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what are your pjo youtuber headcanons?? love your blog btw<3

Ahh thank you <333

there is sort of a solangelo phan au that i have but that’s separate and I won’t get into that here otherwise this will be ten pages long

  • So all of the greek demigods are Americans and all the Romans are brits ( Frank is still technically a brit if he’s in Canada right i mean they are sovereign but) And Reyna’s Puerto Rican 
  • okay so way in the beginning of their youtube careers back in 2010, Frank and Percy collab a lot because “yoo I was just on spring break in California and we met and apparently you’re my cousin??“ Percy has a fledgling channel called Poseidonkid ( they’re mortals obviously but he’s got ties to the ocean and whatnot so it still fits) 
  • in his earlier videos his mom is in them all the time and the fans adore her 
  • Percy still makes baking/ other videos with her in them regularly
  •  he’s basically a combination of D+P like he has all of Dan’s sarcasm but he also attracts weird people like Phil does and living in nyc they’re everywhere
  • He’s got a radio show and it’s the best thing ever
  •  and he’s got a dog about as big as his apartment named Mrs. O’Leary and a Yamaha FZi Motorcycle nicknamed Blackjack
  • his channel blows up after he’s vlogging/doing a day in the life when he’s approached by a guy named Crusty and before avoiding the guy Percy just sasses the hell out of him because he’s bein a creep and then the clip goes viral
  • Frank starts his own channel soon after he meets Percy called ZhangFai and its sort of all these adventure vlogs and life advice like “ whats in my hiking bag” “the best ways to learn a new language” and really nice  montages of Lynn Cannon Park and for his 1 mil celebration “ FULL CIRCLE: going to China… with grandmother!”
  • also has a really successful gaming channel called ZhangFaiGaming
  • HIm and Percy still do collabs as often as they can and they play video games and even with the distance they keep up prank wars and its beautiful 
  • Annabeth had really humble beginnings like she posted an oral presentation for her military history class on youtube because she had to be out of town and her professor wouldn’t let her do it “at any other date” so naturally she found a loophole but then in the comments and in her emails people kept asking her to go over certain topics and help them with their homework and grew into a bonafide crashcourser who works w john green
  • her channel is called wisegirl6 
  • while percy was still in school he heavily relied on her videos to help him through his classes and that’s sort of how they met
  • they collabed on Percy’s channel (playing something like they newly friend game or smth) and eventually started dating
  • Percy’s old school friend Rachel Dare has an art channel and when she goes to England to shoot a video with Hazel Levesque aka VoodooArt she drags him along and he meets Hazel too
  • Hazel’s channel is a lot of art/tutorials but she also does a lot of seance/ouija board stuff 
  • She makes a video doing a ouija board with Percy and her brother Nico, who has a small channel of necromancy stuff and horror gaming, his channel always gets a ton o views during halloween
  • While at hazel’s and being the best wingman ever “ oh ur single u should meet my cousin frank here’s his channel” he meets jason, who does crazy science and physics tests on his channel, Fulminata.
  • They collab on a baking video: “ HOT GUYS MAKE AWESOME BROWNIES ft. Poseidonkid”
  • a few years before that Jason had been in sort of this fans scandal w CocinaReyna, (an amazing foodie channel where Reyna has this huge range of culinary skills and makes like super organic and natural five star food but also a bunch of broke/college kid food hacks), because all of their fans started shipping them really hard after they collabed once and it was this really awkward haha yeah I mean we like eachother but not in that way we’re just friends 
  • but then Reyna was looking for a place to live in California and Jason tried to help her out u kno and was like yo my sister lives in Cali room with her and then they started dating and all the fans were crazy mad but since Thalia wasn’t a youtuber they couldn’t do much damage.
  • Jason eventually starts dating American beauty guru/ social justice blogger Piper Mclean, who has a huge following because she always has great makeup resources/brands for girls of color because t’s a lot more difficult to find a good foundation shade but also for making videos like: EXPLAINING FEMINISM, RACISM IN TODAY’S SOCIETY etc etc and does a lot of collabs w Annabeth for those informative videos
  • they all meet at vidcon and film BRITS VS AMERICANS: THE CHALLENGE WARS and Reyna on the American side they win because her and Annabeth are competitive AF so they slay 
  • they film a huge collab like that every year and they’re all friends and everything is wonderful because monsters only exist in myths and everything is happy