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i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

@ parents of lgbt+ kids

Having homophobic and/or transphobic parents can actually destroy someone on the inside. It is a soul destroying feeling when those closest to you, the people you grew up with or still are growing up with, won’t accept who you are, or even disown you for simply being who you are.

When I came out as a lesbian my mum didn’t even look at me for a month, let alone talk to me. She told me that lesbians disgust her and she didn’t want a gay daughter. My dad kept telling me repeatedly that I was confused, telling me it was a choice and calling me “dyke” in the process. My grandmother told me I was going to hell, I was damaged, unnatural, dirty, sinful, and still calls it an “unsettling phase”.

Every individual experience is different, but because of the clear message I got off my dad when I was 9 years old and he told me “never come home and tell me you’re gay” I buried my sexuality for years, dated boys, kissed boys, would have gone a lot further with them if I had ever been in a position to do so, sometimes even hoped to end up in that position because I was so desperate to be “normal” even though the thought of doing anything with a boy disgusted me, which in turn filled me with even more self hatred, didn’t tell anyone when I was harassed online by a man twice my age when I was only 13 because I thought it was the least I deserved after having such “unnatural” thoughts. I grew to have so much internalised homophobia due to the fear I had of being gay because my dad had said that to me when I was only 9 years of age. I faked crush after crush on boys, staring at their Facebook profiles willing myself to feel something, anything, yet looking at a random girl in the street and feeling a fire burn inside me, yet still not accepting it, burying it and blocking it out.

I blocked it out as best as possible, talking about boys and acting as straight as possible, especially around my friends, until I was almost 16, when I saw a lesbian couple kiss on BBC television on at 8pm programme, and in that moment, I knew that was what I wanted, I knew that I couldn’t spend my life being something I’m just not, pretending every day of my life. I knew in that moment that I was gay, I knew that I wanted a girlfriend, I knew that I wanted a wife, and for the first time the idea of marriage seemed appealing, and I felt at peace and like I truly knew myself.

So a couple of months later, I told my friends, which took more courage than I knew I had. After that went well, I felt confident enough to tell my parents, encouraged by the good experience of coming out to my friends.

I was a mess when I told my mum. Although I felt confident enough to do it, I was still terrified and shaking and it was the most nerve racking moment of my life. I didn’t mean for it to happen how it did, and I could have told her in a better way, but in that moment I felt I had to, it was the right time for me. After I told her, I went to my room where I sent her a text, which I’m not going to quote entirely because it’s too personal, but it explained everything, I told her the journey of discovering my sexuality, I told her I loved her, I explained my fears, my feelings, my experiences, everything. In response I received a text saying: “I can’t pretend I’m happy about this. I’m not at all, but I love you regardless.” Although I had wanted a proper conversation, I accepted that she was shocked and took the text as acceptance of me. However, later that day, I went downstairs and saw her for the first time since I told her. She was crying and wouldn’t look at me. When I went downstairs, she went upstairs. I tried not to be upset, understanding her shock and giving her time. After a week of not spending more than a minute in a room with her, and not having her look at me once, I decided to try again, so I said to her “we need to talk about this” but she walked away from me. I tried texting so she wouldn’t have to directly talk, but she ignored everything I sent her.

Throughout the month, nothing changed, I was constantly ignored by her, and when she told my dad without consulting me, he just told me I was confused, and shouted at me for upsetting everyone, telling me I was messing up my GCSEs because of my confusion and immature phase, when the only thing endangering my grades was their prejudice and discrimination against their own daughter. As the month progressed, with still no change in either of them, I felt more and more worthless, my internalised homophobia reared its head once more, more prominent than ever, and I considered all sorts of things that I don’t even want to go into, I even looked at conversion therapy at one point because I felt like such a failure and a disappointment to my family, and my grandmother was the worst, calling me damaged and an unnatural sinner constantly.

The day my mum spoke to me again I was so shocked I could barely reply. She acted as though the last month hadn’t even happened, and went on like that for a week, blocking out what had happened, never once mentioning it, evidently hoping that it had all gone away or that her ignoring me had made me bury it again so it couldn’t tarnish our family and I could just live an unhappy life. At the end of that week, I mentioned it. I said “it’s not a phase” and she still wouldn’t talk, which is when I started to show my anger. This is when she told me that lesbians disgust her, spewing the typical hate about hell and morality and sin. Not being able to take it anymore, I locked myself in the bathroom, sat in the bathtub and properly cried for the first time in months. All my emotions came flooding out, and I would say that day was the saddest and most hopeless I’d ever felt. I felt utterly rejected, outcast, like I could never belong, like a disappointment, and a failure as a daughter, as a person.

During an argument with my dad, he called me a dyke, declaring I was damaged and that something had obviously gone drastically wrong during my development to “turn me”.

Those few months I felt so sad, lonely, isolated, rejected, hopeless and crushed. The two most important people in my life practically disowned me, and it took all the fight and courage I had to keep going, to keep pushing on, and I’m glad I did, because I love myself and have never been prouder of who I am, and things are better now, not completely, but they’re better, even though I can’t talk openly, even though I still feel insecure, even though I still tense up every time I so much as approach the subject around my parents, things are better.

