because it was THERE that someone told jesse he would never be good enough

Too Soon - Jeff Atkins Imagine

Jeff Atkins x reader

Request: Hi i was wondering if i could request 13 reasons why imagine where the reader and Jeff have been dating for a couple months or an year…maybe have smut like they made love and then where Jeff passes away and maybe have the reader visit the grave with clay and tony to tell Jeff..that he was a dad.

WARNINGS: Fluff, smut, small swearing

“Atkins!” I scream when I see my boyfriend in the hallway. I jump in his arms wrap my legs around his torso and kiss him as if I didn’t see him in months when in reality is was literally two periods ago. I’m cheesy like that. We’ve been dating for over a year now, but everyday feels like we started dating yesterday. He never seizes to amaze me. He surprises me with flowers and I still get anxious and excited like a little girl when we go out on dates. He still does things like climb through my window even though my parents basically forced a key on him. He even does things like come over at 2am when I joke about being scared. He’s just the best boyfriend in the world.

“Hey baby” he laughs as he kisses me back. “You ready to go”

“Yes, it’s Friday and I’ve never been happier” I slide my hand in his as we walk out the school building earning a ‘bye’ or ‘what up’ from people.

As we walked to my house, Jeff kept telling me corny jokes and pick-up lines he found online last night trying to make me laugh.

“Babe, knock knock?”

“Not another one J.”

“Baaabe knock knock, come on last one I promise.”

“You said that three jokes ago” I whine.

“Oh. Knock knock?”

“Who’s there?” I sigh.

“A broken pencil” he smiles.

“A broken pencil who” I sigh, already knowing the joke.

“Never mind it’s poin-”

“Pointless” I say as I laugh dramatically. He looks at me seriously for interrupting his corny joke. 

“Sorry baby, love you!” I try to kiss him the rest of the way home as he pretends to be mad at me.  

As we walk in, he stills pretend to be mad when he stomps into my room and close the door. He closes me out my room. My room.

“Babe really” I laugh.

“Do a knock knock joke then you can come in.”



“Noo babe”

“Well then I’m going to go take a nap”

“No!” I roll my eyes as if he can see it. “Fine babe…knock knock”

“Who’s there” he cooed.

“Al.” I smirk.

“Al who?” 

“Al strip for you if you open this door” I smirk biting my lip. As soon as I said that, the door swung open and I’m met with Jeff’s lips as he pulls me inside. He shuts the door and pushes me up against it. 

“No need to do that” he whispers in my ear. He starts kissing and sucking on my neck and pulls up the dress I’m wearing. He slides his hands under my underwear to my butt and pulls me to him.

“J-Jeff” I moan. He looks at me and bit his lip as he throws the dress off, leaving me in just my bra and panties. He scans my body as I turn my head, feeling nervous all of a sudden. He moves my head to face him and I see such admiration in his eyes.

“You’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on.” When he said that I wanted nothing more than to feel him on me. I throw my arms around his neck and hungrily kiss him. He grabs my legs and I jump on him as he moves us to the bed. He hovers over me as he deepens the kiss. He puts his hand behind my neck to pull me closer to him. He rubs my thigh up and down as he slowly peppers kisses all over my neck and chest. He’s painfully teasing and I can’t take it.

“Jeff” I whisper.

“Yes y/n?”

“I need you” he looks at me and simply smiles.

He continues to kiss my neck as he unclasp my bra. He starts sucking my breast and massaging the other as I run my hands through his hair. He does the same to the other and I’m a moaning mess.

“Jeff please” I moan.

“We’re almost there baby” he whispers.

He kisses down my stomach and thigh slowly, never breaking his stare from me. I whine again as he comes back and goes back to sweetly kissing me. I groan from the friction of my almost bare core against his jeans and wiggle for him to get the idea. He does and pulls off his jeans and I hastily pull off his shirt.

“Someone is ready” he giggles. I roll my eyes and roughly palm his member through his boxers making him grunt.

“Someone is hard” I mimic smirking. He tries to keep his groans in until I full on grab him and he does a full moan. Now he’s the frantic one as he rips my underwear off of me. Literally.

“Jeff!” I scream.

“Sorry baby, I’ll get you another one” he smirks. He slides his hands all over my body, making me shiver.

“You like that?” he asks. I nod as he slips a finger in me and goes back to kissing. I  whimper from his touch and go for his underwear. I push them down and his member springs out. He kicks them off and slides two fingers in this time. I moan into his mouth as he goes at a fast pace. I let out more moans as I start to get close.

