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I’ve been waiting to post this draft for a while hahah but I’ve been rebooting my Redbubble store for the past month and there’s new art stuff and I’m excited.


The Dress (Suit?) ~ Part 2

Part 1 with the fill by @feynites (x)

I couldn’t resist not drawing Vena in a suit, and more party shenanigans.

anonymous asked:

Working at the library Author goes to a lot. Knowing his face and always helping him find books and put them away. Leading to an interesting turn when he takes a leap and asks you out for coffee. Writing out the address on a scrap of paper and leaving with his books. The sincere smile he has when you meet up and pulling you inside gently because its chilly outside, wrapping an arm over your shoulders slowly. Mumbling out "Too fast?" in fear that you were the type to move slower on dates

A W H. I love soft dark boys so much



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Denmark and Norway fishing on the North Sea. Norway wrapping his arms around Denmark and helping him hold the pole because a Dane could never know more about fishing than a Norwegian, but also because it's chilly out at sea and Denmark is warm and smells like salt-water and home.

The air may be cold, but these two don’t feel it. 

Also, I don’t know how to draw boats… *cough*

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Nathanel ( Miraculous ladybug) with a red nose because its chilly while in winter clothes. Can he be holding a cup of coffee or hot chocolate too? Thank you so much! Have a peaceful day/night! Stay warm!

Tomato boy wearing my clothes in slightly different colors :’DD 

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Hi~♡♡♡ I just wanted to request - tis the season - a fall scenario for the members + V? It can be lil fics or hc's, whatever inspires you. Thanks~! ( ^ • ^ ) ~♡

a/n fall is here!! (i’m late) lolol but this was kinda vague so i did a different hc for each person and someone also requested coffee hcs with jaehee so waBAM two birds in one stone - pps i was listening to this playlist while writing this so u should too! (thanks @radicalhoodie))


    • ❝ dawnfall mornings❞
  • waking up really late together in bed with snack crumbs on the bed because you tow were in  bed last night gaming together before you fell asleep mid fight on his shoulder
  • yoosung got super soft and ended up killing himself in the game because he wanted you to get the winning point
  • you wake up and feel the fall breeze coming in through the window so you get up and put on his jumper
  • its not too oversized since he’s tiny too
  • peeking over at his sleeping face
  • god he looks so angelic
  • you see ur winning point on the screen and you smile
  • the boy is too damn precious so you go over to make breakfast
  • he must’ve slept much later than you because he’s still sleeping when your done >;(( get more rest sungie
  • but the smell of pancakes in the morning wakes him up and he looks super cute with messy hair and rubbing his eyes
  • loveable smile plastered on his face
  • pancakes and tiny mc?? 
  • wow.. how did i get so lucky.. she’s. so. cute. ugh  
  • pulls you back into bed and crushes you into a bear hug and he’s a light shade of rose pink
  • makes you sit inbetween his legs and he feeds you as well as himself ofc
  • both spend the day under the covers like small kids playing ds games and LOLOL
  • insists you wear bear onesies and take 1000 selfies together
  • constant temple kisses and shy loving glances at you and protectively envelops you in his arms so you’re never cold ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
  • protect yoosung x mc PLEASE


    • ❝one night: fall shopping ❞ 
  • you’ve been convinced by mr one and only that you need a completely new house makeover because its fall
  • its really chilly and you both wrap yourselves up so you look like hedgehogs and he can’t help himself from kissing ur squishy cheeks
  • coat paws
  • you go at night to avoid being spotted fans hand in hand
  • onwards to ikea!!
  • buying hot chocolate and picking out different pieces of furniture around ikea and the store is empty 
  • testing out the beds out by jumping up and down before running away from security guards
  • lots of fall selfies in the mirrors making funny poses and they’re the cutest thing eVER
  • puffy cheek selfies, him squishing ur cheeks with one hand, you drinking coffee candid and him kissing your cheek
  • calls you sweet cheeks because your cheeks are tinted pink as you’ve slightly warmed up in the cold environment
  • picks you up and puts you inside a big trolley and runs around with you
  • uh oh
  • zen spills his hot chocolate on isle 4 and oh crap run
  • you’re both doubling over laughing and he can’t push the cart anymore and somehow you’re both on the floor 
  • sore cheeks at the memory of the security guard’s face as its you guys again
  • he stops laughing and looks at you adoringly before pulling you in for an eskimo kiss then pecks your lips
  • both stare at each other for a while because jesus christ how cliche are we
  • break into giggles again because
  • god damn how are we adults again?
  • who knows?
  • leave hand in hand to try find another ikea that might let you in


