because it's his birthday and i like him a lot

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I have a very important and pertinent question. When our skaters are inevitably competing in the U.S during October, what do they dress up as when forced into Halloween costumes? Because let's face it, it's either happened or would happen. And Halloween is great. Thoughts?


  • otabek, bless him, is a spooky birthday baby!! he’s born on oct 31st!!! what a lovely spooky baby i love him he’s the best
  • anyway lots of people insisted on him dressing up as a hero bc of his reputation in kazakhstan so yuri, the fucking nerd he is, buys him a Link costume
  • he makes mila dress up as zelda SO HES MATCHY MATCHY WITH HER TOO!! THEYRE ALL MATCHY MATCHY!!!!
  • yuri is surprisingly v hyped up about this and otabek and mila let him do what he wants bc they know this wont last forever lmao
  • viktor unironically dresses up as elsa. yuri laughs at him bc. wow viktor. are you still living in 2012
  • jj comes as a king. yuri enjoys stepping on his cape
  • georgi goes as maleficent and he was just go big or go home he made everything himself including the horns and the impossible contouring for his cheeks
  • seung-gil is a damn killjoy who doesnt go as anyone, hes lame, everyone makes fun of him for being lame
  • chris goes as a harry potter wizard but like. a slutty harry potter wizard. u know what im talkin about

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Yay!! Could I have a scenario where tendou is just starting to date his s.o and learns she's a total weeb like him and falls for her that much more

Yay!! The new ask box got christened with ridiculous Tendou!!! This makes me smile a lot, because the admins adore Tendou and think he deserves all the love. In honor of the fact that its his birthday tomorrow, here is Tendou and his weeb girlfriend
~Admin Emma

Tendou hummed to himself as he made the familiar walk up to your house. It was a bit out of the way from his dorm room, but he figured if he dropped off your forgotten notebook, not only would you be eternally grateful, your mom might let him stay for dinner. He would never complain about that. Sure he’d crafted some elaborate fantasies about how you would show your “gratitude,” each more ridiculous than the last, but a not-so-small part of him just wanted to see you. New love was… pretty great.

Your mother greeted him at the door with her customary smile; “Sacchan! What a surprise.”

“Nice to see you again,” Tendou responded respectfully. “____ left her notebook at school. I figured I’d drop it off for her.”

“Well, perfect timing. She’s upstairs, studying. If you’d like, you can run it up to her room. I’m just finishing up dinner, if you’re hungry.”

“I wouldn’t want to impose.”

“Nonsense,” your mom said, patting his shoulder. “I’ll set out an extra setting. ____’s room is the first door on the right. She probably has her headphones in.”


Tendou had never been in your room… or rather, any girl’s room before. He burst in on Ushijima unexpectedly all the time, but he wasn’t dating Ushijima, and besides, those were the dorm rooms. Beyond that, he’d never been in a girl’s room before, letting alone a girlfriend’s room. This was a whole different ballgame. Every ridiculous scenario his stupid brain had ever seen in those trashy ecchi/moe titles he used to be so into went through his brain in a flash before he knocked quietly.

“Come on in.”

Tendou swallowed around an impossibly dry throat before letting himself in. When he was greeted with the full glory of your bedroom he… he had to stop. He didn’t know where to look first, from the massive shelf filled to bursting of Love Live figurines (mostly Kotori, if his μ’s trivia was up to snuff) to the ridiculous figures and plushes from that guilty-pleasure swimming anime from a few years back, to the posters on your wall to the dozens upon dozens of manga volumes that completely overwhelmed your bookshelves.

To top it all off, you weren’t studying. Your copy of weekly Jump was open on your desk, turned to one of his favorite titles.

“Satori! I didn’t expect to see you! What’s up?”

“Is that… is that Boku no Hero?”

You chuckled; “Why, yes it is. It’s utterly addicting. Why, you like it?”

“Of course I like it,” Tendou exclaimed. “Tsu is best girl–”

“You would think that Tsu is best girl, Satori,” you said, rolling your eyes.

“And Kirishima is a fucking inspiration, ____, ok?”

