because it's just so incredibly personal to me

people often ask me what makes half-life so good and it’s hard to answer because “everything” doesn’t really satisfy so i try to explain it piecemeal

and for me one of the things that makes it amazing is how the games tackle multiple genres and do them all so effortlessly? like half-life 1 has survival horror, military combat, runny jumpy alien fun combat, puzzles, etc, and does them all so well

half life 2 goes above and beyond and has incredible action, tactical combat, driving, boating, survival horror, puzzling, squad mechanics, etc etc etc

it’s not just a paragon of the first person shooter genre, its a paragon of a TON of genres and that’s genuinely incredible

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Why did you stop dancing?? Ignore this if its personal stuff/hard to put into words. Just curious --sc

I ended up leaving because I stopped loving it as much as I used to and I felt really out of place amongst the other girls in my team. They were all amazing dancers whereas I was just mediocre, and also to them it was incredibly serious and for me I was just doing it for fun so I felt as if I was dragging them down. I left my academy when the 2015 year finished, and I haven’t done any classes since then, but last year when I fell in love with kpop, I got my passion for dancing back and I’ve been practicing a lot of kpop dances in my spare time

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Hey so I just need some help (with a real cutie!) so I feel like my best friend has started to distance himself from me. And it sucks because he always says about how he has become incredibly clingy over the years because when it comes to relationships (either platonic or romantic), its always the other person that leaves and abandons him. But I am always there for him and now its the other way, he's distancing from me and I love him with all my heart (platonic AND romantic) and Idk what to do.

Talk to him. Have an honest conversation with him and ask him if something is wrong. The worst thing is when someone leaves and you dont know why. Something might be actually wrong so just talk to him! Goodluck


I constantly would wonder how I’ve made it this far in my academic career. I don’t really consider myself an incredibly intelligent person, but I’m also realizing I don’t necessarily have to be. I’m incredibly stubborn, which has helped me out a lot in the sense that I just don’t like quitting things. It also means I don’t like asking for help because I’m so prideful too. But, I am quickly learning that sometimes I just need help and can’t avoid that. With work and life. I’m very awkward and find it extremely difficult interacting with other human beings, but I can somehow manage to make that work for me when the situation calls for it. I can’t even sleep on a regular schedule because like idk the internet just calls me to surf its endless swarm of data late at night. But I have had family, friends, and numerous educators who have inspired me and helped me get here. And those old and new who continue to help and support me. I guess I just feel lucky to be here, especially today for some reason. And actually feel like I’m meant to be here now. Either way. Hi guys, I’m almost 8 months into my PhD now ayyyyyye. 

cars 3 rant :)

@everyone who’s like: “OMFG INCREDIBLES 2 IS COMING OUT ITS GONNA BE GREAT!!! AND TOY STORY 4 AWWW!! oh and cars 3 too i guess… :/” like. kindly duct tape your goddamn mouth shut. like. ((be excited for toy story 4 and incredibles 2 like thats not a problem)) if you personally dont like cars 3, fine, but the fact that so many people are already shitting on it just pisses me oFf sO MUCH ITS ALREADY GETTING SO MUCH HATE OMF G

like okay if i were to make a post that says “oh im not that excited for incredibles 2 tbh :/” do you knOw how much shit i would get for it?? a lot because everyones been waiting for the sequel for a long time and everyones REALLY excited for it right? but like. if i cant do that to the incredibles without pissing people off what makes you think you can go around saying “yeah cars 3 isnt gonna be an enjoyable movie tbh ://” and just assuming thats how everyone around you feels because after cars 2 a lot of people said “that sucked the cars franchise is awful it didnt need a sequel” (i know these arent EXACT words from people but its what i interpreted alright) its just like. wtf rude

leave cars 3 alone. leave the cars franchise alone if you dont like it because there are so many other people that enjoy the movies. dont fucking :/ at cars 3 because you personally dont think itll be that great because you know what?? it hurts. it hurts the people excited for the movie because they see so many other people already rejecting it when the teaser poster is all thats out. like. the people that are actually excited and happy for cars 3 are shaded under one big tarp of “oh boy another sequel ://// it wont be that great” like we get that so much like. we got that type of shit with cars 2, planes (like this exact shit happened with planes i s2g) planes 2, and now cars 3.

like. everyone has their own opinions and i get that. if you personally dont like the idea of cars 3 - thats okay and i respect that. but the fact that like im already seeing so much hate and that the general opinion for the movie already is just “okay whatever ://” just pisses me off and honestly hurts me a bit because its like. this shows me that whenever someone says “cars 3” the reaction will be “>:/ ugh” and it just upsets me. like. yeah. i just really love cars and am really excited for cars 3 and dont like seeing like the majority of people already sweeping it under the rug.


