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dctv ladies appreciaton weekfavorite character: 
Iris West ( The Flash )

“ You raised me to be tough and I am. “

Aged up to after leaving lycee. Adrien is modeling full time for a while, Marinette is majoring in fashion, or something like that. Alya and Nino are on a trip around Europe. 

Lonely Adrien/Marinette want to talk to their best friends but they are always busy having adventures and can’t talk, so they have to hang out together and there is Adrinette cuteness.

But Alya and Nino’s adventures are just increasingly bizarre. Like, maybe they start simple, like, “I would talk but there is a really cool music festival happening and I need to check it out.” but soon they are like, “Sorry bro, I have to break Alya out of a Turkish prison, I’ll talk to you later.” and “Yeah, Nino has been kidnapped by a princess who wants to marry him, I have to save him.” and “We found an ancient treasure in a temple in the jungle and we had to fight a immortal guardian, I’ll upload some pics later.” 

And Adrien and Marinette are just like, slightly annoyed that they aren’t there to listen to their romantic difficulties. 

So how about a fic where Stiles & Derek have been dancing around the idea of getting together for awhile, but something always happens to keep them apart. Neither of them are great with emotional talks, which is just adding to the problem & the building tension between them. Stiles finds a spell that he thinks will help…. 

Below is a very bad ficlet/barely a prompt cause i’m not a writer so someone fix it if you want <3!

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Scale, hierarchy, impacts

From image 1 to 5 we have 5 different scales of different impacts, notice how the shapes of the smoke are all different from small to huge, this is very important in order to communicate the force of the impact.

We have a very small transparent round shaped smoke for image 2 vs a very dense with shadows and lots of little details for image 5. If you want to animate a very big explosion you have to keep in mind that the bigger it gets the more details you have to draw (debris, fire, lights and shadows, etc.), also, massive smokes are more dense and move slower. We are always trying to avoid these huge epic smokes because they are very time consuming, so it’s better to think about ways of showing big scale without actually having to draw it all. For example on image 5 the camera is following julith for a couple of seconds so all the big smokes on the bottom doesn’t need to be animated because they are out of the frame. 

this question was asked by @maginpanic:

can you advice how to handle epic scenes? (Like tsunami flooding the city, or village in fire).

If you want to communicate effectively that something is huge you need to: draw tons of details, they have to move slow, you need something small so the audience can compare and tell how big is the thing you are showing. And I recommend that the scenes don’t last too long, unless you want to spend all your life in front of the computer drawing tiny slow lines… We actually avoid this scenes at Ankama because we are a small team, so I can’t really tell you anything more useful.

Sorry about the late response! 

eight-orange-flowers  asked:

For your mermaid!au I like to imagine that Victor and Yuuri become good friends and that Victor tells the corniest fish/mermaid jokes and there are times when Yuuri just takes his giant tail to either splash Victor with water/smack him into the water because Victor stop why are you so embrassing. And that leads to epic water/splash fights and general horsing around. :)

Aaahhh omg that’s so cute :D I could totally imagine that 
Makes me want to finish the next parts but i can’t ahhhhhhhh

in light of that one interview i just want this scene
  • corrupted jasper writhing on the ground or s/t: we all get what we deserve, I deserved for this to happen
  • garnet, sitting placidly cross-legged on her shoulder: the hilarious thing is that's completely true but not for any of the reasons you think
My brothers been on some classic rock or something kick

He was like “God music of today sucks! Give me one song as good as Cherry Pie by Warrant.”

And I was like “Imagine Dragon’s I’m So sorry.”

And he was quiet.

Because that’s one epic ass song.


Ever After High 30 Day Challenge

Day 9: Favorite Relationship
Faybelle Thorn and Briar Beauty

TXF rewatch

@xfile-cabinetx @sure-fine-whatever-nerd @kateyes224 @mobygirl21 @defnotmeyo @imasquint @thethirstisoutthere @lepus-arcticus @i-just-knew1013

So I know @startwreck is doing some screen caps (because she loves us) but tonight was epic and I had time so I found some non episode related rewatch quotes. Flor you are on here way too much. 

Jen_xfile-cabinetx: I may or may not have had an afternoon delight
Bailey Jo_sure-fine-whatever-nerd: MOM YOU KNOW I AM HERE

Lila_startwreck: when I first dipped my toes into the fandom there were two legends of fanwork that I was immediately made aware of: 1. chili’s fic. 2. msrafterdark


Jen_mobygirl21: If Hank Moody was your spirit animal you would have just fucked him then and there

Flor_Defnotmeyo: However I did take my frustrations out on a gentleman named Daniel, who I don’t specifically remember but who left me a very nice note the next day.
Flor_Defnotmeyo: The note said, “Hi Daniel, we had sex. I didn’t steal anything. Call me. XXX-XXX-XXXX”

Clarice_contrivedcoincidences6: Mulder probably has slide shows that he uses as foreplay
kristin_kateyes224: Dramatic slideshows = foreplay

Jill_imasquint: Scully can point the laser pointer where she wants his mouth
Jill_imasquint: Or put it on mulder for her mouth

mel_thethirstisoutthere: y'all notice how the evolution of scully’s suits is like… she wears suits s1 waiting for mulder to make a move and its clear he wont
mel_thethirstisoutthere: so she just wears pantsuits until s7 when they fucking and then its skirts all the time?
leigh_lepus-arcticus: skirts are easier access mel

Flor_Defnotmeyo: Hand veins and forearm veins do it for me.
Flor_Defnotmeyo: And bicep veins.
Flor_Defnotmeyo: And penis veins.

Flor_Defnotmeyo: Scully hates his scruff in season 1. It’s not professional. In season 2 she hates his scruff because it means he’s worn out and tired. In season 3 she hates it because they’ve hard a hard case. By season 4 she hates it because she can’t picture it anywhere else but scraping up her thighs.

juli_i-just-knew1013: This is the one where I get to see my *current* bathroom tile(because it’s that old)

Sorry if I missed something funny you said. You guys cracked me up tonight. @therobbinsnest I didn’t have you on here specifically but your responses to everything tonight made me laugh so hard! 


“Hardy’s Hair” - Digitally Painted Gif

Another gif I couldn’t resist painting, because DT’s hair is so epic! Though it ended up looking like he’s dancing since I only did 7 frames. I still kinda like it, it makes me smile.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

Jimin Hair Appreciation

For some reason, I am really attracted to Jimin’s hair (to the point where I actually tried to get my haircut like that. Long story short, they gave me a Namjoon haircut but still happy). So, here is just a bunch of gifs of Jimin’s various haircuts/hairstyles.

Let us begin!

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That fluffiness (his stare is sort of concerning).

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Cute ruffle.

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His dark brown lusciousness. 

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The way his hair sticks out and that single hair across his forehead + that look = Ultimate attractive Jimin

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Baby Jimin with messy hair.

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That bounce.

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Pure black perfectness.

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(Insert nothing here because I have no words for this one).

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This hairstyle is so epic!

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Brown-haired Jimin.

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Slightly curly Jimin.

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Wind-tousled haired Jimin.

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Dark middle-parted Jimin.

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Super messy Jimin. 


My favourite, when I realized I may be in love with Jimin. 

Jimin has killer hair. That is all. 

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