“For hairstyling tips?” You raised your eyebrows. “Because I’m pretty sure he uses his quirk, not pomade.”

“Regardless! Have you seen the anime yet?”

You snorted; “Have I seen the anime yet… what sort of otaku do you take me for, Satori? Or did the massive Kotori collection not tip you off?”

“We will discuss your questionable taste in Love Live! Waifus when we’re done analyzing every second of the cavalry battle, ____. Get the streaming service up! I have an account.”

“You’re such a nerd,” you laughed. “Why am I dating you, again?”

“Because you’re a nerd too?”

You pressed a kiss to his cheek as he tapped out his login information. He turned bright pink, which definitely clashed with his hair; “Fair enough, love.”

Jaebum As Boyfriend

Requested: Hello! If you haven’t already, can you do Jaebum as a boyfriend? Thank you! I love your account!

Hello :) I’m so sorry for the selca thingy XD I wanted to ask if you could you the “as your boyfriend ” thingy for JB but I’m really sorry if you already done it and I requested it twice c:

pls do jb as a boyfriend omg

A/N: Yes the request you all have been waiting for is here. Im so sorry it took this long for me to post this. There has been so many requests for this its insane. There was more to the ones included above. I hope you all enjoy this because i am dying he is my bias wrecker why must you do this sort of thing… stop.. i am dedicated to Kim Yugyeom.

Originally posted by myjaebutt

  • Chillest and most protective bf ever
  • You wouldn’t really do much as a couple
  • Your days together would include laying on the couch together
  • Watching some movie or drama
  • HIs arms would be around your waist
  • “I need to pee, Jaebummie”
  • “Nope you’re staying here”
  • He wouldn’t let go unless you forced him to let go
  • When you aren’t doing nothing together
  • You two would be out shopping or going to see a movie
  • He’d be super smooth and flirty all the time
  • But lowkey smack himself because of it
  • He would smirk all the time
  • Even when he does intend to
  • Like you would be doing dishes and you took up and see Jb smirking
  • “What you smirking at?”
  • “Me? Smirking? Never I’m too classy”
  • In public he’d try to come off as the cold, badass boyfriend
  • But he’d be lowkey kissing your cheek
  • and holding your hand
  • because he’s afraid of you letting go and leaving him
  • even though he knows you won’t
  • Your birthday? Expensive gifts
  • Your promotion at work? Expensive gifts
  • Not a reason for any sort of gift? Expensive gifts
  • Not because he likes showing off his money 
  • but because your love that you give him means to much
  • and its his way of showing you how much he loves you
  • without directly saying it
  • He wouldn’t say I love you a lot 
  • But would show it by asking you how your day was
  • or if you ate today 
  • by holding you
  • buying you things
  • offering to do things for you
  • like your doing laundry for the boys and he just wraps his arms around your waist
  • and kiss your shoulders
  • and he’d end up convincing you he’d do it 
  • OMO when he lets you meet the boys for the first time he is super SUPER protective over you
  • He’d constantly be touching your or being close to you
  • he trusts the boys and you
  • he just doesn’t want them to get any ideas
  • The boys see you as their eomma
  • Jackson especially would be like
  • “Eomma and appa buy me food”
  • You two act like its annoying but secretly think its cute
  • OKay~
  • Lets all be honest
  • sexy time with him would be GOLDEN
  • like he’d be so passionate and dominate
  • One second you would be getting your bed ready to go to sleep 
  • and the next you two are tangled in the sheets 
  • dADDY AF
  • “Baby girl, come here”
  • and he’d pull you to him, rubbing your bum gently
  • Holyshiteu
  • BASCIALLY hes a bomb bf like we all need a JB in our lives

Thank you so much for ruining my life…. ugh.. Still dedicated to my yugi though! Lets all take a moment to wish Jaebum well as he continues to get better!

admin ryu

B.A.P 101: How to Stan the Biggest Dorks Ever

Obviously B.A.P aren’t relatively unpopular/new but they’ve been on hiatus for almost a year now and they’ve gotten less and less fans and recognition SO with their come back getting nearer and nearer I had to make this post!!!!! Please support and love B.A.P okay you won’t regret it.

