned. “That’s not all.” And pulled out an A3 sized envelope.

“Open that.” She whispered.

His fingers prised the orange packet open, and pulled out a drawing. It was Jellybean and him, sitting in his treehouse, and he knew only one person who was so talented, especially for a ten year old- Jellybean.

‘Happy Birthday’, said a small message on the bottom right corner, right next to her signature.

“It’s from Jellybean.”

Betty smiled, eyes gleaming. “Yes.”

He pulled Betty into another hug. “How did-”

“I asked her.”


“Don’t ask so many questions, Jug.”

“Okay,” He said, softly. “Thank you.”

He leaned into their embrace even further.

They both startled when the flash of a camera disturbed them.

“Sorry, Lovebirds. We need pictures of this legendary party.” Veronica grinned.

The couple in question groaned in faux annoyance, but smiled anyway.

It was 10 pm, and the party was still going strong. The gang, which included Jughead, Betty, Archie, Veronica and Kevin, was sitting on the grass lawn behind the Andrew house- speaking of which, Fred Andrews was going to be pissed- in a circle.

Archie was super drunk, after Reggie had coerced him into multiple shots, and even though the sixteen year old was quite muscular, he still couldn’t hold his alcohol. He was just drunkenly giggling, each word slurring, and the buzzed Veronica just rolled her eyes at his shenanigans. Jughead and Betty were amused. Kevin was indifferent.

Although, Archie seemed to be a bit stony I’m attitude towards Jughead.

Truth or Dare was currently going on, and it was the birthday boy’s turn.

Jughead playing Truth or Dare. Another weird concept. This one night was the teenest of a teen he’d ever been.

“Jughead, pick one.” Veronica said. “Truth, or Dare.”

“As the name of the game suggests,” He said. He wasn’t going to spill out his life story to anyone right now, so the latter it was. “Dare.”

“Kiss anyone in this circle.” Veronica told him.

“Oh, come on.” Kevin protested. “Give ‘im something harder!”

“Nope, that’s it.” Veronica shook her head, lips curling up.

“Really? Anyone? That’s your dare?” Jughead raised an eyebrow.


“Then I’m not going to complain,” he said, turning to Betty, asking for permission with a questioning nod, and once he received a blushing nod back, their lips connected.

Another flash.

“Will you cut it out?” Jughead said. “At least try to be discreet.”

“Never,” Veronica said, putting her phone away. “This is going on Instagram. Hashtag Bughead.”

“Bughead?” Betty asked incredulously. “Bug- head. Really?”

“It’s endearing, and unique, and ‘Jetty’ doesn’t roll right off the tongue.” Kevin said. “So Bughead it is.”

Jughead pretended not to notice the glares Archie was throwing his way, and had been since they’d sat down.

They were about to move on, but Archie interjected. “Jughead, can I speak to you?” He mumbled.

Betty and Jug looked at each other.

“…Sure, Arch.” Jughead said. “Come get a drink with me.”

The two boys stood up, Archie slightly unsteady, and with a furtive glance behind him, at his girlfriend, Jughead entered the kitchen, redhead in tow.

Jughead took a red solo cup and lifted a bottle of coke, pouring its black contents into it. “Want some?” Jughead said.

“Jughead, did you ask Betty out just to get revenge on me?”

Jughead stopped, almost spilling the fizzy drink onto the white counter. He thought his ears stopped working. “Um, what?”

“I said, did you ask Betty out to get revenge on me? For the July 4th thing?”

“Two things, Arch. One, definitely not, and two, you’re too drunk to have his conversation.” Jughead said, looking over his shoulder with disbelief.

“Are you sure, Jug? Is it because I said no to her?”

Jughead’s hands clenched into fists. “Archie, we will not have this conversation, not right now.”

“Jug, tell me, or I’ll ask her.”

“Okay, don’t, just wait till tomorrow.”

Archie ignored him and started for the door.

“Okay, Arch, stop. No, not everything revolves around you. I genuinely have feelings for Betty and I’m almost sure she returns them.” Jughead moved in front of him. “I thought we were friends. I called you my brother.” Archie slumped.

“And you are! But what, exactly, is your problem with Betty and I?”

