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โœจ sense8 appreciation post โœจ

I’ve never watched a show so beautiful that I’m having trouble coming up with fanfiction ideas because there’s no scene I have even the remotest desire to change…

It’s perfect. Everything… Perfect.

Need a reason to watch the show? Here, have eight:

Sun Bak? Perfect. 12/10 softie with ninja skills. shit brother i’d give my right buttcheek to TKO. terminator.

Kala Rasal? Perfect. BAMF scientist who takes no shit and gives a grand total of zero fucks about the patriarchy.

Riley Blue? Perfect. magical dj with heart of gold and soul of steel. in need of love, hugs, and more scenes with her father.

Nomi Marks? Perfect. beautiful gay, transgender baby with a shit mother I’d give my left buttcheek to be able to punch.

Will Gorski? Perfect. robo cop ain’t got shit on this Chicago detective, my sweet smol bean needs love and cuddles, free to good home, package deal with Riley Blue.

Lito Rodriguez? Perfect. mean, green, viral gif machine. queer and ready to take on the world with chiseled abs and a sculpted ass.

Wolfgang? Perfect. hella gangsta with a crooked moral compass. still cute. still needs hugs. can’t ask for help. needs help tho.

Capheus Onyango? Perfect. future politician. better president than douchebag trashcan. mad driving skills. runs best matatu in kibera.

angel au

this contains a mess of ships ok

For whatever reason, imagining an AU where Ethan is a fallen angel really makes me happy? Like Ethan waking up cast down from the sky and he has no idea how to live on Earth, but he bumps into Mark n Amy n Ty n Kat and he ends up just following them around and asking questions about everything?

Ethan with fluffy wings and eyes that glow white when he’s angry? Speaking of wings, Ethan hiding behind his wings when he’s embarrassed or using them to flutter up when Tyler calls him short? Plus everyone automatically finds him beautiful at first sight and Mark has used the “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Line several times because he finds it funny

Angelic Eth not being able to lie? Ever? Which leads to him confessing a lot of things he doesn’t want to, like how he ate the last of the waffles and he doesn’t actually think that hat looks good on Mark and also he’s in love with like everyone on the team, etc.

Plus since it’s really common in mythology for angels to have healing powers? Eth lying in bed with Ty and asking about his kidney, Ty tells him and E just gets really sad and curls up against Ty’s chest? And Ethan is like “you’re okay now” and Tyler doesn’t know what that means but his health has completely improved at his next doctor’s appointment

Or if the first time Eth heals someone is when the rest of the team is super sick and struggling to make videos, Ethan goes to snuggle with them since they’re all sitting in a miserable sick circle on the floor, editing videos. Everyone is immediately like “dude no! We’re gonna get you sick” but Ethan just does it anyways because he’s a cuddle monster and heals them in the process

Bonus if Mark still has red hair when Ethan falls and Eth sees it and get super excited because he wants his hair to look like that! So after a few weeks he finally convinces Mark to take him to the hairstylist but he catches a glimpse of a girl with blue hair and changes his mind? So he comes out of the salon with bright blue hair and angel wings puffed out in happiness, Mark tells him he looks like he’s going to a costume party.

I don’t know why this is specific to this AU but Amy and Kathryn exchanging Eskimo kisses with Ethan? Because they love their blue boy

Plus any time they see a bird in public someone will point to it and say “Look Ethan your mom came back for you”


all the boys // panic! at the disco

How many times do the members of got7 have to ask you to stop tagging them in ship posts/talking about ships to them for yall to actually stop. Look, if you wanna ship in private, or on here, whatever, I don’t care. But got7 has asked you and now I am asking you PLEASE DO NOT SHIP THEM TO THEIR FACES. DO NOT COMMENT SHIPS ON THEIR POSTS OR VIDEOS. DO NOT TAG THEM IN SHIP POSTS. DO NOT TAKE SHIP SIGNS TO EVENTS. DO NOT ASK THEM THEIR FAVORITE SHIP. DON’T. TALK TO THEM. ABOUT. SHIPS.

wolffoggirl said:Got7 reaction when their girlfriend wanted a morning kiss.

Oh my god yes cutecutecutecute


All the kisses that you want! Would not care at all about morning breath, he would hug you very tightly sleepily and would love to wake up to you kissing him.