Note: This isn’t a list of everything they’ve been on/done, just the most important(?).


BANG YONGGUK- Rapper/Caretaker Leader in B.A.P. His birthday is March 31, 1990(25 years old; oldest member). Some fans call him grandpa because he moves and talks very slowly and its adorable okay I promise. He’s mostly known for his deep ass voice like seriously I didn’t know a voice could go that deep. Was an underground rapper and went by the name Jepp Blackman(? don’t ask honestly). He writes/has written a lot of B.A.P’s songs and is basically the dad of the group. Also really loves Tigger. twitter instagram

KIM HIMCHAN- Vocals/Visual in B.A.P. Some people call him the mom of the group and tbh it’s true. His birthday is April 19, 1990(25;second oldest). He went to a performing arts school and can play like…a shit ton of traditional Korean instruments as well as guitar and piano. He was an ulzzang pre-debut and a lot of people say he looks scary but really he’s just a big softy and super touchy I love Himchan. twitter instagram weibo

JUNG DAEHYUN- Main vocals in B.A.P. When they debuted their agency called him Busan’s Wonbin in order to cause a stir and I don’t think anybody has let that go yet tbh. His birthday is June 28, 1993(22; B.A.P’s middle child basically). He’s the one screaming in all the songs if you hear a random and super extra high note in a song it’s Daehyun. Talks entirely too much like he really never stops talking(which is funny because when they first debuted he was supposed to be the “silent type”). He’s like an annoying little brother sometimes but he always posts updates of himself and the other members and is always saying how much he loves his fans he’s just. Sinnamon roll. I don’t think he was doing anything in particular pre-debut but he always wanted to be a singer. Also, in desperate need of chapstick. twitter instagram weibo

YOO YOUNGJAE- Main vocals in B.A.P. He doesn’t really have a nickname as far as I know. His birthday is January 24, 1994(21; not really maknae line but not really not maknae line; ice cream line). B.A.P’s second most slept on member(I think people are still hurt about the One Shot MV). Full of sarcasm and always making fun of the other members but never in a harsh way. He and Daehyun are like partners in crimes they really never stop talking. He likes to pretend he’s cool but in reality gets super embarrassed and he is just. Beautiful and also his laugh is so extra he’s so extra please don’t sleep on Youngjae. twitter instagram

MOON JONGUP- Vocals/Main Dancer in B.A.P. His nickname is Moon Angel/Moontos. His birthday is February 6, 1995(20, maknae line). His fans are called Cheetos because his muscles look like cheetos(he literally called his biceps cheetos i love jongup). B.A.P’s MOST slept on member imo!!!!! He’s quiet and usually zoned out but whenever he does talk he’s sooo funny without even trying he’s really an angel. Also an amazing dancer even though on stage he only do like three in a half moves he got jams okay my dude can dance. Plus his singing is beautiful but he doesn’t get a lot of lines honestly #LetJongupCook2k15. Also his smile saved kpop. twitter instagram

ZELO(CHOI JUNHONG)- Rapper/Dancer in B.A.P. World’s largest maknae. His birthday is October 15, 1996(18; a baby). He loves socks and skateboarding and one time he danced in front of the sunset to Hotline Bling and it changed me as a person. He’s the only member with a stage name they picked it from a Greek god I think. And he’s like 7ft tall(6’1) but is still an awkward teenager going through his rebellious stage. Basically a giant baby. Also fashion disaster and constant victim of bad hairstyles.  twitter instagram weibo


Never Give Up(Yongguk/Zelo sub-unit)
No Mercy
Crash(Crash in Sokcho)
Stop It
Rain Sound
One Shot
Coffee Shop
Where Are You?(어디니? 뭐하니?)
Excuse Me
One Shot(JPN.)
No Mercy(JPN.)



