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Wives can have affairs, too. We are people, too, after all. Even if we just stay home cleaning, cooking and doing laundry, we are still women. It’s only natural that we get drawn to people who treat us well and make us feel loved. But..a mother shouldn’t do that. If your husband does something wrong, you can kick him to the curb. But how is that child at fault?


Anthony Ramos x Reader

Requested by anon: “ Hello! May ask a song-fic request to “Baby it’s cold outside”, reader x who ever you would like? Thank you!”

In which the reader needs to get home and study but Anthony refuses to let her leave because it’s too dang cold outside and he’s in love with her oops

Words: 2274

Warnings: no smut, some suggestive content, swearing

a/n: Thank you to the anon for requesting this & for everybody’s patience! Since the holidays & finals week are all coming up, I tried to incorporate them here. In advanced sorry for how bad this might be, writing songfics are so hard haha. ENJOY(:

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Hot Chocolate // Daddy!Draco

Originally posted by autumncozy

Request: @dracomayfoyyyybabbey - “Hey, I was wondering if you could do Draco as a dad and the reader as a mum an have scorpiusand make it all cute an fluffy”

A/N: It’s short because I still have to explore Draco Malfoy as a father and his relationship with Scorpius + I didn’t have much time over the week to write because finals :( This also has a very autumny/coldish vibe to it because it was Thanksgiving a few days ago! Hope you like it :))))

The big leaves on a tree fell silently and slowly as autumn finally finished to settle in, decorating the green grass in orange, yellow and brown as the weather began getting colder. Inside a big mansion, glancing through a big picture window stood a woman in her late twenties, pressing a hot cup of chocolate against her pink lips. As she took a sip, the sweet scent traveled its way up to her nose in silence.

(Y/N) then noticed that she had finished her cup, and being the chocolate lover she was, she went to the kettle and poured herself some more, accidentally spilling a few drops on the grey marble countertop. Just as she raised her hand that was holding the mug to take a sip, she heard a distant, muffled noise coming from the room next to the kitchen.

She listened closely, realizing that it was someone talking alone, until another voice piped in the conversation. Walking slowly, she glanced around the door, gaining a full view of the large living room that the Malfoy Manor owned. There sat two males with the same pale skin and platinum blond hair, the only difference being their ages. (Y/N) managed to distinguish a few toys tossed around the expensive carpet, ignored by the little owner, who instead, was smiling at something above him.

As (Y/N) entered the room quietly, she saw what Scorpius Malfoy was looking at: his father, Draco, was twirling his wand upwards, conjuring several sparks that took the shape of different animals each time. She watched in amusement as a yellowish sparkle drifted from the tip of the wand, rising high until it took the shape of a lion, which emitted a low roar before vanishing. (Y/N) couldn’t help but laugh at such sight, which caused both boys to look at her.

“Mum!” Scorpius greeted happily, standing up and rushing towards her to grab her hand “Look at dad! Look what he’s doing!”

Draco smiled warmly and stretched his arm to his side in an inviting manner “Come join us, love.”

Not being able to resist Scorpius’ tugging on her hand, (Y/N) sat next to Draco as their eight year old son sat in front of them, looking expectantly at the wand. Placing his arm around (Y/N)’s waist, Draco once again twirled his wand and a red light escaped the end, taking the shape of a big phoenix, which stayed and soared around the living room gracefully as the Malfoys proceeded to play Exploding Snap and drink hot chocolate.

Gah! Busy day so bit late to submit this one. My submission for Lapidot week Day 3: Bodyguard.

I tried to make like the front cover of a comic, because technically I was suppose to make this one a comic submission but since I don’t have enough time, I’ll post it later when its done.

In this AU, Lapis Lazuli Diamond is the willful daughter of an influential wealthy business woman who has a tendency to ditch and lose every bodyguard assigned to her. Lapis absolutely hates that she can’t have some sort of freedom despite the protection being necessary.

Her mother finally hires bodyguards from Quartz & Stone Agency, and the personal bodyguard assigned to Lapis is Peridot Greene, who’s affinity towards technology and unique skill set has allowed her to never lose a charge. Lapis thinks that out of everyone ever assigned to her she hates Peridot the most and resolves to get her fired as fast as she possibly can, luckily Peridot is up for the challenge.

