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Finally! Some digital YoI art!
Sorry about being “absent” for weeks or so. My inspiration and motivation drain too easily. ;-;

But nevertheless, I can’t wait for Thursday!
Happy Birthday, Yuuri! :D


Dipper: Okay okay, I guess now that I can finally sit down, I can properly answer the many questions about….my eye.

Dipper: My eye is indeed…gone. I ripped it out and used it as a sacrifice for a spell I used to defeat Bill. Since Bill’s energy/magic cannot be destroyed, or distributed around our universe risking more chaos, the spell basically passed all of said power to me. I was already a suitable vessel, so it didn’t take long to contain all that blue fire and stuff. The eye thats there now is made out of pure energy…my energy. Its no longer Bill’s, and I cannot pass it back to him. This is permanent.

Dipper: It doesn’t hurt when the flames come out of my eye socket (yes, its just an empty eye socket, but filled with darkness and an all seeing pupil). Their like a living thing. One with me and work with me. Glowing/flaming tattoos showing up on my skin is just part of a normal thing.

Dipper: -takes a sip of tea- I hope that answers all your eye questions for now. Bill is sleeping…finally.

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The next skull I do will be mostly gold details, I think, rather than painting the entire thing. It’s been a long time since I only did detail work on one and I’m itching to do it again. I have a nice buck skull that should be fairly quick to clean up and get to work on. I still haven’t decided if he’s one I want for my personal collection or not. 

Hello...Hello (잠시얘기 할래요) ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

Despite the lack of updates recently, more and more Shawols started following this blog, which is absolutely amazing. Thank you for that. 💖

Because some people were wondering when I’m going to update You are Love…(no no I didn’t abandon it…again) I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to update it within next week. The past month has been quite stressful for me, so I didn’t have time to write anything down properly, but chapter 20 will be an extra loooong one, because you had to wait for it. 

On another note…since I’m on semester break - as of today \(≧▽≦)/ - you can expect more activity on this blog. I’ve written a 2min one-shot, which is in its final stages of being finished, and I’m simultaneously working on a rather long OT5 (Jongkey, 2min, Jongtae…+ a lot of side pairings; how is this even possible, you might wonder? Well, you’ll see) story, which I hope I can finish in the next few weeks as well (I’m working on it since October)

There are also two longer Jongkey/Jongho and Jongkey/Jongtae (give me all the Jong pairings *coughs*) stories sitting in my drafts, which I hope I will be able to finish as well. I’m rather motivated…if that’s not something… (⌒_⌒;)

Once again…thank you for following!   
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Ehh Update

So the last 2 weeks have been crazy, and that’s adding onto the fact that its been crazy since the beginning of 2017.

However in the last 2 weeks I got my ass on HRT, this was a huge step for a repressed anti social nerd. How ever it felt so nice to finally take charge of something and have some sense of control in my life.
This came with a surprise tho, I have been an avid Vaper (e-cig) for a couple years now (never really smoked cigs). I got into it because at the time my friends where doing it and I was younger and stupider. Never the less, I found out that if I wanted to have HRT be as effective as It can be and not have blood clots I had to stop vaping.

This didn’t upset me, it actually made me kinda excited! Although I was excited about the whole situation. So I went home sat down and read a little more on the subject of estrogen and nicotine. This confirmed everything I had been told, plus the fact that for the last couple years I was probably lowering the little I did have at the time. So at this point I it was nearing the time of day I wanted to start my first dosage of meds and I just said “Fuck it! I’m done with this”
From that moment on I was nicotine free.

Now I did have some fear about withdrawal, as I new nicotine was addictive and habit building. Not nearly as bad as normal tobacco but still bad. So the first 3 days were probably the worst, I spent most of those days sleeping. I was constantly craving nic, I had built so many habits around it when was working trying to live as male.
I would wake up, sit at my computer and vape.
Get dressed sit back down and vape.
Right before leaving to go to my car I would vape again.
Then I would get in my car start driving and and vape all the way to work.
Now this was all within an hour of waking up.

I believe I was doing this to cope with all the anxiety I had at the time from a combination of repressed gender dysphoria and naturally being anxious in any social situation. I honestly thought all this was fine for me tho, I was doing what I thought a normal male adult should do. I was making money, being a “productive” member of society, and everyone was “proud” of me for awhile at least. This also lead me to abusing other drugs, but that’s another story, for another time.
So you can see how much I used vaping to cope, but my commitment and  mental vigor to transitioning is so much stronger. I’m just hoping I can keep this stamina up, as there is still a lot ahead of me in this long, tough journey.


