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Top Ten Challenged Books of 2016:

Out of 323 challenges reported to the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom, the Top Ten Most Challenged Books of 2016 are

  1. This One Summer written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Jillian Tamaki
    This young adult graphic novel, winner of both a Printz and a Caldecott Honor Award, was restricted, relocated, and banned because it includes LGBT characters, drug use, and profanity, and it was considered sexually explicit with mature themes.
  2. Drama written and illustrated by Raina Telgemeier
    Parents, librarians, and administrators banned this Stonewall Honor Award-winning graphic novel for young adults because it includes LGBT characters, was deemed sexually explicit, and was considered to have an offensive political viewpoint.
  3. George written by Alex Gino
    Despite winning a Stonewall Award and a Lambda Literary Award, administrators removed this children’s novel because it includes a transgender child, and the “sexuality was not appropriate at elementary levels.”
  4. I Am Jazz written by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings, and illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas
    This children’s picture book memoir was challenged and removed because it portrays a transgender child and because of language, sex education, and offensive viewpoints.
  5. Two Boys Kissing written by David Levithan
    Included on the National Book Award longlist and designated a Stonewall Honor Book, this young adult novel was challenged because its cover has an image of two boys kissing, and it was considered to include sexually explicit LGBT content.
  6. Looking for Alaska written by John Green
    This 2006 Printz Award winner is a young adult novel that was challenged and restricted for a sexually explicit scene that may lead a student to “sexual experimentation.”
  7. Big Hard Sex Criminals written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Chip Zdarsky
    Considered to be sexually explicit by library staff and administrators, this compilation of adult comic books by two prolific award-winning artists was banned and challenged.
  8. Make Something Up: Stories You Can’t Unread written by Chuck Palahniuk
    This collection of adult short stories, which received positive reviews from Newsweek and the New York Times, was challenged for profanity, sexual explicitness, and being “disgusting and all around offensive.”
  9. Little Bill (series) written by Bill Cosby and illustrated by Varnette P. Honeywood
    This children’s book series was challenged because of criminal sexual allegations against the author.
  10. Eleanor & Park written by Rainbow Rowell
    One of seven New York Times Notable Children’s Books and a Printz Honor recipient, this young adult novel was challenged for offensive language.

Finn Balor/Reader/Seth Rollins- Seth and Finn are keeping a little secret from the Reader and she wants to find out what it is.

Warnings- Little bit of spanking, choking, this is pretty long as well so.

So yeah I feel like this is long and I don’t have a clue where this idea came from but its here now.

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I had maybe been in my hotel room for 10 minutes, when I got a text from Finn.

Hey Y/N get your lazy ass down to the bar. Everyone is chilling here.

I rolled my eyes at my best friends text and responded.

Thats no way to talk to your friend, but I’ll be down in a second.

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and slipped on my sneakers. I grabbed my room key and headed out the door. I was turning a corner towards the elevator when I ran smack into someone. “What the hell?” I looked up to see Seth smiling down at me.

“Hey sweetheart. Maybe watch where you are going.” Seth moved past me as my mouth hung open.

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Depictions of romance and attraction in Yuri on Ice

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and with it so has Chris’ birthday. To celebrate, Kubo has posted the following image on instagram (+ a cropped version on twitter):

No comment is made about the hand he is holding. Couple that with the very soft, fond smile on Chris’s face, directed specifically at whomever he is holding hands with, and we can say that this picture holds romantic implications.

Romance in Yuri on Ice and its depiction has always been a hot topic. Particularly about Victor and Yuuri and, lately, particularly about how its portrayal felt lacking to many people upon the conclusion of the series and how the staff seems to be downgrading their relationship into subtext territory instead of having it stand on firm, canonical ground. Count me in as one of the people who found it lacking and who is disappointed with the staff, particularly Kubo, since the finale aired.

Arguments in favor of the staff’s treatment of Victuuri and its portrayal in the finale tend to be extremely similar. Three points that usually come up are 

  • That the depiction of romantic relationships in Japan is always subtle and ambiguous because “cultural differences” (covered by @soobaki here)
  • Censorship
  • That what we have with Victuuri is already “enough”, usually followed by the baseless (and honestly offensive) accusation that people like me want to see them make out or have sex on screen to be satisfied

Plenty of comparisons between Yuri on Ice and other anime have been made to explain our side of the argument but today I want to look at the way Yuri on Ice depicts romance outside of Victuuri; from ambiguous to explicit, from one-sided to unquestionably engaged. I will do this to show exactly what I mean when I say I want a non-ambiguous confirmation of the nature of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship outside of coach/athlete and to underline that, within the same series, not all relationships are equal in how they are treated.

Note that I will not cover any married (or divorced) couple.

