because it's my birthday today


Jisbon gifset per episode: 2x11 “Rose-Colored Glasses”

“Oh, come on. You can pretend that I’m that mean, cold-hearted guy that you used to worship from afar, but never talked to.”


Happy 75th Birthday Linda Louise Eastman (McCartney)

1941 - 1998

The one and only beautiful part I can think of when your idol doesn’t live to see an old age is you don’t have to see them in pain. You don’t have to watch them age too harshly and grow frail. You don’t feel pity in your heart, only peace because you know wherever they are, they are okay. I’m sure your family will be thinking of you all today like every other day, Linda. I wish you were here but I think you are happy.

We love you Linda!

Sydney xoxo 

so i’m making this follow forever not only because its my birthday today (woo!) but because i’ve hit another follow goal of mine and its all thanks to you guys! you guys are all so amazing and i appreciate every single one of you! i’m glad you guys are liking the things i make and post on here and there are some things that i see you guys make based off my own edits and i’m just in complete awe!! thanks for being the best i love you all! since this is a mini follow forever i’m putting all the people i’ve talked to/wanted to talk to or really admire so i’m sorry if i missed you! nevertheless, i still love you! i didn’t bother with alphabetizing these urls sorry!! OTL 

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