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this is all @mistystarshine‘s fault for saying yoriko would want to dress up as beatrice in like one of the only fictional things she actually takes an interest in and naturally i was like “shit this means kira would HAVE to be the Other Cat Based Murder Villain, bernkastel” so (i macguyvered together a version of bern’s outfit that kira might actually wear because hes not going anywhere dressed as a small victorian doll)

spreads open arms

this happened

My dad about mofftiss:

“Mark Gatiss and the other guy [Sorry Steven] may be making a million pound show, but in the end they are like Sherlock. They’ve got something in their brains, they are extremely creative and they need someone they can play with. Now they may have a very wide viewership, but that is an anonymous crowd. And then there’s a small fandom that can obviously make something of what they give you as a submittal. And of course they prefer to play the ball back and forth, with you maybe, or with other fandoms, I don’t know, but most certainly with you, rather than producing without heart for the anonymous crowd, whether they get it or not. They enjoy it! They enjoy this with you more than just throwing tv-productions onto the market caring more about quantity than quality.”


when everyone gets hyped and join to dance “Chewing Gum”…
except Jeffrey from California who probably hasn’t heard about it yet 😂😂


Why doesn’t anyone talk about this stage anymore????

Fixing Septiplier

I saw this tweet and, yes, I can kinda agree.

People say its because Mark and Jack aren’t friends anymore, and I think thats not the case.

They still are friends, a lot, there are some parts in the livestream where they smile and talk to each other, but the thing is.

Its done where they’re not in the spotlight.

For example, Mark and Jack were tossing the toilet paper to each other and they were smiling at each other, but the camera men didn’t put them on the spotlight.

Also, Mark told Jack something and a big smile went on Jack’s face, but they were in the background, and the camera weren’t on them the whole time.

Mark and Jack always fueled the Septiplier ship back then and why don’t they do it now?

Well maybe they’re scared too?

Because back then:

The Septiplier ship was smaller, and people didn’t ship it as hardcore as they do now. They used to ship it as Mark and Jack did, in a silly, cute way.

But later on, people shipped it to a level that Mark and Jack never expected/wanted-

What I mean is smut, and people who believe they’re gay and they do love each other romantically.

Shippers who don’t ship it that way, or at least still know Septiplier won’t happen still [smut shippers], don’t worry, this isn’t completely your fault. I’m a shipper myself, so I know.

Like, do you really want drawings of you naked with a friend on the internet, especially when you’re as popular as them?

No, why would you?

Honestly, I think they might actually still wanna make those Septiplier moments keep going like they used to, but maybe they’re scared it’ll blow up and the shippers will take it too far?

It seems likely because,

it has happened.

They do sonething cute, it blows up, and now its madness and nobody can calm down.

Because if you’ve ever noticed, if you look at a Septiplier moment, its clear they’re extremely happy in each and every one.

But now they have to be cautious at every move they do on camera or else things will go nuts.

I don’t think they’re trying to sink the ship, I think they’re trying to make it back to the way it is.

But before you say “Then why don’t they just say they want the ship to calm down so they can be silly again?”

Well of course, THATS going to blow up. It doesn’t matter whether they giggle at each other or they actually do something cute, it’ll blow up either way. Its like some crazy curse. Literally, anything that includes Mark and Jack, there’s always someone going “OMG SEPTIPLIER AWAY, THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!!!” Like, come on dude, these are real people who don’t love each other romantically. Let them be them. Everything doesn’t have to be Septiplier. Why can’t it be just two friends being friends?

And just so people know, thinking Mark and Jack are actually gay, even though having girlfriends, IS NOT AN OPINION. NOT IN THIS SITUATION. ITS JUST WRONG.

There’s a difference between a fact and an opinion. And Mark and Jack being straight is a fact. They have girlfriends, who are each wonderful people, but they ALWAYS, constantly state they’re straight, they are NOT attracted to men. They are straight and have amazing ladies as their girlfriend and if you can’t respect that, then I don’t think you should be here. Think about it. (Thank you to anyone who said about Mark and Jack stating they’re straight constantly)

And if it gets to the point where Mark or Jack have to make a video on this topic, thats it. We can’t fix it then. Because if its so effective on their lives that they have to tell millions about it, is not only dissapointing, but clearly fuckin shows our fandom can’t control ships.

Because Mark and Jack are not the ones changing.

The Septiplier ship is changing, and not in a good way. We fucked up. They didn’t.

And how do we fix it?

Well, Septiplier is huge, A LOT of people ship it. Its literally the second most searched option when you type ‘Sep’ in the YouTube search bar.

And it won’t be something we can do overnight. Its going to be a slow process.

There’s a lot of us and we have to all agree.

We can’t just lay around, waiting until everything gets better. WE need to be that something that brings the ship back to the light.

The Septiplier ship ran into a harsh, big storm and we have to work together to get it out onto the right path.