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Consequence of Vanity

Summary: Dean needs reading glasses, but he won’t wear them in front of you. Naturally, you have to go looking. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,883

Warnings: Smut, Dean in glasses, Sam is exasperated

Author’s note: I’ve had 12 different iterations of Dean in glasses since 12x15. This is the first one I got on paper. Also, my first time writing smut, so constructive criticism is truly welcome. Just be gentle with me, please. 

Originally posted by decaffeinatedcoffeethings

When he and Sam first moved into the bunker, Dean started noticing changes in his vision, especially when he was doing research. But hell, all those tiny words squished together in those boring old books—with very few helpful pictures—he was bound to blurry vision on account of how bored he was. It was late in the evening and his eyes were tired, and whose wouldn’t be in the middle of a long, frustrating hunt.

But then he starts to notice it when he’s reading recipes in the kitchen—all the tiny numbers in the measurement amounts. It may have happened when he grabbed conditioner instead of shampoo, not that he would ever admit it to his brother. No, he insists. He definitely bought that for you on account of all that hair you’ve got.

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Here’s the thing.

I am a transgender man (see photo of my mug for context).

I love all trans people and I love non binary people. But lately some of my trans spaces (both on the web and irl) that are mainly non binary have started to feel a little hostile.

I want to make something perfectly clear before I continue - I love and respect non binary people, I think their genders are valid and I am in no way suggesting they are any less important that myself or any other binary trans person. I also need you to understand that this isn’t meant to be a post calling out non binary people at all, it is just me talking about my personal experiences in the hope that it can get people to be a little more considerate sometimes?

In university spaces, it seems that there is a growing population of non binary people that tends to dominate trans groups. Which is good in lots of ways, especially since it shows how this generation has become much more relaxed and aware that gender is a construct and fluidity is key. However, amongst people I know there is a lot of ‘ew gross men’, or 'ew gross trans men that are masculine’, while at the same time being predominantly DFAB populations.

Now trust me, I very much understand the dislike a lot of dfab trans people have of men. A lot of us are survivors and I think that does play a big part in how we feel about the gender overall. Not to mention it is not uncommon for men to be, for lack of a better word- wankers. However, I don’t think people consider trans men when we are talking about this.

Making a comment like 'ew men are so fucking gross’ to a room of trans people means that to a trans man you are saying one of two things - 1) you are gross, or 2) you aren’t gross because you’re not a Real Man, and you are excluded from this statement because you are and always will be, partly a woman. Even now I feel uncomfortable 'complaining’ about this. I have to remind myself that just as suggesting that a trans woman is somehow different to other women would be considered incredibly offensive, so is it for trans men.

I didn’t realise how much this stuff affected me until it did. Constantly being around people that talk about, how body hair on men is gross, masculinity is by default toxic, making jokes about my masculinity being toxic when I excitedly tell people that I’ve started going to the gym and its making me feel better about my body. No, it’s not funny. It’s MY dysphoria I’m trying to ease. I as a trans person want to feel supported and loved when I do things that have a chance of making me feel good about my body.

It hit me like a brick wall when I realised how much it had affected me. I was with my partner, and was trying to have sex, but I just broke down. I felt so incredibly disgusted with my body and myself. So much hair, so masculine. The noises I made, gross. The way I touched him, creepy. I couldn’t get out of my head the idea that later in life he would talk to people about how gross and unshaven I was, just like I had heard friends describe ex boyfriends so many times before.

I felt cheated because these were the changes I WANTED my body to make. But now they felt ruined. Spoiled.
It was after that realisation that I decided I had to get out. I stopped going to some of student socials and instead started attending a group for older trans people. It was so refreshing to meet other trans men for once (just because I rarely meet them at uni, and it was nice to talk to someone similar.) It was awesome to be around people who weren’t shitty about trans people being stealth (as I remember I once was.)

There are some important things to take away from all of this:

1) Telling trans boys and men that they are disgusting for wanting to be like men will only destroy self esteem and feed into the toxic environment that a lot of cis boys grow up in.

2) Non binary people are extremely valid and awesome, but also must accept they have a responsibility to cultivate a supportive and friendly atmosphere in spaces where they are dominant (I put this in here for university spaces especially)

3) Laughing at a trans man/woman for being excessively masc/fem presenting if you are a dfab nb person who mainly presents as fem or androgynous is facetious and not respecting that they may have to present that way to stay safe, (especially in the case of trans women that may be more 'obviously trans’) and that despite suffering prejudice in many ways, the one thing you are not realistically facing is street violence and such because you inevitably are not going to be clocked as trans. (which yes, does NOT make your transness invalid but we have to respect the different struggles people in our community face.)

4) Someone being stealth does not mean they are adhering to 'toxic gender roles’. It means they are either 1) trying to be safe or 2) surprise surprise they want to live their life as the gender they identify with. Trans people are not less legitimately trans because you think they are 'acting cis’.

