because it's effing adorable

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ok but Sidon and Link cuddling and Link falling asleep on Sidon's chest and a guard coming in, telling Sidon that he is needed for a meeting, but Sidon just shush's the guard and continues to let Link sleep on his chest

Oh my goshhhhh, dude 

Sidon just gestures at Link with a ‘what do you want me to do? Do you honestly expect me to wake him?’ expression on his face before just shaking his head and going back to gently stroking Link’s back / head

The meeting will have to wait. The Hero of Hyrule is tired and he deserves some good sleep. If he just so happens to fall asleep on top of the Prince, well, there’s nothing that can be done about that, can there? And its totes not because Link is effing adorable, and is staying still for once, thus allowing Sidon to stroke the tips of his fingers over the curves of his cheeks, the lines of his ears and nose, the delicate plump of his lips (and even smooch his forehead every now and again). He shoos the guard away, tells them to just make up whatever excuse for Sidon not being able to come and goes back to it 


love everlasting, i promise you that
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