All this occurred before and during my GCSE exams, when I should have been studying. My results are due at the end of this month, and I’ve accepted that I’m not going to have done very well, and I tell myself that it’s through no fault of my own. Through everything that was happening, I still found time to study. I tried my hardest but when the people closest to you seem to hate you for being you, it’s kind of hard to concentrate and focus on anything other than the constant throbbing ache inside when you know your parents, the people who made you, the people who raised you, the people who always told you they loved you, don’t accept you.

So parents of LGBTQA+ children and teenagers, please please accept your child. If you weren’t prepared for the possibility of your child not being straight and/or cis, then you shouldn’t have had a child. Simple as that. Your child’s sexuality and gender are just as natural as they hair colour and eye colour. Please, please, please love your children, accept them, support them. Everything I went through could have been avoided had my parents done so. And the scary thing is I was lucky. Some people are thrown out, completely disowned, attacked, some people are even killed. I count myself lucky, and that’s sad. It’s sad that I count myself lucky for being unaccepted by my parents, because some people could tell stories that would make you sick about their coming out, that would make your skin crawl, but this is my story, and I’m sharing it in the hope that it will help young LGBTQA+ individuals, but also in the hope that it will help parents. Please love your children. Accept them. Support them. Tell them you love them. Make them feel accepted. Make them feel supported. Because you could lose them. Far too many young people take their own lives because their parents don’t accept them, simply because of who they want to love.

Love is love, and love is the most important thing.

Ive been talking about this for like 10 minutes now with friends over who these Good Good Gems may be and since i find it fun and i dont want my geoscience degree to go to waste lets play a lil game where we guess who they are!

The Sapphire is obviously…a sapphire. The two most obvious choices based on color are either Pink Sapphire or Padparadscha Sapphire, a pink-orange variety.

The two gem fusion looks most like a fusion between a Ruby and a Pearl of some kind, so if were sticking to the garnet family of gems based on their Ruby counterpart my best guess is either Pyrope or Almandine.

The split bodied gem is a total blind guess, but im going with Cinnabar…because its red and has ‘bar’ in the name. And because its a cute name.

Caterpillar fusion over here though?? Literally no idea. Mystic Quartz?? Peacock Ore??? Yall can take your best guesses at that mess theres like six gems up in that mix.

Anyways feel free to add your own i love speculating about new gems come and have fun with me and all my new daughters

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I'm sorry to ask, but I saw you writing something to help another person, and I was wondering if you could do the same for me...? If you wouldn't mind, could it be one of the Sides (or all of them) comforting a crying Side? I'm not in the best spot right now, and I can't bring myself to write something to calm me down. Sorry to bother you, and sorry for the inconvenience...

**of course, and I hope this helps hon 🌸**

Frustration wasn’t….. Unfamiliar, to Logan. But the tears that come along with it were. He had been trying to explain himself, explain why things happened the way they did, and why the outcomes were as they were, but no one would hear him out!

“Why won’t you listen to me?!” He finally snapped, voice pitching much higher than his normal cool and calculated tone. He clenched his hands into his pants sides and stamped his foot, all his frustration getting the better of him.

“Because,” Anxiety rolled his eyes, oblivious to just how tormented the logical side was feeling, “None of us understand a word your saying and, quite frankly, its funny watching you get all flustered.”

That’s what drove the tears out, and Virgil knew he messed up.

“I don’t-” Words were getting jumbled in his head and Logic struggled for a moment" -My vocabulary is different from your own vernacular! That doesn’t mean what I am trying to postulate or propose isn’t important to current conversation!“ He grabbed his hair and squeezed his eyes shut. "I’m just trying to help!”

A hand was placed on his shoulder and he peeked his eyes open to see Patton watching him with a soft smile.

“It’s alright,” He pulled him into a hug, “I understand.”

That’s all he wanted. He just wanted someone to understand.

He quickly clutched onto Patton’s shirt (accidentally pulling the cardigan first and dropping it to the floor) and cried out his frustration into the father’s shoulder.

Virgil watched with a stricken expression, angry at himself for not knowing and teasing the other like he had. But, it wasn’t his time for forgiveness. It was Logan’s time for comfort.

He shuffled forward, despite his brain screaming for him to run before he said something else stupid, and tugged on Logan’s sleeve.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize.” He looked at the ground but asked anyway, “Can I…. Can I hug you, too?”

Logan sniffled and muttered a vague affirmative so Virgil stood off on his side and wrapped him in a hug, along with the father.

Roman watched this all, shocked and surprised.

“Well, who am I to be left out of the comforting festivities?” He rushed over to wrap them all in a hug. “Logan, when it comes to understanding, or rather misunderstanding, understand that I understand that one-hundred percent, and am always and understanding person should you wish to vent.”

Patton smiled and whispered in Logic’s ear, “Did you understand any of that?”

And despite his heavy chest, Logan laughed. Quiet, and then loud, as tears fell from his face and sobs escaped his lungs. He laughed, and laughed, and laughed until his sides hurt.

He understood.

And now, so did they.

how you get the boy - one

“You usually sleep with more than one girl at the same time?”

“What?” His face mirrored my shocked expression and he began shaking his head. “No, Jesus, no.”