“Jeff baby, I’m abou-” when I said that, Jeff pulled his fingers away and I frown. 

“I want to feel you cum, not with my fingers” he smirks.

He grabs a condom out his wallet from his pocket and slide it on. He gives me a look for confirmation and I nod, just wanting to feel him already. He pushes his length into me. At first it hurt, but it always does when we have sex because of his huge size. The longer he’s in me, the more I get used to it. He pushes in slowly and draws out a little. I start to moan as I connect my lips with his. As he picks up his pace, I dig my nails into his back. He hooks my legs over his shoulder and I scream a little.

“Je-OH My fuck!” he’s directly hitting my g-spot and I can’t even think. I moan louder as I grab the pillow under my head, arching my back. 

“Fuck princess! you feel good” he moans. 

“H-harder J-Jeff!” He goes harder and I start almost full on screaming. As we both are climaxing, Jeff pulls out and puts me on all fours. He pushes back in and grabs my breast from behind. I lean back as he kisses my neck while pounding into me. He moans into my ear as I hold the back of his neck. I can’t control my moans and screams and neither can he. They come out louder as he hits the right spot over and over again. As we get closer, I fall onto my hands and Jeff holds my waist. He roughly rubs me with his fingers as I scream to let go of my release.

“J-JEFF!” I scream.

He cums shortly after I do and collapse next to me. We lay there in a comfortable silence while I rest my head on his shoulder and his arm wrapped around me. Both still out of breath, he looks over to me.

“Knock knock?”

“Who’s there” I laugh. 

“I love”

“I love who?” I say, letting him finish it this time for his sake.

“I love you” He smiles as he kisses me.

“My corny boyfriend” I laugh.

*Tomorrow Night*

“You guys have been inseparable all night my gosh” Jessica drunkenly laughs. Me and Jeff look at each other and chuckle, knowing exactly why. We have been at Jessica’s party for a while now and have been sitting on the couch with Jessica, Bryce, and Zach.

“Leave them alone babe, that’s how we are” Justin laughs.

“Oh, you get me flowers?” when Justin doesn’t answer, all of us start cracking up. 

“Well I’m going to get a beer, you guys want one?” Zach asks as he gets up. 

“Nah no thanks man, my girl will kill me cause I’m the driver tonight” I smile when he said that, happy that he cares about his well being. We continue talking to our group of friends and have a pretty good time.

“Where is Clay and Hannah” I whisper in his ear.

“Somewhere around here, probably upstairs, I did my meddling for the night and got them together.”

“Aw how noble of you” I giggle, pinching his cheeks. “Thank you ma’am”.

“See! look at them, they are perfect” Jessica playfully whines.

“Shut up!” Justin say as he grabs her face and start full on making out. Everyone starts ewing and shooing them off the couch.

“Get a room!”

“Jess, your room is upstairs!”

“Get it Foley!”

Justin flips us all off, never breaking their kiss and we all laugh. Monty taps Jeff on the shoulder and screams over the loud music.

“Yo bro you still doing the beer run!?”

Jeff got up and nodded his head, “Yeah shit I almost forgot”

I got up with him, frowning and grab his arm before he could go anywhere, “Babe do you have to go? I’m pretty sure there is enough beer, just not enough for every single person to get ass faced drunk.”

He kissed my forehead and smiled, “I’ll be right back babe I promise”. I pick up my bag and turn towards him, “Okay then I’m coming with you”.

“Baby, you have to watch out for Clay and Hannah remember, I’ll be back in 15 minutes then we can leave right after.”

I sigh still not liking this. I know he didn’t drink anything, but I’m still nervous for him to be out this late. What if someone else out there is drunk driving? I tell myself its fine and nod my head.

“Okay fine, just be careful J.”

“I will baby, I love you.”

“I love you too.” he gives me a peck on the lips and I hold onto his hand and let it slide out once he got to far to reach it. I watch him walk out the door and sit back down onto the couch, waiting for his return.

*4 Weeks Later*

Life is unfair. Life is so unfair. Why him? Why Jeff? Why my boyfriend. Such an amazing boyfriend. Is the best. Was the best. I stare down at his tombstone and couldn’t stop my tears from falling. So many tears. I found myself screaming at night. If I wasn’t screaming I was just silent. Completely silent. I mean was there for me to say? He’s gone. Jeff Atkins is gone. Never to hold me again, never to make me feel better, never to get me the flowers, never to throw rocks outside my window. I bend down and touch his stone. 