Hi can you tell I like it when Peridot is the cool one every now and then hahaha!

precious child (ノ◕‿◕)ノ*・゚☆

I wanted to write a poem for Minxie in iambic diameter since i discovered the meme and I finally kicked my ass into gear at some point this last week ^_^

i ame a cat
alle byg and whyt
i cuddle up
to friends et nite
as Minxie i
kan keep them warme
and snug together
thru each storme

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Clear and Cold

Ichiruki. Written for this week’s @deathberryprompts​ weekly drabble prompt. Prompt this week was ‘unbreakable’. 200 words. Many thanks to @hitenbankai​ for her help with cutting out unnecessary words. 

When the ice in her veins thaws and Rukia blinks, she sees nothing but a swathe of black fabric and hears nothing but ragged breathing above her head.

Ichigo’s arms - because of course they’re his arms - cage her in. They are bands of iron across her back. Ichigo presses his face into her hair. She can hear him whispering.

He is saying her name, over and over, like it’s the only word he knows.

He’s here - unbroken - as if he’d always been - and yet, she had watched him fall, had seen the shocking crimson of his blood on the snow and had heard the brittle snap of her heart before the roaring in her ears overtook every other sound.

She barely remembers calling out her bankai; her only clear memory is the frigid rage that coalesced in the void in her chest and exploded outwards in swirling, knife-sharp blades of ice.

Rukia smothers her face in the folds of his shihakusho, feeling the heat of his skin and the tremulous beating of his heart next to her cheek. The thrum of his reiatsu buzzes under her skin - she can feel it again, and it vibrates right down into her bones.

As elated as I am about Jed’s decision to walk away at the end of the episode, I found that scene a bit…rushed? Considering the emphasis the show placed on their relationship tonight and last week, their final goodbye felt incredibly anticlimactic, as if the writers were simply done with baiting us. I think we’ve all been really great about welcoming Lisette - because hello this show is hella good at its female representation - and this final scene with her felt like a reprieve from her character. Her “she doesn’t need to know” was typical of The Other Woman - a stereotype that the writers have previously been smart to avoid. I’m curious if others felt the same way?

@heretherebebooks why yes I do!!

space related:

-The Across the Universe trilogy by Beth Revis (there’s another across the universe thing so i have to mention the full name whenever i recommend it) Its got space! and new planets! and mystery! and political intrigue! the second two are better than the first one though.

-The Lunar Chronicles because honestly when someone said “Cinderella but instead of her shoe falling off it’s her foot because she’s a cyborg” i was sold faster than a subpar on-campus latte during finals week (they sell surprisingly fast when students are desperate and don’t wanna leave the library).

Dystopian (bc I consider it sci fi too)

-THE DARKEST MINDS I know people are probably tired of hearing me talk about this but omg. it’s so good. it will change your life (it will also probably destroy it but that’s besides the point). ALSO, it is being made into a movie, now is the opportune time to be a hipster and get into it ‘before it’s cool’

-I believe I had some other book I was going to recommend but I completely forgot. my love of the darkest minds blocked out all other books. i am sorry…

I hope this was helpful and I hope if you read any you enjoy them!!

do you have any book recs?


This is for llttledipper and her amazing soulmate!AU you must read cause it’s heartbreaking and gods so much inspirational! For this comic I use this song you guys need to listen while reading the comic for more feelings. The panels without lyrics are meant to follow the music soooo, enjoy!

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late final fantasy ix week ◦ day iv ◦ favorite boss

I commend your courage, but I will show you no mercy.


Swan Queen Week + Arranged Marriage AU

“Regina, please, you don’t have to cast that curse. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not doing anything. I’m sorry for not fighting against our families. I’m sorry for not understanding what was happening right in front of me. It’s not too late. You can stop this madness. Ripping hearts. Cursing people. This is not who you are. I will fight for you. I will.”


I think I’m going to be offline for the whole weekend… I’ve been having a pretty bad week and its finally getting to me in the worst possible way. I’ve tried to make it better but nothing worked out, I just couldn’t make myself happy. This really is nothing new for me but its never gotten this bad. Aside from all the school stress, its also because of some problems at home. My mom and I never had a good relationship so we keep fighting, my older sister is never home so I can’t talk to her as much as I used to, I stopped taking care of myself; its just a huge mess. It’s getting to the point where I’m feeling suicidal, something I haven’t felt in a while. I know people have it worse than me and this post is just stupid but growing up with a family who don’t ever talk to you and having a mom who laughs at me, insults me and even hits you really leaves a big scar on your mental health. I’m sorry this got really personal, I’m usually not like this but I needed to type this out so I feel somewhat better, even though I’m sure people could care less about this. I apologize for this. I’ll try to be a better person.