I want this ship to how it started, where everybody shipped it for fun, and we didn’t attack other ships. Not saying all of us attack other ships, its just some Septiplier shippers actually do attack, I’ve seen it.

Because the more smut and hardcore shippers that join this ship, the more Mark and Jack have to be cautious.


They’re not sinking the ship.

They’re warning us to fuckin fix ourselves and the flaws of this ship, before its too late.

And honestly, Septiplier isn’t just a ship anymore, its a community that needs some fixing. Its also a place where Mark and Jack fans join together. Because Mark and Jack have a beautiful bond thats brought their communities together. And lets not break that bond.

Because Whats better?

Don’t do anything and Mark and Jack grow farther apart on camera.

Or fix our ship, bring it back to the light, and have Mark and Jack be able to have things normal again.

Now, how?

Well, all hardcore [smut, sex related] shippers and people who believe they’re gay have to stop. (Or keep the smut as far away as possible)

Its not right or polite and Mark and Jack wouldn’t appreciate or even consider you a fan at all if you continue.

Ship Septiplier as a bromance, or in a fluffy cute way, nothing too extreme like sex, or kinky shit.

I know this isn’t how Mark and Jack really act with each other, they most likely do a bunch of shit together off camera where we don’t ruin their fun.

We can fix this ship.

We just have to try.

I want Septiplier to become peaceful and happy again.

Because Jack used to be a fan of Mark. He started his channel because of Mark.

And even though they’re on different parts of the world, Mark managed to find a worthy person on YouTube who derserves so much more. And that was Jack.

They’ve been through a lot, from meeting in person for the first time, becoming great friends, to having a happy little ship.

Lets bring it back to those times. Mark and Jack don’t need to change. We need to.

Lets bring the happiness back in Septiplier.

And ships like Jelix or Pewdieplier, don’t become like this ship, don’t go too far. Don’t make YouTubers become seperate by their own fans.

Mark and Jack have done so much for us, now lets do something for them.

I know we can do this.

Lets fix Septiplier.

Update: For Cringemas I wasn’t able to watch the first part but I saw that Mark and Jack agreed Septiplier as a ship was pretty bad this year in that part. And that right there is why we need to fix this ship. They know this ship is getting worse. If 2016 was Septiplier’s bad year, lets makes 2017 Septiplier’s rebirth into the light. Thanks to everybody who wants this ship better, I appreciate it so much! Now I know we can really do this. In 2017, we’ll fix Septiplier. Together.

a reemergence of angel au featuring CT this time. wings of an american kestrel (I really should do turnarounds so you can see the outer wing feathers…so much nicer looking..) 

anyway her armor resembles church’s, carolina’s, and tex’s with the roman-ish theme (basically just the tassels in CT’s case) b/c they are her favs, along w/ the more heavy armor feel that pairs with Wash since they’re friends. birds of a feather and all that


Passion is a hell of a turn on. Seeing a man doing what he’s passionate about, is about as sexy as it gets.

(@elletromil, @virgosista - that edit I was talking about XD)

NCT 127 + U Reaction to discovering you have freckles. // Quando eles descobrem que você tem sardas.

Taeil: Waaah Y/N I never noticed this! // Waaah S/N eu nunca notei isso!

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Taeyong: So cute jagi~ // Tão fofo jagi~

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Yuta: I need to look more at your face so I can notice new things. // Eu tenho que olhar mais pro seu rosto pra poder notar mais coisas.

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Doyoung: Woah Y/N you have freckles? I never noticed them… // Woah S/N você tem sardas? Eu nunca notei…

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Ten: Cute cute cute Y/N is cute~ // Fofa fofa fofa S/N é fofa~

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Jaehyun: Wah, cute~ You really have freckles? They’re so tiny though… // Wah, fofa~ Você realmente tem sardas? Elas são tão pequeninhas…

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Winwin: How come I never noticed that? // Como que eu nunca vi isso?

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Mark: Can I count how many freckles you have? // Eu posso contar quantas sardas você tem?

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Haechan: I’ll ask the makeup noonas to draw fake freckles on me so we can match. // Eu vou pedir pras noonas da maquiagem desenharem sardas falsas em mim pra gente combinar.

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`adm hiyeonji´

Imagine calling Woozi (and the rest of Seventeen) whenever you start getting nervous because you know their voices and sweet words can help you calm down.

@feynites #they’re one of the most notorious couples in the territory exactly because of shit like this #the spymaster won’t let most people get within five feet of them if they don’t want them there #but they’ll drape themselves all over thenerassan like a happy cat 

a shy kiss for notorious idiots who’ve seen and done pretty much everything <3

Signs NCT #127 songs

Aries: Fire truck

Taurus: Mad City

Gemini:Another World

Cancer: Once Again

Leo: Wake Up

Virgo: Paradise

Libra: Mad City

Scorpio: Fire Truck

Sagittarius: Another World

Capricorn: Wake Up

Aquarius: Paradise

Pisces: Once Again


all the boys // panic! at the disco