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Break Time

Yes, thank you, I think I will. My screams finally reached somebody.

Tell me about it! The pacing is slow, and it takes too long to make.
It pains me to leave you hanging like this, friends, but alas.

I am. So burnt out.

I’ll just take a week off. See you in August!

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for the au and headcanon thing: Finn Skywalker getting to grow up with his father instead of being kidnapped by the first order

  • Finn’s birth name was Anakin. Back then, the name was still legendary. It belonged to the greatest Jedi the galaxy had ever seen, and now, it belongs to the most precious thing to Luke Skywalker—his baby son.
  • He is a squishy baby: glowing cheeks, chubby ankles and wrists, and as soft and comforting as a teddy bear. Luke can never let go of him. Finn is always found in his arms, snuggled up to his chest, and both Skywalker boys doze through the afternoons.
  • Luke takes him stargazing every evening. As a baby, Finn tries to catch the twinkles in the sky. As a child, he listens in rapt attention when his father explains the various star names and their histories, mythologies. There’s a scientific explanation to everything, and then there is the Tatooinian explanation—with dragons, spirits, gods. (As an adult, Finn will enjoy the science behind them, but Luke can’t fault his little boy for being so enthusiastic about the princess star meeting the nymph star).
  • Finn is a great pilot, even if he lacks the self confidence. When his father takes him on his lap or later, acts as his co-pilot, Finn can do anything. But there’s a whole legacy of amazing avian artists behind him, and he feels inadequate. When it’s only him, without his father’s reassuring presence, his hands shake on the controls. He might have crashed into a tower or two.
    Luke nudges him as he comes to stand next to him, and they stare at the wreckage of what used to be an x-wing. “You know,” he says, “I once drowned mine. And my father was fond of rough landings, so I hear.” There’s a crackling sound, and suddenly, the whole thing is on fire. “Ah, that’s new.”
  • Finn laughs so hard that tears come to his eyes. Luke pats his back, smiling. This father and son duo are never serious. Finn can count on one hand how many arguments they’ve had. And every single one ended up in him sob-laughing because his father made another lame joke to ease the tension.
  • He is an amazing marksman. Luke is impressed. Finn has never missed a shot in his life, even blindfolded. His strength in the Force is unparalleled. Finn is every bit the Skywalker, despite what he might think. And Luke couldn’t be prouder.
  • “I wonder where we could find another Death Star for you to shoot down …”
    “Dad, do not joke about that.”

Send me an AU and I’ll give you 5 headcanons about it

The scene with Hot Pie was my favorite

I mean, yes the 4 ladies and their Table Of War as well as finally seeing Nymeria and her pack was amazing.

But there was something about the Arya/Hot Pie scene. Arya is seeing a friend again - the first time we’ve seen her reconnect with anyone she knew before Braavos-and initially she doesn’t seem to care. She’s not sad, but she’s not excited or particularly happy- I know Hot Pie wasn’t particularly a beloved friend of hers, but she showed less of a reaction than she did meeting total strangers in the pop star cameo scene last week. You’d think she’d be at least as animated as that, but no . A girl needs to eat. And Hot Pie is filling her in about his meeting with Brienne - so many seasons ago- and she’s not really reacting. A girl needs some ale. And you can see Hot Pie is affected by this. He almost looks like he feels sorry for her: like somehow he knows this change could not have been brought about by anything happy or pleasant. She focuses on chewing and barely makes eye contact. When she talks about cooking and preparing human flesh she sort of kicks herself for not browning the butter. It’s unclear how this Arya will fit into society- will she be able to connect to anyone?

And then, the moment he tells her that Jon Snow is at Wintefell, she stops chewing. Drops the half eaten pie. Half heartedly accuses Hot Pie of lying because the possibility of this being true is too much to hope for. And at that moment she almost looks her age again. She almost looks hopeful and happy. Not smiling about a kill she just made- not Faceless Man satisfied. But she looked like Arya again. Like there might be some of that child she used to be still left- despite the fact that her childhood ended long ago.

And she has that one long moment on the horse, where she has to decide to go south or north. And you see her let go of what had been driving her- her mission to kill the queen. Her duty as assassin- even one that is more or less freelancing since abandoning the House of Black and White. She turns her back in it, literally, for the chance to see her brother again. A girl is still Arya Stark.