The heart never lies (Stiles Stilinski x Reader One Shot)

Can you write a Stiles imagine where he and the reader are really good friends and they both like each other and one day Scott tells Stiles reader likes him and he decides to ask her out in a really nerdy adorkable way because she’s a nerd too? –> A/N: I am so sorry that is is so late. I hope you can forgive me. I’m now on my college break for the week so I finally finished this. I hope you enjoy it and its how you wanted it :)


Characters: Stiles, Reader, Scott

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff

Words: 906


‘Still on for our study night tonight, Robin?’ (Y/N) questioned me as she was getting her books out of her locker for the next class.

'Yes, of course I am. Mine at 6pm, I’ve got it. Are we still focusing on sci- WAIT! How comes I’m Robin? I’m not Robin, you’re Robin!’

'What ever you say, Watson’

'There is no way in hell you’re Sherlock Holmes!’

'Catch you later, Tom.’ She turned and walked down the corridor towards her class.

'You aren’t Jerry. I’m Jerry!’ I shouted after her only for her to lift a hand and wave me off.

'Dude, ask her out already.’ I jumped and turned 180 degrees on the spot only to find Scott standing directly behind me.

'Don’t do that, Wolf boy. You scared me. Ask who out?’ I questioned innocently. I hadn’t told anyone about my crush on Y/N so he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

'Y/N. Don’t act dumb, Stiles. It’s not a good look on you.’

'W-what?! Y/N? I don’t like Y/N. Don’t you act dumb, Scott. It’s not a good look on you either.’ I mimic. HOW DOES HE KNOW?!

'Stiles, your heart tells me otherwise. She likes you too you know.’

'Okay, okay. You got me. She’s just perfect, funny, gorgeous, we like the same things, she’s always happen to what Batman and Star Wars with me, she’s into 'geeky’ t-shirts and is always willing to go shoppin-WAIT! Hold up, what did you just say?’

'She likes you too. Man, you should go for it. Ask her out on date.’

'No, I couldn’t do that. How do you know she likes me?’

'The heart never lies, dude. The heart never lies. Anyway, I will leave that with you because we’ve got to get going. Coach has been staring at us for the last few minutes. I think we’re late.’


'Oh, crap. She’s going to not turn up. She doesn’t like me. This was such a dumb idea.’ I look back at my bedroom to the scene behind me. I’ve made my bed and pulled back the corner of the duvet. Across from my bed is my TV with a selection of mine and Y/N’s favourite films including, The complete Star Wars collection and the box set of BBC’s Sherlock Holmes. Next to my bed I have a small table with two mugs of hot chocolate, mine and Y/N’s favourites and a vase full of flowers. A few lit, scented, pillar candles were dotted around my room too, illuminating the room without the need of electrical lighting. And last but not least was a bowl laced neatly on the bed with a selection of chocolate M&Ms, crispy M&Ms and Reeces Pieces inside of it, just the way we love them.

*Ding dong* CRAP!

'Stiles, I’m letting myself in. Where are you?’ I ran out of my room and halfway down the stairs where I met Y/N who had already started ascending them by this time. 'Hi, Stiles. What we studying today? Come on, let me past, we’ve got things to do. There’s not a lot to do so it wont take long. What’s wrong with you?’

'Nothing’s wrong, (Y/N). I thought we could study in the lounge this evening. You know, change of scenery and all that.’

'I’m know buying it, Stiles. We never study anywhere but your room. What’s been going on with you recently? I’ve been your best friend for 10 years know, I’d like to think I know you well enough to know that something’s changed. Let’s sit on your bed and talk.’

’(Y/N)! No!’ It was too late. She’d pushed past me. She was in my room. I’ve officially made a fool out of myself. Time to pack my things, change my name and move out of the country. This was the end of Stiles Stilinski.

’-all this. Are you even listening to me?’ Kill me now.

'I’m so sorry. I think you should go. I’ve made a huge fool of myself. I’m so sorry. I hope we can forget about this and just move on like this never happened.’

'Why would we do that, Stiles? Would you care to tell me what’s going on in that brain of yours? Want to explain what this is for?’ Nope. Nope. Nope. I really do not.

'Listen, (Y/N). I - I like you, okay? Happy now? Scott convinced me to tell you tonight. I know see that he lied to me. I’m sorry.’

'What did Scott lie about?’

'He told me you liked me back. I see that was completely false.’ I hung my head in embarrassment. I just want die. Darth Vader kill me please!