Archie looked at him with helplessness. “I may…”

“May what?”

“Have feelings for her.” Archie finished.

Was Archie kidding Jughead right now? The redhead was dating Valerie, and Jughead was pretty sure he liked Veronica too. Hell, he’d kissed Cheryl as well. And he’d already broken Betty’s heart.

“Archie? Are you kidding me?”

“No. I genuinely want to be with her. I made a mistake that night, the worst  a mistake of my life, probably.” Archie said, leaning against the wall, hands in pockets.

Jughead took a deep breath to calm himself. He was angry, angry beyond belief, but he needed to keep his cool. Archie was drunk.


“Jughead, you need to do me a favour.”

Jughead looked at him, deadpanned face. “And this favour is?”

“Break up with-”

“You think Betty’s a favour?”


“Absolutely not. I won’t break up with her because you told me too. I won’t break up with her at all, unless she ends it. Archie, no.”

“Jughead, I took you in-”

“I’ll move out, then!”

“Jughead, no-”

Jughead’s palms were clammy, his skin was crawling with ants, he was angry, furious, and he was getting suffocated in this kitchen. He needed to leave, get out, get some fresh air, anything.

“Archie, I love Betty, and you need to check yourself.” Jughead said, smooth and calm. “You’ve already broken her heart, and now you’ll probably break Valerie’s. I don’t know what to say or do that’ll help you.”

Archie’s face betrayed his emotions- both boys were irate.


“Boys?” Veronica said from the threshold, Betty and Kevin in tow. Archie and Jughead’s spat had apparently attracted attention. “What’s going on?”

Archie’s eyes fell upon Betty, and with unsteady legs, he moved towards her. “Betty, I have something to say…”

Jughead couldn’t possibly listen the the rest of it. He needed some air, he needed to leave the room, he needed all of this to stop. The universe wasn’t under his control, although, but he could… Leave.

With not word, he pushed himself off the counter, gave Archie the most hateful look he could muster up, and moved to the door.

“Jug, where are you-”

He looked up at Betty’s concerned eyes, and could only bring himself to shake his head. He needed to get out. Now. Fast. Before he imploded.

Breaking his gaze with Betty’s, he moved past her with a jerky movement and left the room, the house, Archie’s porch, and finally out on the road.

He swiveled about in two directions- where would he go? His dad’s? But any thought of going back into that stuffy trailer held no appeal. Open air was his goal.

Above Pop’s diner it would be.

Surprisingly, and thankfully, no one followed him, not even Betty. His heart twitched at that. But, with fast strides, almost running, he walked the short walk to the neon-lit building.

His mind was a jumbled mess of hurt sayings towards Archie, fearful mutterings that Betty would choose Archie, and guilt, though he couldn’t place why. In was October, not very hot, especially in Canada, but Jughead’s beanie and jacket were suffocating him.

His strides faster, relief when he finally caught sight of the neon banner- and instead of entering the front door, he went round that back, located the ladder that always seemed to be there, climbed its rusty rungs, and finally settled near the lit-up diner’s sign..He was hidden from view, but he could see people approaching. Only Betty knew of this particular hiding spot, even though it was one he visited only when he was in emotional anguish.

This counted.

He took deep breaths to calm himself down, mind still reeling.

He bit his lip and looked up at the star-studded sky, year’s worth of observing constellations with Archie leading him to identify each one immediately.



He was stuck in a cliché love triangle, a concept which he openly despised after reading same, boring old versions of it in numerous books. He was a hypocrite, it seemed.

He was livid at Archie. That July Fourth incident was nothing- this was crossing the line. Liquor induced or not, Archie was…

Jughead grit his teeth, removing the crown beanie from his head and setting it beside him; his hand running through his father’s raven locks, which both he and Jellybean had inherited.

It just occurred to him that he was, maybe, being overly dramatic, opting to storm off in a rage rather than stay and let communication take care of things. He was here already, though. He closed his eyes and leant back against some piping.

“Jughead Jones.”

He opened his eyes, evidently taken by surprise. “Betty?”

“Who else?” The girl in question came into view. Her arms were folded.

Jughead said nothing, meeting her gaze.

“Jughead, I heard everything.”

