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I always lied to you and asked you to forgive me. Deliberately keeping you at a distance by my own hand. All because I didn’t want you to get caught up in any of this. But now, I believe… that perhaps you could have changed Father, Mother, and the rest of the Uchiha. If I had been open with you from the start… and looked you straight in the eyes and told you the truth, then I wouldn’t have had to stand before you, from above, as a failure, telling you all of this. So this time, I want to impart this truth to you… You don’t ever have to forgive me. And no matter what you do from here on out, know this… I will love you always. 

Happy Birthday Rehaf! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ [08.01] 


Hey so if you haven’t read @latias-likes-pizza​‘s lovely writing for the Fateswap AU then might I suggest you do so because you’ll get some Quality Lore™ on Noct’s fateswap squad. - v -/

Chapter 1: LunaChapter 2: IrisChapter 3: Aranea

Need to catch up on Fateswap AU stuff? Here it is in order:
Origin: Luna/Prompto Swap | Ignis/Aranea Swap | The Iris suggestion | Gentiana/Cor suggestion | All Fateswap content


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Dating Bambam would include

!! oops sorry i wasn’t clear haha i meant can you write a “dating bambam would include” list😅❤ hehe thank you❤

Note: Ah I see what you mean! That’s what I get for not reading things properly! I’m very, very sorry! Here is your request!


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  • Him asking for your opinion on his hair before anyone else after it gets dyed because 1) your opinion means the most, and 2) it gives him an excuse to send you selcas and 3) nothing fuels his ego more than being complimented from you
  • So many messages 
  • Especially when he’s on tour
  • You’ll have so many updates through messenger, snapchat and snow - which makes you question how much work he actually gets done during the day. 
  • Him dedicating a day to cuddling with you when he gets back from tour because god knows he’s needy and wants those cuddles
  • So much skinship
  • Kisses on your face and hands and the rest of your body
  • His band members spending about 80% of their time telling the two of you to get a room or teasing you both
  • Bambam ignoring them because he’s “too mature” for them
  • Grumpy maknae
  • But always cheers up when you give him a reason too, mainly through kisses and hugs and spontaneous dates
  • And that’s what he loves so much about you because you spend so much time dedicated to making him happy and he fully supports that and does the dame for you. 
  • Expect random presents from him, especially after tours because- 
  • “I saw it and it made me think of you”
  • Which can sometimes lead to you having very strange, random objects in your house. 
  • “What an interesting ornament you have there, what it is {y/n}”
  • “Honestly Mum, I haven’t got a clue what it is.” 
  • Him loving to travel with you and taking you to places you’d never been before 
  • Taking you on a tour around his home town in Thailand and teaching you some simple phrases in the language 
  • Being so proud when he finds out that you love it all. 
  • Honestly, just being the cutest couple ever tbh
  • Him holding your hand and kissing you in public when you’re anxious because he knows it soothes you 
  • Doesn’t really give a shit about what the press says because he loves you and that means more than everything to him. 
  • True happiness when the dating ban is lifted even though he’d been dating you for ages before that anyway

Night time

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  • This maknae may looks as though he’s all sweet and innocent but don’t be fooled
  • He can be very charming and seductive when he wants to be 
  • Not to mention sexy af
  • But you probably shouldn’t tell him that unless you want his ego to blow up like a balloon 
  • But putting all of the sexy stuff aside, he is very sweet 
  • And sometimes just really wants to lie next to you
  • It feels so real for him
  • Holding you in his arms
  • He can’t help but think about hos lucky he is to have you in his life and how you love him like you do
  • Sometimes he’ll just hold you in his arms, running his fingers through your hair and grinning because he’s just so happy about you and about life that he can’t help but just grin as he drifts off to sleep. 

EB: don’t encourage him.

TG: been married for years

EB: oh my god.

TG: got one kid

TG: a lil salamander daughter

EB: leave casey out of this.

TG: shes a real nice kid

TG: does the blep thing a lot though

EB: she does actually! it’s really cute!