I sighed, pacing back and forth across our bedroom floor. Three minuets had never drug on like this before. My mind raced and my stomach twisted as I heard the alarm on my phone go off. I quickly shut it off, sighing as I slowly inched back into the bathroom connected to me and Nate’s room. It had been almost two months since my last period and I had been putting off mentioning it to Nate because I didn’t want to get ahead of myself for no reason, but since everyday this week I had woken up with the worst stomach aches and nausea, I felt it was time that I made sure. 

I took a deep breath, picking up the first plastic stick from the counter, squeezing my eyes shut for a moment. I finally found the courage to look down at it, “+”, read the tiny digital screen. “fuck” I mumbled to myself, “maybe its wrong”, I tried to convince myself picking up the second test. Sure enough, that one read positive as well. I sunk down against the bathroom wall, burying my head in my knees. I had no idea what to think this. Part of me was excited that I was carrying a new life inside of me, part of me was mad - how were we so careless? And lastly part of me, the biggest part, was nervous. How was I supposed to tell Nate? Would he be mad? Would he blame me? Was I ready for this? Were we ready for this? Would he leave me? 

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his voice trailing down the hallway as he talked to someone on his phone. I jumped up, locking the bathroom door just as I heard him opening ours. “Babe?” he called out as he walked in. “In here” I said, trying my best to hide the shakyness in my voice. I tossed the test into the box of tampons under the sink, making sure they were covered up, “one sec” I added. I checked myself in the mirror and tried to wipe the worry from my face before walking out to greet him.

“Hi handsome” I beamed as I walked towards him. He spun around, smiling at me “Hey babygirl” he said, leaning down and kissing me gently on the lips. “How was your day?” he asked as he sat on the edge of the bed, taking off his shoes. I shrugged, “It was fine, what about yours? How was the studio today?” I asked, eagerly changing the subject away from myself as I sat down beside him. My mind kept racing as he began to tell me about his day, I did my best to pay attention to him. “I invited the guys over to drink for Cinco De Mayo, could you make the drinks while I grill?” he asked, rising from beside me. I nodded in agreement, “of course” I said cheerily as I got up, following him out of our room and down the hallway. “Just don’t drink them all before serving them, I know how much little mama loves tequila” he winked back at me, chuckling a little. I smiled, laughing a bit, “No worries there” I responded reassuringly. 

About an hour later the backyard was crowded with all of our friends. I made my way around trying to talk to everyone and offer them drinks, acting as if I wasn’t hiding the biggest secret ever. I was doing pretty well at it too, that is until I walked up to Nate and Sammy. Sammy complimented my bar tending skills, to which I thanked him, but when he spoke again my panic set in. “Wheres your drink? Are you poisoning us?” he teased, nudging me a little. I laughed, shaking my head “just not thirsty right now” I shrugged. Nate gave me a look , “Babe, you’re passing up margaritas? On CINCO DE MAYO?” he said, causing everyone to join in, teasing me and telling me to stop being a wimp. Nate smiled, handing me his cup, “Here ma, start with this” I smiled, taking it from him and trying to convincingly make it look like I actually took a drink. Just the smell of it made my stomach knot up. I handed Nate his cup and kissed him softly, “Cheers little mama” he smirked, “Cheers baby” I smiled back. 

As the night went on I turned down drinks and made people believe that Jack and Coke was my drink of choice for the night, when in reality I was still sipping on the same luke warm cup of Diet Coke. I dismissed myself to the bathroom or making more drinks when someone mentioned shots and once the guys decided to light a blunt, I invited the girls in for wine. We sat around and talked until one by one everyone began to leave. It was down to just the Jacks and Madison, I had started to clean up as Madison went to try and convince Jack that it was time to go. Johnson had came in, the most sober of the guys, offering to help me clean up, I declined but he insisted. 

“Where was the shot queen tonight? I didn’t see you out there for a single round” he said, raising an eyebrow at me as he collected trash from the other side of the island in the middle of the kitchen. I shrugged “Just wasn’t feeling it tonight I guess” I said as I poured out the rest of the margarita mix from the blender into the sink, the smell filled the kitchen, causing me to gag. Johnson looked at me funny “are you alright?”, he asked, keeping a close eye on me. I nodded, trying to rinse the smell from the sink and keep my vomit down at the same time. I smiled at him reassuringly once I got my reflexes under control. We cleaned in silence until the kitchen was finished.