5) Being a binary trans person does not give you privilege over nb people. Like seriously, trans women are literally the most likely to be murdered. Don’t be a dick. Erasure is a problem yes but it’s not the same. I read names out at the TDOR vigil and pretty much all of them were trans women of colour. Respect that. Help the community. This isn’t about scoring points over who has it the shittiest.

6) The idea that the only good kinda of trans men are 'soft sensitive kinda trans masc guys that don’t have surgeries and shave all their body hair’ is shitty and offensive (tho that kind of trans man is totally valid, that not what i mean). Its shitty because one you’re sexualising them either as more childlike or more feminine (both is rude, former is creepy), but its perpetuating the idea that trans men aren’t really men and the best ones are the ones that YOU think still kinda look suitably enough like women.

anonymous asked:

No offense, but maybe you should focus on making your mods available for all races instead of trying to shove your oc and fic down everyone's throat.You keep acting like its going to be the next looking glass or message sent or something, but its not. If it were, you wouldn't have to try so hard. And look at people with popular ocs. People ask about them and draw them because they are interesting, not because their muns are begging for attention with ask memes.


Again, not trying to be mean, just saying you’d be better off focusing on the things people care about instead of trying to make them like your oc.

Hey anon, welcome to my blog! If my title gives you any indication, I love Lavellans. Adaars and Trevs and Cadashes and completely non-canon characters are all amazing too, but I am unapologetic about my soft spot. 

I’m really sorry I haven’t had a chance to convert my mods for use by other races yet! I do intend to try to figure it out, but I’ve actually never done it before and am not totally sure how. 

But why are all my mods EF? Each mod takes me weeks, since I painstakingly adjust every angle vertex-by-vertex. Because they take so long, I actually make them for Avira first, then share them in case anyone else wants to use them, too. I know that seems self-centered. It is. It’s almost as though I am doing this for free in my limited free time.

As I’ve said before, I always welcome feedback on how I could make my blog a better experience for my followers. That being said, messages like this do not exactly motivate me to drop everything to accommodate your requests.  @feynites​ and @aicosu​ are both mutuals of mine and wonderful people, and I am sure they don’t appreciate you using their well-earned successes to denigrate a small-scale content creator.

I promote my fic because I’ve been working really hard on it, and it’s something that I am quite proud of. I know I don’t have a huge reader base, but I value each and every one of them because I enjoy sharing the world that I am building. The power of stories is in their telling, after all. 

And as much time as I’ve spent on the fic, I’ve spent even more developing Avira. I am disappointed that you don’t find her as interesting as I do! If you have any more specific thoughts on how to improve her or her character page, again, I am willing to listen.

I use ask memes because they give people a framework through which to discuss our characters. Anecdotally, I’ve had the experience where I see an oc on my dash that I want to know more about, but I’ve had no idea where to start.   To me, the love and care people pour into their OCs is what makes the DA fandom so great. I want to get to know other people’s ocs, and I want them to get to know mine. And I will absolutely not apologize for that.

So anyway, here’s Avira’s page, and here’s Uprising. I am very fond of both. If you are not interested in hearing about either, feel free to blacklist them.

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Mutsuki and toukas affection for kaneki are quite similar (mutsuki's more extreme but listen)? haise father figure to mutsuki same with kaneki he literally is like arata even looks like him imo both crushes they have for him are coming from a very unhealthy father complex?Touka always punching kaneki to show her love, kinda reminds me of how mutsuki lashed out at fake haise and called it 'love' because its the only love he only ever knew. I'm looking forward to a mutsuki/touka confrontation tbh

Wah, sorry Anon, no offense really xD but you can’t exactly compare the feelings of someone who says…

And of someone who goes

Touka isn’t exactly expecting anything from Kaneki, no matter how she feels about him, she just wants him to go back to what “home” is for him and it doesn’t even have to be :Re…

Meanwhile Mutsuki developed an unhealthy obsession, which might not have a lot to do with love even if they call it like that themselves (please read this post ), but they’re completely dependent on Haise’s presence and mostly they used to want Haise to belong to them only.

So I’m not judging or commenting on those feelings for these two characters, however I don’t find them to be comparative at all, sorry Anon.

As for Arata and Kaneki “being similar”, I think you’re misunderstanding something: Kaneki is said to be similar to Arata, not because of the physical appearance but because of their similar behavior, as Ayato said himself:

And honestly, if you’re looking for someone who looks like Arata, that person is Ayato, as it is very discernible when you look at any moment of :Re (which is natural since he’s Arata’s son). :)

I can’t disagree with you that many readers did make a parallel between Kaneki and Arata, even just from a physical point of view, but that’s mostly because…

…whenever we saw Arata and Hikari in the manga, Touka herself was always associated/compared to her mom, and as such many fans tend to see some kind of link between the couples Arata & Hikari and Kaneki & Touka. 

So, I’m sorry Anon, besides my personal opinion that maybe the parallels between Arata/Hikari and Kaneki/Touka could be made on purpose by Ishida-sensei, I think it’s too easy to just dismiss Touka’s possible feelings by calling it a father complex, when her relationship to Kaneki went and will still go through many developments.