TG: pretty damn cute yeah

JHOPE LOG 160925 (rough trans)

Hoseok’s log is him talking about “Intro: Boy Meets Evil” being revealed the next day (160926). He spoke of being completely nervous for the release and even thought about monitoring his own video. He was just sitting in his studio at night thinking about all the mentions and attention he would hopefully be getting when the video is out, and how it’s a reminder how hard he truly works, but it is also a burden because of all the mixed emotions and tiring nights. Even though he feels all these emotions, he knows the fans will love and support his work. Hoseok also mentioned he is dying to watch reaction videos to see which parts the fans completely lose it hehe. With this intro, he wanted to show his cool side to his fans; he continues to talk about how it’s his first time in 3 years ever getting an intro! Namjoon and Yoongi did it very often, and a lot of their fans kept asking, “when is Hoseok’s coming out” and questions like that. So Hoseok keeps thinking, “ah, here’s the day that the fans are waiting for, the day people are waiting for my intro.” Because of all the anticipation, he decided/agreed to work on an intro and practice to his fullest extent. He hopes everyone will love it and clap their hands for him and make comments like, “Ahhh… indeed Hobi.” After making Boy Meets Evil, he felt like he is “indeed born to be a singer.” (t/n *i start crying & have to pause bc born singer*) He ends his log by saying he’s truly grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait for ‘tomorrow’. *gives himself a pat on the back* Good job, Hoseok.

Nct 127 visiting their s/o's country

Request: Can i reaction a nct reaction (especially 127) about them dating a foreigner and she asks them for the summer holidays to visit her country?? Thank youuu

A/N: since you didn’t give a specific unit i’ll just do the 127 unit! do request again if you want other members/units hehe



Would be more fascinated at your house rather than your country tbh. Would also probably stay at home with you for a few days rather than visiting places because he prefers spending time with you alone. But once you start whining and begging him to go visit other places though (your favourite restaurants, places etc.), he’d agree full heartedly and would also probably take many pictures so he can save them as memories.

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Was probably the one who suggested to go visit, because he’s excited and curious to see the environment you grew up in and he wants to visit new places so he suggested it. Is prepared to spend the whole day out with you just visitinh different places and famous places, and would probably also ask you to do cliche and cringy poses for pictures together with him.

“I heard this place is really wonderful and famous *points to your house*”

“And where did you hear that from?”

“I just knew, because it helped to bring up such a beautiful person *winks*”

“Stop omg-”

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Would probably jump around excitedly from the moment y'all landed at the airport, and would also ask you to bring him to somewhere with good food. Loves taking random selfies and photos of the both of you, and would also compliment everything about your country like 24/7.

Never fails to tidy up your house and room every morning ever since you brought him there to stay, because he claims that ‘it was too messy’ when everything was in place (at least for you).

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Like Taeil, but extremely lazy. Both of you probably spent half the vacation hugging and cuddling in your house rather than actually going out to visit places. Mainly because he wants to spend more time with you, and he also wants to use it as an excuse to come back again with you, “because we didn’t get to do much”

But when y'all go out to visit and go sightseeing though, he takes every moment to snao pictures and would also compliment on how beautiful everything is, just like you.

pretend you’re winwin

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Really excited over it but doesn’t show it, but would get shocked and amazed by how different everything was there as compared to Korea. Unlike Yuta, he’d be the one dragging you out to bring him around, asking you to show and explain things to him as he loves learning new things. Would probably also try to learn your language and interact with the people there, who’d laugh at his awkward accent every single time.

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A mix of Doyoung and Taeil tbh, some days he just wants to cuddle with you and spend time alone in your house, and the others, he’d be all excited and hyped up to go visiting your favourite places.

Has a small little to-do list with you and wants to complete every single one before y'all go back, some includes: meet her parents, visit her favourite cafe, go shopping and buy her clothes

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Is happy and excited over the fact that he’s visiting your country with you, and tries to spend every minute wisely with you. Doesn’t say much as he loves everything that you suggest y'all do, and he’s more than happy that he’s able to spend quality time back at your home country.