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This op took forever because they couldn’t figure out the pose. So I told Jared that he needs to hold the back of my head for the pose and he said “damn right I will” and I was like oh shit. I was like so confused cause they were in the wrong place. And Jared just kept pulling me towards him but they kept hiding my friend Rikki. So like we were both shuffled in this op. Chris kept telling Jared and Misha that this wasn’t working because they couldn’t see her but they didn’t get it. We sat there for five minutes trying to figure this out. Misha kept pulling me towards his side and then jared would grab me, it was mess. So we all just gave up and Misha grabbed my neck and was fake joking me and Jared was like I need to touch midorees head so he start to fake joke me too. The entire staff was just laughing because we could not figure it out and Misha pulled me and said “im sorry, we couldn’t figure this out” and I said “I love you, its okay” and Misha was like “I love you too” and winked at me. Then I left but Jared pulled me into a hug and said “midoree, keep fighting okay.” And I said “I will, I love you.” And he just squeezed me so tight. I think me and Rikki were in complete heaven.


Part 2 of Reputation

After that day in the club, Joe noticed a change in Jack.

To start, he didn’t end up going home with any of the girls that had been so eager to. Instead, Jack had claimed he wasn’t feeling it, and went home alone.

It was probably the first time Joe had seen the younger man leave the club without a body attached to his.

The other change he noticed was how Jack acted around others.

Whenever they went out, whether as a large group, or just a one or two of them, Jack always had his charm turned on. He would flirt with anyone and anything, leaving the other person a flustered mess.

Joe would know, he was used to witnessing it, and would often feel the same way after talking with Jack. He couldn’t help it, the man had that affect on him.

But now, Jack was subdued. And more often than not, Joe would catch Jack staring at him, eyes studying him. It was unnerving, because Joe was already on such high alert around Jack, and now having him constantly watching him, it made it worse.

The worst change that Joe noticed? Jack stopped touching him.

It shouldn’t be that big of a deal, they were only ever friendly touches, but Joe had gotten used to them, had begun to crave them. And now they were gone.

Jack almost seemed to be avoiding him it seemed. Because when they all hung out together, Jack would purposely sit away from Joe, and their conversation would be limited. Yet, with the others, Jack was fine. He talked and laughed with them no problem.

Joe didn’t know if he should be confused, or hurt.

He worried that Jack had found out, that he now knew that Joe liked him, as more than a friend should. And if he did know, Joe felt hurt because this was how Jack was rejecting him.

It wasn’t fair. Because Joe had tried to hard to push away his feelings so he wouldn’t get hurt, and yet he still ended up getting his heart broken.

Well, Joe decided after another week had passed of Jack treating him differently, Two can play at this game.

And so he changed how he was with Jack. The younger man didn’t want to talk to him? Fine. Joe would stop talking to him. He didn’t want to touch him? Fine, Joe would make sure there was plenty of distance. And he didn’t want to even look at Joe anymore? Perfectly fine. Joe would just avoid being around him.

Simple enough.

Because Jack was a player, and he would get over this soon enough, and go back to flitting between people.

Joe just had to wait it out.

Except Jack didn’t let him.

Because when was anything easy for Joe when it came to Jack?

“You’ve been avoiding me.” Jack said snappily when Joe opened the door for him.

He had been reluctant, when he saw the younger man through his camera, but Jack had been persistent, and Joe really didn’t want anyone to get pissed off, so he let him in to the building.

“No idea what you’re on about.” Joe shrugged, leaning against his door.

“Let me in.”


“Because I want to know why you’re avoiding me!”

“I’m not avoiding you, Jack. You were the one who started to avoid me! I just made it easier!”

Jack narrowed his eyes at Joe before pushing past him and into the flat.

“You can’t just barge in here after ignoring me!” Joe called after him, letting the door close with a slam. “You don’t have any right!”

“You thought I was ignoring you?” Jack asked instead, spinning around to face Joe when he walked into the room.

“It was pretty clear.” Joe replied, crossing his arms. “You barely even look at me any more.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you!”

“Then what does it mean?! Tell me! Because ever since I told you that I liked someone, you’ve changed. Gods, it’s like your jealous or something!” Joe had meant it as a joke, because why would Jack be jealous?

But Jack’s eyes changed, and Joe had stared at them enough to know that the expression in those blue eyes were clear: he had been caught.

“Are you…were you jealous?” Joe questioned, his anger disappearing from his voice.


“You were jealous!” Joe couldn’t help but laugh, the entire thing ridiculous.

“I wasn’t jealous!” Jack tried to protest, but the blush on his cheeks said otherwise.

“But why? Why were you jealous? You’re a player, you don’t care about people!”

The words were probably harsher than they should have been, but Joe couldn’t help it, because it wasn’t fair, once again. Jack wasn’t allowed to be jealous that Joe liked someone.

“Like I said, some people will change if the right person comes around.”

Joe went to reply, but his mouth snapped closed as Jack’s words hit him.

Jack had changed. After Joe admitted to being scared of being hurt. Because Joe had mentioned that that was the type of guy he liked was.

“You like me?” Joe’s voice was barely a whisper, “But…you don’t like me. You just like to be with people.”

