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I really adore your art it's so cute! I was wondering since you draw a lot of the batfam have you ever drawn the superfam like Chris, Conner, Cir-el, Kara, Kenan, Traci, Natasha, and Jon? I'm just curious because I would like to see your interpretations of them. Anyways, keep up the awesome work! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Thank you so much! Omg, I’m so sorry, because from all those person you said, I only know tree of them: Kara, Conner and Jon. Even so, i don’t really know Jon’s story in depth (or his character at all, I don’t read supersons, I see it a lot in my dash tho). But, here it is the tree I know:

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Technical question: do you have a save for each story or they're all different version of themselves (for example adult santi, teen santi, baby santi) in the same save?

i do everything in the same save because i’m a f*cking mESS and didn’t realize we could even have different saves until like the middle of last year so yeah currently there’s three differently aged lou’s and santi’s walking around it’s cool tho it’s cool

please don’t blame me for not knowing how to start this conversation. you know it’s been a long time since we last talked. somehow things are not the same. a lot has changed since i was a kid. i am sorry for not being the best of sons, i don’t really know how to do this. i’ve been trying to have a relationship with you my whole life but it is so difficult to me when i don’t know who you really are. i don’t know the truth. i don’t know your real values and rules. for some reason i need to hear it from you. and i don’t understand why you never answer. i want you close but you seem so far away. i am sorry for wondering if you’re real when i’m at my worst. i know you’re there. i just want you to talk to me.

a letter to god

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So, since I'm hearing a lot about Half Tone and Ubi, I was wondering: is there a Swap!Mono?

Techni and Color (Technicolor)

Two children who aren’t offspring of Half Tone or Ubi, but instead Fresh and Paperjam.

Needless to say, Tone has a stark bluntness with his parents and Color is dead terrified of them. Can’t say they don’t hang around Ubi and Half Tone a lot because Color imprinted on them and is too… incapable of understanding they aren’t his parental figures.

Techni tries to stay distant emotionally from everyone. He likes it that way.

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i pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve some time yesterday and i knew today it would be worse. 

but today it’s so much worse that glen’s had to stay home because i can’t really move or lift things and certainly can’t accept the shopping delivery so that’s been my day so far.

the last time i pinched this particular nerve, i ended up in emergency because the medical specialists thought it was kidney failure the pain was so bad. i’m hoping today is the worst day. hypermobility ftw. i’m pretty sure i did this to myself by either walking or taking a deep breath, lol.