because it's honestly just too much for me right now

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

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Me and you are in the exact same mindset for our art. I'm lost for inspiration too. I hate my art. I haven't improved for close to 6 years. Nothing improved. I'm mad too. But Art isn't easy.. Class isn't easy.. And it takes time.. I know you're probably sick of hearing that and honestly so am I but its the truth... Don't give up just because you're getting mad right now.. Its worth it to keep it up...I know its your choice but Please don't quit...

me: i hate my art

a friend (you): same


you are so sweet thank you so so much ;v; you are all making me so happy ;v;

AH GOSH OH GOSH THATS WAY TOO SWEET JESUS Q///___///Q Thank you so so much!! I’m not as great as you say I am really, I just adore seeing other people’s art, and fanart is even more wonderful for me, it’s absolutely amazing to think that people would spend their time drawing my characters, like it’s insane 8//m//8;;

And yeah I agree though, sometimes AUs or art styles really look like their creators!! Theres this amazing post where everyone kept reblogging a picture of themselves and one drawing they made, and you could only notice how similar they were *//__//* It was a fantastic post!! (Almost added mine, but… I changed my mind at the last minute. I’m too shy haha //nervous sweating)


Aww… Thank you so so much. See, turning off asks and submissions is already a huge HUGE relief. I was very very afraid that it would cut the link I have with you guys, but look at all the adorable messages I got?? I mean, I’M AMAZED BY HOW SWEET YOU GUYS ARE???? You’re so supportive and nice and absolute cutie pies, and gaaaah I always have a wonderful (now ordered) time <333

Your support is sooo appreciated dear, really. Thank you deeply, you understand so perfectly!! q//v//q ALSO YEAH OH GOSH MY FOLLOWERS ARE WAY TOO CUTE I JUST SAID IT ABOVE BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY.

And aaaah, oh mi gooooosh of course!! Please design as much as you want, the guy wears anything!! <333 (also nice icon o//^//o)


Aaaah thank you I’m glad you like it! <3 I honestly really really enjoy working on this comic. It makes me practise, I’ve never done comics so detailed before, or I stopped afer like 4 or 5 pages because it didn’t interest me anymore. (Gotta say, thanks to CQ who is my main inspiration to keep going right now! It’s really pleasant :D)

I am never going to give specific dates about the Ink comics updates, because I’m a student and work is more important than anything <3 Besides, I owe art and also want to draw my OCs more, I got a personal project started >//v//< <3 For now Update 3 has its storyboard done! Now I need to write the text in details. I gotta say it didn’t progress much for now, sorry! D: But hey, one more month and I’ll be free to work on it without any problem >://3c

(We’ll see if Ink makes it… oops did I say that loud)


Mi god you brought so many memories to me just by saying the name of this song. Now I have it in my head. ;____;

ZT!Gaster is the ultimate goop manta. He is the Golden Goopster yes



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I love my babies alothhhhah… I’m so glad you like them too!!! 8//m//87

//wiggles// Mweeeh

My main OCs for now are Meke (the jellyfish girl), Soar (the muscled creepy guy who’s missing an eye and is a total sadist/masochist/cannibal but I love him anyway) and Aherän, the Angel, the cute the pure cinnamon roll WHO WILL GET FCKING DESTROYED.



WELL FUNNY YOU SAY THAT Because I just got a hair cut, my hair is short and curly again now!! :DD It was starting to get way too long and I really didn’t like having it. I’m sooo happy now it’s all beautiful and shiny ^////__////^<33

I’m small with brown eyes and brown hair (I’m original ye). I’m

very small. //sobbing



Aww I took a random theme and fucked up the code. ._.