“I’m happy that you’re happy”

“Aw babe, love you. Next holidays we’ll go China together alrights?”

“ Of course, love you too”

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Really excited and happy too, and would also ask you to bring him to your favourites places-which then also becomes his favourites too. Would probably be fascinated and amazed by everything around him too, and takes pictures too, as a form of memory.

Is also very happy being with you and does whatever you call him to do. All he wants is for the both of you is to have a short break since it’s the holidays.

“Oh my goodness, even the chocolate tastes different here”

“Mark… We have that brand back in Canada & Korea too… What do you mean?”

“O-Oh, yeah sorry, my bad *starts giggling*”

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Small little excited bun!! Probably looked up on all the places he wanted to visit and already joted it down on a small notebook, including the things he wants to do with you. Once y'all landed, he’d just jump and run around excitedly while holding your hand, exclaiming loudly, “I’m in my girlfriend’s hometown!!! Yay!!!”

Would also try to learn your language, and would purposely make a funny accent so that he can make you laugh. Doesn’t show it but he’s really happy that you’re finally back home, and with him. Would randomly hug you and give you small pecks, “Thank you for bringing me here”

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i recently started a new bullet journal in april and this time, i bought a squared notebook instead of a ruled notebook like my last one. with that, i ended up with a different type of layout that lots of you guys were asking about hehe. so here’s a post explaining my current 2016 set up!


my bullet journal is a brandless squared journal that i found in a store nearby. it’s similar to the moleskine journals, but the pages are thicker and i haven’t noticed any bleeding that i’ve seen with some moleskines. overall, i’m really quite happy with it because it’s slim and easy to carry around.


i drew a monthly calendar that fit the entire spread instead of the single page calendar that i had before. it’s just a simple calendar with boxes large enough to fit whatever i need. i put things like test dates, important events, appointments, etc. i don’t really have a color scheme or anything for events; i just highlight the important ones that i absolutely cannot forget.

i used a fine sharpie pen (not the permanent marker) to draw the calendar, a black frixion ball slim to write in events so that they were erasable and adjustable, and zebra mildliners to highlight important/must-not-forget stuff.


i found that it was really hard to schedule things in advance with a bullet journal, and that was one of the only things that really held my bullet journal back. this time, i divided the page up into thirds and pre-wrote the dates for the month. i write my tasks across and down to save space, and i haven’t had any problems with the space being too small. tbh it’s not really like a traditional bullet journal anymore, but i like the aspect of having spaces ahead of time that a planner has.

i also track the hours that i spend doing school assignments / studying to keep myself motivated every day (1 square = 1 hour). i like to keep my streak going and do at least something productive every day, even if it’s only for an hour. sometimes, i’ll forget to keep track though haha

color scheme

i pick one main color for every month. for example, march was green, april was purple, and may is blue. i use that color to write the title dates and write events on each day and mark off tasks with. it’s just easier to carry around one or two similar colors rather than having six different colors to color-code with. also, i have a tendency to forget color codes easily hahaha.


like i said, i have trouble remembering color codes and keys are no exception. i just simplified the entire key thing down to a few things. x means that the task is done, / means that the task is halfway complete, –> means that the task was moved to the next day, and ⦻ means that the task was cancelled. i don’t fill up the whole box in my bullet journal because it feels awkward to do so (i tend to write small). i just make the tiny mark next to the task.

to be completely honest, i don’t really follow my key. my bullet journal is mainly to help me remember the things that i have to do that day, and sometimes, i won’t even fill out the tasks. so even if a task is done, i’ll forget to cross it off hahahaha. i’m trying to fix that though lololol


i have a page for fitness hours and volunteer hours on the page right after my monthly calendar. i’ll also have general boxes off to the sides of my daily pages for whatever reason there might be. i might also have little doodles and inspirational quotes drawn in the margins as well. i usually don’t really stick washi tape in my bullet journal bc i usually don’t have the time ;; 

however, i have sticky tabs on each monthly spread so that i can flip easily to it. it also separates out the months. there’s also a little ribbon bookmark in my journal that i place on the current day.