“I-I m-miss you so much” my voice cracks. “Why d-did you h-have to leave m-me?” I start crying harder. This is my first time being at his grave, due to the fear of seeing him. The fear of seeing reality of this situation. 

“Y-you would b-be so happy right now” I hiccup as I touch my stomach. I felt the little bump and smile through my tears.

“Y-you would have told him knock knock jokes” I laugh to myself, “or her”.

“Y-you would have t-taught baseball terms” I smile.

“You would h-have been the perfect dad” I cried looking down at him, “the best”.

I put the roses he always got me onto his grave and wiped my tears, even though they kept coming down. I kissed my finger and touched them against his stone that read 

Jeff Atkins

World’s greatest son 

world’s best companion

Even a better dad

Gone but never forgotten.

“I love you Jeff”I got up and continued crying as both Tony and Clay stood there respectfully and silent, waiting for me to finish. I smile lazily at them and hooked my arm into both of theirs as we walked out of the graveyard. I look back one more time and thought to myself ‘the love of my life might be gone, but he will forever live on in my heart’

A/N - Omgg!! I cried making this ending. It was so sad to me. I hope you guys liked it and love you guys for all your support. Your imagines are not forgotten.

List of Fucked Up Behaviors I Bet McCree Got From His Time In Deadlock

ALright this is mostly a list of shit I think McCree would have displayed mainly in his early Blackwatch days, it’s in no way concrete or comprehensive so feel free to question or add on to it I love hearing other ppls headcanons

  • Very little emotional control. I feel like Jesse would have been SUPER defensive about the littlest things, probably had a very short temper, but also that his anger faded very quickly bc he got used to suppressing it when it wasn’t convenient to the point that its actually became difficult for him to sustain it for very long; also, though, that he acted on his anger pretty quickly and impulsively for a long time
  • Food hoarding, especially high-calorie snacks and stuff with a long shelf life. He was prob food-insecure for a good portion of his childhood so this one just makes sense to me
  • If he doesn’t know how to do something, he figures it out on his own or it doesn’t get done. He will not ask for help at the risk of seeming incompetent or vulnerable, but also this backfires because if you don’t know how to do something in Blackwatch it’s typically something real fuckin important
  • On that thread, gets really anxious if he doesn’t know how to do something he’s been told to do because a) he expects some type of negative consequence unless he figures it out, b) he doesn’t ask for help because he never considers it an option. Sorta of the mindset of “everything is a test and I don’t wanna find out what happens if i fail”
  • I never really vibe with hcs of him being really uhhh.. openly frightened or anxious due to someone’s behavior? If I know anything about being exposed to a hypermasculine and hostile/violent environment for any amount of time it’s that you learn to hide your emotions pretty damn well.
  • “Good Luck! My Real Emotions Are Behind 7 Proxies! (And Buried Under Years Of Repression And Trauma!)
  • Tries to be outgoing and friendly and get on the good sides of as many people as possible because he constantly expects the backstabbing and underhanded agendas that were common in Deadlock and people are marginally less likely to kill you in your sleep if they think you tell a good joke
  • Reads people, like, scarily well. Can spot someone being fake-friendly from 30 miles away. Generally a great judge of character but undersells his own ability
  • If someone with any amount of power over him is mad about something he did/something he caused to happen, he goes very still and quiet and generally tries very hard to look appropriately sorry while simultaneously trying to not look terrified. Bc he is terrified! He fully expects physical punishments for mistakes, if they’re big enough to cause someone to be legitimately angry then he expects Real Bad Shit
  • Sees favors and gifts as debts to be repaid or tools of manipulation
  • is SUPER POSSESSIVE of his stuff. Gets extremely upset at anyone touching or moving his stuff w/o permission but depending on the person will also be too scared to tell them to fuck off (eg if gabe was going thru his stuff he’d just sit silently fuming and anxious as hell but wouldn’t say a single thing bc That’s The Commanding Officer”
  • Scorns and fears authority simultaneously. He’ll be a smartass if he thinks he can get away with it or if he can tell that the other person is in a jokey mood but at the same time he’s constantly terrified of punishment.

ill prob add more as i think of them but uhhh take this 

my feelings after watching 13 reasons why

1. Hannah and Jeff didn’t deserve ANY OF THIS TOMFOOLERY! My poor little babies.

2. Bryce can literally choke and fall off a fucking cliff! He is a scumbag and he is the reason all this started.

3. Clay is such a smol lil bean and doesn’t deserve to believe he had anything to do with Hannah’s death. It is really hard to tell people you like them. And Hannah herself said it wasn’t his fault and that she made the mistake of letting him go because she thought she wasn’t good enough for him.

