because it was so green

Consider Green and Red ending up in a random car chase scene with Team Rainbow Rocket or something only for Green to reveal that he actually has no idea how to drive but neither does Red because he spent so much time on freaking Mount Silver but Green tries to drive anyway and it’s literally awful and they both almost die so Green and Red switch seats and see if it’s any better but RED DRIVES EVEN WORSE AND ALMOST KILLS THEM BOTH TWICE AS MUCH and meanwhile Deja Vu is playing in the background as they’re BOTH SCREAMING and obliterating everything in their path and it is the most comically destructive thing anyone has ever seen

New Friends and Foes + Steven Universe: Wanted


Howl’s Moving Castle -  Hayao Miyazaki (2004)

“Trying to catch your heart is liking trying to catch a star.”

The Four Glittery Horsemen Of The Mermaid Looks™✨


Every single second of this series is a pure aesthetic and beauty. I’ve never seen such a wonderful series. It is too kind and too beautiful. I love every minute of it, every character, because they all are so special. I truly love “Anne with an ‘E’”. 


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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! I was going to mail these out as physical Christmas cards this year but my computer exploded and I didn’t have time (I only just finished them)! So just print them out, fold them in half and pretend I sent you one! 

headcanons if roan went to space instead of echo pt1

  • harper is his favourite
  • murphy pisses him off but he warms up to him eventually
  • roan finds raven interesting because she’s a genius and doesn’t let her disability stop her from doing anything
  • roan likes to spend time in monty’s algae farm
  • one time he was just in there for the quiet and monty was chatting up a storm so roan just grumbled “stop talking” and monty shut up long enough to sit beside roan and remember that roan’s never seen anything like this
  • roan tries to be the leader of the group but they don’t listen to him as well as they do bellamy
  • roan gets tired of bellamy’s sulking one night so he sits with him at the window and tells him to talk
  • roan learns how much clarke meant to him, but he already knew that
  • he’s almost awkward around emori but eventually sits down and apologizes on behalf of his people for what’s been done to hers
  • roan actually liked the algae and it made monty happy every time he went for seconds

I have made a Discovery

okay carry on


in which Gaia leads Aloy to Elisabet’s old focus after the visit on Sobeck Ranch, and Aloy spends hours and hours combing through Elisabet’s old files, voicemails, videos, stupid selfies and the like

she eventually ties the focus to a wire and wears it as a necklace, just next to the one Rost gave her

  • Keith: Hey Lance? Did I ever tell you my favourite colour?
  • Lance: Well it's red. Obviously
  • Keith:
  • Lance: Fine, black then. You know because you're so emo
  • Keith: I'm not e- no. Not black
  • Lance: Idk Green? Listen I have stuff to do so
  • Keith: It's blue
  • Lance: Blue...?
  • Keith: Yeah like your-
  • Lance: For the last time stop trying to cozy in on my lion! We're very happy together! I know you've got your eye on Blue but-
  • Keith, flustered: Yeah your blue eyes
  • Lance: wait what?
  • Keith, internally: I messed up