Weekly Idol - (120822)(130306)(130904)(140305)


Ask in a Box

Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook(Starts around 20.20)

After School Club(Badman era)(1004 era)

Pops in Seoul



Introduction, Personal Intros, Ep.1(pt.1/pt.2), Ep.2, Ep.3(pt.1/pt.2), Ep.4(pt.1/pt.2), Ep.5(pt.1/pt.2), Ep.6(pt.1/pt.2), Ep.7, Ep.8, Ep.9, Ep.10(pt.1/pt.2/pt.3/pt.4), B.A.P Diary Episode 1, B.A.P. Diary Episode 2


Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3


Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12, Episode 13,

please let me know if any of the links are wrong/broken and feel free to add on!!!

I’ll always be here

Summary: Dan comes from an abusive background, Phil takes him on as his own responsibility to take care of, things kind of progressed from there.

Genre: Angst, Fluff.

Warnings: Abuse (Mental, physical and verbal) although nothing is really described in much detail, swearing, alcohol

Words: 2422

A/N: This is kind of AU? Like they still have YouTube channels but Dan doesn’t start his until much, much later than he actually did?

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Why Kaneki Ken is my favorite Character

Whenever, one of my friends reads TG I’m always asked who my favorite character is and to be honest I have no hesitation to say Kaneki ken. It’s the inevitable question of why that has always troubled me, because he has been my favorite character since I read chapter 1, 2 years ago. So in honor of Kaneki’s birthday I decided to sit down and say all the things that make him my favorite character.

1. Kaneki is not good or bad
I know that some might not agree with me on this but I love the fact that Kaneki is a grey character, he is not a hundred percent pure but not a hundred percent dark either. Kaneki is someone who has only the best intentions for people but more often than not gets lost in translation in the way he performs his action. Kaneki is someone that while trying to do the right thing will mess up other things, it not a bad thing it’s a human thing.

2. Kaneki is a Dynamic Character
Kaneki is a dynamic character and I love that; he is always changing to fit his environment and whether it’s for better or worse depends on the situation. At the start he was a shy, kind bookworm, and then he was a paranoid scared half ghoul with no support group. Then Kaneki was a kind pacifistic ghoul, and then he was a ghoul who only fought to protect other. Then Kaneki was a cannibal who went to extreme sadistic lengths to keep people safe, then Kaneki became depressed with what had happened to him, and then Kaneki was Haise who was kind and a fighter, now he is a kaneki who got his memories back during a traumatic incident during the Exterminate Tsukiyama arc.  To be honest I don’t mind him changing it’s a part of growing up and to be honest who wouldn’t change after what he has been through. I enjoy that his world view changes and that he evolves because there are a lot of characters in fiction where the plot never affects them which is unrealistic. Kaneki constant evolving is great for tg because it keeps it fresh and brings us deeper into the world of Tg.

3. Kaneki is not a standard anime/manga troupe
Kaneki is not like any anime/manga character I have ever watched or read. I have watched and read a lot of manga an anime and a lot of the time a lot of character seems to be the same, just with a different name or character design. Kaneki is not like any character I have ever seen. He is not a shounen Protagonist with a goal of saving his friends and becoming or a shoujo protagonist trying to get the girl (even though I make a lot of jokes about it). Kaneki is a character that is trying to survive and get people to care about him so when he dies people care. (He said that himself in Tgre chapter 53)

4. Kaneki is a main character that made a popular supernatural scenario
it was Kaneki and his story that pulled me into my further continuation of Tokyo Ghoul. Kaneki’s situation of being turned into a ghoul and having to eat humans, is something that is very reminiscent of the typical vampire story. However, Tokyo ghoul becomes its own thing branching of from that concept through Kaneki.  Ken is a great main character for this type of story because of how normal he is, kaneki’s character design reminds me a lot of side characters in other manga which in a way makes him stand out in a cast of a lot of colorful character. He stood out to me because that especially in that opening scene with him and Hide.

5. His story is so compelling
Kaneki became my favorite character through his story, Kaneki someone with a tragic childhood filled with abuse and death that then was forced into being a ghoul and to eat other humans. He just wanted to live and learn about Rize and try to find out how this happened and along the way he is torn down by the CCG, Aogiri tree, the clowns, and even himself. Kaneki was forced to live through being a ghoul and torture to literally be killed for wanting to protect his one safe haven. He was reborn into a new persona in the CCG, where he made new relationships with people and forced to harm his old friends. Now he remembers and in many ways I think he is trying to find himself and his life is making it hard for him to do so.