“That’s what I thought.” Jack shrugged, suddenly looking shy, “But then you waltzed into my life, and fucked it all up.”

“Are you really blaming me right now?”



“Well, you did kind of fuck it all up.”

“How?” Joe gaped over at Jack, “How did I fuck up everything? It wasn’t like you stopped! Do you know how many times I’ve had to bite my tongue around you, been forced to watch you take someone else home when I wanted it to be me?!”

“I know.”

“No! You don’t!” The anger was back, and Joe stepped forward, his hands balled into fists at his side, “I refused to admit to liking you because I was terrified! Liking you would only mean getting hurt! Because that’s what happens with people like you! You hurt others, and don’t care about the fact that you do.”

“Joe,” Jack tried to speak, but Joe shook his head.

“Shut up. Just shut the fuck up. I’ve been quiet long enough.” He glared over at Jack, continuing from where he stopped, “I tried to pretend that you meant nothing. That my feelings were nothing. Because its happened before, I’ve fallen for a bloody player, and he left me a mess! Yet, I couldn’t. Because you were always looking at me, smiling at me, fucking touching me all innocent like when I wanted more. And it was almost like you knew. And then after that night at the club, when I basically admit to liking you, you fucking disappear! How was that meant to make me feel, Jack? It was already hard enough just being your friend, but I was managing, because I liked having you around. Then suddenly, you’re gone. And I’m terrified thinking that you were fucking rejecting me!”

“I wasn’t.”

“No, you were acting like a child and being all jealous and moody! Well, fuck you, Jack Maynard. Because I refuse to get hurt by a player. So you can leave. Because I don’t care that you like me! I’m over it.”

“Are you done?” Jack asked, watching as Joe breathed heavily, his eyes alight with emotion.


“Good.” Jack said before surging forward, his hands coming up to Joe’s face, his lips crashing against Joe’s.

Joe responded almost immediately, his arms wrapping around Jack, pulling their bodies closer together, licking along Jack’s bottom lip, slipping his tongue into the younger man’s mouth.

All the hurt, the anger, and the jealousy was poured into that kiss.

And they didn’t pull apart until they were gasping for air, foreheads resting against each other.

“Please don’t be over it.” Jack muttered, his hands trailing down Joe’s body, “Because I really, really don’t want you to be.”

“I don’t think I’d be able to get over you.”

“I’m sorry I was a jealous child.”

“You should be.” Joe mumbled, his eyes sliding closed as he felt one of Jack’s hands work open his pants, the other moving up along his skin. “Fuck.”

“Can I make it up to you?” Jack asked, his lips trailing down Joe’s neck, smirking at the moan that slipped out of Joe as Jack’s hand found its way into his pants.

“You better.” Joe hissed, thrusting into the touch.

tøp disstrack


y'all say i got the twenty one pilots flow
well it seems i got the tiger by his toe
because i guess i just stole the show
so why you calling me a hoe?

lead singer lookin’ like a candle stick
this is so lit it’ll light his wick
that drummer can suck my nonexistent dick
wait no he can’t, he ain’t got no tricks
he’s aged 30 and can’t even find a chick

rabid fans gonna get mad, i’ve had a few call me a slut
just because i don’t get hot and bothered by tyler joseph’s butt
true story, i know its crazy, but so is the clique
y'all got me taking a step back and screaming, “what the frick?”

songwriter is pretty messed up
his head is spilling sadness by the cup
don’t get me wrong, i do that a lot too
but i’m out here smiling, why he gotta have such a down attitude?
these kids are depressed, give them happiness
not sad songs about your mental illness
you made mine worse, how’s that feel knowing you did that?
always crying to your lyrics made something in my brain snap

josh drum, i mean dun, hair been a million shades
i bet he does it all just to cover up his greys
ugly as a wild boar
best drummer? nah he’s ranked at ninety-four
scratch that - he’s seven hundred and five
head whipping, going crazy, dizzy the whole time
can’t believe you say he is the best
he is really not any better than the rest
out there rocking yellow-dyed tank top vests
he didn’t even come in until the album nicknamed vess

my music probably better than yours
my lyrics just flow like it’s not a chore
and i don’t just sing about mental health, i sing about way more
and my listeners say i’ve made them way happier
let that sink in, you brought my smile down
and i’m sure you’ve made other people frown
bring the mood up, why don’t ya?
maybe you’d get more radio hits, wouldn’t ya?


Anonymous said:i read your name as shiiiink (like a blade) jjuurg (like someone getting stabbed)Anonymous said: I’ve memorized your url as “sim k jrs” but I actually say “Simksbdjdh” in my head for some reason

Anonymous said: Whenever I saw your user I always read “sim” and my mind would just go JUKABLANAFHDHD after it and descend into mumbling

in all fairness my username DOES look like a vague keysmash

Anonymous said: i read it as Sims junior for a while… then i really looked and now its simkeuhjreuhss (euh like the way french people pronouce e)

i actually have no idea how to pronounce that, so congratulations on completely befuddling me about my own username 

Anonymous said: I read your name as Sim Cares

this works because i do care! 

