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The Jennifer scene was my least favorite part of the episode. It basically implied that he missed her and would give her a second chance

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the jennifer scene was dumb bc everyone else was tempted like by the person they “loved” in some way (peter by malia; jackson by ethan) so it really made no sense for derek to be tempted to open his eyes to “see” this random ass woman – it was a long scene too. one of the low pts.

*curls in slowly and dies*

Damn, ok, that’s…… upsetting.

I honestly really feel like I need to see it now so I can make sense of it, headcanon it into a way where it makes sense. People were seeing people they loved, not what they feared..? (Or… what they loved twisted into what they feared..?)

I guess Derek felt at one point like he loved her, since he was spelled and compelled to. And I guess since his love and trust in Stiles is so strong, he wouldn’t have been a possible vision for the creatures to exploit –– Derek simply didn’t fear Stiles or believe that Stiles would ever hurt him. The person Derek loved was just literally unavailable for the creatures to use against him, because Derek would never believe it.

So if the creatures could only take on the form of a person to taunt them, and they needed someone who was able to get under Derek’s skin, Jennifer could make sense as a possible choice because she represents something he cared about (despite being forced to care) and was betrayed by?

Especially if, as I believe, Jennifer actually used Derek’s feelings for Stiles as a conduit to slip under his defenses. So Derek loves Stiles, but his faith in him is too strong for the creatures to exploit, so they manifested as the warped, corroded version of Derek’s love for Stiles –– the false thread of love that she used to manipulate him back then.

  • One day during practice neil makes a really risky block and almost gets a concussion
  • Everyone’s worried because he hit the ground pretty hard, even andrew left the goal
  • They cluster around him as he gets up carefully
  • Renee asks him if he’s okay
  • Neil says “Yolttt”
  • all the foxes are like ??? What the actual fuck he’s actually hurt
  • And neil just looks at them, completely calm
  • “I’ve had 22 lives before this one, so I can’t really say yolo”
  • No one knows how to react to that
  • They just stand there frozen and then there’s an outburst of words
  • “Did you just-” “-god neil 22-” “-that a joke-” “-wasting time on-”
  • Andrew doesn’t say anything until everyone is done talking over each other
  • “524%”


♡♡♡Personally this song really relates to me,because now matter how hard I try,my friends always told me to stop trying to make people happy and be myself. I’m still kinda a people pleaser,but not that much. Thank you for making this beautiful song, love the arts and creativity into this,it took time and love into this and it was all loved. I love you and I hope to see more of your beauty. Nya!♡♡♡♡♡


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Chapter 9


Being with Fiona at the concert was the most fun I’d had in awhile.  I realized that day how much I loved to hear her laugh.  She kinda snorted when she laughed really hard and then she’d laugh harder because she snorted which would make her snort even more.  I loved it.  I couldn’t imagine being there with anyone else.  I could have listened to her laugh for the rest of the day and never gotten sick of it.

But once dusk settled in over the city and the sun slipped behind the buildings, the crowd started to dissipate.  Since we were body guardless in the midst of a huge crowd of people I thought it better if we leave as well.

I slid my hand into hers, knotting our fingers together,

“C’mon, Angel.  Let’s get back.”

She smiled when I lifted her hand to my mouth and kissed it.  She wound her other hand around my bicep as we walked.  I lifted our clasped hands to my chest, glancing down at our threaded fingers.  A feeling washed over me that I hadn’t felt in a really long time.  This was how things were supposed to be.  Everything about this moment fit.  It made sense.  Being with Fiona was where I was meant to be.  

I looked up at her,

“Did you have a good day?”

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I’m always so moved whenever I see people struggling or in dark places on my dashboard to say something.  This site is such an open book – so many things we’d almost never share with strangers on the streets, with our friends, with our family, even – we try to convey here.  Because it is so hard to be struggling, and it’s even worse to be struggling alone.

You really, really, really are heard, and if there were words to convey how genuinely sorry I am that you are hurting, and how much I wish I could alleviate the terrible things you’re feeling, or pull you back from that dark place, I would say them.  But there just aren’t – there’s no one phrase that’s going to make it all better.

All I can say is: hang in there.  You’re all you get and this life is yours, it is yours, that is the one thing about your existence that can be said without condition.  Whatever happens, you have a place right here, right now.  You don’t need to change the world; you don’t even need to be the very best person you can be.  You’re going to live a unique life, no matter what you do, and that is important – if not to anyone visible, than to the simple idea that you are here, to the very foundation of the universe which allowed you to be here to experience it.