6. I relate to him so much
now this is where it gets personal; I for the most part love Kaneki as much as I do because I relate to him. I relate to Kaneki so much because I am someone who is shy likes to read. Just like Kaneki was introduced as in chapter 1. I understand what it’s like to ramble about books that I like. I know what it feels like to feel like no one cares or loves you, even when it’s obvious that someone does. I know what it’s like to have only one friend and that whenever I’m in trouble I won’t go to them because I don’t want them involved or I don’t want to burden them. I understand how Kaneki felt when he just wanted to give up and die, because trust me I have been there. I relate to Kaneki because he is a people pleaser, he will literally change how he acts to fit an image that people want. I relate to Kaneki how he is taken advantage of because he is nice a naive. I relate to Kaneki of his self-sacrificing personality, to fit a selfish desire of wanting people to like me. I love Kaneki because in a strange way he makes me feel like I’m not alone. I know it’s stupid because he is a fictional character, but through reading about him and living his story through him I have learned a lot about myself.

Sorry for the rambling, it’s just Kaneki is my favorite character and I could talk about him for hours, and this is the result of me trying to explain why he is my favorite. I apologize for grammar and spelling

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Dunno if you've discussed this yet. But some people are claiming Pearl doesn't even love Steven, and do not like how she's "likened Steven to Rose." I think they get that from "Sworn to the sword" when she's triggered into repeating the phrase, "why won't you let me do this for you, rose?" Like yeah, he has Rose's gem, but Pearl sees him as his own being, and has even called him "her baby." And I just watched "many birthdays" again and Pearl was so broken over that Steven could be dying. ;__;

oh, I’ve actually discussed this A LOT and its one of the ‘theories’ I have a lot of issues with because I feel like, while Pearl has a lot of issues she needs to work out, I don’t feel like whether or not she loves Steven for Steven is really in question. Complicated? Sure, but its always been clear to me she cares about him for him. It wasn’t until “Rose’s Scabbard” that people started to recontextualize every past action of hers to fit the narrative that she doesn’t care about him, which is unfortunate.

Now, while there are some instances where one might take Pearl’s actions as conflating Steven with Rose (”Space Race” is kind of like this, a bit), a lot of people seem to be using her outburst in “Sworn to the Sword” as ‘proof’ that she thinks Steven is Rose and not Steven. But I feel this is a BIG misinterpretation. 

What’s actually happening at the end of “Sworn to the Sword” is actually an extremely common trope called “Wrong Name Outburst” and you’ve probably seen it done before. There’s a few different variants (usually comedic ones) but the primary trope is “In an emotional moment, a character gets someone’s name wrong. Often this reveals that current drama has triggered a memory of a similar situation in the past.” which fits this situation to a T. What’s happening here isn’t that she is directly seeing Steven as Rose but rather the entire situation is echoing a past event. It’s a fairly common trope, and its generally not an indication that the person actually thinks the person they’re talking to is the person whose name they yell out. The outburst is meant to indicate that what’s really been going on is a deep, old memory has caused the character to act a certain way. It’s meant to serve as an explanation for how the character has been acting and, sometimes, shock the character out of their behavior so they can realize what they’ve been doing.

Pearl’s outburst seemed to be an indication that she’s had this exact conversation before (”You’re too important” “No I’m not!”) with Rose and the emotional intensity of it was like travelling back to the past and having that conversation over again. The entire episode it was clear she was getting caught up in the past, seeing Connie as representative herself and Steven as representative of Rose and not really taking in the reality of the current situation because her emotions got her stuck in past memories that this situation was just feeding in to. The outburst with the wrong name being enough to shake her out of the sort of ‘trace’ of the memory to make her realize what she’s been doing, stop, and resolve to change her behavior.

I firmly believe the writers were specifically using this trope for that reason and did not mean this to be an indication of Pearl not seeing Steven as Steven.