Anonymous said: How do u say byggualom?

i personally pronounce it big-you-uh-lohmm with emphasis on the last syllable 

Anonymous said: i’m hungarian and i pronounce your username in a kinda mixed hungarian and english way: simköjörs

im so curious what that sounds like irl

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Do you ever worry that you will not be able to hold down a job because working full time might make you burnt out? Interested in your thoughts on this because this is something I'm super worried about because I've also been permanently burnt out since starting uni :(

i literally never stop worrying about not being able to one day achieve financial stability and be able to finally live comfortably as an autistic person

i have no idea what im gonna do in the future to support myself because working always burns me out so bad and messes me up so terribly and the world is fucked and everything costs /so/ much and im genuinely terrified of my future at all times !! so its a really good thing that my head is full of air 90% of the time because otherwise the anxiety and fear would be permanently debilitating 

i dont mean to be dark + im sure things will work out for both of us but yes i am absolutely terrified but if the definition of being disabled isnt being worried for your future at all times then idk what is

The Mess That I Am

Stanley was laying with his head in LeFou’s lap as LeFou played with his hair when LeFou randomly said , “I think I’m ready to tell you my name.”
“What?” Stanley says turning to look up at him.
“I know it seems like I’m overreacting when I don’t tell you it, but every time I hear it I think of her. I miss her so much. My father left because of what I am, who I love, but my mother never cared. All she did was tell me to be careful, find myself a town that wouldn’t care who I loved but then she died and I went to war and met Gaston. I would have gone to the ends of the earth for him, so when he returned back to his small close minded town I followed because I’d grown to love him. I thought maybe one day he’d love me back, but he never did and never would have. He just used me as a punching bag and an ego boost and when I told him I loved him I thought he would be disgusted. A part of me wished he would have just been disgusted and thrown me aside, but no he knew he could use that against me and in the end he did. He manipulated me into thinking that he cared about me. He told me he’d tell everyone what I was if I didn’t lie about Maurice,” LeFou paused as tears rolled silently down his face. He laughed dryly “this isn’t where I wanted this conversation going I always have to make it about him don’t I”
Stanley immediately sat up and pulled LeFou close to him wiping the tears gently off his face “No, my love it is ok. You don’t ever talk about your past. I know it was hard if you need to talk about it I will always be here,” he cradled LeFou close to him.
“that wasn’t what this was supposed to be,” LeFou said softly burying his head in Stanley’s shoulder, “it wasn’t really supposed to be about me.”
Stanley kissed the side of his head, “you don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to my love.”
“I want to tell you everything, you make me want to tell you everything because I love and trust you, but it’s bad. My past its not pretty and part of me is scared. Scared that you’ll see what a mess a am, how screwed up I am and you’ll leave,” LeFou said.
“Mon amour nothing you tell me will ever make me leave you. I love you all of you,” Stanley said resting his forehead on LeFou’s.
And so LeFou told him everything from his father leaving when he found him kissing a boy in the back yard to the plague claiming his mother. When the got to the war he began to shake slightly as he talked about the things he’d seen, the horrors of war. He talked about how he often worked him self to exhaustion to keep Gaston happy, how Gaston was never pleased no matter how much he did. When he was done he unwrapping himself from Stanley and pulling himself away preparing for the rejection he knew was coming, preparing for Stanley to tell him that he wasn’t good enough that he could see that now. He closed his eyes shrinking backwards not wanting to have to see Stanley go. When he felt a hand on his shoulder he flinched.
“LeFou honey, will you look at me?” Stanley said. LeFou slowly opened his eyes as tears streamed down his face.
“please don’t leave me,” he said his voice cracking, “I understand if you want to just please don’t make me watch.”
Stanley placed his hands on LeFou’s face “I’m not going to leave you, LeFou. I love you, all your past shows is that you are strong. You’ve been strong for so long my love. I’m never leaving you, not now, not ever,” he pulled the shaking man close to him.
LeFou wrapped himself around the man clinging to him like a life line “I love you. Thank you for sticking with me through it all.”
“I always will. I love you,” Stanley said.
LeFou pulled back slightly so he could look at Stanley, “Etienne,” he said.
“What?” Stanley asked.
“That’s my real name, Etienne,” he said looking into Stanley’s eyes.
Stanley smiled and said, “Its beautiful, just like you.”

When I met you, it wasn’t love at first sight. It was months of text messages and phone calls. It was calling you crying when I felt lost in the world and I couldn’t breathe. Your voice causing air to rush into my lungs. It was months and months of plans that fell through. It took me months to call you babe, when I did- I blushed when you called me out on it. And last week I almost called you to finally tell you I love you. But its been a couple years. And I’ve only seen you a few times. But I swear to god- I wouldn’t mind if I called you mine. And I swear I wouldn’t stray away. Because I’ve spent nights alone with your name echoing through my head. And there’s been times I got up and slept on the couch because it was a different girl and not you laying in my bed. I guess this is some lame way of me admitting that I miss you. And sometimes I catch myself thinking about what life would be like if it was you I ate breakfast with everyday.
—  ❤
Galifreycrossing's Guide to Glitching to the Void

If you’ve ever wondered how to take cool pictures on top of buildings, those super cool close up pictures of your town, or just how to glitch in general this is your guide. 