Okay, but as nice as Heiji blushing is, am I the only one who finds the scene the pictures are from incredibly cringe-worthy? Because he feels OOC in this. I don’t know Japanese, but the situation looks like he’s met this person for the first time, she asked directions, and then the earring thing happened. Would Heiji really get like that over someone he only just saw and met?

I don’t know, it just feels so wrong to me.

Unrequited Love

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Requested by: @all-fandoms-imagines

Request: Can you please write one in which the reader is dating Draco but he wants to keep the relationship secret because the reader is  in Gryffindor?

A/N: Sorry it took so long to write. I was lacking inspiration so sorry if its suckish. Keep requesting imagines tho, it keeps me the gif doesn’t relate. And I want to personally thank you guys for all the support im getting, its incredible because i just started my account a few days ago. But thank you guys, ilysm.

“Ow! My foot!” Draco yelled.

“Shh, Draco keep quiet were going to get caught,” You whispered

“What? It’s not my fault that this broom closet wasn’t designed for two people.” Draco said in a loud whisper.

“A broom closet is designed for brooms, you brick!”

Draco Malfoy, Hogwarts’ bad boy, and you, the best chaser Hogwarts has had in a century, were currently in a broom closet. Why, you may ask. Because the two of you are Romeo and Juliet. Well, not exactly but you two are the wizard world’s ‘remake’. Draco was a pureblood Slytherin while you had no wizarding blood and was in Gryffindor. Technically the two of you were supposed to be enemies. But no, when Draco set his eyes on you in his second year he knew you were different. He finally came to his senses in third year and asked you out. You said yes but made it clear it was going to be a secret relationship. Who knew how the school was going to react to the bravest Gryffindor and the most cunning Slytherin dating? Now in your fifth year the two of you were still going strong, but it was becoming harder to keep your relationship a secret from the rest of the school.

“Let’s stop bickering, okay?” Draco suggested.

“Fine, but people are catching on to us, in no time our secret is going to be out!” You panicked.

“It was bound to happen anyways, we can talk about this later,” said Draco calmly.

“But Draco this is serious, we can’t just… mmph.”

               You were caught off guard by Draco’s lips slamming onto yours with such force that you had no other option than to stop talking and deepen the kiss. This lasted for what seemed to be hours until sunlight shone into the once dark closet revealing a mess of red hair. Fred ad George Weasley caught you and Draco snogging. Your secret was finally out. Before you could plead for their secrecy they went around the corridors yelling: “DRACO AND Y/N! DRACO AND Y/N! THEY WERE FOUND IN THE CLOSET! SNOGGING! IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE FULL STORY ITS ONLY 1 GALLEON! MEET US AT THE PICTURE OF THE FAT LADY BEFORE DINNER!”

               Students and teachers filed out of the classrooms wondering what the chaos was about. Murmurs started going around, obviously. Once you and Draco were caught inside the closet with sheepish looks on your face the two of you were immediately escorted by Professor McGonagall to Dumbledore’s office with no explanation. To say you were scared would be an understatement, you were terrified. You were lead up a long spiral staircase until you reached  a birch door, guarded by two gargoyles.

“Bertie Botts every flavored beans,” McGonagall said to absolutely no one. You thought she had gone mental until the two gargoyles sprung to life and swung the door open, revealing an oddly decorated room, with Dumbledore sitting at a crescent shaped table stroking an odd looking bird.

“Ah, McGonagall, I see you’ve brought in some troublemakers, no need to explain I know all about it, just leave them here and you may be dismissed,” Dumbledore said, “Sit down students there is no need to be afraid of me.”

               Awkwardly you and Draco sat down on circular shaped chairs, waiting for your expulsion.

“Unrequited love, I see, a charming Slytherin boy dares to date a loyal Gryffindor girl? You may be wondering how I know, well, I have my sources. If you’re wondering, no you will not obtain ay punishments, because well, young love is not an offense.”

Draco and you simultaneously let out a sigh of relief as a ginormous weight was lifted off your shoulders.

“The only punishments you’ll be receiving are the stares and rumors from your fellow classmates. I hope you’re prepared for that?”

You both nodded your heads, thanked the headmaster and walked out of his offices with smiles on your faces, thankful you had the most merciful headmaster in all of Hogwarts history.