Finally, I’m sorry to completely disagree with you yet again, but not only have I and several other bloggers talked about Touka’s punch several times before (please check her tag) but in any case, the punch was only once in :Re + it is in no way related to…

this, so I hope that a glance is enough to understand why this scene and the punch scene are completely different.

I am definitely looking for a Aura & Mutsuki vs Kaneki & Touka conflict personally though :D because it can only bring interesting development to all of them and I’m 100% here for this!
When it comes to comparing Mutsuki’s feelings and Touka’s however, I don’t think it’s very useful seeing as they’re completely the opposite of one another. 

So I disagree Anon :) but that’s just my opinion so you don’t have to agree with me either. I hope maybe it helps though. Have a nice day/evening Anon! 

Representation in video games (but mostly overwatch)

Honestly guys not everyone is gay, straight people exist and you can’t expect Blizzard to just simply exclude them from representation because you don’t want that. The way I see it overwatch is a game about diversity it has a character for everyone, every overwatch player gets something they like, and that does not exclude straight people. Everyone deserves sexual representation in this game weather you gay, straight, bi, or anything. It doesn’t matter we’re all human.

I feel like what the overwatch writer’s are trying to achieve with their game is this. No matter who you are, or who you like, or how you look, or what gender you are, if you are a supportive person a defensive person or an offensive person, no matter what you are. You are just as important as everyone else, because at the end of the day we are all human therefore…

We’re ALL heros.

Thank you.

Hogwarts Houses as Fantastic Beasts

Gryffindor: Niffler

Originally posted by mage-marquise

A bit of a show off. Most likely to break rules of all the beasts and is also likely to refer to itself as a #beast. Will unintentionally get you into trouble, but will stand by what they did while apologizing. Proud of its abilities and unwilling to submit to others. 

Ravenclaw: Demiguise

Originally posted by mejshad

Uses its brain to solve problems. Knows exactly what you’re up to. May get you in trouble, but so smart that it’ll avoid capture even if it was their fault. Adapts based on changing situations. Approaches bad times with a calm head and helps others in need.

Hufflepuff: Bowtruckle

Originally posted by sweetly87

Loyal. Generally underestimated. Unlikely to get into trouble unless it’s particularly prone. Decides where it will be happiest at an early stage and will hold onto that decision forever. Uses its abilities to solve problems. Generally peaceful but if you hurt it or one of its few close friends it will mess you up.

And finally (the whole reason I made this post)…

Slytherin: Swooping Evil

Originally posted by hardyness

Given a bad rap. Default is offensive rather than defensive. Extremely loyal if you put in the time. Looks like it could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll. Will not get into trouble ever at all because it knows when to take risks and when to stay out of it. Highly skilled and will do whatever it can to help a close friend.


Originally posted by tinysofia

So like, I wrote this imagine MONTHS ago and here I am, writing a drabble for it lmfao. It was requested by @noordeep back in January before I starting writing. Lol so like it’s not exactly what you requested given the fact that its only one chapter and not multiple chapters but I did it haha. Anyway read up. 

Post!BotFA, Everyone Lives!AU

Master List

You blush as you are caught staring yet again at Thorin. It’s not your fault he was absolutely gorgeous. It was his.

“Y/n, why do you keep on staring at me?” Thorin asks from his spot across the fire. “I was not staring. I was spazzing,” you say, using lingo from your home back in regular earth.

“Spazzing? What is spazzing?” he asks completely and utterly confused which looks hella cute. “It’s like zoning out. Staring at something while thinking of something else,” you explain.

“Do you often spazz on Thorin’s butt?” Fili asks taking a seat next to you. You blush, pushing him off of the log. He laughs and rights himself. You look over to Thorin and he’s smirking and you want to wipe that smirk off of his face.

“I do not look at his butt,” you argue.

“Ah so you admit that you’re not spazzing, but actually looking,” Kili says, sitting on your other side.

“Why I’ve agreed to go hunting with you three astounds me,” you say. “Its probably because you have nothing better to do plus you like Thorin,” Kili says shrugging.

“Why don’t you go jump off a cliff?” you ask and he looks hurt, but you know he’s faking it.

“I take offense to that, my favorite human that fell out of the sky,” he cries out.

“I should have went back with Bilbo to Bagend,” you mutter to yourself. “But then you wouldn’t be able to see our gorgeous faces ever again,” Fili pouts, joining in with his brothers antics. “Oh sod off,” you tell them, shoving both of the brothers off of the log you currently sat on.

You look across the fire at Thorin and he has a smug look on his face.

“Don’t look at me like that, Thorin Oakenshield! I am not in love with you and I never will be,” you tell him making his smirk widen.

“We’ll see about that, y/n,” he responds, making you huff.

You did not want to tell him that you were in love with him since the day you fell into middle earth. That would only make his ego worse.

