because it was like silk

You don’t get to choose who you love in this world. Feelings come naturally. You’re either my brother, my friend, my schoolmate or my lover. I don’t pick who gets to be what. My heart decides. My heart decides who makes it jump and skip a beat. My heart decides who I want to look at for hours and never get tired of what I see. My heart decides how I feel about the stranger across a table or a room. My heart decides whether I believe in love at first sight or not. And I never did, until I met him. My heart picked him. The shy boy who looked at his hands more than in a strangers eyes. The boy who’s whistled tunes were his way of saying ‘hey, notice me.’ The dark haired boy who’s eyes change colour and who’s heart is pure and gentle. The boy who’s tears mean more than gold, who’s stubbornness will make you scream, and who’s passions shine brighter than the sun. The boy who needs reassurance and to know that he is enough. The boy that never gives up. My heart chose this boy a long time ago, before I knew his eyes and smile. My heart chose his because our hearts make harmonies like silk and rhythms only we can dance to. My heart chose his because the world finally goes quiet when I’m with him. I feel happiness in bulk and love like never before because my heart needed lessons on what love was. He showed me, and continues to show me. His perseverance and steadiness gives me strength. That strength gives us strength. We were told we had to learn to be independent, be full on our own. But once two hearts have been sewn together it is incredibly difficult to continue as a half. We are two wholes that stand stronger together. He is he and I am I, and together we are he and I. The ‘and’ makes us stronger, steadier, happier, and healthier. The 'and’ is what makes us a bigger whole.
My life without he and I was bleak and messy. He puts me in order, calms my heart, and brings me infinite joy. I am proud to call this stranger my boy.
—  (Your hopelessly in love girl). // 00-29

So, I made a pretty short fic a few months back and I’m finally deciding to share it.

Basically, fluff, feelings revealed (finally), and their first kiss, also Derek’s first kiss ever.

(No, Derek is not a teenager, he was just saving his first kiss for someone special, and Stiles… is someone special.)


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Derek and Braeden relaxing in bed and getting ready to go to sleep, and Derek wants to run his fingers through Braden’s hair all calming like but he can’t because Braeden has her silk scarf on for the night and once it’s on she takes it off for no one, not even supernatural bullshit (just ask the ogre she had to put down at 3AM that one time) and she loves Derek but not enough to spend and hour getting her sew-in back on point in the morning.

Braeden is probably natural under her weave, and she wears it as a protective style. When she wants to give her hair a break, she rocks two-strand twists. Derek sees her twisting her hair one day, and he’s fascinated. So, she shows him how to do it, and before either of them know it, he’s helping her twist her hair. It’s a grooming behavior that settles his wolf and strengthens the bond between them. His twists don’t look half bad, and Braeden teases him about it, asking where the hell was he all her life. He says he was waiting for her, and that’s enough to start some hot sexy times right there on the floor.

But not before she puts her silk scarf back on. Derek might be good at twists, but she doesn’t trust him with detangling yet.

The mysterious powers of spider silks

Spider silks, the stuff of spider webs, are a materials engineer’s dream: they can be stronger than steel at a mere fraction of weight, and also can be tougher and more flexible. Spider silks also tend not to provoke the human immune system. Some even inhibit bacteria and fungi, making them potentially ideal for surgery and medical device applications. Exploitation of these natural marvels has been slow, due in part to the challenges involved in identifying and characterizing spider silk genes, but researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have now made a major advance with the largest-ever study of spider silk genes.

As they report today in an advance online paper in Nature Genetics, Penn scientists and their collaborators sequenced the full genome of the golden orb-weaver spider (Nephila clavipes), a prolific silk-spinner that turns out to produce 28 varieties of silk proteins. In addition to cataloguing new spider silk genes, the researchers discovered novel patterns within the genes that may help to explain the unique properties of different types of silk.

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Colours Of The Signs

Colour can tell us a lot about people; how they are and how they think or just plainly what they like. Each sign is known for having certain traits, which may make you think of a certain colour as colours can be associated with certain emotions.

Please remember these colours are mostly my personal opinion, whilst some of these colours are often agreed as almost the signs mascot colour.