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)

Sans Doctors Visit (Motivational Request)
Sans Doctors Visit (Motivational Request)

Request by @imablackandwhitepanda

Icon by @bunny-king

This one just ment alot to me… I felt so special that i got asked this… i hope its good enough. And i hope you get better and are Cancer free! Stay Determined!

Video Version with Comic

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they’re gonna be fiiiine. (Continued from this part)

end result from tonight’s steam! Thank you all again so much for stopping in to watch or say hi, or talk about disney songs with me haha

Also, thank you to all the nice anons who send me sweet comments, they honestly make my day when I read them! (And to the anons who ask questions about the au and don’t immediately get answers, it’s usually because I’m already working on something related to them hehe :’D )

Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Note: I really enjoyed writing this. Being an LGBT+ person myself, I think it’s really important with more representation and I just like the idea of Lin being bi tbh. Starting now, I will be adding summaries to my stories too because I feel like it gives people a better picture of my stories, hehe. I’m sorry this took so long to finished. I’ve just been really busy and stressed

Summary: Lin comes out as bi on twitter and is finally able to be with the guy he has been in love with since college and he just prays that this guy is still in love with him like he was back in college when Lin didn’t dare ask him out.

Wordcount: 1520

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Male!Reader

Warnings: None

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September 23 / 19:21


So, since it’s ’celebrate bisexuality’ – day, I’d just like to take a second to say that I am bisexual and proud for all of you wondering

You had fallen asleep on your couch at around 6 pm but was woken up by your phone buzzing. Lin had tweeted something and even though the brightness of your phone’s screen blinded you slightly in the now dark living room, there was no mistaking that Lin had just confirmed his bisexuality. You had known Lin for a really long time and had definitely suspected it, so you were not all that surprised. You had been in love with him since college where you had been friends. You had never really had to come out to your small friend group because everyone knew that you were not straight. So, you never really bothered.

You smiled lightly at your screen. You were happy that he was finally comfortable enough to share it with the world.

You decided to text him because it honestly seemed like the most rational thing to do. You wanted him to know that you were happy for him, even if he probably already knew. “Welcome to the non-straight club” You texted him as you finally got up from your couch. The day had really gotten to you and the nap did not really help your tiredness much either. But, you still managed to drag yourself to the kitchen to get some kind of dinner. You had not really planned on falling asleep and now it was too late to cook anything.

September 23 / 19:34


Thank you for all the love and support, it means a lot!

Lin had tweeted and just seconds after you received a text from him “Thank you, bahaha. Are you home?” He asked.

You grinned slightly at his text. “When am I not?” You replied as you placed your phone down on the counter and started roaming through your fridge to find something edible.

You had just managed to find some cheese and butter to make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner when your phone buzzed again. “Great! Can I come over? I’ll bring take out” Lin texted.

You considered his offer for a little. You knew that you looked like shit since it had been a pretty rough day. But, you did not want to let your friend down. Besides, you had been able to hide your feelings for the guy so far, why would it be any different now? “Sure. When will you be here?” You ended up giving in as you put the stuff back into the fridge. You needed to go to the grocery store tomorrow, you noted.

“I’ll be there in 30 minutes” He replied, which gave you enough time for a quick shower which you figured you were in great need of.

“Great! See you then” You texted back just before grabbing some clean clothes, consisting of a pair of boxers, gray sweatpants and a black t-shirt and hoodie. You checked the time before taking a quick shower, enjoying the relaxing warmth of the water running down your body, making your sore muscles relax.

You barely managed to slip your clothes on, before your doorbell rang. You zipped your hoodie halfway up and then left the bathroom to let Lin in. You could not help but smile when you saw him standing outside your door with a white bag with what you assumed was the take out he had promised to bring.

“Hey.” You grinned, as you stepped aside to let Lin inside and closed the door after him. The two of you hugged, both lingering a bit too long in each other’s embrace for it to be a quick ‘it’s nice to see you again even though we only saw each other a couple of days ago,’ - hug.

