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Slightly sick Fushimi gets hit by a Strain who's power is to turn people into animals. However, he doesn't change after and all our alphabet boys are curious and amazed ("was it a dud/false alarm?"). When they get back to the office, every time Fushimi sneezes or coughs, he transforms, either fully into an animal or anthropomorphically with just the ears/tail/paws and such.

So say everyone’s chasing the Strain, Fushimi’s all coughing and sneezing and miserable and also probably in an even worse mood than usual, like let’s just get this guy so I can go back to headquarters and go the fuck back to bed. Except the Strain gets the drop on them and Fushimi gets hit with the power. Everyone tenses because oh great here we go again, but it looks like everything’s okay and the team heaves one big collective sigh of relief. Which is when Fushimi sneezes and promptly ends up with puppy ears and a tail. He’s just staring at the ground a little and not really reacting so there’s some confusion as to whether this is just ‘aspect of an animal’ or ‘oh great this is like that time Fushimi-san got turned into a cat Captain’s probably buying squeaky toys as we speak.’ Hidaka tries to inch forward to pet Fushimi’s ears and calm him down, which is when Fushimi’s like what the actual fuck are you doing you moron. Everyone’s very thankful that it’s just normal Fushimi-san with puppy ears…except when they’re on the way back to the van they notice that Fushimi’s just staring at this tree and not moving. Closer inspection reveals there is a juicy squirrel in the tree and Fushimi is just biting his lip to keep down the desire to go after it. No one knows whether to touch him or not. Luckily right before he can’t take it anymore he sneezes again and sulky kitty Fushimi is led back into the vans.

They get back to headquarters and of course Munakata is quite charmed by Fushimi’s adorable kitty ears and tail. He also just so happens to have this ball of yarn sitting right here and Fushimi’s just like 'I hate you so much’ as he goes running after it. The rest of the squad makes a valiant attempt at completing their report while not just staring at Fushimi sitting there on the floor with kitty ears and a tail, glaring daggers at them as he plays with a ball of yarn. He can’t quite manage to stop pawing at it until he sneezes again and ends up with rabbits ears.

He looks sort of hungry along with the misery so someone suggests they take him along to the dining hall. Not sure what to get for him, the alphabet squad prepares one plate of rabbit-friendly veggies and one plate of Fushimi-friendly meat. Fushimi is torn between his hatred of vegetables and his sudden deep desire to eat them all. Doumyoji jokingly tries to take the meat away from him since steak is bad for rabbits, which is when Fushimi sneezes and tiger!Fushimi almost bites Doumyoji’s arm off. Everyone supposes that at least they got him to eat.

Then Fushimi sneezes again and ends up with a fish tail and gills, and the sudden inability to breathe air. He ends up being tossed over a couple people’s shoulders as they make a mad dash for the bathroom and dump him in the bath. Cue Fishimi swimming morosely in circles in the bath. It’s mentioned that now nobody can take a bath until this wears off and like Hidaka’s all 'Well, it’s just Fushimi-san. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if–’ There’s the sound of an underwater sneeze. Everybody tenses, but it looks like nothing’s changed. Hidaka takes a nervous step towards the bath, and that’s when they see the shark fin sticking out of the water and decides that, well, baths can probably wait until this all wears off.

i think dishonored ages beautifully and i hope it ages like this forever because gdamn its my favorite game and i dont wanna go back to it one day and feel like its unplayable or something because of graphics ;;;


[get to know me meme] 10 TV Shows - Present(*Honorary/10): Community

“We really wanted to show that Coulson and May have an intimate connection that’s very different from May and Ward’s connection. May and Ward’s is physical, and serves that purpose, but you can’t kind of beat the connection that May and Coulson have.”

-Agents of SHIELD writer, Lauren Lefranc on the DVD commentary for T.R.A.C.K.S.


1daaw: day 01 - fics (gif + favorite quotes edition)

prose can be hit or miss, more often than not. but when properly executed, the writer exhibits a masterful manipulation of language, intertwined with a strong grasp and use of literary devices. to the writers that can have strong roots in prose, here’s to you.

give me more of francis being a good king and i don’t care what happens with the rest of this show.