As a fire sign, ARIES is associated with RED because they can be head-strong, bold and ruthless. RED also represents independence, which ARIES has in bags. It also shows they are not to be messed around with as RED signifies danger or warning.

TAURUS is associated with DEEP GREEN because they are an Earth sign and are very grounded. DEEP GREEN represents their strong will as deep colours can’t be easily erased or painted over. It also represents their grounded nature and how they are often rooted in traditions or sentimentality.

GEMINI can be associated with LIGHT PURPLE. Because they are an air sign they tend to be more laid-back, relaxed and sometimes quiet like pale colours. LIGHT PURPLE represents their humble side, but also their fun, ‘go with the flow’ side because light colours can go with any colour.

CANCER is associated with ROYAL PURPLE. As a water sign, they can be very emotional and nurturing so ROYAL PURPLE represents how deep they are inside. CANCER has a good nature and will defend those they love, ROYAL PURPLE shows how they will take anyone under their wings.

It’s generally agreed that this fire sign’s colour is GOLD. LEO is ruled by the Sun, so GOLD represents their vibrancy and that this sign is quite independent. LEO is also considered to be almost the royalty of the signs, as represented by the lion, so GOLD fits them perfectly.

The second Earth sign can be represented through LIGHT BLUE. VIRGO is calm and collected, they think through absolutely everything to analyse all the different results of a situation. LIGHT BLUE shows that VIRGO is modest and humble, sometimes quiet too.

The Venus-ruled air sign of LIBRA can be associated with PALE PINK. They can be reserved, but have a lot of emotions inside of them. LIBRA likes love, but will not be cocky and show-off-ish about their love affairs, hence PALE PINK showing their quiet affections.

DEEP RED shows the mysterious and sexual sign of SCORPIO. As a water sign, they have intense emotions which they lock up inside themselves. DEEP RED shows their mystery and secrecy, as well as their sexual nature. SCORPIO is shown by DEEP RED because they are like luxury silk or velvet you want to dive into.

The optimistic fire sign SAGITTARIUS can be associated with the happy and preppy colour of YELLOW. SAGITTARIUS often experience wanderlust and a need to experience, YELLOW is bright and represents this keenness that is inside of any SAGITTARIUS heart. They are also bursting with positivity just like YELLOW.

A CAPRICORN may be associated with GREY. Whilst this seems boring and dull, CAPRICORN is exactly the opposite. GREY represents their may different shades and layers, and that although they are quiet, they are dark and mysterious as well. CAPRICORN is the last of the Earth signs and perhaps the wisest, GREY shows that they are knowledgeable.

Last of the air signs, the water bearer: AQUARIUS. DEEP BLUE shows how deep the mind of an AQUARIUS can be. They are always exploring new ideas or theories and DEEP BLUE represents how they delve into the unknown. It also shows that they are less willing to publicly show their emotions, which is common with air signs.

Lastly, PISCES can be represented by WHITE. They are regarded as quite innocent, but very strong just like WHITE. It shows that they are pure and fighters as WHITE is bold and sturdy. PISCES is the sweetest angel and the cruelest solider. WHITE shows this as it can work with any colour, but is very stand alone.

No, I don’t think you get it. I’ve read a million poems that say “he was a melted sunset” or “he reminded me of the ocean on a windy day” or “I’ve never met a boy that could hold the stars like the sky before.” You say these things because the boy you love is beautiful to you, the way you think about them is beautiful, and so you try to use the beautiful sky as a way to describe him to the rest of us. You use the sunrise, the ocean, the starry sky because they are so obviously awe-inspiring that anyone listening will get the picture. We get it. He’s beautiful.

But what you don’t understand is that someday, you’re going to meet a boy that is not “like” any of those things at all. He will BE those things. He is not a sunrise, because thick watercolor sunrises run through his veins like silk. He is not the blue-green waves crashing onto sand, or the flowers he gave you before your first kiss- his bones are made of old feather quills, his eyes will knock the air out of you better than any wave from a murky ocean ever will. He is not a starry skyline, oh honey, he can breathe in galaxies and exhale what makes your toes curl. Someday, there will be a boy who makes you realize how invaluable and precious your skin is just because it’s the only way you can feel the creases in his palms. He will fill your lungs with sweeter air than oxygen can ever muster, will charge your soul so powerfully that it will take no effort to make your heart beat. There will be things he makes you feel that you didn’t even know were possible. There will be a boy who will make you realize that you’ve never been in love before.

