because it's so not awkward these guys are biting bras in front of the camera

Jaime Preciado- Do you feel the same way?

(I went to the dentist today and I needed something to distract me from crying while they drilled my teeth so I thought up this story. Yes, I know it sucks. I’m all out of ideas right now. You guys can always send me requests)

(Summary: You have to go get work done on your teeth and Jaime decides to record you while you’re being drugged and you end up revealing some interesting things to him)

“Jaime, you don’t have to come in with me, you know?” You sat down in the dentist chair and Jaime took out his phone.

“Yeah but I wanna record all the funny shit you say” Jaime responded and laughed a little. You both waited for the dentist to come in and get started. When she finally did, Jaime opened his camera and started recording. Soon enough, you were giggling at everything and speaking nonsense to Jaime.

After all the work was done, the dentist walked out for a bit and Jaime took out his phone again. He asked a bunch of random questions and laughed at your even more random answers.

“Am I you’re best friend?”

“Yeah you’re…awesome” you mumbled.

He laughed. “Do you love me?”

“Oh fuck yeah. I fucking love you, dude.”

He laughed even louder. Then everything you kept in the back of your mind and away from Jaime in order to maintain your friendship came out. “…like I really fucking love you. Like I would totally fuck you because you’re fucking beautiful.” If you could’ve heard yourself, you would’ve slapped yourself in the face for making yourself look stupid in front of Jaime. You continued. “Why aren’t we going out yet? What’s taking you so long to ask me out?…if we were dating, I would be the best girlfriend in the world and everything would be awesome” you said in a groggy voice.

Jaime had stopped laughing. The dentist came in and told Jaime that you were good to go. For some reason you found it funny and told the dentist that she was the most hilarious person you’d ever met. Jaime stopped recording and put his phone away.

You both went back to the apartment that you shared with him and for the couple of days after that, Jaime avoided you. You didn’t understand why he was doing it or what was wrong with him.

Jaime was taking a shower when you saw his phone on the coffee table. You both trusted each other a lot so it wasn’t unusual that you both knew each other’s passwords and always went on each other’s phone. You remembered that Jaime was recording you at the dentist.

You picked up his phone and went to the video. You laughed at the first one. As you continued watching the second one, you saw how stupid you had been. Your eyes were filled with tears of embarrassment.


You turned around to see Jaime shirtless and drying his hair with a towel. He noticed the tears streaming down your face and the phone in your hand. He knew exactly what you were crying about.

“(Y/N), I…”

“Is this why you haven’t been talking to me?”

“I…I didn’t…I just-”

“Is it?!” The tears came pouring down. You thought to yourself “he’s been ignoring me because I made everything awkward. He doesn’t like me back and now I lost my best friend.”

Jaime walked to you and sat you down on the couch. As he sat down next to you, he placed his hand on your cheek, wiping away your tears with his thumb.

“(Y/N), did you mean what you said in the video or was it just the drugs talking?”

You hesitated. “I…I meant it…”

Jaime sighed in relief and a smile grew across his face. “I was avoiding you because I wasn’t sure if you meant any of it and I didn’t know how to handle it” he explained.

“So… you feel the same way?”

Jaime nodded and you couldn’t help but smile. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your lips against his. He pulled away and threw you over his shoulder. You giggled as he carried you to his bedroom. He placed you on the bed and took of your shirt and shorts. You unbuckled his belt and he took off his jeans as fast as he could.

As he unbooked your bra, he kissed your neck. The kisses turned into gentle sucking and biting. You let out a soft moan and it made Jaime smile against your skin. Jaime’s hand made its way to your center.

“You’re so wet” he whispered into your ear. His finger started to make circles around your clit. You moaned again, louder this time. He stopped and pulled his hand away. He slid your panties down your legs and threw them to the floor.

He took off his boxers and lifted up your legs so they were over his shoulders. He pushed himself inside of you slowly, letting you adjust. He then got faster. The knot in your stomach kept getting tighter.

“Fuck, (Y/N).”

“Please…harder…” you moaned (and practically whimpered).

His thrusts became harder and deeper. You felt the knot getting ready to come undone and also felt Jaime’s thrusts become sloppier. His room was filled with moans as heavy breathing as you both climaxed.