Dismay ploughed through his body. “From the beginning?”

Betty nodded. “Yep.”


“Jughead, if you underestimate me so much that you think I’d forget our entire relationship and go back to Archie, then you underestimate me.”

Jughead bowed his head. “I was angry. So, so angry, because a part of me is always insecure that you still have feelings for him, and I’m…”

“What? A rebound?”

Silence permeated, which betrayed Jughead’s answer.

“Jughead, I’m sorry, but if you think I’m as shallow as that, then maybe this relationship won’t work out.”

“Betty, no- I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? Jug, you just walked out like that, right before I realised that he still… Whatever, but it got me thinking that you were willing to just let the whole thing we have go, because of Archie, who’s drunk!” Betty gesticulated wildly.

“I am furious at Archie, Jug, but I’m furious at you, too. Yes, it’s your birthday, but you can’t walk out without talking to me first. I thought we had a mature relationship, but communication is key, Jug!”

Jughead stood up and took her hand. “Betty, I’m sorry. I just needed air, I was furious too. And please don’t end this.”

Betty pulled herself closer. “I won’t, Jug. And it’s okay, just don’t do it again.”

Jughead kissed her, and that was his reply.

He walked her to his original spot, and they sat down together side by side, him playing with her hand and her playing with his beanie-free hair.

“How did you know I was here?”

“Simple. When you’re upset, you go to Pop’s. When you’re annoyed and frustrated, you go to the Drive In. And when you’re angry, or really, really sad, then you come here.”

“Okay, you know me well.”


Their hands intertwined.

“Juggie, I heard you say that you…love me.”

Jughead blushed. “Um, yes, I do, Betts.”

“I love you too, Jug.” She cupped his cheeks and kissed him, slow and peaceful and reassuring and calming, everything he needed right now.

She loved him, he loved her, and even though they were just seventeen, future uncertain, what mattered was right now and right here.

“Hands down; best birthday gift ever.”

A sharp rapping on the mesh frame of FP Jones’s trailer was what woke Jughead up from his position on the couch. He didn’t want to stay at Archie’s last night, so he’d turned to his dad, whom he’d found passed out in the arm chair. After helping him back to bed, Jughead had curled up in his current position.

With a wince, he sat up. The couch had a broken spring, and his left shoulder was ever so sore.

Another knock. “Coming!” He said, pulling his beanie on and getting up.

On opening the door, he found Archie, evidently hung over, with mussed-up hair and a tired face.

No niceties. Jughead didn’t think he deserved it. “Go away.” And he made to shut the door.

“Jughead, wait, I’m so so sorry.”

Jughead stopped the door, and stared at him, brow furrowed. “And I’m supposed to believe that?”

“Jug, please, I was drunk.”

“That’s not going to excuse anything.”

“I know, Jug, please let me in.”

Jughead complied, though that didn’t mean he forgave Archie.

“You’ve been ignoring my texts and calls.”

“No shit, Sherlock.” Jughead said, plonking himself on the couch. “All I want to do is punch you right now.”

“I get it, Jug. What I did is inexcusable, and hurt both your and Betty’s feelings. I guess I took you granted.”

Jughead narrowed his eyes. “Surprisingly accurate.”

“I had a chance with Betty, and I ruined it, and I guess she’s happy with you. Part of me was confused and jealous, and after I downed,like, eight beers yesterday, it all came spilling out. My ego prevented me from understanding why Betty was happy with someone else, and when this someone else was you… I was hurt.”

Jughead, arms crossed, met Archie’s eyes with a steely gaze. The redhead continued.

“And nothing will ever excuse the fact that I asked you to break up with her for me. I don’t know what I was thinking, Jug. I am so, incredibly sorry. I’m not good with words, but I just want you to know that I would do anything to redeem myself. I hate myself because I ruined  a your birthday, too.”

Jughead replied. “What about Betty, Veronica and Valerie?”

“I apologised to Betty just now. After this, Veronica and Valerie.”


“Jughead, I’m going to say this again, and I won’t ever stop- I’m so sorry.”

Jughead stood up, crossed over to the counter, and leaned on it. “How am I supposed to live with the fact that I know you still like Betty?”