I’m not an expert at coding but I know the very very basics concerning it’s visual aspects, and coding is reaaaally relaxing to do. That’s why I change my dA page design from time to time. (actually I should change it again when I have the time, it’s getting a bit old D:)

Aaaah je suis ravie que tu aimes mon fiston <333 Et je t’en prie viens squatter, y’a encore de la place :DDD //pointe une des 9500 chaises (déjà bientôt les 10k AAAAAAAAAAAA)


Awwww thank you so so much I just had to put this question in it was too cute <333 Thank you a lot, I hope the arting is going well!! >//w//<9



//sobbs on the floor caressing a drawing of him


HAHAHA HUEEEEE IM SO GLAD YOU AND YOUR FRIEND LIKE THEM! ////v//// Yeah Holiday seems to have alot of success <3 Just take him he’s yours //hands him over and keeps Heats close

I’m very happy you guys like the Uwa!!trio, I love them too alot <333

(i cant find them a specific tag though… Q//___//Q i guess uwa!!sanses or uwa!!trio but I’m not sure…)



I wanna see more ideas like that so yeah <3333 IM VERY HAPPY YOU LIKE THEMMM SQUEEEE

OH MY GOSH REALLY??? I’m so happy you like my blog, that’s so sweet of you!! Q///v///Q <333 YOURE THE SWEET PERSON HERE JESUS

And nooo ah, I don’t have a Wattpad sorry!! 8//m//8 For now I’m only active on deviantART and tumblr!!

I had a dream about you again. But this time it felt so real. It was a dream of our old times together. How I’d go over to your house to study, but then we end up looking up at the stars and talking about just almost everything. Those were my favorite nights, when I felt closest to you. Then you’d fall asleep right next to me. And for a moment I’d watch you sleep, not in a creepy way, but you just seemed so peaceful, and when a person is sleeping, they’re most vulnerable, you allowed me to be there, in your most vulnerable point. And then I’d follow after and fall asleep right next to you. I remember after that night, everything seemed so perfect, I fell so much more in love with you. But then I awoke from my dream, my dream of reliving a time when you were still in love with me. After waking, there was a lapse in my judgement, my dream felt so real, that when I woke, I thought you were still mine. But as my drousy thoughts wore off, I came to the painful relization, that you’re not mine anymore, and my dream, was only a dream. I stared at the wall for a second, because all over again my heart shattered. I remembered, I remembered that you’re now in love with someone that’s not me. And even though its been 3 months, it still hurts. I don’t know when it’ll ever stop hurting, but I know one day it will. I don’t think you actually really get over someone, you just learn to live without them. And right now, I’m learning to live without you. I remember one time you told me, before you left, you said to always look up at the stars, because no matter where you were, you were looking up at them too, and that we are both under the same stars. Cliche I know, but it meant so much. Honestly, I still look up at the stars, hoping, that you look up at them too…
—  You’re gone (via young-wildandfresh)

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There's one more chapter of bleach left and I've been so confident ichihime will be canon all this time, but now there's one chapter left I'm so nervous and doubtful all of a sudden 😩😩 It's now or never and that makes me feel so stressed

did i write this cos honestly me???

i’ve always been 100% on ichihime, not even like “there’s a chance we’ll not get any pairings made canon” like most IH shippers are. i’ve never believed that kubo would have an open ending, i was SURE ichihime was definitely going to be canon but right now there’s only 1 chapter to go and it’s just ?? too much ?? because like you said it’s now or never which is so stressful to think about and obviously doubts are going to hit you at this stage

but i still feel so confident because of so many things like

  • bleach ending at chapter 685 means that the very last few chapters kubo was developing ichihime. he knew when bleach was going to end before we did, and right at the end he was focusing on ichihime oh my god ?? ichigo acknowledging her powers and asking for her help as part of the final battle… kubo deciding to focus on an ichihime tag team a few weeks from the end of bleach… LITERALLY THE LAST TEN CHAPTERS OF A 15 YEAR MANGA WHICH HAS HUNDREDS OF UNANSWERED QUESTIONS AND LOOSE PLOT THREADS, KUBO WAS WRITING MOMENTS LIKE THIS AND THIS AND THIS OH MY GODSFHN
  • also renruki moment right at the very end ?? in the final 3 chapters ?? 
  • the opposing ships are looking very lacking right now (tbh they always have but knowing there’s only 1 chapter left really puts things into perspective)
  • in recent weeks, with the end in sight and kubo rumoured to have already handed in all the remaining chapters of bleach, WSJ did the “memories of the soul” character profiles, and the editors who put this together no doubt knew the endgame pairings and wrote orihime as ichigo’s love interest and rukia as ichigo’s eternal nakama (along with renji)
  • kubo has literally been writing the story of ichigo and orihime since chapter fucking two. he has been slowly, painstakingly developing their relationship, and not at any point has he ever dropped it. he’s been working on this for fifteen fucking years. even before that actually - he’s had ichihime planned since the prototype! he’s been working and planning on this all the way since then i’m so emo