'Stiles.’ (Y/N) stepped towards me and held my head in her hands. She tilted my face up to make me look into her eyes. 'How’d Scott know I like you?’

'Wait? You like me?’

'Wasn’t it obvious? Wow, you really are Pinky!’

'Oh hell no! You are not Brain! I now have a question to ask you. (Y/N), will you be my girlfriend?’

'Let me think about it. Urmm, YES!!!’ I ran over to (Y/N) and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and buried in the crook of my neck.

'You never answered my question. How did Scott know?’

'The heart never lies, (Y/N). The heart never lies.’  


Finally i had some free time to do something.. this week and the next one come very busy and difficult.. but.. well..

i did this just for own amusmement XD nothing else…

Sonamy kids: Smile: Xtremely cheerful girl, uses hammer, can be kinda violent at fighting.. she was named by her dad   ////  then its Lily.. she was named by her mom because her dad got missing before shewas born… :( she doesn’t talk, and is not so hyperkinetic as her big sister..

Sonally Kids: basically just Sonia and Manik from the old continuity from archie comics but i adapted them to the new one.. they both like to be called different from their original names.. it sounds more special..XD

Sonelise kid :(?!) OMG how this happend? XD  that was what people in Soleanna asked themselves after their leader died after having the baby (wich the parents where hiding) the guards tried to chase Sonic, Sonic scaped with the baby.. they went to a uncharted place to live.. Siege has a little curse..he inherited the Iblis inside of him.. so uncle Shadow (ewe hehe uncle shads) helped giving him some inhibitor rings to seal it.. Siege cries a lot since then :D  (pff what a weird story XP ehehe) (by the way.. is not like i reaaally lke this shipping.. because i don’t really like it …ok ? ^_^  hope you don’t misunderspand me for creating this little monster X’D )

Sonaze kid: the older kid here.. (and i like his design the most ) he is a kind of Pirate.. he is the guardian of dimentions; he travel through them with his ship (dunnowhichone XD ) he knows about these other Sonic children and he wants to reunite them to stop a being that is eating other dimentions;  he likes the cold weathers :) and he doesnt considere himself so special since he knows he is just one more from many Sonic childrens in the whole universe…

sooo well that’s all.. i’m not planing anything serious with these.. just drawing around..for fun… i was going to add a Sonmina kid but i think i don’t like too much XD

hope you lile it !

Can You See It?

The first time he sees her he thinks of ashes. She’s just a burned out pile of ashes that’s been blown around, then swept up and left. He sees the sunken eyes that show fear and shock. He sees the burned body that has eaten only enough to survive. He sees matted hair that hasn’t been washed in days, weeks, months?

He sees beauty in those ashes. He sees the girl he knew, and he sees what she could be again. She just needs a little vision of her own.

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My first ever weekly spread EVER! Its only two dailys and the weekend though, since I got my bullet journal on Wednesday and May 1st is tomorrow! A new month, yay!!

Gosh, I have only had my studyblr for a week and I am loving the community so much! I cleaned my room, studied for finals, AND went to dinner with some friends tonight because I’ve already learned so many helpful and motivating tips and tricks to getting shit done! Everyone is so kind and such sweeties! I feel like I can do anything, which I can!!

(I was so proud of the tree I drew, even though its very autumn-y and its April right now. But, whatever I like it still!)

Oh, yeah! I’m gonna tag @studypetals because I LOVE HER BLOG WHAT THE HELL - and - there is this contest thingy she is doing that you should check out! (I’m on mobile I can’t link to the contest post, sorrysorry)

Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) is going to be doing some serious SHIELD field training in the coming weeks. After several traumatic incidents in the past few seasons, Henstridge said her character is going to be taking great lengths to make sure she is capable of taking care of herself.

“It’s a recurring theme for her that she needs a man to save her. On the planet, she only got back because Will sacrificed himself for her,” Henstridge reflected during a recent visit to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’s set. “She let [Lash] out because she wanted to save herself, and she didn’t know how she was going to do it. She knows she doesn’t have the combat skills to be able to take on all those Hydra soldiers. Selfishly, in hindsight, she sacrificed all of those Inhuman lives to save her own. She’s just done with not being able to look after herself in that way.”

In an upcoming episode, viewers will see Simmons get some training to better prepare herself for future situations that might put her in a similar danger. “She’s going to try to arm herself, but also it’s a period of growth for her to realize you make mistakes and you make decisions in an instant. It’s another thing she’s got to carry on her back. It’s another motivating factor to keep being a SHIELD agent and keep trying,” said Henstridge.

—  IGN