“I’ll get over it, like she got over me.”

Jughead bit his lip. “Archie, I’m never going to forget this, but I forgive you.”

Archie looked visibly relieved, chest heaving. “You don’t know how much that means to me, Jug.”

“Okay, but things aren’t going back to what they were before immediately, Archie. I’m still hurt, Betty’s still hurt, and who knows about Valerie, but it’s great to know​ that at least you’re sorry for your incendiary ways.”

“So much, so much that you won’t believe it.”

They both smiled softly at each other.

The friendship, although cracked, still remained intact.

Jughead yawned as he clocked out of his shift at Pop’s. After the Drive-In had closed, he needed a job, and after Hermione Lodge left, a spot had opened up for him. Their financial situation wasn’t great, so Jughead really needed this.

This wasn’t to say that he was tired though. He looked forward to curling up with a book, or maybe sneaking up to Betty’s room.

He shrugged off his uniform, shrugged on his jacket, switched the lights off, and left the diner with the bell ringing behind him.

He immediately tripped, though, when a flash of light and a huge ‘surprise!’ took him off guard.

“Crap.” He said, cradling the hand he’d landed on. He looked up at all his friends- Betty, Veronica, Archie, Kevin, and Joaquin.

“Oh gosh, Jug, you okay?” Betty said, bending and helping him up.

“I’m fine,” He winced. “What’s going on?”

“Well,” Betty started, a hopeful smile on her face, hands clasped in his, “After your birthday last week went, well awry…”

“We decided to throw you, or gently hand you an amazing night, the ultimate movie marathon of your choice.”
“Oh guys, this is too much…”

“Nonsense.” Archie said. He was noticeably standing further away from Betty and Veronica. He’d apologised, but things were still slightly awkward.

“Come on, we must make it up to you.” Betty said, squeezing his hand.

Jughead grinned. “Okay. As long as we binge watch Hitchcock.”

Kevin groaned, but his smile said something different.

So, hand in hand with Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones walked away from Pop’s surrounded by his friends. Relationships were still mending and new ones were forming, some people were sorry, some weren’t, and betrayals still ran rampant, but he was happy, at least for now.

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Had an old man come in at Booby Tuesday. He was like table for 6 please. We grabbed a manager because the max our tables can fit is 5 people. Manager politely tells him it'll be a 10-15 minute wait. He said "well I didn't come here to wait I came here to eat. Just put some tables together it's not that hard". He also apparently told my manager "I'm not going to wait to be sat yore going to seat us now." Mind you it's the 4th of July. We. Are. Packed. What a dick.

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Headcanons where the reader is working at the kissing booth, and Bill/Pennyboi tries to scare everyone away but it's really hard for him to do so openly because the reader specifically told him not to cause any trouble for her. In the end, she agrees that he could scare Bowers & Co away because they were being jerks.

OKAY SO- I don’t normally do this- loved this idea so much that I wrote a Oneshot! Anyway, here yah go! 


The date was July 4th, the sun hung high in the summer sky and you found yourself seated behind a cherry red painted carnival booth. Around you, the pastel festivities of Derry’s 4th of July festival rained down in a shower of confetti and streamers, outlined by a ferris wheel and a large merry-go-round. Children and adults alike ran circles around the carnival stands, partaking in the games and stuffing their faces with sugary foods. On any normal day, you would be among them, laughing and smiling as you played in the summer sun. But fate had other plans for you, a fact that you begrudgingly discovered as you were placed behind this booth.

A kissing booth.

The red paint of the wooden booth came off under your nails as you angrily scratched at the table beneath your hands, the little bar stool you were sitting on squeaking under your weight. Sure you had volunteered, and yes you had agreed to help with the carnival, but you did not sign up for this. And yet, you grit your teeth and bared it, this was for your school and the fundraisers for the classes that put you here. As much as you hated being here, you loved your school. The booth was small, only built for one unlucky kisser, with a set of little scarlet curtains that could be drawn closed when the booth wasn’t being used. Right now, you wished you could pull them over your head and hide.