And when he breaks your heart- though God I hope he doesn’t- it’s going to make parts of your scars squeeze in ways you didn’t know existed. But it won’t hurt the way you think. Cause get this: you will give him the consent to break your heart. You will know that you are not what makes him happy, and you’ll be okay with that. Trust me, it’ll hurt… No piano ballad will make you dance, and your mouth will taste of tingy steel. Nothing will seem truly wonderful anymore. You will claw for it and beg to see something that moves you, but nothing will ever compare to him. You will feel like your chest is a void for a while, but your heart will keep beating within it. Trust me, your heart will not forget to live: because he is worth living through a broken heart.

That’s because that boy will be more than just beautiful. He will be the type of living poetry you didn’t know existed- the kind you can reach your hands into and hold onto. The kind with lips and warm whispers and terribly bad habits. The kind with callused hands to hold and cologned hoodies to be used as pillows, with dreams you are intoxicated with and a laugh that warms your soul. The kind that sticks with you years after you first read it, as if it were a tattoo on your heart. The kind that changes the way you read other poetry.

No, you just don’t get it yet. Someday there will be a boy who will prove to you why. He will be the one that will show you that sunsets and oceans and starry skylines are beautiful, but nothing on this earth can come close to making you feel the way he does. He is not just beautiful, dear. He is so much more.

—  “There Will Be A Boy Who Changes The Way You Read Poetry”
A.E.R.  (this blog is now

South shaves her legs sporadically. She likes the way it feels when they are shaved, but it’s so tedious that she quite often can’t be bothered.

Maine and Wash, on the other hand, shave quite regularly. Maine goes in for the full body shave because he likes to be smooth as silk, but Wash just does the legs.

They go to a beach together on leave at some point and some salty-ass rude makes some insulty comments to South about her legs. South just pulls the rude over in front of Maine and Wash, gestures at them, and says,

“I get to fuck both of that most every night, and you think I give a fuck about your opinions?”

Dylan Larkin #3

Requested by Anon:  Hey!! Can I request a Dylan Larkin one where you both hate each other at first but one day you one of you catches feelings and don’t know how to bring it up? Cause you ‘hate’ each other? [Here it is! This might have to have a part 2. We’ll see. Message me if you want a continuation! :)]

Part 2.

Word count: 848

Originally posted by mcdavidconnor

Dylan Larkin skated in front of you and banged his helmet on the glass before gliding away.

Your friend turned and gave you a weird look, “the game hasn’t even started yet and he’s already riled up?”

“What?” You asked, gulping down some of your beer, “don’t look at me like that. I’m just sitting here doing nothing.”

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miraculously-everything  asked:

Can I get some paladin headcanons about catching their S/O singing and dancing and not knowing they've been there the whole time?

I’m getting war flashbacks to every time this has happened to me help


  • just stops and stares for a few seconds and that just enough time for their s/o to turn around
  • the embarrassment their s/o experiences is phenomenal because one moment there is no one there and then there is just Pidge
  • sure there is a whole lot of teasing afterward - Pidge has the perfect ploy to get their s/o with
  • but s/o goes bright red and screams internally whenever Pidge brings it up


  • he’s super cute about it ok if anyone makes his s/o the least embarrassed it’s him
  • at first, he catches them dancing like it’s not a big deal but they start singing and he just stops functioning
  • even if they are not that good he stops to listen and its like silk to his ears just because it’s them
  • he gives them a big hug while they hide their head in their hands


  • comes up behind them to dance with them
  • his s/o is in horror when they turn and see him joining in
  • bless him he carries on dancing while his so is just cursing into his shoulder and he holds them real tight
  • he’s not gonna be an ass about this one because his s/o cringed so hard, but he might tease them occasionally by looking over expectantly when the song they were dancing to comes on


  • he has a little moment of confusion and then his s/o starts singing and he has a smug grin on his face
  • he catches their attention by trying not to laugh and in the end, he just sniggers like an idiot
  • his s/o doesn’t really know whether to laugh or cry but he is too cute to get mad at for laughing
  • from that moment on whenever the song comes on the two of them have to hold in their laughter