    • ❝one afternoon: fall colds❞
  • big dummy catches a cold and you force him to stay in bed because stop! working!
  • tries to refuse but you reassure him that jaehee will reschedule meetings and extend his deadlines please relax baby!!
  • sick jumin = fluffy jumin
  • his voice changes from husky to a cute mess and so does HE
  • he’s wearing a t shirt and sweatpants and his hair is flopped over his face with his specs 
  • and he has a red nose
  • i told you he becomes fluffy
  • when you tell him you’re going to make him a soup that your mum made for you when you were sick he sheepishly smiles and his heart swells up 
  • “thank you i appreciate princess”
  • no jumin its f- wait did you agree? huh..
  • you set about making the soup and he can hear you humming from the nearby smaller kitchen and he falls asleep with a silly smile because mc’s voice is angelic i’m blessed!
  • when you come back to see jumin sleeping you put the soup down and stroke his hair because sigh he’s so adorable :(((
  • you’re about to leave but he mumbles for you to stay and hell yeah you don’t need to tell me twice
  • he refuses to let him feed him but after sneezing while trying to eat the soup he lets you because ouch its hot :c
  • his heart hurts and its not the cold as you spoon him
  • stares at you because no one’s ever showed him this amount of love 
  • ❝ i wish i could just give you the world.. ❞
  • you catch him staring and you blush and he tilts your face up
  • I would kiss you but I don’t want to get you si-
  • you just kiss him anyway because who cares anymore at least you’d be fluffy together
  • you both sneeze right after the kiss and just chuckle
  • zen in the background: serves u well for all those cat pics that got me sneezing >:)))


    • ❝several evenings: fall coffee❞
  • you both live for coffee in the evenings!
  • you pick her up after work and take her to a coffee shop every weekday because she’s always worn out
  • her neat bun has fallen out of place and strands of hair cover her eyes and jesus thank you amen
  • you insist she wears a sweater under her coat and she doesn’t fight you because she really loves your sweaters
  • they smell like you
  • you’ve memorised her order and like jumin she’s amazed because wow, how a cute human being care about me
  • when you turn back with both your order she thanks you and with her sweater paws picks up her caramel macchiato 
  • candid photo op!! and she gets a shock every time 
  • she smiles from ear to ear at your lame joke but covers her smile with her hands too late as you snap a picture
  • BAM! theres your new lockscreen
  • she gets red and puts her head on the table because oh god
  • listens to you talk while drinking her coffee and the foam somehow gets on the corner of her lip
  • she doesn’t realise until you wipe it off with your thumb
  • never gets used to pda heavy sigh and she tells you that she was just about to wipe it off ‘herself
  • ok sure
  • as it gets darker you have your coffee to go and you walk home through the park and your hand makes it to hers
  • she hesitates before slipping her hand into yours because no one can see you guys under the dimly lit lamps shes shy remember
  • you’re rambling but the only thing she can think of is how much she’s changed since being around you with a silly smile on her face
  • ❝ i wish they knew how much they mean to me…  ❞