“Thanks” I said, finally breaking the silence between us as I sat on one of the stools. He leaned against the counter across the kitchen, “no problem” he nodded. I smiled at him before looking down at my fingers, picking at them nervously. “Ya know, the smell of alcohol made my sister sick too when she was pregnant” he said innocently, not breaking his stare from me. My head shot up “What?” I said, raising my eyebrows at him. “I wont tell Skate, but you really should, and soon” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “How did you know?” I said, confusion flashed on my face. I had thought I fooled everyone. “I didn’t until you almost threw up to the smell of what usually courses through your veins on a night like this” , he laughed a little, the looked at me seriously, “Don’t worry. You were very convincing. I won’t say anything, but I think you should tell daddy to be” he said, motioning to Nate and the others who were about to come through the glass doors. 

As they came in I shot Johnson a look, he nodded and we acted like nothing had happened. Nate walked everyone including Johnson out and I headed upstairs, getting ready to get into the shower. I undressed and looked at myself in the mirror , turning to the side. It was probably all in my head but I felt like I was already showing. I hopped in the shower and washed up. When I came out I found an already passed out Nate. I got dressed and crawled into bed next to him. I ran my fingers through his hair as he slept, my thoughts crowding through my head again. I took a deep breath, placing my hand on my stomach as I tried to fall asleep. 

Part 2 


I worked on this Laputian guardian earlier this week, and finally got enough light to capture some photos yesterday (woot) :) Laputa was the first Studio Ghibli film I ever watched (unknowingly at the time since I was 8…), but because of that and because of how beautiful the whole story is, it’s remained in a special place in my heart. 

The whole process is super finicky since each part of its body is made separately and then joint together… so there have been a few casualties. If you would like to check it out in more detail or take it home with you, the listing is here. There are currently only 2, but I might make more in a month or two if there’s demand for ‘em.

Happy Friday!

Well, I tried. :/ I’ve been wanting to make Shepard for TS3 ever since a friend suggested it last year, but nope. This is the closest I’ve gotten, and I apparently deleted this version several weeks ago.

But hey, silver lining! Now I that I’ve admitted defeat I can finally move on and work on/finish up those requests. :)

anonymous asked:

Bellarke fans are not homophobic you fucking idiot we just dont want Clarke with someone who betrayed her and abandoned her and everyone from the Ark to die then pushed her away from her people, kidnapped her, and is keeping her in her stupid tower against her will. Can't wait for Lexa to finally die this season so Clexa fans can all go away and we can get our show back to the way it was.

pal buddy friend…ive tried to be so civil with your side of the fandom but its been like a week and a half since that post yet you’re still spamming my inbox spewing stupidity so here we go. game on. first of all the only reason why you were able to come into my blog and be obnoxious is that whatever i told your friend was off anon because i own up to my words and second she was being homophobic af. clearly i didnt drive my point hard enough because youre still here being ignorant so let’s try to educate you on some things:

  • your friend can be part of the lgbt community and still be homophobic. surprise! ever heard of internalized homophobia??? google is your friend, use it. just like POC can be racist and women can be misogynistic, bisexual/trans/gay/lesbian/pan people can be homophobic. also i really find it curious that suddenly 90% of the blarkes use being bi as an excuse for their behavior. did all the straight people in this fandom vanish or are you all using bisexuality as an excuse to be problematic??? hmm…
  • i dont think anyone in your fandom is being called homophobic for disliking lexa just like people can’t call me racist for not jumping on the bellamy train. you are not problematic for not liking someone who is part of a minority. when you start crossing the line between an opinion and straight up bigotry is the moment you start:
    • reducing lexa to just her sexuality,
    • claiming lexa/her romantic feelings are being given preferential treatment by the fandom/media/writers because of her sexuality,
    • tacking on non-existent character traits (ie: manipulative, abusive, toxic, kidnapper) to turn her into the textbook predatory lesbian seemingly giving you carte blanche to freely hate her and call for the death of a minority character. “lexa is a manipulative bitch. she needs to die. get her away from clarke!” my man…you could throw all the characters on this show in a blender and you still couldn’t come up with a human smoothie a quarter as manipulative and conniving as clarke griffin…yet she’s everyone’s fave. shady but ok. she’s the lead character ill give you that one. moving on…
  • speaking of representation, i find it precious that most of you seem to want to invalidate the representation queer women are getting and substitute it for the representation convenient for your ship…aka a “biracial relationship”. if we’re going to start keeping tabs based on who deserves it more i could make a seemingly endless list of successful biracial relationships and even better i could also off the top of my head easily name 30 bisexual and biracial m/f couples in the past 10-15 years on network. now please give me a list of f/f relationships on network television where one of the two women is the main character of the show and the relationship is given the “main ship” treatment. go on. ill wait. 
  • if you guys are really that concerned with representation why do you seem to want the only openly lesbian character on the show dead??? it’s great that a half filipino man is leading a show and you want him treated right so badly, but there are exponentially more men of color starring successful shows than there are badass lesbians YET you keep wishing her (and the actress that plays her!!!) dead. kind of contradicting yourselves a little there. you seem to be so torn up about race representation but apparently couldn’t give one single entire fuck about LGBT. how transparent and funny.
  • its problematic af that you make lexa out to be the spawn of satan himself and then turn around and excuse the same actions on other (read: straight) characters. i could go on about the list of couples ive seen blarkes ship that are actually toxic but suddenly they cant read when you call them out on it. but fine…lets not go into other shows and keep it restricted to this fictional universe. lets limit this to just one example for the sake of brevity:
    • “lexa is a murderer…she didnt have to kick that grounder off the balcony just for disagreeing with her.” that was an actual thing i saw someone argue while three posts down defending bellamy for killing the elevator operators instead of idk…incapacitating them??? tying them up?? anything but kill them??? 
    • murphy killed people almost for sport on season 1 but everyone loves him. 
    • finn apologists actually exist….
    • ……yet somehow “IF LEXA WAS A MAN EVERYONE WOULD HATE HER AND NO ONE WOULD SHIP CLEXA” is a real argument you guys use on the daily. sounds fake af to me but okay. starting to see the double standards and the homophobic tendencies yet??? no??? im not done yet don’t you worry.
  • you continuously claim jason and the writers fetishize clarke, lexa, and their sexuality. how? by being two women showing each other the affection usually reserved for the m/f ships??? i haven’t seen this criticism used for any of the other couples on the show so its surprising to me how you wonder you’re coming across as homophobic.
  • you continuously claim the show, the actors, the writer’s social media, and press are becoming “the lexa/clexa show” and deny the validity of clarke and lexa’s mutual feelings despite being told repeatedly that they (currently) are the only canon romantic ship involving clarke…yeah you are being kinda homophobic pal.
  • you refuse to take into consideration that most showrunners wont even touch The Gay Couple™ with a ten foot pole yet here you are throwing tantrums over wlw being acknowledged for a change. starting to see the pattern of behavior yet???
  • “BUT I SHIP MINTY! IM OBVIOUSLY NOT HOMOPHOBIC!!!” okay bud…but how about the fact that gay men have a much higher rate of acceptance in society than lesbians and/or bisexual women??? lesbophobia is real and yours shows every day.
  • “THERE ARE OTHER QUEER COUPLES ON THE SHOW. THAT’S REPRESENTATION! WAH WAH WAH” ……..and there are other straight couples on the show too??????? and on every other channel and show on television?????? why is that not enough for you but suddenly one actress saying on twitter that her character is queer should be enough to sate my want for seeing strong women love each other???

i could keep going but truth be told you guys are fucking exhausting and trying to reason with you is like trying to teach a child quantum physics. you just wont get it. bottomline is that blarkes always seem more concerned with the use of the word homophobia than what you actually said to warrant being called out. spice up the routine a little and actually read the words people are telling you instead of claiming you’re being bullied by those Mean Gays. that got old like a year ago. 

imagine waking up in an empty bed, which was pretty weird because you have become so accustomed to waking up to the sound of calum’s soft snores and the feel of his too warm embrace each morning since he has been home from tour. the sheets are cold and your bed is too big without the presence of another body so you force yourself upright to go search for the missing boy. your steps are light on the cold hardwood floor as you padded down the hallway in the direction of the kitchen, pausing when you hear the distinctive sounds of calum’s raspy morning voice. he is singing, you can tell that much from soft muted melody leaving the kitchen, but your ears are straining to hear the actual lyrics. you step further into the room, far enough that if he turned around from where he was frying an egg at the stove he would see you, but he seems to be focused at the task at hand if his “kiss the cook” apron is anything to go by. your ears perk up when you pick out your name among the words leaving his lips, and a smile lights up your face when you realize that your name is the only word he is singing as he dances obnoxiously across the kitchen. he spins around, still singing your name into his spatula when catches sight of you, and he immediately freezes as a blush warms up his cheeks. you decide to spare him any extra embarrassment, you were far too fond of that beautiful blushing boy, so you walk up to where you can wrap your arms around his waist, pressing a kiss to covered chest and asking cheekily, “what’s cooking looking?”