Would complain because one, breath smell and two “JAGI let me sleeeeeeep…” But in the end he would love that you wanted to kiss him even when you just woke up. He would feel loved and important and that would make him happy.


EXCITED little puppy would be so happy every single time you wanted to kiss him. He would feel like you like him a lot (which you do, let’s be honest why would you be with him if you didn’t) and that would excite him very much. He would even fangirl a bit and do aegyo but then he would remember his manly facade and be like “We can continue this after we have breakfast and brush our teeth, baby girl” I LOVE JACKSON SO MUCH


Would accept the kiss and then look at you like you nasty girl and complain about morning breath, and when you said he had morning breath too and that you didn’t care he would be all sulky and be like “I’m perfect, my mouth smells amazing every single moment.” but go brush his teeth and then kiss you softly.


Sweet child would kiss you back and think for himself it would be more enjoyable if you both went to brush your teeth and maybe eat something, or cuddle in the sofa, but he honestly couldn’t say no to you and your kisses so he likes it nonetheless.


Bambam…? He makes everything into a joke, except when it’s something really serious, so I think he would joke around. Maybe not let you kiss him and rolling around with you in bed, would kiss your neck but never your lips, saying that it’s nasty. But in the end he would end up giving in and kissing you sweetly.


A little bit shy at first, caught off guard since he was sleepy and still actually waking up and realizing stuff he would stay still. But after that he would deepen the kiss and hug you, asking you if you could sleep or at least star a little more like that, together.

“why does he think he can act like that?”

we’re drunk again and i’m digging my nails into my palms. she’s making this about you because i’ve made this about you time and time again. i’ve analyzed your behavior until your entire personality profile is lying in my lap like a horoscope. i’ve told people you are misunderstood and they need me to understand you. i get you. i’ve always gotten you. but you don’t get me. you never did.

do i even get me, though? do any of my thoughts or actions even make sense? i expect people to take my feelings seriously but i don’t even think about why i’m feeling them and why i don’t need to anymore. i’m checking your star sign but barely know what it says in my own. i go home and write another poem that starts and ends with your name. and this is the point of the night where i realize i know you better than i know myself. and this is the point of the night where i realize i’m tired of it.

i’ve always made this your story. i’ve always been there to remind everyone of what you did to me. but i never tell the story of how i started sleeping again. how i started eating again. how i stopped smoking every day. how i finished school and counteracted loneliness with myself. how i have a life outside of you. and i’m tired of telling your story. i’m tired of being a supporting character in the story of  your life. because this is my life and you are just a supporting character in mine.

so i’m done telling people you’re toxic out of anger. i’m done being your warning label and pretending there was never a good reason why i was with you. so this isn’t a story about how you’re the villain anymore - it’s a story about how you turned me into a hero. this is my story and in my story, you breathed out ice but who cares about the ice when i counteracted it with fire.

so instead of, “why does he think he can act like that?” i’m asking myself, “what can i do to ensure that i’m not bothered?”

i laugh it off. i let him live his life however he wants to because his actions don’t affect mine anymore. he’s not my responsibility but my own feelings are. because in every version of this story, my story, i come out stronger and he comes out smaller.


this is all @mistystarshine‘s fault for saying yoriko would want to dress up as beatrice in like one of the only fictional things she actually takes an interest in and naturally i was like “shit this means kira would HAVE to be the Other Cat Based Murder Villain, bernkastel” so (i macguyvered together a version of bern’s outfit that kira might actually wear because hes not going anywhere dressed as a small victorian doll)

spreads open arms

this happened


Hooray, I finally finished! This is based on @russianfeya‘s Neon Pink Motorcycle fic. It’s a soulmate AU where people have a mark that changes color depending on the soulmate’s mood. Yuri no longer has a mark (due to Reasons) and it just hit me in the most recent chapter that when Otabek asks “How are you feeling?” he’s actually…you know, comparing notes. :D
Anyway, if that sounds like something you’d like to read, I highly recommend it!