For the first time i feel like there’s a chance bleach won’t have any canon pairings. there’s only one chapter left, and there really isn’t enough time to address everything, so it feels like we’re being overly optimistic in thinking he’s going to take the time to make ichihime canon when there’s still so much else to do. but at the same time ?? he’s been heavily focusing on ichihime right at the very end when there was so much left to do. he knew there were x amount of chapters left yet he made the decision to not focus on the hundreds of questions that needed answering, to not give us all the bankai we were expecting, not give us the flashbacks and backstories he probably had planned. he decided to write ichihime instead. and it’s something he’s been building on for years so the question is, would he drop it now after all these years because of time constraints? considering how long he’s been building up to it and how he found the time to give ichihime additional development right at the end, it doesn’t seem likely. so i’m still sure ichihime will be canon

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i just wanted to get your thoughts (since you're my fav cr blog!) about percy and his nobility? like the past couple of episodes he's really been playing the noble card and i was just wondering why you thought that was? i know he was always noble but like now it's always 'titles' and 'gentry' and all that jazz? ... it's been happening a lot, almost too much and i'm kind of worried because i love percy and since he's been hamming it up it's making me like him a little less and i don't want that!!

Honestly anon I’m kinda right there with you. But I also think he has a good reason for it. Mostly.

I think that, for the most part, it goes back to the idea of Percy and masks. Back before Vax visited the Raven Queen, Percy mentioned wearing his mask when he felt weak, or afraid. He’s very much about presentation, that boy, and I think in recognizing the scope of the threat of the Chroma Conclave––that is, since the visit to Draconia––he’s started pulling on a mask that is familiar and comfortable, which is his title and nobility. This is, as he pointed out, a war and not merely a battle, and in the face of such overwhelming odds (and such overwhelming defeat; they have lost Emon and Westruun and Draconia and hundreds, thousands of people, and three dragons yet remain) it’s a little easier to hide behind something as impartial and familiar as nobility and titles.

I also think it’s a way for him to show his acceptance of the burden of Whitestone. For a long while after the Briarwoods he passed off all decisions to Cassandra, left her in charge and pretty much has had nothing to do with the city. All his requests––for funds, lodging, resources––he made through her. In more recent episodes, though, he’s started taking responsibility for the town and its people, started considering things as a ruler and not merely a citizen (how many people can they support, how can they protect themselves there, how to keep it off the map, the entire dragon fiasco), in which case emphasizing his title is a way for him to acknowledge his heritage and responsibility.

And i think a third, rather small part of it is Vex’s title, and his way of reminding her that she has newfound weight to throw around in social situations, which are Vex’s forte. It’s a way for him to remind her that she has a new currency to spend.

(I also think Taliesin just has fun with it, but that’s neither here nor there.)

The thing is, Percy is kind of a pompous asshole. A charming and brilliant pompous asshole, but a pompous asshole nonetheless. Which is part of his charm, and also part of his terribleness that Taliesin loves to point out––he believes unequivocally that he is the smartest person in the room at any given time, and it gets him into trouble. Percy’s heart is in the right place, but his head often isn’t, and right now his heart is trying to deal with this overwhelming tragedy while his head plots the most pragmatic course of action. Which involves things like treaties and politics and the like, in Percy’s mind, and he’ll play whatever cards he can to get what they need.

Like he said, this isn’t a battle anymore. This is a war.