“Hey Y/N.” He greeted as he handed you the bag of take-out and shrugged his jacket off afterward. You led the way to the kitchen, sitting the white bag down on the counter. It smelled amazing and you were pretty hungry, but you figured Lin had not just come over to eat take out with you.

“So. Bi, huh?” You questioned. You knew how hard coming out could be, since coming out to your parents was something that you had done a while back and still often had to do. It was tough and really unpleasant. But, Lin seemed to take it well.

Lin nodded at that. “Very bi.” He grinned. He seemed proud and it made you smile. He was proud of being who he was and you really admired that about it because coming out was not easy for you, but Lin seemed so at ease and it made you happy.

“How are you feeling about being out?” You asked curiously as you leaned against the counter slightly. You honestly just really hoped that he was happy.

“Pretty great, honestly. It means that I can finally be with someone special.” He admitted with a shy smile.

You felt your heart sink a little; of course, Lin had someone. You should not be surprised, really. Lin was an amazing guy and he deserved to have someone special in his life. You chuckled slightly as a somewhat genuine smile spread across your lips. “That’s great Lin. I’m really happy for you.” You said. You were, but it also hurt. Then again, you had been in love with the guy since college and you had dealt with him falling in love before. This was nothing new, right? Still, it hurt just as much as the times before this.

“Yeah. I’m really happy, Y/N. I can finally be myself.” He admits. He seems so happy and you were unable to help the smile that spread across your lips. You were happy for him. You were not exactly happy, but you were happy for him.

“That’s amazing. He is a very lucky guy.” You tried with a weak smile as you turned away as you took the take-out Lin had brought out of the white plastic bag. It was your favorite. Just like you loved it. Lin knew you so well.

Lin was stunned into silence for a second, not knowing what to say. Had you not realized what his words had meant? Or maybe you had and you were friend zoning him. He placed a gentle hand on your upper arm. He had to make sure, right?

You swallowed slightly as you felt his hand on your arm. “What?” You breathed, your voice coming off a lot smaller than you intended.

“Y/N. You were the guy I was talking about.” Lin tried, treading lightly. He definitely did not want to make you uncomfortable, but he also really needed you to know.

You blinked a little, looking at him in complete shock. “What?” You asked, not sure if you had just heard right. Had Lin, the guy you had been in love with since college just confessed to you that he wanted to be with you?

“I’m in love with you for God’s sake, Y/N.” Lin blurted, followed by a somewhat nervous chuckle. “But. I get if you don’t want me because I’ve been a total dick for the past years. I knew that you liked me in college and I just sort of hoped that it would still be the case.” He rambled.

And before he could continue his rambling, you grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss, effectively shutting him up. Were you really kissing Lin-Manuel Miranda? Definitely.

It all felt so surreal and when he pulled back, you just stood there chuckling nervously as you stared at him. He grinned at you, as he pulled you in for a tight embrace.

“I still like you, Lin.” You breathed quietly, which made both of you chuckle. You probably did not have to even tell him, since you had just kissed him, but you still did.

“Good… Great. Amazing.” He grinned, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. The two of you stood like that for a while with your arms wrapped around one another. It was nice. This was what you had wanted for such a long time and now it was finally happening. You were almost unable to believe it. The guy you had been in love with for such a long time by now had finally come out and that to be with you. You were not really a person to believe in miracles. But this? This was definitely a miracle. And it felt so right.

You were the first one to break the silence as you pulled back to look at him. “Maybe we should eat the take-out before it turns cold?” You suggested with a grin.

He chuckled at your words as he nodded. “Seems like a plan.” He agreed as he grabbed the plastic bag from your counter and made his way to the couch with you as you sat down to eat the take-away Lin had brought to your apartment.

chapter 8.

Rich || Jaebum

Originally posted by mixedangel

Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 2188 (long one hehe)


note: HAHAHHAHHAH I’M LATE AGAIN! i’m so sorry… i’m a bit of a perfectionist and editing this took a lot of work. anyways enjoy this chapter and wait till thursday because the hotness will continue… i promise ;) happy reading and take care!