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Hello miya :) You've said once that taehyung isn't your typical capricorn. Is it because of his moon in aries (childish opposed to corn's maturity)+venus in aqua (rebellious opposed to corn's conservatism), or is it something else working on his chart you can't know of without his birthtime? It was always strange to me how he's so keen on keeping traditions and being filial, but being so opinionated and unruly at the same time. It seems like he was reluctant in obeying them, yet did it anyways.

Hey, anon! It’s exactly that, you’ve got it completely right. The mix of Capricorn and Aquarius by itself normally already makes some interesting people because these signs are opposites. Capricorn stands for traditions, order, intelligence related to work and goals, discipline. Aquarius stands for innovation, thinking outside the box, random curiosity related to weird subjects, rebelling against order. So yeah, that by itself can already cause Taehyung’s personality to be the way it is. You can’t properly define it with just a few words, he’s quite a character. Adding Moon in Aries, a placement known for making one strongheaded and passionate (as in intense, but not necessarily emotional? it’s more like in an agitated way, stubborn like - not exactly related to deep feelings or stuff like that), that’s why you couldn’t just try and explain Capricorn alone to define him without adding those other two strong placements - specially because they’re ruling his feelings while Capricorn is ruling his mind, determination and personality. So, basically, he’s not hard to explain only because there are other opposite signs going on but also because they’re the ones responsible for ruling his emotional being as a whole. That’s why sometimes the way he talks isn’t necessarily how he acts. Not because he’s being fake, but because sometimes his feelings and mind are gonna work separatedly (this is strongly influenced by the houses, though, so I won’t go much into it). That’s why he can say things that are very conservative or clearly influenced by his upbringing (like wanting many kids, expecting to be a parent that follows society’s standards, etc) and then act all rebel like or strongheaded in an interview (like subtly exposing he’s against how the entertainment industry works, or even by indirectly showing how unfair he thinks everything can be and taking matters in his own hands by defending what he believes in [even small things like making sure every and single worker in a photoshoot is appreciated or even praising every Bangtan member even when they themselves won’t say they’re worth it, showing how he is against the competition that said market involves]). 

Originally posted by jjks

And yes, his Ascendant definitely has something to do with it too. From what I’ve consumed of his public statements or tv appearances, as time passed Taehyung felt obligated to do many things and forced himself to do so because of the expectations that were placed on him - Capricorn in a chart normally makes one feel forced to do what elders tell them to because it’s a sign that stands strongly for respecting family and authority / order. However, Aries feels / acts like it’s the authority itself and Aquarius believes in knowledge above anything else. So it’s clear to me that having these signs mixed made him feel quite confused at times (while growing up), not knowing who to trust or follow - and even if he should just follow his own ideas. Nowadays I feel like he’s a lot more comfortable in his own skin regarding that, and that’s why his temper and subtle statements are more easily understood than they were before (for people that are paying attention, of course). Also, being controlled for so long is taking its toll on him and it’s likely that more and more we’ll see much more of his strong personality and own ideas. Which I’m excited to see, to be honest. I’ve been following Kpop for over a decade and the kind of idol that Taehyung is always brings interesting discussions about the entertainment market or even culture traditions that should be re-evaluated, etc. I wish I could see his whole chart with the birth time to understand how exactly it’s gonna play out, but I am willing to bet there’s a lot that we could expect from this guy in the future. Of what nature said things will be I can’t know because damn birth time, but it’s clear to me that they’ll be interesting to watch develop. I’m just rambling now, though. lol And you were right in the first place so I didn’t even have to add anything! haha Oh well. Your ideas were spot on, anon. :)

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Saruhiko giving flowers to Misaki/Misaki giving flowers to Saruhiko <3