You can mess up, you can change, you can stay stuck for so long it feels like you’ll never get to a place where you want to be here, and you’ll still deserve a great life, a life that’s worth living, a life that makes you feel like not only can you breathe again, but that there is a richness to this experience that is irreplaceable and good.

You deserve to feel irreplaceable.  You deserve to feel good.  You deserve to unlatch the things weighing you down, to heal, to grow, to forgive yourself and root for yourself, to be more than you thought you could be and all you could be, however humble that version of you was.  You are worth every sunrise and sunset and breath in between, and I bottom-of-my-heart sincerely hope that you get the chance to breathe deeply and savor it soon.

They found her in the woods. Part 4. Carson

A/N: Negan & daughter fic. Wordcount: 3110. Warning for minor rape mention. (It’s hinted at more than anything) Sorry it’s taken so long but here it is! Thank you for all the love it means so much honeatly. As always questions comments and concerns are always welcome. Tag list will be under the cut because it’s a hot mess… Enjoy!

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Carson tightened his grip on the handle of his doctor’s bag as he navigated his way through the corridors and stairwells. Anxiety pricked through his skin as he maintained his outward composure, he was used to the sensation but that didn’t make it any easier.

Being the only doctor in the entire sanctuary had it’s perks but Carson had never really allowed himself to feel comfortable here. He had learned the hard way that there was plenty of things a person could live through so just because he was valuable here, he knew he was by no means invincible. If nothing else he knew that Negan wasn’t above hurting his little brother in order to get him to comply - something he would avoid at all costs – so he was particularly careful to follow the rules.

With Negan departing before dawn, Carson had been looking forward to a small reprieve from the tension he was accustomed to while the man was inside the sanctuary walls. That was until Simon had him prepare for ‘anything’ – whatever that meant. Carson had reasoned that it probably wasn’t anything good so did his best to be ready for every kind emergency he could think of. Waiting in his clinic for the ‘anything’ to arrive, it was only in the trickle down of chatter from his regular patients that he had found out that the so called emergency had been called off.

It had annoyed him - not that he was going to do anything about it but Carson had thought that it wouldn’t have been hard for Simon to let him know things were okay. He had taken it with a weary sigh and had chalked it up to Simon having something more important to do. He usually did.

So when a particularly serious looking savior came to his door and told him to report to Negan’s room right away, Carson became rather perplexed. He had grabbed his bag and hurried out of the door without a backwards glance.

Which was how the man had found himself standing outside the steel door in question. He hesitated in the empty corridor for a moment, suddenly feeling much more uneasy about his current task. Carson wondered why on earth he would have been sent to Negan’s room when the man himself was out for the remainder of the day at least. It crossed his mind – not for the first time since arriving at the sanctuary – that it might indeed be some kind of trick.

He knew he had to do it anyway. If it wasn’t a trick, it must be important and he didn’t even want to attempt to think about the consequences if he turned away. Biting down his fear, he knocked on the door.

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It really makes me sad and I know it isn't your fault but I'm really considering unfollowing because of how uncomfortable some of these "opinions" make me. And I'm talking about the people who insist the dads are gay and there's no way they see bi/pan and some people who say women shouldn't be playing cause it's a mlm game. Like I'm genderfluid, but primarily identify female, and am pansexual and I understand wanting representation because so do I as far as pan goes. Just too much hate

It’s okay if you unfollow, I understand and it’s hard seeing a lot of these opinions. Please don’t feel bad for unfollowing if that’s what you want to do. If you ever want to talk about anything, you can message me 😊

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my intrusive thoughts r making it rly hard to focus in lessons - ik all the stuff abt distraction but in lessons there's not much I can do so I end up not focusing / spending all my energy on not doing sth stupid (they make me want to hit my head on stuff) & I try to just dismiss them as meaningless because I know they are but they won't stop & it's making functioning hard, any tips/ideas for what I can do? (my school is aware I'm mentally ill if that helps)

Intrusive thoughts

Hi anon,

It can be really hard to deal with intrusive thoughts in lessons. I think that your school knowing whats going on will help. When I was at college, my teachers knew that I struggled with this too and I was given permission to leave class if I really needed to, due to my anxiety. I’d just get up and go to calm myself down and return after. I’m not sure if this is something that they do at your school, but having something in place that would allow you to leave the room if it got really bad and too overwhelming may be helpful. It might be good to look into asking your teachers if there are any options that might be in place to help student with mental health problems.

As for dealing with the intrusive thoughts when you’re in lessons, my CBT/ERP therapist gave me two methods to use. One of them was to dismiss the thought and the other was to agree with the thought. 