4. Courtney may be a gay woc, but she is such a bitch for no fucking reason. Like really, bitch. I hated the way she kept denying things and the fact that she was actually sticking up for Bryce bitch ass.

5. Justin is cute and all, but is an asshole for letting Jess get raped. If he loved her as much he claims he wouldn’t have never let that happen. And even though Bryce sent the picture, he shouldn’t have take it in the first place. I know that Bryce and his family helped him though tough times because his home life sucks, but if you love someone you would never let anyone or anything hurt them.

6. Ryan is such a douche. Hannah specifically said she didn’t want her poem published and he did it anyway and still doesn’t even look like he is sorry about it.

7. Mr. Porter lied in one of the first few episodes. The principal asked if Hannah came to him and he said no. And I was angry when i realized cause I was rooting for him.

8. I can’t believe people were surprised when Tony told Clay he was gay. At the dance when Tony and Ryan were talking you can tell by their body language that they both liked each other. And in that moment I was like: YES A GAY MOC WITH A KICK ASS RIDE!!

9. Jessica was such a great friend to Hannah and didn’t deserve any of this, but I hated the way she got mad at Hannah for the list and should really have been Alex.

10. Tyler is super creepy and he is just ugh to me.

11. Zach was a really nice guy, and he really liked Hannah but he didn’t have to get so mad when she told him no. I mean Hannah did get upset when he was trying to talk to her but after all the shit she went through with Justin and Marcus she didn’t really believe he actually liked her and thought he just wanted to have sex.

12. Marcus was a dick and the way he treated Hannah thinking she would just give it up to him was disgusting.

13. Sheri was really sweet, but I can never forgive her for what happened to Jeff. Even though she tired to make up for it, she let Jeff die with people thinking it was his fault for drinking and driving.

14. Alex was wrong for putting Hannah on the list, but he only did it to try and fit in. I mean don’t get me wrong what he did was horrible and it made people think she was a slut, but trying to fit in in highschool makes people do dumb things. I really hope he makes it.

Varsity Jackets and Peaches. - Part 1

–words: 6k

warning: grinding

Summary; Dan Howell hates him. He hates that black haired boy that wears a varsity jacket and smells like peaches and oh goes by the name Phil Lester. He takes joy out of ruining Dan’s life and he hates him. Well he hates him until a round of spin the bottle commences.

read part two here

     “Were going to be late!” Dan exclaimed.

Jesse rubbed his eyes and stuffed his books into his bag. He shut his locker just as Dan pulled him down the hall. Someone with red hair decided that he wanted to sleep in this morning and forget to pick his best friend up like he did every morning.

“It’s only Ms. Rogers class, calm down.” Jesse mumbled.

“Don’t tell me to calm down.”

Jesse rolled his eyes and let Dan pull him down the hall.


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Entanglement: Part 2

Entanglement: Part 2 

Paring: Namjoon x Jin x you

Word Count: 8.6k

genre/warning: smut, dirty talk, double penetration, dom!Jin, dom!Namjoon

Parts: one 

Originally posted by theseoks

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Written for @spnpolybingo​. This fills the “vacation” square.

Summary:  Jess finds out about Sam and Dean and has a surprising reaction.

Word Count: 3650

Warnings: smut, Wincest, threesome, anal sex

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy this one! I’m only gonna tag @justanothersaltandburn because I don’t know who all is into the poly stuff, lol. XOXO

Jessica Moore is a goddamn gift.

Sam knows that from the second he’s introduced to her at that party. She rolls her eyes at Brady’s failed attempt at subtlety when they’re introduced, and smiles at Sam, sweet and sexy. Sam thinks he’s already a little in love.

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Left For Good

Justin Foley X Reader

Word Count: 962

Warning - Abuse, Reader is Abuse

Originally posted by clony

You and Justin were friends who bonded over horrible things. You were nice and understanding, he noticed that when you worked together. He met you before he was popular and so he protected you when he was but there was a time when he forgot about you and you knew it. You never tried to make it out to be anything else. Something Justin didn’t know was that you were going through the same thing if not worse, you parents didn’t want you, your dad thought if he bruised you enough that you would fade into the shadows and your mum thought it was best to just ignore you. Most nights you slept in your car and you were late for school every morning because you waited for them to leave before you went in to get changed and shower.