For Fushimi, I think someone probably talks him into giving Yata flowers, like say he and Yata have a fight and Fushimi’s in an extra bad mood because of it which is when someone suggests he give Yata flowers as an apology. Maybe the fight was actually about Fushimi’s lack of romantic gestures anyway, like Yata’s always showing Fushimi a lot of affection and while he understands that Fushimi’s not really a naturally affectionate or demonstrative person the way Yata is it also makes Yata feel kinda unappreciated sometimes, like does Fushimi even really want to be with him at all since he barely ever acts like they’re even together. The fight puts Fushimi in an extra bad mood because he really does love Misaki he just has no idea how one is supposed to express that and anyway Fushimi thinks demonstrative displays of affection like buying your partner gifts is stupid anyway (largely because he’s insecure at the very idea and so hates it by default). There’s also probably that small lingering doubt that’s always in the corner of his mind, that surely Yata deserves better than him anyway and maybe it’s best if he just leaves and lets Yata find someone new who actually deserves him. The alphabet squad sees how upset Fushimi is and decides they must intervene to save Fushimi-san’s love life, many ideas are floated as to how Fushimi can apologize. Fushimi insists that he doesn’t need to apologize to stupid Misaki but everyone is very insistent, like don’t you want him to know how you really feel, Fushimi-san. In the end Fushimi really does want to find a way to make it up to Yata, like he knows that he’s not the easiest boyfriend to have and as much as he tells himself Yata might be happier without him in truth Fushimi knows that he can’t be happy without Yata.

So the alphabet squad all gets together an they give Fushimi some money and shove him in the direction of the nearest flower shop. Fushimi quickly gets overwhelmed by all the fancy bouquets, like the romantic ones are way too sappy and over the top and he doesn’t want to give Yata something like that. Plus Fushimi’s allergies are acting up and he just wants to get out of there. Then maybe he spies some small arrangement, like just a couple sunflowers and he has the ridiculous thought that they remind him of Misaki’s smile and suddenly he finds himself buying them without really thinking. He shows up at their apartment a bit later, debating whether he should just throw the flowers away and leave, which is when Yata appears behind him, having just returned from his part time job. Fushimi mutters that he was just leaving, the flowers hidden behind his back, and tries to slip away, which is when Yata yells his name and blocks his way. Fushimi expects Yata to say something about how things aren’t working out and he’s had enough of Fushimi and that he can’t make excuses for Fushimi anymore, braced fully for the rejection he knows has to be coming.

Then he’s surprised when Yata’s face flushes a little as Yata pulls his own bouquet of forget-me-nots from behind his back and shoves it in Fushimi’s face, saying that okay, yeah, Saruhiko is a jerk sometimes but at the end of the day no matter what he’s also the one person Yata can’t forget or leave behind, and he knows that he can’t force Fushimi into a romantic role that doesn’t suit him. Turns out Yata went to Bar Homra after the fight and got a similar pep talk from his clan, that okay Fushimi’s not very romantic towards you but you also know how he is and that if Yata really loves Fushimi and if he’s afraid that Fushimi doesn’t love him then he needs to say it straight out rather than hiding behind arguments about gifts and displays of affection. Fushimi stares at the flowers for a moment and then slowly pulls his own bouquet out, half-throwing it at Yata as he looks down and mumbles that the flowers remind him of Misaki’s smile. Yata’s shocked that Fushimi actually bought flowers for him and the reason behind the choice just makes him feel this sudden rush of affection for his stupid boyfriend, soon they’re all hugging and apologizing and they end up going out and buying cute matching vases to display their respective bouquets in.


@chocokidda But, like, actually that’s what happened XD

Keep the ball rollin dude

I’ve been super unproductive and even more very anti-social than usual, but I come here for a moment because I need to yell because
My friend bought me that Dream Daddy game because she bought it too
And you know
We decided to each complete a different route
She took Robert’s
But fool that I am
I went with Joseph’s route first
I just

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Sans... Well Axe... What do you actually look for in a friend or an SO?

“you can stick with callin’ me sans, pal.  what do i look for, huh?  that’s not a question i get every day.”  

He trails off, actually trying to think about it.  Underground, he once had many friends, though the memories of them were fleeting.  Grillby had been a close friend, but even he had cut ties with most of Snowdin after the riots started.  And Toriel hates him now.  All Axe really has is Papyrus.

“that’s a tough question to swallow, buddy.  last friend i had… well, you could say i let somethin’ slip and now her life is in ruins,” he stated, thinking of Toriel.  Now that he was on the Surface, however, it was a different story.  He could relax… in theory.  

His fingers began to creep up the side of his face, toward his unlit eyesocket.

“someone who isn’t too sensitive, for one.  i don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but it’s easy to see what’s on my mind, heh. it also helps if they’ve got a sense of humor, and if they don’t scare easy.  hell, if they do, it could make it more fun to startle them, but…  just don’t need them scared of paps or me.”  

o shit waddup here comes that depression