because it's kind of hilarious

i always do this thing where i get really overwhelmed by my emotions and then it makes me laugh because wtf is that even about. for example im listening to i will always love you and am genuinely upset but also its kind of hilarious because its february 13th like am i a sitcom character

Fic where everybody comes back from a long and arduous mission only to find insurance-Bucky in the middle of the common room, two young people they’ve never seen before on either side of him.

Bucky looks up, scowls. He points at the dark-haired kid to his right. “Blaine,” he says. Blaine waves, and turns another page in his insurance law textbook. The kid – who, on reflection, is probably about as old as Bucky was when he made sergeant – is Becca’s grandson. He has neatly styled hair and wears a tie. Respects his elders. Steve should spend time with this kid. This kid is clearly a good influence.

Bucky then jerks his head to the left. “Britt,” he says. She’s a blonde girl. Nice. Quiet. She’s putting cat magnets on his murder arm.

The Avengers back out of the room and close the door behind them.

I just realized that this would totally happen.

Bog and Marianne’s Kid: Look mommy look daddy! I drew a picture!

Marianne: Really honey?

Bog: Let’s see it, sweetheart!

Kid: [holds up painting of purple butterfly, intricate, gorgeous, beautiful, lovely in all its colors, a moon shimmering down in the background casting light down on the angelic figure below] Look! It’s mommy!

Marianne: [blushing] Oh, sweetie, that’s beautiful! 

Bog: Ye captured her perfectly. [winding fingers with his wife] Stunning as always.

Marianne: Stop it, you.

Bog: [looking at her with pure adoration] Never.

Kid: I also made a sculpture of daddy!

Bog: [perking up] Really!

Kid: Uh huh! Look!

Kid: [proceeds to hold up a moldy pinecone on a stick] Look! It’s daddy!

Marianne: [falls over laughing]


Marianne: [dead]

I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy all evening and now I switched to writing and I don’t know about anyone else, but I tend to visualize scenes as I’m writing them. Right now, Lexa is washing dishes in a surgical mask and scrubs. Remind me to never write immediately after my gf talks me into watching Grey’s with her (via skype) for the entire first half of her flight…



So today in French class I was chatting with my group and tried to say sweet but instead it came out huit (which means 8) and then Megan and I couldn’t stop laughing about it and everyone looked at us and we almost died.

And I was made head of the Plastics today. Our French Plastics. Because I was the only one wearing pink. So yes. I’m Regina. Huit.