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嬉しい 大丈夫 | ごめんなさい

“Wake up my sweet Yuuri…”

Continuation of my Swan Prince!Victuuri AU where Victor’s a swan who wants to be truly human. Yuuri had always admired him from the shore of the lake where he lived, unaware of his true nature, but one day, he rescues him from a fight and tends to his injuries, and Victor wonders how he can repay the human. 


What if Steve cursed in German?

This silly comic is for @starkscap! She taught me some swearwords in German and after our chat I had an idea bouncing in my head that led to this, so blame her lol

Anyway, ‘leck mich am Arsch’ literally means ‘lick my ass,’ but a more correct translation is ‘kiss my ass,’ and apparentely this sentence can’t be used in a sexual way (what a shame!). I decided to ignore this or maybe JARVIS is tired of all the sexual tension between these idiots, who knows.

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boyf riend headcanons for the soul

-It’s not uncommon at all for Michael to wake up and see Jeremy staring at him. Jeremy always gets super red but Michael grins and thinks it’s the most adorable thing in the world.

-Michael often calls Jeremy his everything. (More sappy nicknames for him include: pup/puppy, marshmallow, and his kasintahan.)

-Jeremy will call Michael his anchor. (Other nicknames include: honey, big guy/hunk, knockout, and Ibig.)

-Michael flirts with Jeremy in languages he cannot understand. Nonetheless, it never fails to fluster him. ((The whole time Michael is actually just telling Jeremy what he wants for lunch in Filipino.))

-One of the things they’re never sure about is who should walk on what side of the sidewalk (aka: the masculine one/man is supposed to walk on the side closest to the road). They end up flipping a coin to see who walks on which side (this happens every date).

-Jeremy is shy about affection all around but Michael is only hesitant at first. Michael is the kind of guy that always wants to be close. (A few examples include: pinkie fingers that are always locked together as they’re walking side by side, Michael always pulling Jeremy close to himself when they sit down, and Jeremy combing his fingers through Michael’s hair whenever they’re alone, which Michael fucking purrs at).

-As said before, they switch on a lot of things. Michael seems to like being the big spoon a majority of the time, but is a sucker for when he is curled up against Jeremy. They often try to make meals for each other, and (although Michael organizes it out a bit more,) at least once a month can’t help in buying the other male a gift.

-Michael is NOT a morning person. Whenever Jeremy sleeps over, he’s usually the first person to wake up. But no matter how deep of sleep Michael is in, the moment he feels Jeremy start to move, he will entangle his arms around him and hold him so tight that struggling is not an option, mumbling persuasively that it isn’t time to get up yet. Jeremy is never a big fan of this at first, but eventually sulks back against Michael and drifts off back to sleep feeling awfully comfy. (Michael falls back asleep with a satisfied smile, which Jeremy has caught before, though pretends not to notice.)

-One of their favorite dates is actually roller skating(?). Half for the skating, a bit for the food, and half for the arcades in the back of the place they go to. Michael tends to show off to Jeremy (and has to help him up from falling a LOT), but after lunch they go into the game room and at least an hour later emerge with handfuls of tickets. Every single time they try and save their tickets for one of the more expensive prizes, but end up spending them on glow in the dark trinkets and cool dice and small plushies. They have the usual diner date while they munch on nachos and snow cones, all the while trying to keep their balance (because every table is full and they are still in their skates).

-Jeremy is really good at calming Michael down when he needs it. He’ll rub his back or wrap an arm around him and pull him close. Michael never fails to lean into his touch and murmur a thanks. (This actually happens a few times a week, as sometimes just the stress of the day wears off on Michael, and he has to take a break to relax and calm down at the end of the day. He can do it alone, but Jeremy insists on being there for him.)

-On one of their dates they somehow ended up doing karaoke. Michael was very giddy and happy and with the help of Jeremy (and vice versa), got up in front of like twenty people and sang with Jeremy’s hand in his. Even though there were lots of distractions and he didn’t know all of the words, Jeremy was taken aback, because holy shit can Michael sing. Because of how excited and elated he was, there was lots of emotion behind Michael’s voice, and oh my god did Jeremy love it. He tried to compliment him afterwards, but he didn’t think Michael took it too seriously, as he simply squeezed his hand and kissed him in response.

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kid!destiel + puns + fluff = happy halloween! 🎃

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so listen there is only one type of sheith I write and it’s apparently soft af and that is my default I apologize for nothing enjoy these goobers being sweet and sappy with each other oh also there is mild nakedness but its in the context of exhausted cuddling. if you want a song try this one because I am a sucker and everyone should have this song on their sheith playlist okay enjoy

diamond in the dust

Jerking Black to the side, Shiro dodges a shot from the largest ship, wincing when it grazes Black’s flank. She groans her fatigue through the bond. They’ve formed and disbanded Voltron so many times throughout the course of this fight that Shiro’s shaking from exhaustion himself, both mental and physical. His left wrist quakes, palm sweating and sore in his glove as he yanks on the controls. Black spins.

They’d run into the fleet on accident. The surprise had been double sided, though the Galra fleet had numbers on their side and had pummelled the Castle while the Lions were still waking up. There seems no end to their continuous onslaught, more battlecruisers warping in to replace each one that Voltron slew. It’s slowly spiralling out of control.

Shiro exhales sharply. The fleet fans out beneath him in vicious purple stars. Weaving throughout are various forms of light: blue and yellow and green spinning, spinning. Red is a sturdy and telltale streak. Explosions are quickly strangled by space as the lights dart through the fleet. There’s too many. They don’t have the energy to continue like this.

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“Father Mulcahy hauling Frank bodily out of the OR in The Kids” -requested by @brinnanza)

its a lost cause, lily 


Choose wisely, Pacifica

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As I mentioned previously, Sincline’s (Lotor) mother is not her own separate character in the Voltron adaption.

However, in the 2014 crossover comic Robotech/Voltron, they made a new character that is an homage to her instead. Much like her Golion version, Lora is an Arusian who is Lotor’s mother (and not a slave to spare any sort of implication that Golion had) and died by the hands of Zarkon because she begged him to spare innocent lives.

The last image is actually a spread that shows multiple universes with different scenarios, and that particular panel is the universe where Lora still lives.