Glitching: You hold the net and press and hold A while walking into what it is you want to go through (Ex: a building or through the fence by the train tracks). You can see yourself move pixel by pixel and you’ll pop through. And thats it. Its pretty simple just move very very slowly.

Tip: Ive found that if you cant make yourself glitch properly you can walk back a square and then go back up and try glitching again.

If all you want to do is take pictures on top of a building this is as far as you need to read. If you want to take fancy close up pictures under your town read on!

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Ice Princess

Characters: “You” and Myungsoo/L

Lable: Fluff

Story by: Admin 

Note: I hope you enjoy it, sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted i haven’t been writing for a while so I’m a little rusty. ;P

                                  ∞- Request -∞- Anonymous -∞


Films and books provide the misconception that transfer students immediately become the most admired and desired people in the entire school. The person who everyone either wants or wants to be. The one who captures the hearts of the princes and princess of the school. However, recently I have come to find out that this is isn’t the case; the hard way.

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Contact - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Originally posted by shhhh-no-ones-home

Words: 988
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Featuring: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Warnings: uh idk lil bit of sad
Requested by anon
Can I please request a Bucky x reader imagine where they are best friends and the reader is oddly obsessed with Bucky’s metal arm? Like when they’re walking she’ll always want to hold his metal hand, when they’re sitting on the couch she will play with his metal fingers, etc. The reason she’s so obsessed with it is just because she thinks it’s really interesting and different? Also, maybe Bucky wouldn’t particularly like this so much because he would rather feel the skin on skin contact? Thanks!
Authors Note: im really tired and here it is. BUT ITS KINDA CUTE EE

Masterlist. Request List.

You smiled as you held a grip on Bucky’s metal hand, as you the two of you walked around the park and talked nonsense.

“I feel like I’m getting strange looks,” Bucky whispered to you.

“Why is that?”

“I just feel like everyone around us is staring at me because of my arm,” He shrugged.

You cocked your head and smiled, holding your hands up together. “Bucky, they might be looking at you because they recognize you?” You laughed a bit.

“Oh, right.” He looked down.

“Bucky, is something wrong?” You asked, and began to mess around with his metal fingers. You had noticed that recently he was more reluctant to touch you, and pulled his hands away quicker.

“What?” Bucky’s head snapped up to you, “Oh, yes, I’m fine.”

You cocked an eyebrow at him, but let him get away with the clear lie.  "We should head back to the facility,“ You started, "Steve is probably worrying about us.”

Bucky stifled out a laugh and nodded. “Let’s go for a walk around the park real quick,” Bucky stood up, “I’m sure Steve won’t mind us appreciating nature.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.” You nodded, and Bucky held out his hand to take yours. You laughed a bit and shook your head, and you lightly slapped his hand out of the way to grab his metal hand.

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Amazing... (Savior pt. 2) (Scott McCall Imagine)

Part One


Word Count: 902

Originally posted by thewolfbitme

Scott and i were just past an hour of training when he decided to show me something new. Unfortunately that resulted in me falling on my ass and hitting the back of my head on the floor. “Y/N! Oh my gosh i’m so sorry!” Scott kneels down and helps me sit up bringing our face oddly close. Scott eyes scan my body as well as my face for any sign of hurt while I just study the details of his. I finally snap out of my haze as the pain radiating from the back of my head begins to bother me, “I’m fine I just bumped my head a little.” “I’ll get you some ice!” Before I can try and protest Scott is out of sight, I get up as I weakly make my way to the couch. I plop down on it with a heavy sigh.

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My Beauty

A/N: This is a re-upload from the old “thestorytellerofkpop” account! :3 -Admin Germane

Summary: Junmyeon convinces you that you are beautiful in his eyes, no matter what imperfections you may see in yourself.

Word Count: 1179

I stood in front of the full length mirror in my room, twisting and turning my body around to try and look at myself from all angles. I sighed and grabbed at my nightshirt, lifting it up to inspect my tummy. I frowned at the bit of puppy fat that poked out of the band of my shorts. Sure it wasn’t that much, but it was still fat none the less. I scowled at my reflection in the mirror and placed my shirt back down.

‘Look at those scarred legs, so unattractive with cuts and stretch marks. And what about all those blackheads on your face? How could anyone find you attractive when your so blemished? Not to mention your bulky structure, dank hair, and ugly eyes, how did you manage to keep Junmyeon for this long?’

Without realizing it, I had began to cry. The hot tears streamed down my face as I continued to look at my reflection through watery eyes.

‘He doesn’t deserve someone as ugly and imperfect as you. You should just spare him the trouble and leave already. Why would he even want you?‘
I fell down to the floor, wrapping my arms around my knees as I continued to sob.

‘Look at you, your so pathetic.’

I looked up into the mirror and saw how ugly I looked with my red, bloodshot eyes and the ugly frown etched on my face. But then I felt anger towards myself. Why did I allow myself to think this way?

‘Because you deserve it,’ I thought. Anger and hatred towards myself bubbled in me until I stood, yelling at my reflection through my streaming tears.

“I hate you! I hate you so much!” I instantly grabbed the closest object in my reach, an old battered copy of The Great Gatsby, and threw it at the mirror, sending glass flying and shattering to the floor. Looking at my cracked reflection in the mirror made me cry even harder as I fell to the floor again, disregarding the pieces of glass that surrounded me on the floor.