  • He’s embarrassed for them, to be honest
  • he doesn’t bring it up because he swears it takes an entire month of their life just thinking about it
  • he chuckles at them and it makes his s/o get really embarrassed but he can’t stop laughing - the more they freak out about it the more he gets the giggles
  • as long as his s/o doesn’t bring it up he forgets about it but the moment they even mention it he’s laughing again

thx-for-the-memeries  asked:

omg what do the 2p's hair feel like holy sHIT I BET LUTZ'S IS SOFT AS FUCK

((tbh i notice you a lot and your URL and icon are epic i hope you know…., also you seem like an adorable person so omg hi)) ≧◡≦

What the 2Ps’ hair feels like

2P!America: a little bit rough due to the occasional gel or hairspray… he isn’t teasingly called a greaser for nothin’

2P!China: kinda messy due to the military hat he’s always wearing but the ponytail is totally soft and wavy

2P!England: sort of average and shaggy, feels a lot more like straw rather than silk because of the pink hair dye tbh

2P!France: feels tangled and a tiny bit floofy

2P!Russia: feels super thick, he’s a ginger what did u expect

2P!Italy: looks reaaaaaally soft and shiny like omg lemme touch

2P!Germany: sorry friend but it’s not too soft; it’s usually tousled and in need of a haircut, sometimes feels like hat-hair due to the field cap or beanie, but he still looks attractive in a rough-and-roguish way

2P!Japan: sUPER SOFT AND SHINY RAVEN HAIR, LIKE THE SOFTEST OUT OF THE 2Ps, IT’S SMOOTH AS SILK AND THIN AND SHINES WITH RED TINTS (too bad he won’t let anyone touch it without glaring at them)

2P!Canada: disheveled, kinda knotted, he always looks lazily put-together in general, but he can sport even a bedhead and still look mysterious and intimidating

2P!Romano: psssst you didn’t hear it from me but it feels like hair products and too much blonde dye

2P!Austria: feels wavy and well-kept

2P!Prussia: very soft and fine, almost baby-thin hair

What it would be like to date Yixing/ Lay;

**anon, i hope you like this and its what you expected and im sorry if it isnt! Lay was kind of difficult to write for but hes and adorable fluffball**

• Giving him massages to ease the tension in his shoulders.

• Massage his waist to help him ( ;) )

• Constantly tell you he misses you even though you’re sat on his lap.
• Whispering in your ear, sweet words of comfort or love.
• When he is feeling low, you would let him lay his head on your chest and let him talk about anything that has made him feel that way.

“Lay baby? Do I need to go beat someone up?”
“Ah Jagiyah! No it’s ok, I have you so I’m better now”

• Baking together
• Grabbing back his attention from when he spaces out for a minute.

“yix honey? Are you ok?”

• Tender kisses
• Tender love
• Sends you so many selcas because he’s afraid you’ll forget his face or him.
• Even though he is your lock screen and there are pictures of the two of you together all over your shared flat with him.
• He helps you study for exams ect.
• Send you cute edits of himself to make you smile.
• Teasing him a lot.
• He would get embarrassed easily.
• HIP Thrusts
• Sexy on stage acting just for you and The exo l’s
• NETLFIX AND CHILL but he gets to invested in the film to remember the ‘chill’
• Lap dances
• Cuddling on the couch
• Cuddling in the bed
• Cuddling in the bath
• Back hugs wherever you are.
• Hand holding near enough all the time.
• He so sweet and considerate and puts you before him even though you tell him not to
• Comforting him when he messed up the dinner he was making for you and you ended up making dinner for the both of you.
• You give him weekly cooking lessons to help him.
• Dates every Friday night
• Sneaks you into dance practice because he misses seeing you for longer than five minutes
• Strokes your hair and kisses your forehead
• He’s wearing a large overcoat and he lets you wrap your arms around him, wrapping the coat around you.
• Nibbles on your ear.
• His favourite cuddling position is the sweethearts cradle.
• Couple t shirts
• Doesn’t care if you ‘accidentally’ skip leg shaving day
• He lets you shave his face for him
• Washing his hair because when he wakes up on a morning, he’s not exactly 100%.
• Teasing him by softly brushing your hand against him when he’s in the mood because the sound of his moans are pleasant and run over you like silk.
• Pizza parties
• He wants to watch the geographic channel but will pin you down to get the remote off of you.

