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Sebastian Vettel team radios during the season:

➟ Spanish GP 2017, Qualifying

Never Let You Go

Summary: Felix x Reader

Felix is being a butt and won’t let you get out of bed. Set before Felix and Locus reveal their reasons for being on chorus.

Warnings: Spooning, fluff, too sweet, romance and all that jazz.

A/N: Gender neutral fluff, because anyone deserves the right to read about trash baby Felix.

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Lance is sick, just a cold or something, a space cold, and he wants to skip training but Allura gives him a Speech about how they cant do that they are Paladins and they need the training and Lance is really sick and he feels like shit and he reads into what Allura says as ‘you need the training’ so he gets mad and they have a huge fight and Lance goes to train and tries really hard just out of spice.

“Lance you don’t look so good, you sure you want to keep going?”

Lance looks up to the control room glaring “Ye well, apparently I cant afford not to”

But hes so sick and he has a fever and he just blacks out in the middle of hand to hand training with Keith.

Everyone freaks the fuck out specially Keith (because for a moment there he thinks he hurt Lance) and Allura (because she feels guilty af).

But Shiro is on him right away and he calms everyone down saying its just a cold and he picks him up and takes him to bed.

“He just need rest” he reassures them.

Lance spends a couple of hours napping and Allura is still freaking out so she stays with Lance and helps him though his fever pressing wet cold cloths to his forehead (maybe humming some lullaby her father used to sing to her when she was sick) and then Lance finally wakes up all groggy and cutely smiles at Allura bc shes being all sweet to him and she never is (but thats his fault for being a little shit, he knows)

And Allura sees him smile and they just had an ugly fight and hes in bed now because of her (Allura calm down he just needs rest) and shes so stressed and she just breaks down.

“Im so sorry Lance, I should’ve taken better care of you,  I could’ve paid more attention, you are my responsibility and-” And there’s tears rolling down her beautiful face and Lance sits up on his bed and takes her hands,

“Allura stop, this is not on you, this is not your fault,” He tells her “I wasn’t feeling myself this morning and I was cranky and I took it out on you, I could’ve explained myself better and I should’ve taken better care of myself”

And Allura is looking at him silently because he looks so serious and Lance is a bit of an asshole but when hes serious he says the most important and the most beautiful things.

“We are not your responsibly, neither is the war, or the universe for that matter, its ours, all of us, you don’t have to do it all on your own princess. Yes, we are your Paladins but we are also your friends and You. Are. Not. Alone. Ok?” And she hugs Lance and its gross because hes sweaty from the fever and shes crying but its not from guilt anymore so its okay.

1° i just thought Allura needed to hear that and also needed a hug and Lance is my fave and i always use him as a plot device????

2° this might be the first of a maybe series of scenes of fics i will never write just so i cant get them out of my head,,,

3° y’all should be proud of me for not inserting more shameless klance and shallura in this

edit: there’s a second part now!

originally drew this for the one piece collab because i didn’t see a url next to hiruluk’s name so i assumed he wasn’t taken (i also asked for him but didn’t receive an answer until way later) and i just really really wanted to draw hiruluk ok but TURNS OUT HE MAYBE IS?? so yeah i fucked up for the second time here lol oh well

maybe i just have bad luck when it comes to the one piece collab idk

but i’m really proud of how this hiruluk turned out so yay

EDIT: Turns out its in the One Piece Collab! Whoo!


Kai didn’t realize he was gripping his hands, practically pleading with her, until his knuckles started to ache. “If your offer of a marriage alliance still stands, I accept. Your prize for calling off your men will be the Commonwealth.” His voice broke on the final word and he clamped his jaw shut.

He waited, breathless, knowing that every second that passed meant more bloodshed on the streets of Earth.

After an agonizing silence, Levana tittered. “My dear Emperor. How could I resist such a charming proposal?”

“I mean, think about it, how would you propose to me?”
Ty + Nick & Baseball. Baseball Series

Ty looked almost desperate when he realized Nick was willing to give him advice. He leaned forward. “What do I do?”

“Well … he said you hadn’t thought it through. So think it the fuck through for him. Let him know you’re serious and you’re thinking about life instead of just wearing a ring. You know him. I mean, think about it, how would you propose to me?”

Ty waited a beat, then said, “Season tickets at Fenway and a ring in your beer during the seventh inning.”

Nick waved a hand. “And I’m yours.” They both laughed. Nick was still smiling when he dropped his voice to a more serious note. “What are Zane’s season tickets? What’s the thing that will tell him you’re in it for the long haul and you want him there with you? It’s sure as hell not a beach in Scotland.”

Ty nodded, his gaze losing focus. Nick let him ruminate for a few seconds, until Ty finally snapped out of it. “Thanks, Irish.”

 “He’ll say yes eventually.” Nick looked back down at his notes, trying to remember where they’d been in the interview. “Okay, so you were on the beach getting shot down by the love of your life.”

- Ball & Chain by abiroux

anonymous asked:

OK first I love the new look of the blog it's amazing! And second i have three questions: Who is your favourite dwarf and why? Do you have the extended edition? Which do you perfer: Lord of the Ring or The Hobbit? Thanks so much for answers i have the blog in my favourites i look at pictures everyday and thanks a lot for posting something every day! Much looooove,Lea :)

Hey Lea! Let’s see if I can answer your questions!

  1. My favorite Dwarf HAS to be Thorin because I absolutely ADORE how Richard Armitage has been playing him. 
  2. I have the Extended Edition of The Hobbit: AUJ, most definitely, and I have all the DVD’s of the LOTR Trilogy as well. (Still working on getting the EE’s of the LOTR Trilogy!)
  3. I don’t prefer Lord of the Rings Rings over the Hobbit or vice verse because I just like to view all 6 movies as one whole Trilogy, as it was meant to be!

Hope that helps! Thank you so much! [x]