Iwaoi ficlet- Confession

Have a short-ish drabble I wrote for the prompt “confession while the other is asleep”! (Or so Iwaizumi thinks) Alternatively titled, Mastering the act of pretending to be unconscious by Oikawa Tooru


“I think Kunimi would most likely be an alien,” Oikawa mumbles, burying his face in the blankets, “He does this shifty stare sometimes like he knows I know too much.”

“Stop second-guessing your own teammates, you’ve literally been playing volleyball with him for two years.” Iwaizumi braces his head against his arms and looks up at Oikawa’s ceiling, which has glow in the dark stars smattered haphazardly over its surface. Oikawa claims there is beauty in the chaos, but Iwaizumi thinks Oikawa was just lazy.

“Well, if it’s any consolation, I don’t think you’re an alien,” the ball of blankets which is Oikawa shifts vaguely in Iwaizumi’s direction, “You’re too dense to be one.”

Iwaizumi has no energy to inflict any sort of force on his swaddled-up friend and instead makes a threatening noise in the back of his throat. “I keep telling you, even if aliens did exist, they wouldn’t choose your school out of the millions to infiltrate and assimilate into. Why Japan, even? If you’re gonna fantasise about it at least use logic.”

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The Zakki love continuess!

There were quite a few messages from other seiyuus to Zakki congratulating him on his birthday, but I found these three to be the cutest out of them all :3 From top to bottom, its from Wing (Yonaga Tsubasa), Micchan (Ichiki Mitsuhiro) and Irie Reona (his fellow ANIMARUS member from back in the day)

Yonaga Tsubasa

Everyone’s support and feelings always really encourages me. Everyone’s feelings of “like [affection]” are extremely pleasant, and I’m receiving lots of energetic and positive [forward thinking] energy from it. If everyone wasn’t there, honestly, I really don’t think I would’ve been able to try harder than I am now. Because of that, thank you very much.

Nobunaga-kun, happy birthday~~~~!! Thanks for trying your best as the chairman and dragging everyone during Free! I hope that this next year to you is a good year! Let’s work together again, okay?

Yonaga-saaaan! Thank you very much! I should be saying that thanks to everyone and thanks to my friends I was able to try my best! At the next workplace or bar, please look after me! Let’s hold another Free! meeting!

No no, it’s because you tried your best! All we did was follow after you! Let’s go out for a drink again! Come over and play at my place again!

Thank you very much…! My Free! friends are the best…! Definitely let me come over agaiiin! Let’s also play games again!

Ichiki Mitsuhiro

And happy birthday to Momo! [Free’s Mikoshiba Momotarou] To think we share the same birthday…! I really love the Mikoshiba family! LOL

Happy birthday… (Holding a glass of wine in one hand)

Thank you… (Holding a joystick in one hand)

Irie Reona

Today, I turned 26! Thank you very much for the many congratulatory messages. For this many people to celebrate my own birthday, even now I cannot believe it, I feel like I’m floating LOL
It makes me realise that it’s really thanks to the productions and the characters.

Nobunaga, congrats!!!! I hope that it will be the best year!!!!

Thank you Reona! I’ll make it the best year! Next time let’s meet as AniSta [the radio show that ANIMARUS and Ishikawa Hideo did 2-3 years ago] and go for a drink!!

I’m gonna drink!!! I’m gonna drink!!!!!

I’m gonna drink!!!!

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what do you think about yoongi? your analysis please?

i’m really terrible with words so this won’t be all deep and cool like other peoples’ descriptions, nor will it be witty and incredibly awesome… but it’s a bit of my mind!

note: this is just what i think and i’m definitely not saying that what i think is true and correct - it’s just my perspective of things!

this whole post is just me fangirling while trying to sound unbiased and cool

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You know, I hope Bryan won't touch the coat thing because it doesn't fit Hannibal's character at all. Like a lot of people already said, it would be the worst out of character gesture from Hannibal. I hope Mads won't let him do it. Also, it's too late to change the coat design, and they'll need to reshoot all the Will scenes with the coat as it's fitting him perfectly and Mads is taller and larger (and his own coat was too big...).