“Why are you even here? Shouldn’t there be someone running the kingdom?” you ask irritably. You had only planned on going hunting with Fili and Kili, not Thorin.

“Balin can handle it without me. According to Balin, I needed a break anyway,” Thorin shrugs. “That’s true. It seems you are getting more gray hairs than you had a year ago,” you say, earning a raised eyebrow from him as Kili and Fili take a seat on their own logs. 

“Are you calling me old?” he asks, slightly offended making you laugh.

“Well, Uncle, you are nearly two hundred years old,” Fili says as he roasts a hare over the fire. That earns a glare from Thorin.

“He can still beat your ass though,” you mutter earning a smile from Thorin.

“Oh just get a room you two,” Kili says, looking between you and Thorin. “We would except we’re in the forest,” Thorin retorts causing you to blush yet again. He is definitely trying to take the mickey out of you. Why couldn’t the earth just swallow you up again?

Fili rolls his eyes. 

“Uncle just tell her already,” Fili says, dodging a rock coming his way.

“Tell me what?” you ask, completely confused as to why Thorin is glaring at Fili.

“That he likes you. That much is obvious. He treats you better than he treats us,” Kili states and Thorin’s glare moves over to him. Fili stands, noticing his uncle was about to murder the both of them.

“Come on brother. Let’s leave before we get murdered,” Fili says, pulling his brother up from the log and walking away from the camp. You watch Thorin and his glare never waivers from his nephews, even when they’re no longer in sight.

“Is what they’re saying, true?” you ask quietly, hugging your knees to you chest. You had never had anyone like you back before so this is new news to you.

Thorin looks at your huddled form and sighs. He’s liked you since the day you miraculously fell into the river they were stopped at. He had to push the feelings aside because his focus was supposed to be on Erebor, but now that it was reclaimed, it came back full force. He stands and takes a seat next to you

“Of course it’s true. Do you think that I joke often?” he asks, taking your hand in his. “Well, you did tell more than one joke within the hour so, yes?” you ask meekly. “You silly little thing. Of course I like you as more than a member of my company. You bring joy to everyone around you. Including me,” he says, giving your hand a squeeze.

“Well, I’m glad that I can do so,” you say, pecking him on his cheek, earning a great big smile from the king. At least now, you can be just as smug as him.

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pommy-pom  asked:

Can I just... Trust you for a bit and tell you a HUGE pet-peeve of mine with some fanworks that include Lance's family, as a Latina? Idk, maybe it will go around enough to make the stupid trope stop because it is honestly so offensive and insulting imo.. I just. Seriously hate it when they give Lance like this HUGE amount of siblings, going as far as to give him up to freaking TEN like it's nbd. What is this, the 50's?? 1/3

(2/3) I know people adore painting him as this huge family guy, but come on! Ever heard of these things called “cousins”?? It would honestly be much more realistic and heart-warming. Plus in Lance’s mind-melding mental image, his family was surprisingly small-looking, even for a latino. It just… Idk, gives me the impression that people think that Latinos tend to be that much more ignorant when it comes to family bearing or worse.

(3/3) And on top of that, people ADORE making Lance’s family out to be financially insecure? So basically, in these people’s heads, your average latino family is basically a rabbit nest and poor.Y'know, because they’re latino. Got it. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to direct my anger at you, it’s just frustrating y'know? And I needed to get it off my chest for some time now because it seems like no one has picked up on this, which is surprising.

huh. i didn’t realize this was such a common trope? especially the concept of lance’s family being financially insecure??? Yikes


ANGEL7NET : a chill network for fans of got7

vid credit | i know the gifs suck lets just move past that

WHAT IS ANGEL7NET: Its a group split into two member groups - representative members and regular members. Representative members are “ambassadors” for one of the G7 members; they will reblog posts to our main blog based on their member and will potentially (based on how big the group gets) will lead a group chat. A regular member is anyone who wants to join our group chat, private blog, and be on our members page without the responsibility of updating our main blog.


  • please reblog/like this post
  • you do not have to follow me, you can if you want but its not about me its about got7
  • you do not have to post only got7 or got7 at all as long as you like them thats proof enough
  • you have to follow the main blog: @angel7net


  1. Representative Application (please be aware i’m looking for only 6 people for this)
  2. Regular Member Application (the amount for the first pick is around 15-20 people)


I will message you and tell you want to do from there. If you aren’t chosen its just because there weren’t enough spaces open and because I never ran these I can’t handle so many people. As I get use to it I will reopen applications! Please don’t get offended if you don’t!