“My mom always told me that love can be tricky to play around with.” Jaebum softly said to me as he grabbed the shampoo. “She told me that people always had reasons for their actions.”

“Are you saying Jinyoung has his reasons for this situation?” I asked him as I stood underneath the warm water.

“Of course. Every man has his reasons for his actions. Take me for an example.” Jaebum exclaimed as he squeezed shampoo on his hands. “I have reasons why I play around with girls.”

“Is it because you need pleasure to satisfy your daily life?” I joked around, slightly lighting the mood around us. Jaebum chuckled under his breath as he moved his hand to my hair and started massaging the shampoo around my head.

“No,” Jaebum smiled, “It’s because the girl who I loved did the same to me.”

“She played around with you?” I raised my eyebrows. Jaebum nodded his head before taking his hands out from my hair and shampooed his own hair.

“She slept with another man. Once I found out, I got angry at her. Not because I put my full complete trust on her, it was because she was my first love. At that time, I wanted to make every girl feel what I went through. The pain of heartbreak. As time passed, I started to get use to it and didn’t care about love anymore. It’s how I am now.” Jaebum explained to me. I stared at him as I watched him wash his hair under the water. The way he threw back his hair, combing it through with his fingers made me feel different about Jaebum. I’ve never seen a soft side of Jaebum before but it was comforting.

“You’ll find a girl someday.” I reminded him, stepping closer so that our bodies we nearly inches away from each other. Although we were naked in the shower together, we both had no intentions of touching each other. And Jaebum knew that.

“Mhmm,” He hummed, “I think I’ve found one but she’s too oblivious to notice me.”

“That must suck.” I murmured under my breath as I continued to stare at Jaebum. His eyes met with mine as he smiled and grabbed my waist to pull me closer. His hand touching the bare skin of my waist making me jump slightly. Although he didn’t have any intentions, I could feel my heart race due to the kind gesture.

“You don’t know, babe.” He sighed as he laid his head on my shoulders. “You don’t know.”


“Would you like a drink?” Jaebum asked me from behind. After the long shower with Jaebum, we decided that we would chill on the couch as we watched TV. I had a nice feeling after the shower which took my mind off of Jinyoung. Plus, it was nice that Jaebum showed a different side of him. Something that I wanted to see more of.

“Red wine, please.” I replied back.

“Coming right up, ma’am.” Jaebum joked as I heard him scrambling through the kitchen. I smiled to myself as I turned on the TV and started to watch a movie shown on the channel. Soon, Jaebum came back with two glasses of wine in hand as he sat down next to me. We both intently watched the strange movie on the screen without saying a word to each other. I turned my head to look at Jaebum and noticed how focused he was on the movie. It was cute.

“What makes you happy?” Jaebum asked out of nowhere, turning his head to look at me. We made quick eye contact before I looked away and realized I was caught staring.

“What?” I coughed out, trying to cover my flustered voice by gulping down wine.

“The movie said it and I’m just quoting the movie. What makes you think I asked you?” He replied back. I looked at him and scrunched up my face. An hour ago he was so nice to me and now, he turned back into the asshole he was.

“I’m kidding.” Jaebum chuckled. “What does make you happy?”

“Designing clothes.” I mumbled under my breath, hoping he didn’t hear what I said. I never told anyone that I designed clothes for my enjoyment. The only person who knew about my designs was Jinyoung. Obviously, I knew he wasn’t in the picture anymore.  

“Cute.” He smiled at me before taking a sip of his wine. “I’ve seen your designs. You work on them when you think I’m not looking. And as a curious guy, I’ve had a sneak peak of them.”

“Fuck off.” I scowled at him as I felt my cheeks rise in color. It was embarrassing to even tell people I design and even more embarrassing that people even look at my designs. It was for my eyes only and for my pleasure only.

“I can’t fuck off when I want you to design me something.” Jaebum stated out of nowhere.

“What?” I coughed out, slightly shocked from the request. Although one glass of wine has no effect on the body, I’m one hundred percent sure that Jaebum was drunk. Otherwise he wouldn’t say stupid shit like this.