For example, you said you have thoughts about hitting your head against things; agreeing with the thought would be saying something like ‘yes, I’m absolutely going to hit my head against that thing’, inside your head. It sounds strange, but we spend so long trying to deny intrusive thoughts that agreeing with them can actually lessen the anxiety it causes. However this method can cause a bit of an increase of anxiety initially before it eases it, so it might not always be appropriate for certain situations. 

The other options was dismissing it and to any intrusive thought just thinking ‘it’s just a thought’ repeatedly, rather than interacting with the thought. It’s easier said than done, but it can be helpful.  It might not work the first time and you might have to repeat the ‘it’s just a thought’ mantra quite a few times in your mind, but it can quiet the thoughts a little so you can get on with the class.

They might not work for you, but I found them really helpful and on days when I felt stronger, I’d agree with the thought, my anxiety would increase a bit, but then the intrusive thoughts would lose their power over me. Then on days when my anxiety was worse, I’d try to dismiss the thoughts instead.

Lastly, I was wondering if you’re currently seeing a therapist? If you’re not and you’re in a situation where it’s possible, seeking a therapist might be useful to you. Cognitive behavioural therapy and exposure response prevention therapy is known to be useful in treating intrusive thoughts. For me, this kind of therapy helped me to deal with intrusive thoughts a lot to the point of recovery. I’ll post some resources of intrusive thoughts for you below.


Intrusive thoughts


All the best,


Okay, I’m a full time University student. And it’s hard. It’s hard and stressful and awesome and anxiety-inducing. I have an amazing teacher who makes me want to learn everything in the world and I have a teacher who’s really unsympathetic and makes me want to quit uni. I’ve never had to work hard in school before, school was always easy for me. I’ve grown lazy and not used to learning and challenging myself. I’ve lost all my motivation and goals. But now I have to change, and it’s hard. I need to remind myself every day that I’m here because I WANT to learn, not because I HAVE to learn. And boy, is it hard.

But I need to step up and just go for it.


It’s probably too late but this is my other bnha oc–

His name is Sejun (Korean transfer student) and his quirk is eucalyptus! He’s shy, smells really good, loves to sunbathe (flowers pop up when he’s happy), and is very very afraid of koalas. A soft plant boi but very dangerous in battle 

Eucalyptus is actually hecking scary in that it’s fire resistant and produces highly combustible chemicals. Sejun is capable of making small sparks which set off a chain of explosions that can cover a huge radius (you can tell if you’re in range if you can smell it); it’s virtually impossible for him to control. He doesn’t like using his quirk because it can hurt others unintentionally, so unless you really make him angry (which is hard to do) he’ll try to apply pacifism

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im not trying to be rude or anything but it really makes me sad how people still sometimes say that i should eat less or give weight loss advices just because im quite chubby. but ive been struggling with eating disorder so much i have so little energy i almost cant work out. but people still asume that im just lazy because they cant imagine that anorexic person can be heavy. sorry for rant, just it makes me really upset sometimes.

Fuck what they’re saying.
They probably got no clue about your struggles and how hard you’re trying. Maybe you could tell them to stop and say that you already are trying to lose weight and that it takes a while until it’s noticeable?
That way they’ll might stop saying those things.

Stay strong love ♡
(sorry that I’m replying so late)

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I love Bucky. His the best fucking person in the world omg. You make it really hard for me not shipp IronWinter and stay Stony for the core. It was read hard. I was almost expecting a "War Is War" A.U with Steve and Bucky fighting over Tony. I Know that it won happen and that will be Stony and that's nice because good stony is hard to find this days, but I loved thinking about that. I think I'll watch this movie again LOL. About the FIC, GREAT FIC OMG. I'M LOVING IT SO HARD.

@ironheartng you don’t ship winteriron??? But I write so much of it!?!?

No worries though, this is definitely Stony to the end lol I need at least one full length Stony fic on my masterlist

Ok I know I’m me but I promise I’m being objective in saying that seeing someone that isn’t Tyler do that cheorography only cements why I thoroughly believe he’s such an insane talent. I know I’m me but I am obsessed with him for a reason and it was hard to watch that cheorography without him because he is one of those people that can move their body in their own unique way that no one else can. When that man dances something it’s impossible to replicate and tonight really solidified why I consider him to be one of the best dancers in the game. And I know I’m me but… I’m obsessed with him for a reason.

soulmate au where you have the name of your soulmate scribed on your body bUT

It’s their middle name 

Valentine’s as a holiday is garbage, but Jim and Spock hanging out to watch the sun rise on a farm is not.


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the puppy bowl is the greatest invention of the 21st century. hair dryers included.

40 / 365 days of my sunshine