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A/B/O starters (send one for my muse’s reaction) [mobile friendly chat version]
  • 1- : “Why are you resisting your nature?”
  • 2- : “I can smell it! You’re in heat.”
  • 3- : “I can’t wait to see your/my belly swell with our perfect babies.”
  • 4- : “Fuck! I can feel it/them moving in there.”
  • 5- : “You’re feverish, so stop being stubborn and go lay in the nest.”
  • 6- : “Are those suppressant pills!?”
  • 7- : “Put the glass down. You are pregnant with my kids and I’m not going to let you self-destruct because you can’t cope with _______ ” (ex: your nature)
  • 8- : “Look at your neck. Look at the marks I left. You are mine. And solely mine.”
  • 9- : “Come, I’ll give you a bath to wash the dry slick away.”
  • 10- : “What does my omega want for breakfast/lunch/dinner?”
  • 11- : “You, the alpha, are cooking for me?”
  • 12- : “Why do I even bother when all you do is use your pheromones to push me into rut?”
  • 13- : “I don’t want you to knot me.”
  • 14- : “We are bonded but not married, and your parents are old fashioned. If they find out…”
  • 15- : “Fucking knot me already!”
  • 16- : “I-I can’t stay when you’re… like this…” (heat)
  • 17- : “Your smell is… intoxicating. If I stay I’m going to knot you.”
  • 18- : “If you don’t want me to breed you, lock yourself in your bedroom. I’m taking the couch.”
  • 19- : “Resisting your/my nature is only going to make it worse.”
  • 20- : “Fuck! You stink of beta pheromones. You could have gone more subtle.”
  • 21- : [ Public place ] “Stay calm. I might have just started my heat.”
  • 22- : “Your cycle is fucked up because of all those suppressants you took.”
  • 23- : “You’re too weak to make a nest.”
  • 24- : “I can’t understand you alphas and omegas, smelling each other like you were meat.”
  • 25- : “Do you really think all omegas want to be fucked by you? Sorry to break it to you, but you can fuck off.”
  • 26- : “You don’t smell it? I’m surrounding myself with betas from now on.”
  • 27- : “You know, I always kind of envied omegas.”
  • 28- : “I-I want… N-no need… I… fuck… I-I’m confused.”
  • 29- : “Your bloodline is not pure. I can’t be bonded to you.”
  • 30- : “Alphas/omegas like you are a disgrace to your nature.”
  • 31-: “I thought you were on suppressants?”
  • 32-: “I don’t know why people don’t like betas. I think you’re amazing.”
  • 33-: “Do you think I’m/you’re pregnant yet?”
  • 34-: “You can’t help me, as much as I want you to.”
  • 35-: “I’m bonded to someone.”
  • 36-: “I wish you could claim me.”
  • 37-: “Can you fuck me and not claim me?”
  • 38-: “I don’t need you. I can do this alone.”
  • 39-: “I’ve gone a long time without an alpha.”
  • 40-: “It’s been a while since I’ve fucked an omega.”
  • 41-: “I need you to claim me as your omega.”
  • 42-: “I never thought I wanted a mate until I met you."
  • 43-: "I will only claim you as my omega if you love me.”
  • 44-: “You want me to claim you, don’t you?”
  • 45-: “Please, protect me while I’m in heat. I’m not ready to be claimed.”
  • 46-: “I’m afraid of being claimed by an alpha.”
  • 47-: “I don’t want to be claimed by anyone but you.”
  • 48-: “I didn’t know I was an omega until I went into heat around you.”
  • 49-: “Please, tie me down so I don’t do anything I’ll regret while I’m in heat.”
  • 50-: “I don’t care if you’re also an alpha, I want to claim you.”
  • 51-: “I’m the Alpha, you’re the Omega, I give the orders and you follow them.”
  • 52-: “You’re my Omega, and mine alone.”
  • 53-: “As an Alpha, I have the right to claim you, the Omega, and you know that, don’t you?”
  • 54-: “I gotta say, you have a really, really strong scent, even for an Omega.”
  • 55-: “Are you in heat or something? I didn’t even know you were an Omega…”
  • 56-: “Sorry, it was just a question, didn’t mean to upset you!”
  • 57-: “Dude, calm the fuck down. Are all Omegas this easily scared?”
  • 58-: “Woah, so you can get pregnant by an Alpha, even though you’re like, a dude?”
  • 59-: “Y'know, I am an Alpha, I could help you with your heat, if you want me too…”
  • 60-: “Be a good Omega and bend over.”
  • 61-: “You know as an Alpha I can smell that you’re ____, so you might as well tell me what wrong with you.”
  • 62-: “A group of alphas tried to follow me home today.”
  • 63-: “Y'know, nobody is going to know I’m your omega if you don’t mark me as yours.”
  • 64-: “The suppressants haven’t kicked in yet.”
  • 65-: “Do you really think this thing will keep other alphas off of me?” (ex. a collar)
  • 66-: “Can a body grow immune to suppressants?”
  • 67-: “You know, part of me dreads the idea that any child I bare may be an omega and have to grow up in this world while being seen as nothing more than a couple of holes to fuck.”
  • 68-: “Everything is so fucking hot. Why can’t alphas go into heat instead of omegas?”
  • 69-: “Just because of what I am doesn’t mean I’ll submit to just any alpha”
  • 70-: “I got into some trouble today. I sort of punched an Alpha in the face when he touched me. Long story short, there’s a couple of officers at the door who would like to talk to you about getting control of your omega.”
  • 71-: “I’d kill to be a beta right now.”
  • 72-: “I don’t want an alpha.”
  • 73-: “I don’t want an omega.”
  • 74-: “Do you see me at all? Or am I just a couple of holes to fuck?”
  • 75-: “If you didn’t want me, why did you bring me here?”

guess i’ll die 


Fandom PSA

*ahem*… let us remember that HBO’s Game of Thrones is nothing more than big-budget fanfiction…

I can name many fanfic writers who have a much better grasp of Sansan canon and Sansa and Sandor’s character arcs.  Any scraps D&D might throw out to Sansan shippers will pale in comparison to what’s already happening in the Sansan tag on AO3 and the Sansa/Sandor/Sansan meta tags on Tumblr.  

