because it's strange to think about it from this perspective but


Mixed white and latin@

I’m from the U.S. but my dad and his family are Chilean, which means I grew up hearing about Chilean culture, political jokes, music, its history, its people. It lets me see the U.S. in a different light than what I was taught at school or see on the news; it gives perspective. (Like I was taught from an early age that “America” is a continent, not one country, dammnit) Also I just think it’s cool that I can say my ancestors came from both the Andes and the Alps, that I have both stalwart German laundresses in my lineage and Chilean horse rustlers (my great grandma, if the stories are true!) Being mixed is a genuine source of pride!

Not so cool is when I took a long time to come to terms with my physical appearances because of bull Eurocentric beauty standards. And when I went to Chile last year, it was both strange and exciting to be surrounded by people who genuinely looked like me. I hadn’t realized how affirming it is to experience that. Also, when I look white enough that white boys don’t mind talking about how latin@ girls are “too short and dark” when I’m around. That’s gross.