“You have what you need here in the house so, why not? I need a shirt for work and it makes you happy. Win win.” Jaebum smiled at me. I stared at the man sat in front of me and tried to read his mind. Why was he like this? Was he trying to cheer me up after the incident with Jinyoung?

“O-okay.” I managed to stutter out.

“Great,” Jaebum beamed at me, “Gather your supplies and meet me in my room.”

Jaebum shot me a wink before finishing off his glass of wine and running off. I sighed to myself and realized what I’ve gotten myself into. I’ve never designed a shirt for anyone, let alone make one. I came to the conclusion that I was mildly drunk for me to agree to something stupid as this. Grabbing my supplies from my room, I met up with Jaebum in his room and got ready to do the work I was trained for.

“I need you to stand up tall and stick your arms out.” I told him as I got out the measuring tape and my notebook. Jaebum nodded his head as he stood right in front of the mirror, flashing a smile at me. Rolling my eyes, I started my work with measuring his chest. I wrapped the tape around him and realized the sweater he was wearing interfered with the measurements.

“Should I take off my shirt?” Jaebum asked, noticing the struggles I was having. I looked up at him and sweetly smiled before nodding my head. Jaebum chuckled under his breath before grabbing the hem of his shirt and lifting it up and over his head. I could feel my cheek rise up in color as I stared at the toned body he had. Yup, I was definitely drunk.

“Lift your arms please.” I softly said to him. I heard Jaebum laugh under his breath as he did what he was told. Hesitantly, I wrapped the tape around his chest, my fingers slightly brushing the skin of his. As I ignored the fast beating of my heart, I recorded the number down in my notebook and aimed to measure his hip. Wrapping the tape around his lower abdomen, I tried to focus on the numbers read on the tape and not veer my eyes to somewhere else. But I couldn’t help myself.

“Naughty girl.” Jaebum whispered as he caught me staring at his body rather than doing my work. His hand touched the side of my face as he gently forced me to look up. Jaebum stepped forward, making me move back and bump into the mirror behind me. I was completely speechless and shocked. I could stop this now but, I didn’t.

“You know what punishment naughty girls get when they play around.” Jaebum slurred as he pressed his body against mine, trapping me against the mirror. He lowered his head and our eyes met. I ignored the fact that I was in the middle of working on his design request but I couldn’t deny the fact that I was completely turned on. A different feeling than what I had in the shower.

“Jae.” I breathed out heavily before Jaebum grabbed my nape and pressed his lips against mine. Jaebum’s mouth was hot and wet against mine and I couldn’t help but moan when he trapped my lower lip between his teeth. His mouth gained dominance against mine as he left me breathless against his mouth.  I gasped as I felt Jaebum’s hands creep under my shirt and slightly ghost over my breasts. I moaned against his mouth as he broke away from the kiss and removed his hand from under my shirt. And from a quick movement, he lifted me up from the ground and carried me to his bed where he softly set me down.

“Take off the shirt and pants.” Jaebum demanded. Without saying a word, I sat up from the bed and pulled my shirt off of my head and slowly sliding my pants down, making Jaebum lick his lips.

“Is my baby being a tease?”  He moved slightly above me, his bulge was prominent against the restraint called sweatpants. I shook my head, well knowing that I was sure being a fucking tease.

Jaebum smirked at me before shaking his head at me, “Bad girl. Let’s see how she can take my way of punishment.”

I widen my eyes once I heard those words come out of Jaebum’s mouth. The amount of dirty talk he was giving was turning me on immensely. I watched as Jaebum climbed on top of me with his hands playing with the hem of my panties. Slowly pulling it down, I could feel the cold air hit my cunt as Jaebum smirked at me.

“You must be dripping.” Jaebum growled at me. I closed my eyes when I felt Jaebum press his fingers against your wetness. He teased me by dipping his fingertips inside my hole, coating it with my arousal before gliding it up to my clit.  The pad of his fingers started to move in a circular, gentle motion against my clit as I drew out small and breathy whine from my lips. Without warning, he slipped three fingers inside my wet hole, burying it deep within my walls.