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I am sO here for autistic matt murdock!!!!

Matt Murdock is an autistic, manic-depressive, disabled superhero with sensory processing disorder and i will fight the Whole World About All Of It 

some facts tho, like, canon facts gathered from comics and show: 

  • matt murdock sleeps under a thick heavy blanket 
  • matt murdock sleeps with silk sheets because “cotton feels like sandpaper on [his] skin” 
  • matt murdock is generally very sensitive to texture and feel of clothing and fabric and can’t life comfortably in ones that are Wrong
  • matt murdock is very sensitive to taste and texture of food and can’t comfortably eat things that are Wrong (oysters) 
  • “What I wasn’t taking into account was maybe my greatest weakness: sensory overload.” 
  • in fact let me just quote that whole section 
  • “For me, it’s not just about warmer weather or navigating traffic. Because of my hypersenses, everything out here is new to me. But the human brain, no matter how smart, can only process so much data at any given time. The more there is to learn, the more difficult it is to maintain your normal level of concentration.” –matt on the difficulties of moving to a new city 
  • incidentally i’m like 900% sure this is a big piece of why matt continues to use a cane even after his identity is revealed (so that he doesn’t have to devote so much of his energy and concentration to orientation and mobility)
  • matt murdock gets sound and smell sensitive migraines 
  • matt murdock hates crowds 
  • matt murdock has frequently gone manic in response to traumatic events in his life and has stayed manic for months on end
  • matt murdock is known to both himself and his friends as someone who struggles with severe depressive episodes and self-destructive behavior 
  • matt murdock literally word-for-word canonically describes himself as having depression. he uses the word depression to describe his experiences. i’m not gonna put the panels in here because they stress me out. 
  • matt murdock (on the show) is a massive fidgeter. he fidgets extensively with the handle of his cane and continues to make those same gestures even when he’s not holding the cane 
  • matt murdock (on the show) uses a script to describe difficult situations, even if that script is not 100% appropriate for the situation (he uses the same script of “world on fire” to describe his supersenses to both foggy and claire, even though it’s not suited to foggy; consistently says “i’m blind” as an excuse for superhero behavior things even though it doesn’t fit the scenario- although lbr nondisabled people are so awkward about disability he probably does this because it works 99% of the time. still a script tho)
  • fisk on the show is So autistic-coded that many many of the things that are like “you’re like me, daredevil” that fisk says/does/the parallels between fisk and matt are actually autistic-coded things
  • when in college, matt wears huge ear protectors and a dust mask to sleep in to mitigate the sensory input of trying to sleep in a room shared with another living person (who is the ever-loud, ever-smelly foggy nelson)
  • matt murdock has super extreme empathy levels for the people in hell’s kitchen, but only hell’s kitchen- which helps to explain why he’s pretty chill with crime as long as it happens outside his neighborhood
  • matt murdock develops extremely close, strong connections with a very limited number of people
  • even though matt murdock cares So Deeply about the people in his life, he is truly terrible at spoken, neurotypical communication
  • matt murdock’s emotionality is Off given his circumstances and the traditional/typical neurotypical response to those situations. foggy comments on this when matt is happy-go-lucky after tragedy, and he’s so known for it that they literally call him the man without fear (it’s not that matt has no fear- it’s that matt presents fear differently, responds to fear differently)
  • matt murdock has developed specific coping mechanisms and behaviors to respond to certain sensory input:
  • “Three-hundred-some pulse rates just doubled. I can’t unhear them, so I use one of my mental exercises. I picture all those hearts as instruments in a giant orchestra.” 

it’s kind of hard to make distinctions between the things matt does because he’s blind (textured suits, specifically organized desk, routines, etc) and things that he does specifically because he’s neurodivergent, and i know folks are going to challenge me on that, because how dare i headcanon a character as autistic. especially how dare i claim a character can be disabled and also mentally ill and neurodivergent

 but i think this difficulty of distinction makes sense, a) because supersenses, and who says that supersenses can’t also be described as sensory processing disorder and in terms of neurodivergence and b) intersectionality of experience; because guess what people can be autistic and blind and you can’t always separate out specific elements of why people respond to their world in certain ways because brains are fucking complicated

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Do you have any head canon about the reader losing her virginity to Sam ?? I love all your stuff so much!!