Strangely enough though, you hadn’t had any customers since this morning. A few people passed, took a look at you and quickly left with only a few laughs in your direction. You glanced over to the glass jar on your left where a few dollar bills rested inside and sighed, feeling a little confused over why no one was taking up the offer that hung over your head. You leaned over the wooden counter, brushing aside the velvet curtains to re-read the sign that loomed over you

“Killing booth- $5”

Yeah, just how you had left it, killing- WAIT.

You panicked a little and ran out from behind the booth, looking up to realize that instead of the word “Kissing” that had been there this morning, two large, blood red letter “L”s had been painted crudely over the s’s to form the work “KiLLing”. You were appalled, your fingers curling and tugging into your hair in confusion, When did this happen!?

“Yah like it? Seems to be working!”

A quirky and high-pitched voice giggled from behind you, making you spin around, and then you saw it. The undoubtable cause of this, Pennywise the dancing clown. Well- more like Pennywise the “currently hiding in a grouping of hedges” clown. All you could see was the top of his head and the shine of his bright blue eyes, but there he was. You gently placed your index finger and thumb against your forehead and sighed, of course this was his doing.

“Penny!? What are you doing here, why did you paint over my sign?”

You asked, a deep and exasperated sigh following your sentence. The clown smiled and placed his two pointer fingers together.

“I know you told me not to come, but I can’t just stand around while dirty, nasty, humans put their filthy mouths on what’s mine”

The clown used a particularly harsh voice to describe your past customers, no doubt he had seen for himself what exactly a kissing booth was, and he clearly did not approve. You felt a little rose of flattery bloom in your chest at the thought of Penny wanting to keep you to himself. But you quickly shook it away as you pointed your hands at him

“Pen, I appreciate your protection, but I have to do this”

You said. The clown frowned, crossing his arms as his eyebrows knitted together. You smiled a little how at cute the monster was when he pouted, but walked over to the bush and kneeled down towards him.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, it’s only a one day gig! I’m still yours, these little kisses mean nothing!”

You tried to explain. Pennywise looked at you with his bottom lip puffed out, his eyes looking you up and down before he finally uncrossed his arms.


Penny said and snapped his fingers, the large L’s disappearing from the sign. You smiled and sighed before turning back to him. You were about to speak but a gloved finger is pushed against your lips before you can get a word out

“But i’m staying close. If any of these horrible little humans hurt you, or try to get away with more than they should, I’m going to grab dinner early”

Pennywise snickered, his eyes flashing yellow for a second before he disappeared back in the hedges, mysteriously melting into the emerald green leaves. You sighed, getting used to it, and stood back up to face your booth. Hopefully, the day’s patrons would take the quick peck to the cheek and leave, for their sakes.


A few hours later and the majority of the younger crowd was clearing out, nothing but adults and teenagers remaining on the carnival grounds as the sun began to set. You still sat behind your booth, now pretty pleased with the amount of money sitting happily in your jar. You sure hoped you got to keep some of it for how many strangers you’ve had to kiss today. A few strands of fairy lights no glittered along the edges of your booth, glowing brightly alongside the millions of others that filled the fair. It was a beautiful night, one that was dragging on and making you hope for rain. The idea of your nice warm bed and a cup of tea waiting for you at home made your feet ake, you wanted desperately to leave and go home.

Just as you thought that you’d be able to get away without any more trouble for the night, a familiar dirty blonde mullet came into view. Henry Bowers and his band of idiots came parading around the corner, your hair instantly stood on end as you prayed to any god worth praying to that they wouldn’t see you. Unfortunately, the punk spotted you just as he was about to disappear behind the trees and almost instantly you wished that you hadn’t agreed to this job.

“Hey boys! Get a load ah this!”

You heard Henry shout, all of the other boys turning to face you, their smug faces turning up with wide grins. Your eyes rolled, looking the other way as they waltzed up to you.

“Get lost Bower”

You said. The kid, obviously, didn’t listen and marched right up until he had his whole weight leaning onto the wooden counter of your booth, his arms crossed as he leaned in close.

“How bout yah give me a kiss instead sweetheart~?”

