because it was perfect for a first gifset


‘I try not to get caught up in looking perfect because nobody’s perfect – regardless of what you see on Instagram. That’s probably not what the picture looked like at first. It’s not real life and that’s not what people actually look like. You just have to learn to love yourself and embrace yourself, because there’s only one you.’


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@lunalocegood: lilian!! you’re honestly one of my favorite blogs tbh i love your url like honestly how?? all of your hp posts are wonderful and i love the simplicity of your desktop theme and idk everything about your blog is just so clean and organized i love it!! (plus your a ravenclaw, thunderbird, and a cancer!! just like me so!!)

@lupins-remus: omg okay!! i love everything about your blog dorota!! first of all your icon is super cute i love lil ron!! plus all of your gifsets are so incredibly beautiful like all of the colorings are always so stunning!! 

@domlnique: jess!! i’m so lucky to have you as a mutual tbh because you’re so unbelievably kind!!! i love your url i think it’s like the perfect length for a url and it’s cute bc dominique wealsey and next gen!! two of my favorite things!! plus all of your posts are fantastic idk jess you just have a gr8 blog

@lilydoepottcr (+f): omg first of all you have such a cute ass url i love it!! second of all i think you have a really cute and unique desktop theme tbh it’s just so simple i love it! all of your posts are just so nice i love it and i’m glad i follow you now omg!!

@vixenevans (+f): i don’t know how i wasn’t following you before?? i love your theme and the little snitches with your links on your blog aw!! also your url is adorable and your posts are great!! 

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Anon asked: Could you make a gifset where it shows how Lexa was the one person who completely understood Clarke and knew what it truly meant to be a leader (and the burdens they carry because of it). How she was the only one who never made her feel bad about her choices because she was aware of the fact that being a leader meant making the hard choices.

Get to know you meme

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Favorite Place: my house when there’s no one else in it

Favorite Color: Red

Pets: Sydney, a german shepherd-mix who loves me more than anyone else

Last song I listened to: Oh Land - Wolf & I which i listened to because i saw the lyrics on a gifset

Favorite TV Show: Does Forensic Files count? Because I’ve logged more hours watching that show than anything else, but in terms of shows I’d fight someone for, The 100 because Bellamy

First Fandom: Arrow was the first fandom I was physically involved with but Doctor Who RTD-Era was my gateway fandom

Hobbies: watching copious amounts of TV, watching too much true crime, planning books and then putting of writing them, reading, and plotting the perfect bank robbery i will never follow through on

Books I’m currently reading: there’s like twelve i’ve started which i haven’t finished, but i’m currently carrying around Superman: The Unauthorized Biography which i got for christmas

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Java Jace or how to woo a guy

Based on the wonderful coffeeshop AU gifset by @nerjaveika and after restless prodding from my lovely @witchunters here is my second descend into the Jalec trashcan

Also for @thesupernovatothedarkstar because their Jace is perfect 

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be

Right in front of me

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