You both laid on the bed catching your breath. You looked at him and smiled. He pulled the covers over both of your bodies.


“Yeah, (Y/N)?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He kissed you one last time before you both fell asleep.

52 ~ Where He Likes To Kiss You

Note: so I’m deciding to experiment with writing this preference will all 9 boys! 5SOS and 1D, including Zayn of course, and you guys can give me your feedback on whether you like this kinda version of a preference! (: send me what you thought and I’ll include it in my further writings!

Luke: Back of your head. Him being like 9'7, being Luke’s girlfriend defiantly had its perks. Since he was extremely tall, he felt like he had this huge protection over you. Though he is an awkward penguin (transforming into a sex god but anyways) he needed to make sure you were safe in all situations. Walking in the streets of Sydney, his arm was draped over your shoulder making sure you were pressed into his side as fans started gaining in numbers. He could feel your body tense as his bodyguards helped to guide you through the crowd. His lips pressed to the back of your head rubbing your upper arms as he walked behind you. You could feel multiple pecks reassuring you he wasn’t gonna let go anytime soon. Plus he didn’t wanna admit that he liked your fruity shampoo and loves smelling your hair. A bit creepy but, you smelt way too good.

Niall: Cheek. Simple but sweet. He wasn’t too fond of PDA, of course at home there’s no limitations, but in public in front of cameras and fans he didn’t want to over do things. Waiting at the yogurt shop going through your phone mindlessly, you could hear the fans calling both yours and Niall’s name looking over giving a small wave which of course, sent them into a frenzy. Niall wrapped his arms around your shoulders pulling you into him as your arm wrapped around his torso. His lips softly kisses your cheek letting his lips linger behind you shut your eyes blushing looking down. Niall looked down at you with love nudging his nose against your temple tightening his grip on you wanting to subtly show how much he loved you. Of course, his favorite part was when you blushed, and that meant attacking your cheeks in kisses making you laugh loudly trying to push him off.

Michael: Neck. Being a kitten meant lots of cuddles and nuzzling into your neck. Mostly backstage or in the hotel room before a show. Michael would be lying his head on your chest while both of you were on your phone. Michael started giggling at his phone showing you a picture of a cat dressed like a dog. It’s weird how sexy and hot he could be but then both even 5 minutes later have the mentality of a 5 year old. Ashton decided to come in start a keek trying to show both you and Michael. Michael groans hiding his face in your neck pulling the blanket up to cover both you guys’ face making you laugh. Michael scrunches his nose looking up at you kissing your neck making you stifle your giggles. It was a sensitive spot when it came to tickling so once Michael knew about that. It was game over. He started kissing up at down your neck playfully hiring at some areas making you squeal grabbing his biceps laughing. “And as you can see now Y/N and Michael are having sex!” You can hear Ashton from our making you fall into a deeper fit of laughs

Louis: Shoulder. Louis is just obsessed with shoulders (like have you seen Harry’s shoulder? Anyways) It was a few hours before the show so why not relax for a bit? You sat on the lounge chair talking with some of your girlfriend not really wanting to go in the water. Louis was sitting behind you letting his fingertips subconsciously run up and down your sides as he talked with his mates on the other side. You leans back into him laughing softly at something you heard running a hand through you hair. Louis looked down at you making sure you were comfortable since the camera clicks of the paparazzi above weren’t so… Subtle. You adjusted your sunglasses pulling down on the hem of your shorts feeling lips on your shoulder. You turned your head softly to look at Louis as he smiled and kisses your cheek continuing to press kisses across your shoulders. Even though the paps pissed him off, he can’t help but press kisses on your shoulders. It was a turn on for him which is weird but, you giggle softly pressing your head against his loving the feeling of his lips not caring who’s watching.