Henry sneered, his eyes half lidded as he grinned his regular shit-eating grin. Two of his boys closed in beside him, blocking your view of the carnival and making you painfully aware of how much the lot of them smelled of beer and sweat. You backed away and waved your hand towards him

“You wish. Go away, you guys reak”

You said, holding your nose and snickering right back at them. Henry’s jaw clenched and he shifted his weight to one arm, using the other to run a hand through his hair.

“That ain’t nice doll, denying a paying customer”

As Henry turned to look behind him, the two boys on either side of him reached forward, grabbing onto you and holding you in front of him. He turned back with a smile, no doubt he had checked to see if the coast was clear.

“I think I deserve one on the house!”

He chuckled, his own arms reached down to hold your waist as his boys pulled you closer.

“Fuck off!”

You struggled, pretty sure that you could beat his ass if you could get free of his goons. Bower cheesily pressed his lips into a kissy face before licing them and laughing as you got closer and closer, one of the boys grabbing hold of your chin to keep you still.

Suddenly, a sharp and shrill scream rang out behind the group of boys. One of them on your right turned to see what had happened and as he did he released you, His hands flailing as something reached down from the tree above you and pulled him up into the leaves. Henry flinched, looking up into the tree, his hands loosening to give you just enough leeway to break free.

You managed to back up in time as a long and boney arm reached down above Henry, a set of clawed fingers gripping around his skull and lifting him into the air. The goon on your left screamed, freaking out as Bower was lifted, his hands struggling and grasping on the arm that held him. Henry was jerked up out of your view as the other one quickly fled the seen, scrambling around the roots of trees. You immediately knew what was happening, and although you’d love for the punk to get what was coming to him, you knew better than to stir up more trouble.

“Pennywise! Do not kill him!”

You shouted up into the sky, the gargled screams of Henry becoming louder as you imagine Pennywise unhappily letting him go. The leaves and branches above your head shook a little, and soon a very scared looking Henry Bower came tumbling from the sky in a mess of limbs as he scrambled to stand.


He sobbed, looking at you in bewilderment before he fled off into the night. You couldn’t hold back a laugh as the bully tripped over himself in an effort to get away, thankfully without any bad wounds or broken bones. As soon as he was gone you sighed, catching your breath and letting out a long laugh as you leaned back in your stool.

“Penny, they’re gone now!”

You called, suddenly feeling a body behind you as you leaned back, soft pom-poms brushing up against your neck. A familiarly long arm reached in front of you, pulling the drawstring to the set of curtains and coming to rest on your shoulder as they flapped closed with a soft hush. Penny turned you around in your stool and looked at you, his eyes boring into your own in the dim light. You smiled shyly, nervous as to whether he’d be mad or not.

“Did they hurt you?”

He asked in a deep voice. You smiled, shaking your head.

“Nope. I’m fine Penny, you saved me”

The clown seemed to like the sound of that and me smiled, pulling you into his chest and growling protectively as you held him back.

“Little monsters, thinking that they can touch you”

Pennywise grumbled under his breath. You pulled back and looked up at him, placing a hand on his cheek.

“They won’t ever be trying again though, and I think that, deserves a kiss~”

You said sweetly, leaning in and placing an honest, soft kiss into your Clown’s left dimple.


Thank you so much for requesting this! It was such a fun one to play around with! I hoped you liked it too, and thanks once again for asking! 

  • Bandit Keith: Why don't I like this guy?
  • Bonz: Maybe because he keeps stealing your thunder?
  • Bandit Keith: Because his name is Pegasus. Don't you find that utterly ridiculous?
  • Bonz: No.
  • Bandit Keith: That's because your name is Bonz.

4 TH JULY  🎆🎉

I know i’m late, but social media sucks sometimes JAJAJAJ, I also know that I have a Colombia flag on my face and its nothing related to this 4th July thing but i’m not American and we’re in a Colombian pub JAJAJAJAJ ..

I hope y’all like our matching t-shirts and have a really nice week! 

