because it's so powerful and just so well made

I may criticize the writers & creators of BBC Merlin all the time, but I still adore the characters and the world they gave us.

Ironically, the fact that I’m still angry and bitter about it is a testament to how powerful and lasting their writing could be at its best. If they hadn’t done something stunningly well, there’s no way I would still care so much about the series at this point. If it was just bad, I would have moved on not long after the credits rolled.

But I’m still here, years after I saw the finale. I fell in love with this cheesy, wonderful show about magic and adventure because of those glimmering moments of greatness that made me realize it could have been so much more.


i’ve seen a lot of lapis redesigns going around so i thought i’d put my own sub par design skills to the test and make my own design for her

lapis’ design has always been pretty boring to me and i actually much preferred her duller/darker color palette from when she was first introduced so i went with some more muted shades of blue and tried to add some more details to her design without going too over the top. also made her a bit chubbier bc who doesnt love fat gems.

i messed up and forgot to draw her gem in the back view but i promise its there,,,,,,,somewhere. more on what i changed+added under the cut!

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That other Black sitcom right now:  The Carmichael Show

I knew there was a sitcom on network TV about a Black family that wasn’t Blackish, but I hadn’t actually looked up anything about it.  Now I’ve watched the first two seasons of The Carmichael Show on Netflix, and if you haven’t gotten into it, put it on your list before the season three premiere next month.

Jerrod Carmichael is a stand-up comedian with a family sitcom in the tradition of Bill Cosby, Roseanne Barr, Tim Allen, Grace Butler, etc, but this isn’t a Black sitcom I’ve seen before.  Roc, Everybody Hates Chris, and Family Matters are the first three Black sitcoms that come to mind when I picture an average family (unlike the Huxtables or the Bankses), but they didn’t really do topical episodes.  Episodes of The Carmichael Show have names like “Guns” and “Gender” and “Gentrification” and words that don’t start with G, like “Prayer.”  And this is an average Black family in the South written by a guy from North Carolina, so that carries another layer of interest since I can’t name any family sitcoms set in the South off the top of my head (and Designing Women is the only one that comes to mind at all).

Check out this clip where the Carmichaels are trying to impress their pastor over dinner and Jerrod’s girlfriend is outed as a non-Christian.

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Simsrena: the new addition...

So here we are, enjoying some down time together. Just us girls. I mean its Easter and even doctors get time off every now and again right? Well Bernie and Serena do because I rule in this town and I made it so! 

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Whoa… I think the power might be going to my head…

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Deep breaths Rex… back to the post. What was I writing about? 

Oh yeah!! Simsrena. Aren’t they adorable? Bernie quite literally looks like she’s swallowed a bowling ball. I mean look at that belly! It’s pretty cute though that at every opportunity Serena touches her belly and talks to the baby… can we just take a moment together to appreciate this…

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So just like in real life, when we were all halfway through eating ice cream (or a Nobbly Bobbly ice cream if you’re me - yeah I haven’t grown up! So what?), the baby decided it was the perfect opportunity to make an appearance. 


So obviously I freaked out (and gave myself brain-freeze from eating my Nobbly Bobbly too fast in my panic. Thanks Bern!) and I was really relying on Serena, seeing as though she’s a doctor, to keep her shit together long enough to be of some use to me…


Instead she just jumped from foot to foot and made that face ^^^


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When we finally managed to get Bernie to the hospital, the doctor, who was far too happy if you ask me, brought Bernie and Serena onto the ward. 

Let me tell you, having a baby in the Sims is terrifying! And once again Serena freaked out - so enjoy her freaking out and extremely deep voice… yeah I have no idea why she’s suddenly sounding like a man…

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Wasn’t that disturbing? 

Anyway… the whole point of this post was to say…

Say hello to Cameron Campbell-Wolfe!

Our little family has grown by one :)

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The Doctor's Daughter Commentary III
  • David Tennant: [asks about General Cobb, and why he's older than the others]
  • Russell T Davies: I think sometimes it might just clone you - it's running on low power, so it just produces a copy. Did you like the way I just made that up?
  • Alice Troughton: Yeah, brilliant
  • RTD: So he's the 15th Cobb of this week
  • DT: Well I suppose it must just clone you to an extent because here's Jenny with two hearts -
  • RTD: Yes
  • DT: So it does - it has an influence -
  • RTD: Possibly, you could argue, that that's what you'd look like if you were a woman
  • DT: I should be so lucky
  • RTD: You'd never go out!
  • DT: [riotous laughter]