You’ve Been Studying All Day - GOT7 reaction

I’ve been such got7 trash lately and the comeback didn’t help so hERE WE GO + gifs bc, as previously stated, I am trash



He would poke and prod at you to get your attention. When he finally had it, he’d try with all his might to convince you to take a break because “you can’t study all the time! Breaks are healthy. Did you know cuddles improve your mood by 110%?”

“That’s nice Mark, but will they improve my grades by 110% too?”

Mark would kind of pout and mope around you until you agreed to a break. Then, he’d want to go for a little walk or something to help get your mind off things; he’d ask a little bit about your studying, but would want to focus on other aspects so that when you returned to your piles of notes, you’d be refreshed.

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You would have totally forgotten about your date night, so when JB showed up at your door with expectant eyes only to find you wearing loose sweatpants and your “coffee makes everything better” shirt, you’d feel awful. He’d be a little disappointed, but as soon as he saw your open textbook and messy notebook on the coffee table, he’d understand; you stuck with him while he worked, so he’d want to do the same. He’d make some food and/or tea for you both and would sit in the room with you, careful to not be in the way but also letting you know he would help in any way he could.

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He’d remind you of all the hard work you’d put in during class time and the past couple of nights; at this point he honestly thought it would be impossible for you to be capable of forgetting even the smallest detail. Still, he’d accept your worrying and decide he’d help you study. Of course, he’d propose a game. He’d leave the room for a few minutes and come back looking like… the Stay Puft marshmallow man. He’d wriggle his eyebrows, explaining that every time he asked a question and you got the correct answer, he’d remove an item of clothing. You’d go through the layers quickly, though stopping to die of laughter when you saw him with one of your lace bras over a t-shirt. 

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He’d 100% join you in your piles of notes, reading through them quickly to understand the gist of the subject matter if he didn’t already have an idea of what you were dealing with. He’d start asking some questions to figure out how to best approach studying for the assignment, and it would snowball from there. He’d start with a small idea, and you’d pick it up from there, maybe correcting him, and pretty soon you’d be bouncing all these ideas and facts off of each other. Instead of reading and rereading the information, he’d get you to talk about it as much as you could, reading through your notes to make sure you were on the right path and didn’t stray.

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He would be kind of similar to Jackson with his approach; he was sure you knew everything there was to know about the text/exam’s subject, but he understood your worries. However, he’d absolutely hate to see you so stressed, beating yourself up after you didn’t get the right answer, never taking into consideration that your brain wanted you to slow down and change things up. So, being the sweatheart he is, he’d propose a game to you in which he would ask questions based on the review your prof had given you and the notes you had in your notebook, and for every right answer you got, he’d give you a kiss. It’d probably be the giggliest, cutest study session ever tbh

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He would shamelessly annoy you because he wants you to spend time with him. He’d own up to being selfish, but wouldn’t care too much because he just wanted to cuddle with you and talk about memes his day. Bambam’s relentless and random screeches, cheek poking, and giggles would go from endearing/funny to frustrating really quickly; no matter how many times you told him to bug off, he’d continue. Finally, you’d turn to him, cheeks red with the nasty words you kept inside, and create a compromise: you cuddle with him for an hour, then he helps you study after you grab some dinner. He wouldn’t mind helping, he was just happy he got his cuddles.

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Yugyeom would walk in and see your papers and hands covered in coloured ink, and immediately take things into his own hands. He’d stop dead in his tracks and start asking general questions like “what are you studying (Y/N)?” “when’s the test/exam?” but pretty quickly he’d get more specific, asking the relevance of something you had just mentioned to the unit you were studying (or on the world ?). You’d start to get annoyed because, as much as you loved him and talking to him, you needed to study. You’d tell him just that, but he’d brush it off and continue. After a few more questions, reapeat what you had said before. Then, he’d simply look at you and say: “But you know it all already; you explained it perfectly to me, without any difficulty.” You’d just kinda stare off in amazement because dammit he was right.

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I have an Sehun (EXO) scenario that’ll be posted tomorrow night, and a Svt reaction coming soon (I’m actually drowning in homework atm and wifi is beyond terrible everywhere I go besides McDick’s what is this) ! In the meantime, feel free to request :)

stop saying “his or her”

use their

piss off prescriptivists
acknowledge nonbinary identities
make your sentences less clunky
advocate for common usage which is what leads to grammatical acceptance