WARNING: if you say inappropriate/offensive things about g7 or angel7 members you are out and i will block you

any questions or comments please come to me please!

anonymous asked:

I actually choose to have a best friend relationship w/characters or people instead of a romantic relationship (I'm aromantic btw 😅). So, could you please do like... a 'being best friends with' kind of request every now and then? If so, I would like to request a being best friends w/Yuri Plisetsky, plz. Thanks and I love your work! I agree with the anon who said you should start a writing blog. I'd love to see your writing expand. - Aromantic cinnamon bun anon 👤

When I saw this in my inbox, I completely flipped. I love reading best friend headcanons and I’ve always wanted to write one so I got super excited to answer it!! Though, I’ve never written one so bear with me. And thanks for the feedback on the writing blog thing! It means a lot.

Alright, here we go.

- Best friends w/Yuri Plisetsky -

  • Cats
  • So many cats
  • “He is beauty, he is grace~”
  • “He will punch you in the face!”
  • “Rude.”
  • C O N F U S I O N
  • Much anger, very frightening
  • Awkward coffee dates where people coo at you two and ask if you’re a couple
  • Having to stop him from yelling at said people
  • Shipping him with Otabek
  • “I told you to stop shipping us!”
  • “But why?”
  • 😷
  • Scaring the living daylights out of him every know and then for a good laugh
  • Anxiety without your constant support
  • “We’ll be alright, its only a few weeks for competition.”
  • “Yeah, but who’s gonna make fun of people with me?”
  • “No one, because that activity is for us only.”
  • “Idiot”
  • Being taller than him
  • And oh, how he hates being shorter
  • “Does Katsuki Yuri is gay?”
  • “101% sure he is.”
  • Pranks
  • “Why are we here?”
  • “Because your wardrobe actually came straight out of 1985 and to be my best friend, you can’t just dress like that.”
  • “I’m taking offense to that. My clothes look amazing.”
  • “Your clothes look amazing in the trash, just like you.”
  • “Rude.”
  • Forcing him to wear cat ears for the sake of your Tumblr
  • Him hating you for it later
  • Especially when the photo gets spread all over social media
  • He refuses to talk to you for a week
  • It sucks.
  • Giving him a cute name on your phone to tease him with
  • Emoji usage
  • All the time
  • It annoys him to no end
  • “You’re cute when you’re angry.”
  • “Then I must be adorable right now.”
  • Braiding his hair for competition
  • Refusing to tell you how much he likes how you do his hair
  • Plot twist, you already know^^
  • Losing your shoes at the ice rink
  • Forcing him to help you find them
  • Never finding your shoes
  • “Someone’s butt just touched mine.”
  • “That’s me, you idiot. Move over.”
  • Movie night w/the other skaters^^
  • “You have beef jerky and you are going to give me some.”
  • “Get your own.”
  • “Rude.”
  • “Do you have food?”
  • “No.”
  • “You filthy liar.”
  • Going to America together and eating at McDonald’s
  • “Why is my Happy Meal toy missing its head?”
  • “Because you killed it.”
  • “Rude.”
  • Inside jokes
  • A N I M E
  • Going back to the rink together
  • “gUYS. I THInk I fouND MY SHoe!”
  • “Wait, no, false alarm. Its the wrong shoe.”
  • “Why are you like this?”
  • Stealing his Russia jacket
  • Hanging out at your house
  • “I’m right here, with the naughty kids.”
  • “Where do you keep your holy water because you need to repENT YOUR SINS YOU FILTHY ANIMAL!”
  • Putting water in a spray bottle
  • Spraying him like a cat when he’s being mean
  • “What is even in that!?”
  • “The blood of my enemies. Hold still for your bath now, Timmy!”

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Hussie, John/Rose, and the Romantic Entanglements of Fictional Children

So it has come to my attention that this picture

has been cropping up in some of the more, shall we say, less savory circles of Homestuck fans. You know the ones. They’ve been spreading this image around recently as a sort of trump card to everyone who ships Johnrose, almost bragging about how Hussie himself called out this ship as being ridiculous. And yes, it would appear so: this quote is in fact real, and it is quite obviously a mockery. 

So for now, lets set aside the fact that Hussie is an unreliable source who trolls his fans for shits and giggles. Lets set aside that he has actually hinted at Johnrose in canon before this comment was made, and knows damn well why people ship it beyond a simple ‘they’re in the same comic together.’ Lets set aside the fact that Hussie isn’t a moron and wouldn’t be so naive as to make such brazen hints without knowing exactly he was doing with those Johnrose pesterlogs. Lets just take him at his word. Ask yourself this one simple question:


Hussie cannot write romance. This, from both an objectively academic perspective and my own personal one, is self-evident. His attempts at actual romance were haphazardly shitfucked clusterwhores selling themselves nickle and dime a pop on some dirty streetcorner. 

They were clunky and poorly developed; rushed, lazy. They vacillated too often between being a boring affront blocking our way to the actual story and sitting on the backburner for so long that they were forgotten about entirely. They either never took risks or subverted the romance trope so far that it became an unrecognizable parody for both the concept and characters tragically forced to endure such blatant bullfuckery. 