Once you got to the door of the downstairs corridor You turned to Draco and mouthed: “are you ready?” And when he nodded you swung open the door and was greeted by several students applauding your bravery. To them they thought you guys were strangely brave for defying the system. You couldn’t have been wronger about their reaction. You heard muggle-borns yelling: “THEY’RE MY OTP!” Though you didn’t know what it meant it must’ve been good because they were holding banners that read: DRACO <3 Y/N. To say that this day was better than the day you were named Gryffindor Quidditch Captain wouldn’t be an overstatement. Today was your favorite day in all of Hogwarts history. What made it better was that the whole day was spent with your wonderful boyfriend: Draco Malfoy.

Crowds used to make me wonder, how many people would notice if I disappeared? I used to mull over that kind of thing constantly, once upon a time. It’s not like that. It doesn’t have to be a lot of people. Even if it’s just one person, that’s enough. Having one person, is an incredible thing. Because then, it can’t be zero. I was happy…  Having someone other than yourself, thinking of you, looking for you.. you can’t take that for granted. It’s a miraculous and blessed thing.
—  Fruits Basket (Vol. 21 Ch. 125)
Yea, um, troye is a good friend of mine. He is another youtuber who now is an actor and a singer and a songwriter, and watching him over the past few years blossom into his own skin, whether its coming out and having his coming out video go viral and inspire so many people, or releasing his first EP, TRXYE, and taking over the US charts, and the music scene in general, its been incredible because he has been an inspiration to me, youtube-wise and personally and he’s such an good friend to me. We get along so well, and I, you know, I adore him and to see him thrive in his own skin and inspire so many people in so many ways, it warms my heart, and he has got so much stuff coming that I’m so excited for the world to see, and it’s- I think, he’s just at the beginning of so much of an incredible career, and for me to be able to witness that, and just to even be friends with him and part of it in our own little way, it’s humbling and amazing because I adore him and I think he has so much to share with the world.
—  Tyler Oakley, about Troye Sivan (June, 2015)

Honestly, Wiccan is more then just a “superhero” to me. It might seem a little silly because its “just a comic book”, but seeing him overcome so much and to keep moving forward means a lot to me. I see myself A LOT in Wiccan, and having a hero that you can look up to like that and who is just inspiring over all is incredible. 

I have anxiety that keeps me in the house most days. I have those bad thoughts. Some days I don’t think I’ll make it to tomorrow. I’ve almost made some bad decisions… but seeing Wiccan push through all that, and fight gives me hope that I can do it too.

“Friends actor Matthew Perry is barely recognisable as he steps onto red carpet”

yeah, God forbid he gets older. 


This woman is honestly a inspiration to me.. Its incredible. She holds the key to a door  nobody had found yet let alone tried to open. What she did seems pretty damn simple but honestly its proved so many points. People go on about how fake celebs, models or just people in general really are but in reality how can you blame how fake some people truly are, imposing ‘a false advertisment’ when the real person underneath is ‘ugly’, ‘revolting’ or you can’t look at her because ‘she’s disgusting’. 

I often heard through out high school that the reason a girl puts on makeup or wears a push up bra is not for the boys or anyone else in fact, but for themselves. But in actual facts if the girl who said it took just ten seconds to think about what she had just said she might realise that the reason she is spending 30 minutes skipping breakfast so she can paste a layer of makeup on her face is not for her own self control but to please society, to fit in if you like because spots aren’t in magazines, girls with AA boobs don’t model the big brands and the ugly ones are never the popular ones in the big movies! The worst part is it doesn’t start affecting a girl at 15 or 16 anymore but its now reaching the children of 10 or 11. Girls who are 13 are looking 19 and this isn’t because they want to but they are walking down the path of what society wants. The image we have painted and placed in front of them. Have we even given them a choice? i think not.😳 The harsh part is children or young girls who don’t take part in this one big social experiment are bullied or neglected until they join the craze. Look at me until i was 15 i was my own person, i didn’t care what people thought, i was me and i didn’t care if you or the next person didn’t like it. But something within me changed, i wanted to be the young desirable person that everyone loved and thought was ‘beautiful’ or ‘likeable’ so i slapped on a few layers, shortened my skirt, changed my hair and tightened my top. It worked and it still is… but was that the right thing or is that society’s destiny. idk.

So heres an idea.. take my advice

Be yourself, we only get one chance to live a good life and who knows what the future could bring good or bad.. So as Marilyn Monroe once said 

“A smile is the best makeup a girl could wear”

and that is the best advice i could offer any girl in need ☺️

its weird to be an asexual who wants to date someone, because like the main reason is that i’m lonely and want what other people have, but i also don’t want to be reminded that i’m not going to do it “right” because sex is such a Big Thing; and i’m willing to try it, i’m not against it, but really i just want to have a person who likes me romantically that i can have fun with