As the sobs shook through my body, I didn’t hear the door of my apartment open and close. Nor did I hear the quick steps of feet coming closer and my bedroom door opening.

“Y/N!” and suddenly I was pulled up into a warm embrace. I pulled myself closer to my boyfriend’s chest, staining his shirt with my tears as he stroked my back, whispering consoling words into my ears. Junmyeon brought his thumbs up to my cheeks, wiping away the tears.

“Love, what happened? Are you hurt?” he asked hurriedly, examining my body for any pieces of glass that might have been caught in my skin. I shook my head as he ran his fingers through my hair.

Junmyeon guided me to the bed, pulling me into his lap after settling onto the comforter. Junmyeon gently kissed my forehead as the tears continued. He waited until I was reduced to only sniffles and red puffy eyes until he talked to me again.

“Y/N, what happened?” I looked up at his face. Worry and confusion lined across his features and I had to look away from his gaze. I looked down at my lap, letting my hair hide me.

“Love, please talk to me. You’re scaring me.” he said lightly, rubbing his hands down my sides comfortingly.

“Junmyeon.” I started. I could feel his grip tighten slightly, I never used his name unless something serious was running through my brain, and he knew this all to well. I took a deep breath.

“Do you…do you think I’m pretty?” I asked, looking back up at him. I could see his eyes widen a bit at the question before he planted a quick kiss on my lips.

“Of course I do Y/N. Why would you ever think such a thing?” he asked.

“Well I mean…I’m not skinny and my skin isn’t clear. I don’t have a hourglass figure or lean legs. And you’re just so perfect and I’m just so flawed and ugly that I don’t even know why you chose me instead of all the pretty girls that would die to have you.” my voice cracked and I could feel more tears well-up in my eyes.

Junmyeon quickly brought his thumbs to the corners of my eyes, wiping the droplets away before holding my face in his hands, making me look at him and only him.

“Y/N, my love, you are absolutely with no doubt in my mind the most beautiful girl in this world. You are so beautiful, so so beautiful. Your imperfections make you the most gorgeous girl I have ever come to met. Your legs are just long enough to wrap around me,” he brought my legs around his waist, making us even closer than before.

“When you smile my heart flies and when I run my hands along your luscious curves,” he ran his hands down my sides slowly and sensually, making me shiver.

“And when I revel in the intoxicating scent of your smooth skin,” he then nudged his nose along the length of my neck, nibbling the skin slightly as he worked his way up to my face. I let out a shuddering breath as he rested our foreheads together, his hot breath fanning over me.

“And when I taste the sweetness of your lips,” he whispered softly, his lips brushing against mine as he spoke. He then filled the few centimeters between our lips and pulled me into a kiss, his lips moving slowly but passionately against mine.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer as I ran my hands through his soft black hair. His lips were like a drug, filling me up with a burning intoxication for more, more, more. But when we parted for air, our heavy breaths mingling together, he smiled sincerely as he opened his eyes to look at me.

“I see nothing but perfection.” he finished, grabbing my hands to intertwine with his own. He brought our linked hands together and kissed my knuckles.

“So don’t ever think you aren’t good enough, because you are. Y/N, you’ll always be beautiful in my eyes, don’t ever forget that my love.” I smiled softly and kissed his lips gently.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized, feeling bashful about the mess. He chuckled against my lips, playfully nipping them before looking down at me again.

“I hope that apology is for the mirror, because I hope you know that its not a trouble for me to make you feel better.” he teased, looking around my shoulders to see the sprinkled glass on the floor. I flushed and nodded. Junmyeon shook his head playfully, letting me go so he could clean up the glass.

“Joonie?” I asked as I watched him clean. He looked over at me and broke out into the most handsome smile in the history of forever as I threw him an air kiss.

“I love you.” I told him, smiling widely as he caught the kiss with his hand and placed it right over his heart.

“I love you too, my beautiful, and you better not forget it.”

Ishqbaaaz - August 22 2017 - Episode 350

Alright bacchon this is episode 350 it better be fucking good

Annika is yet AGAIN apologizing to Viku for all the raita

why is she thanking him again…is this a part of a plan because its the only way it makes sense :/

Viku is being so sketchy! he straight up wants to marry Annika for realsies

he says hes joking BUT I KNOW THE TRUTH

Annika is giving his ring back byeeeee



this second thoughts business AGAINNNN

Shivaay call it all offfffff

they’re fine?



this shit gets me every fucking TIME

and this is my fav music too!! i love when they use this version

“aankon mein aa raha tha” lol ok

“meri fiance ready hai” READY HAI MERI JHUTI

Bhavya and Rudra are in a fix but she got him outttttt

now theyre under the bed



she agreed dkm

is this supposed to me their music? how come they dont get lyrics, can someone fix this pls

theyre booking it byee

back to this mehndi nonsense

wow Shivaay is a rudeass bitch TAREEFING NAGINI IN FRONT OF ANNIKA

Annika bby how can you think Shivaay is happy

“Shivaay ka dimaad kharab ho gaya hai” yes omi

he made her sit with Nagini

wtf is he doing rude





i fucking love this song


he actually wrote “S” how fucking rude is thissssssss im mad








“Ussi samay Annika humare zindagi mein phir se aayi. Pata nahi kaise, par isse pata tha, aur issne mujhe warn bhi kiya tumare khilaaf”

“Lekin of course, mein to Shivaay hoon, mein iski baat kyun manoonga”


“Annika was right”


oh shit he called Bhavya


baby broke the phone YAS


Siddhart is visiting oh how convenient 

Siddhart spilling the tea ohhhmygod

She broke his marriage and did this to 2 other guys before him damn girl has been busy

girl was in a mental asylum for a couple months??  