So why the hell would anyone possibly give even the slightest shit about what he wanted for the romance of his characters when he himself couldn’t write that romance worth a damn? There is a reason why 7/10 of the top ships on Homestuck’s AO3 page aren’t canon. There is a reason why other ships before them have DOMINATED the Homestuck cultural sphere in it’s entirety. People wanted to put together characters that made for INTERESTING STORIES, not because they had MATCHING GENITALIA. 

Davekat is widely reviled by the fandom at this point: even its own shippers largely hate how it was handled in canon, and think they deserved better (which, for the record, THEY FUCKING DID.) Rosemary is only a staple of most because they were the first canonical gay couple, and, of course, therefore falls under the category of a ‘Tumblr Logic’ ship. Jake and Dirk have only stayed popular because of the wonderful fan content that did them justice in fleshing out their relationship (looking at you @dirkar), and not Hussie’s halfassed and, frankly, offensive portrayal thereof. 

Hussie didn’t write an interesting romantic story with the characters he wanted together: that much has been made more than clear to more than enough people. 

So guess what? We decided to write our own. 

Mall Weeb

 This is a very long story, apologies. TL;DR at bottom. Trigger: Sexual Assault, Violence.

I have a friend, lets call him DJ, who has a son who is about 7. This son, lets call him Kyle, loves going to the mall and looking at all of the anime action figures in a particular store. One day I was babysitting Kyle, and he asked if we could go to the mall. I said yes, we piled in my car and headed their. We walked around the mall for a little bit and had a super good time. Then Kyle asked to go to the anime store, I tell him that his dad is coming to the mall to pick him up so this will be our last stop. Kyle agrees, and I text DJ to meet us at said anime store. Kyle and I walk in and the kid goes crazy as usual. As I follow him around I see a few guys huddled around the manga section. They looked to be about 20, maybe a little older, and were quietly mumbling to each other. As I follow Kyle, I notice one of the boys is staring at me, and I start getting creeped out. This kid then starts slowly inching closer to me and Kyle. To give a little more background on me, I am a 5 ft, female who is a little on the chubby side, and looks significantly younger than my ID suggests. I am almost 25 and I often get mistaken for a 16 year old. I am also much stronger than your average woman due to years of heavy weight lifting. This does not physically show because “if you have fat, you must be weak”`. 

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Idubbbz and Tana Mongeau - when you pick the wrong guy to fuck with

Oh boy, this drama is gunna be messy.

This is probably going to be less of a rant and more of a warning annnnd slightly educational.. lol

actually im just really angsty today, seen all this slander about one of the best youtubers to exist, so i gotta vent here we go

What happens when your channel is run-of-the-mill clickbait-y shit, can’t take a joke/dont know what satire is, and you call out the most savage person to ever internet whose entire platform is based on decimating YouTube careers without refute?

Dear god Tana, do you know what you’ve gotten yourself into? I would say she’s oblivious, but I don’t think that’s the case. Her first tweet to idubbbz before all this happened was back in December (I believe? Too lazy to find it rn) where she called him out on his use of “the N word” and “retard”. What I find ironic is that directly after that she told him to kill himself 😂(butthatsnunofmybusiness). Irony is a beautiful thing.

ANYWHO, to anyone who finds these offensive and racist and isn’t familiar with idubbbz, sit the fuck down a moment. (If ur offended and traumatized by “the n word” and other shit like that u may want to shield your eyes in the next part to avoid being traumatized. Wouldn’t want to end up like Tana, would we?) *ahem* now listen up buttercup

1. The term “n***er faggot” and “gay retard” pertain to people who have said it to idubbbz in the past in hate videos. He is parodying those people who tried to demean him by saying those things. it is a long running joke on his channel.

2. His channel content consists of this amazing concept called s a t i r e. If you don’t know what that means, look it up, remember it, don’t forget it, because that term will allow you to thrive on the internets and most likely survive in the real world. With its power you can have fun, and experience freedom in elevated proportions. Any slur he uses is never used in seriousness - like I said, it is a long running parody on his channel. He is not intentionally being racist or offensive or whatever other label you can pull out your ass.

3. Learn to laugh ffs? This dude legit has vids of eating shit out of sewers and dumpsters. Why. Why would you take anything he says seriously

Now to the rant part yey

The thing that pisses me off the most is the blatant. fucking. lie Tana told. She described in her video that Ian had put her in a “choke hold” of some sort, which i’d expect to be around the fucking neck right? And apparently, he was also talking really loudly goading her to say “the n word”

now here’s the reality:

(here’s the OG vid)

wow he’s just choking the life out of her makE IT STOP WHAT A TRAUMATIZING EXPERIENCE

Things i do see: A genius joke

Things i dont see: a choke hold, loud voice, or goading of any kind

For those still confused as to what the joke is, is goes back to her december tweet. he must have found it funny. her tweet is so ironic and priceless how could he not? its the most atypical idiotic white girl tweet from a youtuber, so he decided to show up at her expensive-ass meet and greet to continue the joke (which im hoping was intended for a future content cop in the first place). He’s standing there as if taking a picture with her, and here is the best part. Instead of “say cheese,” he says “say n***er”.