“Fuck!” I yelped when he started moving his fingers at a rapid pace, not giving me time to adjust as he continued to rub my clit in sync with his fingers moving in and out of my tight core. I let out a series of moans and yelps. I arched my back and started grinding against his fingers. Jaebum smirked and pressed his lips against my neck and maneuvered his fingers faster, harder, and deeper within me.

“I’m gonna cum.”  I moaned as Jaebum continued to circle my clit faster. My back was permanently arched against as I gave in to Jaebum’s work and my harsh peak. My cum squirted out of my pussy like a waterfall as I felt Jaebum remove his fingers against my clit as my body shook from the intensity of my orgasm.

“We’re not done yet. ” Jaebum hummed under his breath, letting me rest from the intense orgasm. “Let’s make you cum one more time, shall we?”

I let out a hoarse moan as he plunged his fingers in and out of me. Jaebum’s fingers hit my sweet spot and he spread my legs further apart. The squelching sound of his digits going in and out of me heightened my peak. And it didn’t take long until I are jerking off of the bed when another orgasm hit me hard. I gripped Jaebum’s wrists to stop his fingers from fucking me to oblivion.

“Just a little more, baby girl. You’re doing so well.” Jaebum smirked as his arms didn’t budge to move, continuing at his ruthless pace. I wasn’t sure how I was going to last longer as another wave of pleasure came crashing down on me as I came over and over, tears threatening to fall from my eyes because of Jaebum’s vicious fingering. My back hit the bed hard when Jaebum finally pulled his fingers out of me as my breath was unstable.

“Good girl.” He cooed as he stepped off the bed and started fiddling with his pants. I closed my eyes and tried to collect myself from the overstimulation Jaebum gave me. The amount of pleasure that ran through my body was ten times better than what Jinyoung could give me. And I wanted more.

“F-fuck me, please.” I softly begged. Ashamed of myself for giving in but, I wanted more of Jaebum. I wanted him to fuck me until I couldn’t walk anymore because of the amount of pleasure he gave me. Jaebum chuckled under his breath and looked at me straight in the eye.

“Patience, baby girl. My punishment hasn’t even started yet.”


“Your tiddies are MY tiddies!”

@the-memoirs-of-a asked for my Eruris at the Mardi Gras…I have literally NO idea about the Mardi Gras because around here we have Fasching/Fasenacht/Karneval which has very different traditions but we talked about this so I think this might be about right ;)

Anyway, Levi is a bit possessive about his princess and even though Dorkwin didnt see too much of the parade he had a very pleasant holiday. HUEHUEHUE.


“I didn’t think you’d show.”

Westley shrugs, his eyes lighting up at the sight of Madeleine’s beautiful, beaming face. “I thought I told you, Maddie. I’d like us to be friends.”

“Well good,” she grins and tucks her arm around Westley’s bicep. “Because as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve really missed you.”

He nods and takes a deep breath, desperately trying to quell the throbbing of his heart as it races through his chest. “So what is this place?” West asks in what he hopes sounds like a cool and collected tone of voice. “Some sort of carnival?”

Madeleine gasps and swivels around to face him. “How have you lived in Bridgeport this long and never been to the boardwalk?!”

“I didn’t know it was here?” he says, chuckling at the look of astonishment on her face. “What’s so great about it?”

Shaking her head, Madeleine grabs his hand and drags Westley forward. “So much to do!” she mutters. “So little time!”

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PART 1 [SCENARIO] Boyfriend!Jun...

Ello friends! X’mas just ended here in SG and I did nothing the entire day but watched Goblin HAHAHA. (I hope you had a more productive day heh.) If you’re still in the mood, do check out the ChristmasTeen series

Anyways (as promised), here’s a lil “gift” for you who can’t get enough of Jun hehe. I’ll release Part 2 [DRABBLE] soon! 
Merry Christmas! 🎄✨

junnie :>

Jun on the first date…

  • Jun is extremely shy on the first date - which is so unlike him

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