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Will being adorable as all heck in And the Woman Clothed with the Sun for anon 


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Their height difference kills me, Marinette looks so smol compared to Adrien


it’s like a story of l o v e

Days of Outlaw Queen 

Consider: Christopher & Janet Chant, cricket dorks

I LOVE Christopher being a total dork about cricket when he’s a kid, and you will never convince me that he outgrew it. But Millie didn’t care and I’m sure Roger & Julia were like “daddy this is SO BORING” to his great disappointment, so he dragged Conrad (who also didn’t care but was a pushover) to matches and it just wasn’t the same as having a REAL fan along. (Mordecai was excellent company but he was busy  with Gabriel half the time, and besides he and Rosalie usually went together because Rosalie was also a huge dork about cricket, and they’d dork out together and Christopher would always end up being the third wheel, not that he would ever admit that)


And Janet mentions one day that back in her world her dad used to watch cricket on the telly, and Christopher is like WAIT. YOU KNOW CRICKET? (but obviously much more posh about it) And Janet starts talking about her favourite players and how she had a poster in her room but she never got the chance to play and now she’s in a world with no telly so there’s no cricket to watch anymore. And she gets kind of sad about it because she probably didn’t realize until she mentioned it, it snuck up on her like all those little things she misses from her world, that she doesn’t know she misses until they come up in day to day life and suddenly they’re just not there. Christopher will always feel guilty about taking her away from her world, and he sees her remember these things and it just makes him feel a thousand times guiltier.

BUT CRICKET. Cricket he can fix!! You never learned to play?? What a travesty! And thus starts Janet’s cricket lessons, and he takes her to the local pitch where the villages compete in a little tournament, and sometimes Mordecai and Rosalie come along and Rosalie points out all the mistakes these amateurs are making and Janet is delighted to learn that Miss Rosalie used to whoop every villager in the area when the castle team played. And Janet shows she’s a pretty darn fine bowler, and she starts playing in the local matches, and then Christopher gets to insist on the whole family going to matches because we have to support Janet, really, she’s awfully nice about all of your interests including your godawful charming horse Cat. And so Christopher finally gets his kids to cricket, even if only ¼ of them are interested, and sometimes even Millie comes, although she always brings a book because really Christopher cricket takes far too long.

And when Janet’s an adult and a doctor she has to fight her way on to the university cricket team because “girls can’t play” but oops she’s 10x better than any other bowler they have. Once she’s out of school she pulls together an all-ladies cricket team, made up of professional ladies who managed to become lawyers and politicians and professors despite the old boys’ network, and still like to crack a cricket ball on the weekend (it’s not easy and she has to force Julia to join because they can’t get quite enough people, and Julia sucks but she sticks it out because Janet). And they play in a local league and they lose a lot, but they win some and no one can say they’re terrible. And people laugh and jeer and some idiots even protest, but the jeering reporters change their tune when Chrestomanci himself shows up to as many matches as possible, and when he can’t make it Lady Chant is there because Millie doesn’t give a damn about cricket but no one is going to protest her Janet over some outdated ideals (the protesters always go quiet when Millie is there because she gives them a look that could melt glass).

When Janet visits the castle, Christopher argues strategy with her over dinner, and did you see the latest match, England was such a disgrace, and everyone else rolls their eyes but it doesn’t matter because Christopher finally has someone to dork out about cricket with. And Janet, who grew up without her mom and dad but with Millie keeping their library stocked and teaching her how to drive and Christopher congratulating her on making the rest of the villagers look totally incompetent with her bowling skills, has found her place in this world.

imagine Changkyun sending you a selfie and texting you about how much he misses you.

“Jagiya, look how cute I am! I bet you miss me, don’t you? Ah, but probably not as much as I miss you :)”


But..I’m still not you, Clow-san

Headcanon #9

Young Simon is a really shy kid with messy hair and glasses who doesn’t really talk to the other kids. Clary comes up to him one day during kindergarten and starts talking to him because she’s not very shy at all. Simon likes to watch her draw these unusual symbols in her notebook. When Simon gets nervous or scared, Clary tells him stories about the “good guys” who protect people with the symbols and fight evil. She often inserts herself and Simon into these stories. She makes Simon the brave hero that makes big sacrifices to protect those he loves. When Simon is feeling down, he imagines himself as he hero that Clary made him to be.


For Ship Weeks - Superhero, and because I adore sisterly love


“This is stupid.”

“No! It’s not!”

“It is, Peony.”

It was a hot day in New Beijing - the hottest of the year. Instead of attempting to brave the sweltering streets, Peony and Cinder sat on the couches in front of the netscreen and a large fan, hair up in buns in a vain attempt to keep themselves cool. An old movie about some flying man in tights and his adventures was on, and Peony was watching the screen with fascination.

Cinder sniffed derisively. “Why does the superhero always save the girl?”

Peony tilted her head. “Why not?”

Cinder shrugged. “I mean, they can. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just…sometimes, can’t the girl save herself? Be her own superhero?”

Peony pouted, brows furrowing as she processed her words. “Yeah,” she said slowly, “I guess they can.”

Cinder nodded vehemently. “And I bet the girl - or, you know what, anyone! - can be everybody else’s superhero too.”

Peony grinned. “I bet when we get older, we’ll both be superheroes!”

Cinder smiled at her little sister’s childlike hopefulness. At least she still had that. “Yeah. I bet.”


“Isn’t it such a nice day, Selene?”

“The weather is controlled, Winter. It’s literally always a nice day.”

“Oh, shush, you. Enjoy it.”

Cinder chuckled and smiled at her cousin, whose elbow was entwined with hers. They strolled aimlessly around one of Luna’s shopping districts, now so busy and bustling that nobody had time to examine the royalty on the street. Cinder liked it that way, and she knew Winter did too.

“ - and I want to be like Queen Selene when I grow up! She’s a hero!”

Cinder stiffened at the sound of her newfound name, but the meaning of the words, spoken by a child somewhere in the crowd, began to sink in. That was something she had never realized, even with all the talk of action figures. After all this, she would be an icon. A role model. A hero.

Winter beamed and poked her in the side. “Hear that, my Selene? You’re a hero.”

Cinder bumped her shoulder with hers and laughed. “All of us are, Winter.” Seeing Winter’s unabashed peal of laughter, she was reminded of Peony’s smiling face. I bet when we get older, we’ll both be superheroes.

All of us are. Including you.


HEY TAYLOR! I’m MEGAN and THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL SEE ME IN ON FRIDAY JUNE 12th IN PHILLY AT THE LINCOLN FINICAL FIELD! This is me and my boyfriend his name is Liam and he will be dressed like the Statue of Liberty “Welcome To New York inspired” and will be glowing in glow sticks (we couldn’t use lights because they won’t allow them so we had to take them off the other day :/) and this is my cat Mitzi “wonderland” inspired. She hates me now BUT ITS OK BECAUSE SHE LOOKS SUPER ADORABLE and this is my shirt that I have been trying to get you to see for the past month and half. I am so excited to see you because every show I’ve been to has been amazing. TAYLOR YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME AND I LOVE YOU. I will be in section f3 row 31 seat 5 and seat 6 for Liam. WE WILL BE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CATWALK!!!!! SEE YOU THERE I CANT WAIT I LOVE YOU!!!!!! taylorswift

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