    • ❝late night adventures: fall leaves❞
  • both of you have been so focused on work that you’ve barely seen each other or joked about even though he’s in the next room
  • one night as he’s about to sleep he sees you with your head in your hands revising with messy hair and his sweater
  • he’s convinced this is the best you’ve ever looked but why are you frowning no smile please!
  • he swiftly takes your hand and takes you outside
  • ???
  • he climbs over the closed off park fence and jesus we could get arrested but he just shrugs
  • he interlocks your hands together and tells you to just rant
  • you stare at him because damn he knows you so well and you just ramble about everything and anything and he has the other hand in his pocket silently listening 
  • feeling guilty you nudge at him to start ranting and he hesitates before spilling his worries
  • it ends up silent as you walk along the park path as you both process your thoughts before he breaks out into a run
  • oh fgs i thought he was going to be normal this evening
  • he ends up in a leaf pit throwing around leaves into the air like a child his laughter filling the air
  • smiling to yourself you run in next to him and join in throwing and kicking leaves around and all your worries from before have been forgotten
  • he giggles to himself at the fact that you’re enjoying yourself 
  •  she loves me despite who I am and my past… do i deserve this?
  • he’s cut off by the patter of rain and your squealing
  • instinctively pulling you in, he covers you and him both with his coat as you both start running back home
  • reaching the door he glances at you once before before staring at your lips and places his lips on yours before pulling away slightly red
  • uh sorry, i’ve always wanted to kiss you in the rain
  • you pull him back in because shut up u bean ur face matches your hair


  • ❝noon: fall pictures❞
  • you trail along with him to the forest because v taking photos is something that made you feel giddy
  • following behind him kicking leaves as he’s looking for a spot to take pictures
  • when he finds a position he takes out his camera and smiles at you before turning to face the orange trees
  • you sit on a log because you’re a lazy person and you’re already tired i really have to start running or something
  • he gets frustrated because fuck nothing is looking right and turns to see you examining a leaf looking adorable
  • he smiles to himself before snapping a photo
  • ..perfect
  • the snap of a camera startles you because I don’t look good on camera no no no!
  • when you cover your eyes out of embarrassment he squats down to your height before giving you a reassuring smile
  • hey you, you’re beautiful… how many times do I have to tell you?
  • his encouraging words help you to relax as you explore the woods and he takes candid photos of you
  • every one is perfect to him 
  • by the end of the session he smiles to himself and pulls you to him kissing the top of your head
  • you sneak out your mobile and snap a photo of him and he chuckles to himself thinking damn how innocent can a person be
  • but suddenly you jump up on to his back and snap a quick selfie on his back
  • you’re both mid laughter and his eyes are wide in shock
  • you travel straight to the shop to get the photos printed and create a fall photobook
  • and the cover of the photobook is that silly selfie you took together and it’s the best picture he’s ever seen

how soft is this

One day my dad told me a crazy story about his friend. He told me that one day his friend was just hanging around downtown and that he encounter a beautiful women, so they started talking and he tells her that he was just roaming through the city and she said she was doing the same. They got to know each other quite well and they kissed each other, at one point decided to stop and sit down and take a rest. She tells him “can I borrow your jacket because its chilly out here”. So he lets her borrow the jacket they were just talking for an hour more till she tells him that she has to go, but she tells him if she can borrow the jacket till the next day because it was cold, she tells him “ you could come to my house and pick it up”. He tells her “it’s alright you could borrow it”. The next day he goes to the place she told him to pick up the jacket. He goes and knocks on the door and a lady comes out and ask him how can I help you? he tells her I’m looking for Jessica and he describes her. The lady mouth drop she looks at him with a shock face, she tells him that Jessica died 15 years ago in a car accident, he was stunt when she told him that. He told her that “I can’t believe what you are telling me, I actually got to know her and I kissed her”. The lady was crying and told him that “it cant be true she died 15 years ago and I was there when we buried her”. They were both confused about this. She gives him the address of the cemetery where the family buried her, couple of days later he goes to the cemetery and he found his jacket laying on her grave with a rose. 

From now on, when I have mental conversations with myself, I want to imagine a little mini Castiel and a little mini Crowley on my shoulders giving me advice on what to do.

It’s actually probably a bad idea but it seems so cute and fun like can you imagine