Oh, do I ever!   fyi I have a one shot coming up that might interest you. 

@cyrilconnelly, @impalaimagining, @spontaneousam, @barbedwireandbubblegum, @teamfreewill-imagine, @abbirae99 @bohowitch, @winchesterprincessbride, @justcallmelosechester


When Sam pops your cherry, he’s a virgin too.

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I knew she was cold when she kissed me while she was holding her drunk girlfriends hand.
Cold like 20 degrees in the summer.
She was black-haired and skin and bones. Sometimes I wondered if she looked in the mirror after she got dressed. She was beautiful.
I knew she was cold when she fucked me for hours, and then asked me what my last name was.
We were associating for months at this time.
I felt warm liquid rushing from my eyes, I was unable to contain the emotion that she lacked.
“It’s the drugs, babygirl. They’ll make you forget the prettiest girl in the world.”
She was weird, and she was picky. She smoked cigarettes, but her breath always tastes like mint gum or heaven, maybe.
I knew she was cold when we drove around for hours, she said she was on Molly,
But I didn’t know who that was. I listened because her voice sounded like silk.
She talked about music, she talked about her father and wondered aloud where he was.
Cold like three winters in Alaska combined.
I sat on the edge of her bed, while she read. I watched her and kept tracing her freckles,
While she traced my veins. This made so much sense to me,
She was cold and she ran through my veins like icicles.
I caught a glimpse of a blonde haired girl on her bedside table, and she was ordinary. Until she followed my eyes,
And the way she looked at that picture made the plain blonde haired girl so god damned beautiful.
She told me she was her past and I asked if I was her future.
I knew she was cold when she replied that she didn’t have one.
Cold like the month of November.
She liked train tracks, and she’d take pictures of the trains that came every once in a while,
I knew she was cold when she jumped in front of one last minute, until I was crying,
She rolled away and said “stop caring about me so much,
Stop wasting away into me.”
I knew she was cold when she kissed me like I held all of the galaxies in the whole universe inside of my mouth.
Cold like the tips of my fingers from tracing her veins.
She liked drugs, said they made me feel something other than nothing. Cocaine was her favorite. She said that made her feel everything.
She said it made her waste away into nothing, but she was skin and bones and I still thought she was everything.
I knew she was cold when she tapped on my window at 3 am and crawled into my bed.
She made me feel things that I’d never tell my mother.
She made me feel things I’d never talk to God about.
Cold like the drip drip drip of the faucet, while she’s sniffing white lines on my bathroom counter.
I was religious, she was not. She made fun of the five bibles I had lined up on my bookshelf.
“You believe in the unproven. You believe in God and you believe in me.”
I knew she had turned me cold when I took all of my bibles off of my shelf.
I knew she had turned me cold when it was Sunday, and I was sitting in a pew next to my mother, thinking of the way she fucked me.
I knew she had turned me cold when I leaned over to sniff her white lines, I wondered if she thought I was as beautiful as I did her while she watched me.
I knew she had turned me cold when I felt for her veins, instead of her freckles, I felt for her hands, but they were wrapped around my throat instead.
—  cold like my heart

Regina Harris

Young Mikoto in Touma/Valla

A headcanon for when Mikoto used to live in Touma because I haven’t seen anything on it? And I think about it a lot because I like the idea that Touma was based on China/Silk Road/South Asia so I headcanon that Mikoto dressed or looked differently compared to her Hoshidan outfit. She was playful and carefree and spent a lot of her time in the fields and mountains where she would use her magic to help flowers flourish. When Anankos took over and she escaped the invisible kingdom with her sister, the flowers withered away.

Headcanon : What Gray loves the most in Lucy is her hair because it’s as soft as silk. He likes playing with it or just brushing his fingers through her hair.

Dammit it was so hard to draw. And color… I’m glad I’ve been able to finish it ;_;

ps: If I’m going on twitter, is there anyone who will follow me ? There’s a lot of people who want me to go there but I still hesitate…