And besides, GRRM loves Sansan.  It’s canon, regardless of what happens on the show.


It’s obvious. It’s clear to anyone with two eyes– he’d say one eye, but that would mean including the Chief in “people who get it”, and for once, the Chief does not.

It’s there in the way Pavus leans out of Sera’s window to ask when they’ll be done hitting each other with sticks. It’s there in the way the Chief stops boasting about scorched curtains and starts talking about incorporating more mages into their unit.

It’s as clear as the scars on the skin over the Chief’s big, stupid heart, and Krem’s still not sure if it’s a problem.


i need one of these gigantic dragon trees on my team right now

hey lets not pretend that most of you guys have gotten rid of that weird ass sense of superiority i see all over this place where yall think you’re smarter and better than other people for being into more obscure and weird shit or “understanding” weird humor or not liking superwholock or whatever the fuck trendy thing

like I get it it’s fun to feel like you’re in a secret club but hey how about trying to improve yourself as a person by not fucking inflating your ego so much and just….. not caring. just. being chill and going on with your own life and letting other people like different things from you do without being such a weird bully about it

yall are like “im not judgemental! im nice uwu” with your weird tumblr bs and then turn around and scoff at everybody you see if they so much as don’t get whatever obscure depressing joke you make

stop that

Little Gigantic Things #229

Perfect World shutting down Motiga :c

of piano players and restaurants

Genre: can you guess it?

Words: 7.970, Jesus Christ. I need to be stopped.

Warnings: Alcohol is mentioned like… twice…

Summary: Phil is a waiter working in his best friend’s restaurant. One day, when the owners decide to hire a new pianist since their last one was a complete fail, Phil is kind of skeptical about it — can you blame him? The last pianist was insane — but once he meets Dan Howell, he realizes it’s not as bad as he thinks.

a/n: Again. One of those stories that I could’ve left at 2k but then I went, “THESE CHARACTERS DESERVE MORE AND SO DOES THE STORY AND I CARE ABOUT IT TOO MUCH TO LEAVE A NORMAL ENDING,” so yeah. God. I need lessons on how to not let myself get carried away.

This is also for my beautiful beautiful friend/wife Ravie, whose birthday is in like two weeks and a couple of days but I like to give her earlier presents. (also hi Ravie. It’s just a habit to give you longfics as presents whoops.)

(also it’s getting really ironic how I can only write cheesiness when I hear Hyper Music.)

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It’s strange… When you’ve wished for a thing, for so long, and it comes to life. After a while, thoughts like this aren’t a priority anymore, but they remain. A Mirror’s Edge open world was without doubt my ultimate dream as a gamer, at least I assumed that’s what it was… a dream. What DICE has done with Catalyst is beyond anything I had imagined at the time, or even hoped for. I was a little nervous when it was first announced in 2013, but I still had faith… and I was right! These people, Sara Jansson and her team (I couldn’t name them all), are simply amazing. They understand the flaws of the original game and made us something beyond all of our hopes. I was speechless when we saw the gameplay during the E3 presentation this week. The city of Glass is astonishing, I love how it changes from the bright and white city we know during the day to a dark and Blade Runner like vibe at night. (The name is great, not only because of its gigantic glass buildings, but because it illustrates the transparency of its residents’ lives under Kruger’s politics.) I love the attention to detail, like Faith’s reflection in the glass or water. The new move set is great and the combat is not only impressive, but combined to the move set, making it even more thrilling. The open world is massive, varied, full of races, trials, threats and environmental puzzles (like the atrium in Chapter 8 - Kate, of the original game I assume.) What more could we ask for? I am in heaven, and it’s thanks to DICE.

the homophobia in “gamer” communities is ridiculous and quite frankly, super contradictory in the way they try to justify it. for example, before tracer was announced gay, whenever ppl would headcanon anyone (like roadhog or zarya, like the last post i rb just explained) as gay, a lot of gamers would say stuff like “why does sexuality matter? it shouldnt make a difference whether theyre gay or not, stop trying to make things more complicated than they are by putting labels, blah blah blah” so they would sound “”“progressive”“” or whatever.

but then blizzard announces that a character is gay in the most casual way! theres no huge introduction or build up of it, literally if tracer had kissed a guy instead of a girl, it would have been just as ordinary! which you would think the gamers would be happy about since blizzard is only catering to their “sexuality doesnt matter” argument. but then of course the gaming community tries getting out of it by saying that overwatch is too politically correct or trying to be inclusive or whatever. like!!! if sexuality didnt matter to you in the first place then why are you so butt hurt abt it!!! its because youre gigantic homophobic messes!!!!! lmao!!!!

i literally saw a comment on the forums saying like “the lgbt community’s job is to make gay ppl seem just as ordinary as straight ppl but their objective is failing bc of tracer’s sexuality now” like wtf kind of logic…….

i mean listen i have a lot to say and this post looks like ass rn bc of its complete disorganization but im just rly heated bc i saw more comments abt the reflections comic and i saw a lot of posts today that were getting me in the mood for “gamer lgbt discourse” or whatever

lmao feel free to rb