So..that was our first celebration as a official couple, first one was New Years but we were just starting.. I just wanna say that i’m very thankful for having you in my life and that i hope we can have many many celebrations and holidays together because you are the best thing that ever happened to me, and every single thing by your side matters more then a million things without you.. @1-800-tanisha ❤️

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Hi sorry if you've seen this before or it's a bother or it's really late, but I was doing some random sneaking and I saw that Frank Sun/old camera man uploaded a picture of himself during 4th of July and it was taken by john David ;D

I don’t follow Frank Sun on instagram because his recent pics were all work related so thanks for the heads up!! I do kind of doubt that he is talking about bachelor til the rapture JDD though ;D (Annie)

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We don't have a Kaylor moment since December. Since Karlie posted that video on the 13th, then nothing. It's hard to say today whether they're still together or not. I always thought that the day we would have seen little Karlie on social, well, perhaps it's because she hides too. I don't care what she posted yesterday because it was her job. We just have to wait for the birthday of one of their best friends with a party to see if they are still together. Or worse, we have to wait on July 4th

It’s almost like everyone has never faced a drought before. Everyone keeps saying maybe they broke up because they’ve gone so long without SM interaction. I missed the part where everyone had decided a relationship wasn’t real unless it was blasted on SM. Hell, we all side eyed how SM heavy Tayvin was. Taylor is staying out of public view. She’s appeared ONLY to support her friends’ singles and other than a brief mention from Karlie in a recent interview with Derek, Ed’s the only one who’s mentioned her I believe because he had an album to promote. 

So yeah, they’re staying low and we MIGHT get something on the fourth but we might not. As much as Taylor wants to stay low it’s equally as important for Karlie to keep the attention on her brand rather than allow any of it to turn to her personal life beyond her family right now. Let Karlie have her time to do her thing and kill it and let Taylor get some R&R and work on whatever comes next for her. If you all want to flip when Taylor is in the public eye again you /might/ have cause but really this is still better than the worst points of 2015.

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i know you've probably gotten a lot of asks about this and i'm sorry, but i really don't see how you conveyed that 4th of july post as a joke. i dunno, maybe it's just me because i know the dogs getting scared thing is really an issue but it seemed like you were serious

So here’s the skinny: the joke was that my gut reaction to hearing those first cracks of fireworks on July 1st was “man I wish fireworks weren’t even a thing so I didn’t have to worry about my senile dog having a panic attack all month long” which I felt was kinda a funny thought, especially the idea that this country in particular would be willing to give up something like fireworks for the wellbeing of pets and people with ptsd and other anxiety related issues. So I was like, hey, that would be a fun holiday-related gif, let’s do it! Maybe a couple of other people can get a chuckle out of it! And….. welp.

Here’s the thing- I don’t care if you want to get some bottle rockets and sparklers for your back yard parties and then head down to your community’s fireworks show to enjoy some sparkly explosions put on by professionals as a part of your love of country- go for it! But if you want to be like my next-door neighbor who went down to Kentucky to buy probably around $500 worth of industrial grade fireworks that are illegal for private citizens to have in this state, put on a 2-hour show on the THIRD, and then set off the rest starting at 10 am the next day sporadically until about 2 am? Nah man. Those things made my window panes shake. Not to mention covered our yard and the people on the other side’s with the trash left over from the casings. Obviously my dog was not in good shape.

There seemed to be a number of people upset about the use of the word “Nationalist” instead of “Patriot,” under the grounds that Nationalist has a negative connotation….. that’s what I was going for; see the situation outlined above. People who are considerate of their neighbors while they enjoy their independence day? Patriots. People who set off industrial grade explosives in a fairly tightly-packed suburb, and people who get angry enough about someone suggesting that they don’t appreciate fireworks that they send anon messages saying ‘fuck your dog’? (yes, I got two of those, promptly blocked) Nationalists. And I’m not using Nationalist in relation to the political belief that usually associated with Nazi’s, for those who’re wondering. As you may have seen in my salty comeback, it just means excessive patriotism. Chill. If you love America so much that that idea hurts your soul, this probably isn’t the blog for you.

And thank you to the people giving advice on how I should be handling my dog: I appreciate your concern. But no, we don’t follow her around cooing “oh poor baby,” and we’ve tried the thunder-shirt amongst other things, nothing seems to work. She’s an 11 year old former stray, and hiding in the basement closet seems to be a good enough solution for her, so I think that’s about as good as it’s going to get.

Anyway, rant done. Keep your pets safe, don’t be a jerk like my neighbors, enjoy your barbecue.