Nearly a full day passed between when the Whomping Willow took its last blows and Davey woke up in the Hospital Wing. Immediately met with his siblings, and a lecture from Galvin to boot, he had been sleeping on and off in the moments since. One bout of wakefulness left him alone with Madam Pomfrey who was all too quick to give a second lecture and pile on a week of detention even though he had broken know rules, but with her, it surely wouldn’t be too bad. Finally on the third, he was able to convince her to let people visit other than his siblings with the promise of attempting a few more hours of sleep himself before she opened it up.

It couldn’t have been much worse, or so he was told. She had done as much as she could for the bones surrounding his heart and lungs, but with so much magic holding him together, there was always the concern of what spells could be placed on him without affecting those keeping him alive. Once again, Davey would be stuck lying about how too many concussions made healing harder, not that many would doubt the excuse between having been concussed twice as many times as anyone else in the school and the brutal head injury he sustained this time. Partially cracked from the last blow, he’d been lucky he had a hard head and the hit was placed so she had been able to save his eye and keep the damage to a minimum. 

Still, he couldn’t remember what happened. He was filled in on the day itself, but the further he thought back, the more concerned he became. The lockdown was clear, and he knew every detail from the match and the next practice. Everything after was fuzzy, a fact he’d yet to share with anyone but Pomf who gave him a concerned and pitying look and said the memories should come back. What he had to focus on was healing the rest of him. There would be no flying or Quidditch until his head and leg healed, the latter shattered at his hip and knee, which would take the longest.

He’d be lucky if there would be Quidditch at all. His captaincy already stripped from him, so soon off a huge victory, and given to Gwenog. There was no denying the bubble of anger at himself, at her, even if there was nothing either of them could do about it. This was over. He was told he couldn’t handle it. He would miss too many practices; he couldn’t lead from his hospital bed.

Footsteps pulled him out of his thoughts before he could get too far into that particular spiral again. There was no regrets. He attempted it. More importantly, he succeeded. That was what he clung onto as he tried to turn towards the door. A large bandage covered the eye closest, the one he was lucky to have kept and sent him into panic when he couldn’t see upon first waking up, so there was no knowing who had come until they made it to his good side. already propped up on pillows, he still tried to shift but the still healing cuts on his side pulled painfully.

“Come to visit the cripple?” he asked, resigning to dropping down because there was no figuring out who was approaching. “My one rule is no lectures. I’m at two for the day and expecting a Howler from my parents.”

A few days ago on January 5th I had major hip surgery up at Stanford University; (aka my favorite hospital with the best Marfan & cardiology teams in the country)… They had to shave down my actual hip socket (due to its massive over growth), remove my femur, remove three cysts from femur, shave & RE-SHAPE femur, and THEN sew me back up. I’ve been on total bed rest ever since and will be for another week or so. After that, comes 2 months of physical therapy to get my strength & mobility back. // Because of Marfan syndrome, my legs & hips are a constant issue for me (left foot/hip was repaired when I was young, now the right!) The surgery was one of the most painful I’ve had to date, but I’m so excited to recover and finally see some relief!! Living with Marfans is a constant war for me and my body, but we chalk this one up as a battle won, & on to the next! // The support from my family & friends has been so immense, I’m so grateful. Thought I’d also share on here before people start seeing me hobbling around on crutches asking me what happened. I WISH I could say it was some sky diving accident or something haha, but simply the reality of have a chronic pain & connective tissue disorder, a “MUTANT GENE” called “Marfans.” // It’s going to be a big year, this is just the first hurdle of many, but I’m ready! This gives me and @omandm the perfect opportunity to work on new music before we head into the studio to record a NEW album this year, which I couldn’t be more excited about! 2016 let’s go! 💯🎯🏥 @themarfanfoundation #MarfanSyndrome #Surgery #IfICanDoItYouCanToo #YouAreNotAlone #Medical #Marfan #MutantGene #IMWithTheXMEN by austincarlile

My experience at THE Exo’luXion Singapore Day 1 & 2 (160109&160110)

I know this post is long overdue. I promised I’d share my experience seeing exo live also i think it’d would memorable to look at this post and relive everything later on.I’m finally posting this almost after 2 weeks because i’ve been really busy since i came back from Singapore. I had couple of people asking me if i already posted it, i’m really sorry its late. Another thing is i never really had to write something like this before so pls bare with me if it’s not really interesting and engaging.