Ashton: Nose. He found your nose the most adorable thing on the planet. He loved poking at it, booping it, every time he kissed your nose you would scrunch it up in a cute way. Whenever you kissed he’d be a weirdo and lick your nose playfully. Maybe even bite it softly because it was so cute. You two were waiting in the line for Starbucks talking to Ashton about something with both your hands tangled with his in front of you two. He watched you with loving eyes, kind of just half listening now at this point. He loved the way your eyes sparkled when you talked about how your guys’ new puppy licked your face when you woke up. He leans down kissing your nose making you scrunch it playfully looking up at him. “What was that for?” Ashton smiles pulling you into him kissing your nose again shaking his head. “Just love you.” A kiss on the nose made you feel just as much secure as if Ashton kissed any other part of your face. Plus that giggle he does when you scrunch your nose is just a bonus.

Harry: Stomach. He loved every aspect of your body, but took a special liking to your cute tummy. You would be lying on the bed and Harry would do nothing but just come home, take off his shoes, and crawl between your legs his cheek on your stomach. You’d just smile and look down at him running a hand through his long chestnut hair as he hums in delight taking a long awaited nap. Plus he gives more love to your stomach while making love. Your shirt is long gone, with only your bra covered your upper half. Harry trails kissing between your breasts smiling widely against your skin once he reaches just above your belly button. He’d kiss every inch, occasionally blowing raspberries making you burst into laughing covering your face. He’d love seeing your huge smile looking down at him with adoration in your eyes. His eyes showed probably more looking up at your beautiful smile. Harry would just shake his head placing a few more tender kisses down across your belly button before you were laughing from pleasure of his tongue.

Calum: Forehead. Calum was of course way more affectionate outside in the public with fans and paps following around. He wanted everyone to know how much he loved you. But privately he was a bit more light and more loving with his kisses. And, well maybe an occasional selfie he would take with you showing the more touchy feely affection. But other than that he was quite tame when it came to loving you. It would be freezing due to the fact he was on tour, they had a show in New York, and it was winter time. Hugging yourself in his sweater and leggings with fuzzy socks, you walked to the kitchen making some hot chocolate. Calum finally comes home shivering making you turn around smiling softly as he comes over shaking snow out of his hair. “Aww come here my snowman.” You teases opening your arms as he tightly wrapped them around your shoulder, tucking your head under his chin. You took in his scent as he pressed his lips to your forehead for a couple of minutes making you feel even warmer and protective in his embrace. He always wanted you to be protected at all cost, and what’s better than assuring you than some cute forehead kisses.

Liam: Knuckles. Your hands were so cute and tiny against Liam’ hands. Your fingers are, well in Liam’s words, “the cutest things in the whole wide world.” Whenever you two would sit on the couch watching a random film, his hand would put against yours talking about the size and smiling when they loosely laced kissing over your knuckles softly. It was a subtle way of Liam’s affection towards you. Liam suggested going Christmas shopping for gifts for his family and the boys. It was freezing and both you were bundled head to toe. Your arm was tightly linked with Liam’s as you made your way through the mall. After a few hours of shopping your hands were basically ice cubes. He was signing some autographs from some fans while you stood to the side rubbing your hands together blowing into them to gain some warmth. Once Liam was done, he saw you trying to warm up and he grabs your hands pressing warm kisses across your knuckles immediately warming them. You smile down at him sniffle your red nose as he kisses you softly before repeating the same action a few more times. Once you were all warmed up he put his gloves on yours and help your hand on his pocket making sure you were more than warm. He wanted to show that he didn’t have to kiss you each time in order to show how much he loves you. Plus you’re his girl and couldn’t see you freeze to death.

Zayn: Lips. Super simple, but your lips always fascinated Zayn. Fun fact, your lips were an inspiration for His tattoo. He just loved everything about your mouth. (Not in that way you dirty dirty people.) He’d always stare at your mouth when you talked loving the way you said each word. And he loves it whenever you kissed and you’d drag your slightly chapped lips across his cheek making a huge smile spread across his cheeks. It’s been nearly 4 years since you’ve been together and Zayn wanted to treat you out. Of course once dinner was done, he was delicately taking your clothes off one by one. You lied on the bed completely bare as Zayn was left in his boxers kissing up and down your neck. You dug your nails softly into Zayn’s shoulder as he brought his face to yours nudging his nose against yours softly smiling lovingly. “I love you so much….” He murmured with his thumb lightly tracing your bottom lip before attaching them to yours deeply and slowly. Your lips were like a drug to Zayn and I guess you could say he had no control (get my pun? I’m so sorry)