We already know that they went back and reshot some stuff from “Mizumono,” apparently on Mads’s birthday. And they didn’t need to change anything they’ve already shot—just have him have the coat later on. So they could do whatever they want, though from the sounds of it, they haven’t, and I would hope that Mads would object and they would listen to him.

Would it be the smoothest thing in the world, in terms of continuity? Nope. Do I want them to do it? Nope. I like it better the way it is.

But would it be out of character for Hannibal to have done that?

Also nope.

They played the scene so that Hannibal steps over Alana without looking at her, and he cleanses himself in the rain, which is symbolic of washing away the old and being born again anew, into his new life. It emphasizes how heartless Hannibal can be, his ability to turn loose those things that came before and to detach himself. Later, when we see him on the plane with Bedelia, this idea is somewhat reinforced: he’s moved on to someone else, and he smiles a little when he closes his eyes and puts his head back. With the death of the Ravenstag in between, Will’s breath slowing and his vision fading to black, and what Bryan called the “heavenly” image of the sky, it invites a reading of the story wherein Will dies (and probably Jack and Abigail) and Hannibal moves on (Alana still looked the heartiest when he left her, and the paramedics were right there—finally). This would have been the most reasonable way to understand the story if it had been the end of the series, had they not gotten a renewal for a third season.

But they also played it to keep things open for them to come back. In this reading, we see that the cleansing only went so far: it allows Hannibal to walk away, but when he rounds the corner onto the sidewalk and straightens the coat around his shoulders, you can see by the ravaged look in his face that “rebirths can only ever be symbolic.” Bedelia’s gaze on him is concerned, and his reassuring smile toward her is hollow. As he sips his champagne, his eyes are haunted, staring before him, abstracted and unseeing. That he retreats into his memory palace demonstrates that his cleansing in the rain didn’t successfully wash away the taint of those soiled relationships. Like he told Will earlier, in those moments, he couldn’t overcome his surroundings. He had to “make it all go away.” The smile he gives is then part of the performance: a performance meant, this time, for an audience consisting only of himself, as he tries to come to terms with having endured this teacup—which is togetherness, which is family—shattering for a second time in his life, with as drastic and life-altering of consequences. As the story of the two seasons demonstrated, Hannibal doesn’t actually move on well at all: he dismissed and subjugated the entirety of his carefully constructed life for the opportunity to turn back time, once he believed such a thing could be possible.

The show divided these two readings very neatly down the middle (and much kudos to Mads’s performance, the writing, and especially the editing for bringing it all together and making both exist simultaneously) in order to allow for whatever came of the show to occur. Since we are in fact getting a third season, though, the second reading now dominates: Will doesn’t die and Hannibal doesn’t actually move on, in spite of his Herculean effort to do so.

Under this reading, then, had Hannibal stooped down and taken that coat off of Alana, it would have been representative of this inability to move on from these pivotal moments of his life, even as he can heartlessly and simultaneously dismiss others he cared about, once. He takes and takes and takes, and then he takes again.  That he has to keep one piece of Will—a trophy, you might say—and is willing to coldly rob a dying Alana of her protection from the rain to do so…well, all that would work as reinforcement of him being both the devourer and the devil…as well as a very lonely man.

It isn’t the action that makes it in or out of character, especially for someone like Hannibal. And this is true of all characters in all writing: it’s how they rationalize the action that makes it in or out of character. Hannibal has a rather remarkable ability to rationalize just about anything. He could certainly have justified taking that coat for himself, just as he could justify walking over Alana without a backward glance, or cutting into Abigail’s throat when she had never wronged him in any way and didn’t even offer him any threat.

He’s a very selfish and sometimes very petty man.

Birthday Jealousy

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“Happy Birthday!” The cheers were close to a loud explosion as I walked through the front door of the apartment into the crowded lounge room.

“My child is so old.” A cheery voice called as strong arms wrapped around my waist spinning me in the air making me laugh like a toddler.

“Baekhyun, I’m not that old.” I whine as he places me on the floor taking a step back before handing me a small box wrapped in brown paper.

“At least I know you wrapped this.” I mumble turning the box around taking in the horrible wrapping job, obviously done by Baekhyun.