Nagini trying to defend herself and SHIVAAY IS NOT HAVING IT

omg she said i love you before Annika and Shivaay even did lmao


bye bitch LEAVE

Viku wont understand her ishara, i knew it

homeboy has something else up this sleeve



DADI “Pehle Tia, phir Ragini. Bade khandaan ke chakar mein tumne do baar dhoka khaya hai” LOL GO DADI

oh yeah we forgot Annika was marrying Viku uhoh

Shivaay’s name in Annika’s hand OH BABY classic


Haye aagayi Pinky 

And again here we are, Pinky talking shit to Annika and Shivaay is just standing there


Thats right bby you leave you dont need that negativity

Oh now he tells her to stop AFTER SHE LEAVES

Back to Ruvya

theyre playing a game with the others…they have to eat rotis…theeki rotis

Tbh i dont really care whats going on heree this all should have been post-wedding.

what are these games 

hes dressing her in jewelry and now hes running with her and they won

here comes Sultan 

hes giving her money for winning

Sultan knows something, because he knows what Bhavya looks like but didnt say anything, they gonna find it out

Precap: Shivika 


5SOS Preference #17: Cold Feet
  • Michael Clifford: "Baby?" I hear Michael ask behind me. "Yeah?" I whisper back. "Are you alright?" He asks, wrapping an arm around my waist. We both lay in bed, excited for our big day tomorrow. We're getting married. "Yeah." I whisper as he rests his head in the crook of my neck. "You keep tossing and turning babe." He mumbles, leaving a kiss on my neck. "I guess I'm just nervous." I say with a shaky laugh. "Are you having seconds thoughts?" Michael asks, his voice full with concern. I shake my head. "It's just a big milestone, Mike." I admit, placing my hand on top of his. He kisses my neck again. "I know but we're gonna achieve it," He whispers. "Together." You smile. "I can't wait." I whisper back. He chuckles. "Me too, (Y/N), me too." I sigh in relief. "But I also can't wait to help take off that white dress afterwards." Michael whispers into my neck, his smile evident in his voice.
  • Ashton Irwin: "(Y/N), love, why aren't you eating?" Ashton asks with a mouthful of spaghetti. "I can't, Ash. If I do, I'll probably throw it up." My jitters have already kicked in and I cannot seem to find a way to calm down. "Babe you have-" "Ashton I don't feel like it, okay?!" I shout and Ashton frowns. I sigh and rest my head in my hands, closing my eyes. A familiar hand starts to rub my back gently. "I don't know how or what I'm feeling, Ashton." I admit in a whisper. "You're just nervous, babe. It's completely normal." Ashton says sweetly. "I promised myself that I wouldn't become a bridezilla." I state while looking at him. He tries his best not to laugh. "It's not funny!" I say out loud. Ashton kisses my cheek. "You gotta relax, babe. There's no need to be nervous. You're gonna do great." I nod my head before kissing his lips.
  • Luke Hemmings: "Don't, sweetheart." Luke says before taking my hand. "I can't help it Luke. I can't help that I'm shy." I say, looking at him. "Baby, I'll be at the end of the isle. All you have to do is watch me and only me." I sigh and shake my head. "What if I fucking mess up, Luke? What about that?" He chuckles a little before kissing my lips. "(Y/N), tomorrow's about you and me." He says after pulling away and resting his forehead against mine. "Nothing else matters except for us. It's our day tomorrow and why should we worry what people think? All they should care about is us and our happiness, not if you mess up. And if you do, laugh it off because that is not important. You and I are what's important tomorrow." I smile at him and then kiss his lips. "I love you, Luke." He smiles and hugs me. "I love you too, (Y/N)."
  • Calum Hood: "Hey, hey, what's wrong?" Calum asks as he wraps his arms around me after I embraced him. I breathe in his scent and pull away. "Why are you crying, darling?" He asks sadly as he wipes my tears away. "Do you t-think everything will go wrong tomorrow?" I ask before sniffing. "Of course not. Why do you think that?" He asks taking my hand in his. "I went over our list today and I f-feel like we're missing a lot of things for the reception." Calum shakes his head. "You're stressing way too hard babe." He says with a small smile. "I am stressed because I care, Calum!" I say moving my hands away from him. "And I do too (Y/N). But I'm not stressing out like you are. You have to roll with the flow, baby." He says sincerely. "Yeah but-" I'm interrupted by his lips coming in contact with mine. "Please." Calum says breathlessly after pulling away. "Please believe that everything will be alright, okay?" I sigh and then nod. "That's my girl." He says before kissing my forehead.