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Wolf 359 - Live Show Update

Hello everyone! 

So since our initial announcement things have been pretty quiet on the Wolf 359 Live front. This is largely because we’ve been figuring out the nuts and bolts of how we translate the show to a live setting while we produced the last three episodes of the season. Thank you for being so patient over the past three weeks, but to mark the release of the first part of our season finale we wanted to share a few important things! So, without further ado, 


When and Where Will the Live Show Be? 

The show will take place on December 19th, and it’ll be housed at the Alchemical Theatre Laboratory by Union Square in Manhattan. 

What Time Will the Show Be? 

There will actually be two performances: one at 6:00 PM and one at 9:00 PM. Both shows will be identical. 

Can We Buy Tickets in Advance? 

Tickets for both showings will go on sale, online, this coming Sunday November 15th at noon. Let me repeat that: Tickets for the Wolf 359 Live Show will go on sale this coming Sunday, November 15th, at noon EST. 

We’ll be sharing more details about ticketing over the course of this week, but the general bold strokes are: all tickets (for both performances) will be general admission, and will cost $20. All tickets that aren’t sold online will be available at the door the day of. 

Will Hilbert Be in the Show?! How Will Zach Play Two Characters At Once!? Tell US! 

This is by far the most asked question that I’ve ever had. About half of my inbox right now is variations on this in one way, shape, or form. SO… I’ll confirm that 1. Dr. Hilbert will be in the show and 2. Zach will play both him and Officer Eiffel. Beyond that… you’ll have to see the show! 

More soon! 

the great thing about growing up and leaving high school is that you start to not care what people think of you

i havent owned a pair of shorts in 10 years because i thought my legs were disgusting and huge, so in 90 degree weather i would be miserable wearing jeans because i was so self conscious. its been 2 years since high school and i finally bought a pair, and now i feel ridiculous for caring in the first place.

i always wore my hair in my face because i thought my face was ugly, and with whatever face was showing i had pounds of makeup on. although its okay to wear as much or as little makeup as you want, i felt like it was a necessity and without it i was ugly. the first week of college and every since ive had no problem wearing my hair in a bun and minimal to no makeup.

needless to say im a bigger girl, and there are certain things that i have been told that big girls cant wear: yoga pants, leggings, shorts, tanks, any tight clothing

FUCK that. yoga pants and leggings are comfy af, if you have a problem with what i wear you can look the other way. i dont even think about how people will think i look when i walk out because i finally had the mentality that im wearing this for myself and not for others. and quite frankly, i look cute af.

non-body perspective stuff: 

i stopped being ‘afraid’ to like popular artists and whatnot. i rock the fuck out to one direction and taylor swift, and i even bought their perfumes. why? because i fucking can. for some reason its viewed as awful to like an artist that you hear on the radio and i dont get why. its catchy, so imma listen to it. dont like their music? cool, but i do.

i was never ashamed of my sexuality, however i found it extremely hard to come out to my friends. they never asked, so i never told them. eventually its like ive known them for so long that i dont even know when to bring it into conversation. im still working on it, but im finding it easier to bring up that im pansexual to people. theres so much pressure to be as perfect as you can be in high school, so we never embrace our differences.

the reason why im even writing this post is because i know i have a lot of young followers on here and i want to tell you guys and gals and everything in between(or neither) that things get better after high school. not just with bullying and depression, but also with self image. you start to find out that nobody cares about what you wear, who you’re attracted to, what stuff you like, etc. and the people that do care, dont matter. 

however if you feel more comfortable doing what youre doing, then go for it. i understand that it can be really hard to step out of your comfort zone, but when you are ready, just know that youll feel so happy and liberated that you wont even remember why you thought it was such a big deal to begin with.

so to everyone reading this: rock those shorts that youve had an eye on but are afraid of people making fun of you(because 99% chance they wont even care), jam out to that new taylor song, go to homecoming and any other dance and dance your heart out no matter how stupid you might look because youll enjoy yourself(i never danced at any of my school events besides prom for the last 30 minutes and i regret not doing so earlier), and stop letting the fear of what people think hold you back from doing what you want to do.