because it's my second ... edit of him ...

Yall wanna know what keeps me up at night? The fact that Calum uses tumblr. And I’m not talking about the “OGIUDHGS I HOPE HE HASNT SEEN MY BLOG” stuff. I’m talking about all the positivity about him on here. I always see people defending him and editing whitewashed photos of him to bring back his brown skin, the way it should be, and just overall being so kind and wonderful toward him and it honestly warms my heart but what makes my heart jump into my throat is what if Calum sees it too? What if he sees these posts and genuinely smiles at each and every one of them because he sees how appreciated he is on this side of the fandom and he sees the photos giving him back his brown skin and he just gets so? Happy? And that smile comes onto his face, the one we all love, the one where he smiles so hard that he gets little crinkles around his eyes and his cheeks get all big and his eyes light up and his dimples get so deep? Oh my god I need a minute.

Hey, this is my first blurb kinda thing and it’s shitty but let’s hope people like it :D

Luke gets annoyed because you and Calum tease him about Cake cuddling while you try to facetime

Luke: Hey babe!
Calum: I’m not actually here!

You: *laughs* Luke just told me you are there with him, Calum! And I can actually see you! I knew you two were totally cuddling!

Calum: In our defense, we were watching Disney movies, which totally require a cuddle.
Luke: Hm, no.

Calum: And as you’re not here with your boyfriend, I’m his substitute cuddler.
Luke: Not true either.

Calum: We cuddle everyday watching movies, to be honest.
Luke: I have no idea what he’s talking about…
Calum: Hmmm, yes you do.

Calum: I’m not trying to destroy your relationship or anything, but your boyfriend does ask me to cuddle him everyday.
Luke: I’m gonna punch your face, Calum!

Calum: See? This is the kind of thing I have to put up with when you’re not here. That’s why I cuddle him so he can be less lonely.
Luke: I swear to God…………………….. 

Calum: We are less lonely when we have each other, admit it, Luke.
Luke: I guess you are the lonely one here. I have a girlfriend right there who wants to talk to me but you won’t let us!
You: You two look like an old couple fighting! *laughs* And if you’re ever feeling lonely Cal, you can cuddle Luke, I know he won’t mind.
Calum: You’re right about that. He doesn’t mind.

Calum: And whenever you’re here with us, we can all cuddle together…
You: *laughs* Deal.
Luke: Jesus, he won’t leave us alone if you keep encouraging him to cuddle me and also you now. Get the fuck out, Calum, seriously…

Calum: Fine, but we’ll cuddle after…
Luke: See what you have started, babe?