some people just arent worthy. the world doesnt deserve you, idubbbz. im sorry.

another thing; she said in her younow mental breakdown that it was idubbbz himself who sent his followers to bully her. bitch where? he didnt say a damn thing (yet). She’s kinda done this to herself entirely, and is now wondering why. First off she started this shit on twitter, then lied, then attacked him on twitter for something he didnt even do?? what. the fuck? he did absolutely nothing but try to make a joke. you know what in some ways i feel bad for her not only because she’s unwittingly screwed with the most immortal community on youtube right now, but because she cant see the problem is her and it’s only going to get worse if she keeps it up jfc. I dont necessarily think she’s the worst person on yt either (though i havent watched many of her vids). If she didn’t blow things out of proportion she might’ve been able to salvage what she had left of her yt career. I guess sometimes mediocre content isnt enough. Often times I hope idubbbz just let’s it go for her sake but…idk, he hasn’t done anything yet and who the hell knows. Honestly I don’t like people being sent hate. But when ur ignorant its gonna fucking happen. Especailly when you think you’re morally superior to someone when you are in no place. ESPECIALLY when you dont know the facts. Choose your battles wisely.

anyway I’m not even entirely pissed at the situation, but ooo the god awful fans of hers. They’re taking e v e r y thing in idubbbz videos out of context and making them ‘offensive’ to push their anti-dubbbz agenda. Like, did yall actually watch the videos?? satire ????? ironic humour ???? do any of you know what this is???? do you even fuckin meme bro ?? ? ? ? why would i expect any less from the fans of this type of melodramatic girl who makes shitty content??? and just slander and misinfo in general dear fucking god when will the sjw trend die

well i only have one last thing to say about this: Tana, say goodbye to your youtube career. you wanted to milk this, you couldnt just solve this in peace. instead of owning up to your mistakes you’re going to play the victim, like every other youtuber that gets destroyed. The rest of the sane internet can smell that content cop from here.

TL;DR: do not fuck with the god of youtube comedy. it will not end as planned. Just go with the joke next time, aight?

nuff said.

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Hi! I don't know if this's been asked before, but who do you think are the canonically gay characters in SnK?

Hi anon! :)

First of all I’d like to preface that post by saying homosexuality in Japan is more of a private matter and a taboo than anything else: it’s not the topic you can out to the wide audience. As such, you’re never going to hear Isayama declare explicitly characters to have a preference for the same gender.

What’s nice is Isayama giving us LGBT characters who aren’t drawn from offensive cliches: they feel real. On top of that, the SnK universe isn’t set to appeal to romance, so you can leave certain bounds undeveloped, because any ship who has the potential to be endgame has one of its components killed off, sometimes in the most brutal way.

Short addendum: Mangakas can’t simply put LGBT characters in their series, because the staff still holds some authority over them, leading mangas like another series from Bessatsu for a gay kiss to be cancelled in some cases. It’s already exceptional Isayama manages to put LGBT characters who don’t look like complete caricatures and is actually fond of same-gender relationships.

About your ask, there’s canonically three confirmed gay characters in SnK: Reiner, Ymir and Levi.

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I hope you realize exactly how privileged you are to have the ability to do sex work willingly. For trafficked women, victims of revenge porn, porn stars who were raped on set- it's not "just a job like any other". If that's how you want to make money, good for you, but please please don't act like your situation is typical. It's extremely offensive to victims of the industry.

Honey, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Yes horrible things happen but you don’t go up to people who are having sex and yell at them because other people get raped. Like it’s irrelevant and just makes you look petty. I’m fully aware of my privilege and I talk about it quite often so idk why you’re coming at me with this. You’re acting like I’ve never spoken out about the porn industry, like I’ve never been raped myself, like I’ve never had to deal with any of that. Don’t shame sex workers because they made the choice to be one just because other people don’t get that choice. In some places people get married off without any say, but you’re not coming and yelling at everyone who gets married out of choice. Like go choke on a dick honestly 🙄

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That's kinda why you should put a warning. Plus self harm is actually something pretty serious. Some actually do struggle with it, It's reality for them. The warning would actually keep them from having to go through the ENTIRE video and then see something that really don't want to see. One less click. Not everything in life has a warning, but they exist for a good reason. (dude, its the same reason you have a NSFW. Not everyone wants to see it, but the people who can without offense, will.)

I didn’t add the scars because i wanted him too look cool or edgy 
i added them because the fit his character very well 

Warnings on things aren’t gonna get people get better 
they are only gonna make them ignore their problems until they get worse 

and for the NSFW tumblr part 
there are a lot of people who are under 15 following my tumblr 
and i don’t want them to see porn