because it's just the funniest thing ever

tbh i think the funniest thing about dragon age is that in origins, you had health poultices that the characters would just knock back to regain health… but then, in da2 and dai, you have health potions instead. why the sudden change? because poultices arent supposed to be ingested, theyre supposed to be applied to your skin. so i like to imagine bioware having an “oh shit” moment and fixing that for da2, but whats even better about this is that theres a joke about the same mistake in dai during a conversation with iron bull and its my favorite thing ever

Some @spagootsofficial fan art because these guys are just the best like i cant even (i decided to re-crate there youtube banner because i thought it was so cute!!!!!!!)

Kay- @kaycxpher

Ava- @adorable-avacado

Ryan- @chongoblog

Jordan- @knittinggiantbeanies


for real guys like please follow them there all just to amazing and there  Spagoots channel on youtube never fails to make me smile!

(also id like to apologize if i got any of youre out-fits wring hehe i was basing these off memory and resent title cards XD)

I’m going to start calling Cal “calum chowder’ because I just made it up and I think its the funniest thing ever