“Shut up and just open the present.” He says a smile obvious on his face as his eyes look at me with hope. I look at him with suspicion as I pull the paper from the small box. A cheeky smile is on his face as I continue to watch him while taking off the lid.

“Holy hell Baek this is gorgeous.” I yelp surprising everyone else in the room making them look at us in amusement. I look up at him in amazement and he just grabs the shiny necklace from the box spinning me around so he could clip it around my neck.

“Well I’m glad you like it, I bought this like six months ago because I thought it would be something you would like.” He says rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly and I nodded staring down at the beautiful key that was linked around my neck. A small shimmer on Baekhyun’s neck caught my attention and I scowled at the boy playfully as he pulled a small lock out of his t-shirt.

“Now we will think of each other when we look at the necklaces.” He says his puppy eyes making me melt at his cuteness.

“Well, if you guys don’t mind I would like to say happy birthday to my girlfriend.” The voice got me to take my eyes away from the lock and towards the lanky boy standing against the counter of the kitchen.

“Sehun, don’t be rude.” I scold walking away from Baekhyun over to the tall male who had a small pout on his face.  Wrapping my arms lightly around his waist I bury my head into his chest as his own arm tighten around my own body.

“Happy birthday, baby.” His voice still has a small whine to it but I let it go knowing how possessive he gets when someone threatens him.

“Sehun just relax, okay. Once everyone is gone we can talk about your jealousy.” I whisper in his ear and he huffs but seems to take my advice give my temple a small peck before grabbing plates and cutlery from the kitchen.

Sehun’s face remained sad and bored the rest of the day as people spent their separate times wishing me a happy birthday and giving me gifts or just spending the time talking about the time we spent apart. After a long three hours I decided to finish the party earlier than planned, explaining that I had a headache. Everyone was more than happy to give me time to rest and all left with final goodbyes.

Finishing with the cleaning I look over at the tired boy on the lounge who gave me a small glance before turning back to his phone making me huff. Walking over to him, I take in a deep breath before sitting down and taking his hand in mine which gained his attention.

“Sehun, why are you being so grumpy?” I question making him frown deeper as he whispers a small ‘i’m not grumpy’ making sure to not make eye contact. Deciding I would need to be more forceful, I release to boys hand getting off the couch and making my way over to him, straddling him ten seconds later.

“Sehun, tell me what’s wrong. I just want to know so I can help you.” I purr, running my finger through his hair as his eyes looked at me panicked. He knows all my tactics and he knows that this one will always get him.

Letting out a defeated sigh he opens his mouth to start talking, but nothing seems to come out, so he continues to open and close his mouth a few times before just closing it. I continue to comb back his thick, black hair I smile knowing his pride is being the only issue right now.

“Are you jealous?” I question and he nods slightly, making me chuckle before leaning down and capturing his lips with my own, making him groan in delight and his hands to grip my hips.

“Baby, tell me why you’re jealous.” I continues leaving small kisses on his jaw and neck making him throw his head back.

“It’s just baekhyun is always so perfect. His perfect corny pick ups and his perfect presents and his perfect everything.” He whines and I sit up looking at him in surprise.

“Are you serious? You are like the most perfect person I know. And I know that because you tell me at least five times a day.” I let out a small laugh, falling quite as I notice his sad gaze on the wall behind me.

“But I try to be perfect, he just is. And then he gave you that stupid necklace and I just got mad, and you can’t even tell that he’s hitting on you, and I know you two have been friends for years but I’m just so frustrated.  This was the first birthday we’ve had as a couple and I really wanted it to be amazing and memorable but I just can’t do it.” His small outburst just made my grin grow.

Grabbing his cheeks, I smile down at him turning his face up towards me, giving his forehead a small kiss before making eye contact with him.

“Baby, it was great. All my friends were here and I caught up with my brother and his wife and it was great. Just you being here made it ten times better.” I whisper his face holding surprise.

“But, I don’t even have a present because Baekhyun stole my idea.” He whines and I just hop off his lap, grabbing his hands and pulling him off the lounge.

“Well, I have a few ideas.” I purr making him gulp and pick me up practically running to the bedroom.

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