One night when you were in your car, scrolling through the phone that you had because they forgot about you. Justin knocked on the window of your car, you slowly turned because your stomach still hurt from when you dad punched you. When you realised that it was Justin you leant forward and opened the car door. You still got money from you various other family members so you weren’t starving, you kept most of the food in the car. “What are you doing in your car?” Justin asked as he climbed in.
“What are you doing out at 2 in the morning?” You asked and he shrugged, his eyes landing on your arms which are usually covered during your time at school.
“What happened to you?” He asked grabbing your arm to look at it properly before looking at your other arm too.
“My Dad happened to me.” You answered pulling your arms back and reaching into the back of the car to grab something to eat from the back of the car. “You want something?”
“How long has this been going on?” He asked.
“What?” You asked.
“This!” He gestured your arms and you shrugged.
“It goes on whenever he can get his hands on me.” You answered. “What are you doing out here anyway?” You asked as you put some M&Ms in your mouth and offered some to Justin.
“My mum’s boyfriend.” He answered.
“Like all the others?” You asked.
“What?” He asked.
“Don’t we’re two sides of the same coin.” You smirked gesturing yourself.
“I’m sorry that I left you all alone.” He sighed.
“Well, you can make it up now right?” You asked and he nodded for once someone was giving him a second chance.

From that day on he never let you grow apart and he spent more time in your car then he did at home, he added to your food stash and made sure that all of your cuts and bruises were treated and you did the same for him. He told you about Hannah tapes and you advised him to tell Jessica but you didn’t know her very well so whatever he thought was best was probably better.

It was weeks before the next incident and you were Justin’s first call, but he didn’t know that you weren’t doing too well, he walked up to your car and realised that the doors were unlocked, they were never unlocked, he looked in to see that you were curled up in the driver’s seat, he walked around and opened the car door, you flinched back breathing picking up and arms flailing, Justin grabbed your wrists “(Y/N)! It’s me… It’s okay, what happened?” Justin asked.
“He w-was w-waiting.” You answered.
“Damn!” Justin cursed, he gently moved you over to the passenger seat and crawled in after you and then began cleaning your cuts, he noticed the bruise forming on your waist where your top had risen up. “Do you mind?” He asked and you shook your head, he gently pulled your top up and the bruise spread over your stomach and up your side. “I think your ribs are broken.”
“What’s with the bag?” You asked your voice still weak.
“I left home, I’m not going back,” Justin answered.
“Maybe we should just leave.” You mumbled.
“Maybe we should,” Justin mumbled back before locking the doors and climbing into the back of the car and then gesturing for you to come lay with him.
“What about Jessica?” You asked, you never laid together before because he was with Jessica.
“I’m not with Jess anymore and you need me more than she wants me around so…” He trailed opening his arms. You slowly climb into the back with Justin guiding you until you were lying with him.

The next morning you waited for your parents to leave like always and then Justin helped you into the house, you both showered and changed before getting back into the car but before you could go anywhere Justin put his hands on yours “Do you still want to leave?” He asked and you looked at him shocked you thought that was something you’d say but never address and you thought for a second before nodded. “Then let’s go.”
“What about school and your scholarship?” You asked and he shrugged.
“We’ll find somewhere else to go to school.” He answered. “Or we can just work.”
“Are you sure?” You asked. “I have nothing going for me here, no friends, no family are you sure you want to leave?”
“No one wants me… I want to leave.” He answered and you nodded starting the car.
“Let’s go then…” You smiled before leaning over and kissing his cheek “there’s always someone who wants you.”
Justin dove forward kissing you careful of your bruises “you missed.” He whispered before you giggled and you guys left for good.

Requests and general question!


Word Count:857

Pairing: Dean x Plus sized reader

Warnings: Self-hatred, low self esteem, lovey Dean, Fluff, Pre-smut, hatred for someone else

Author’s Note: I have made it to where Jess is a hunter for this fic (sorry). And it’s just fluff at the end, I was having a bad day. The gif doesn’t really pertain to the story, sorry. Sam and Jess are still together in this fic, Dean is with you, and I don’t know what else to tell you. Thank you for reading! Much love!xx

Tags:  @ravengirl94 @helvonasche @mamaredd123 @lucifer-in-leather @wayward-mirage

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You sit at the table watching Jess prance around in one of Sam’s shirts and a pair of shorts, envy fills every nook and cranny of your body as you watch her. She is perfect; thin and beautiful. You are too big to even wear your boyfriend’s shirts, and that makes you hurt in ways you’d never thought you’d hurt. It hurt because you weren’t made right, you should be smaller, cuter, prettier, thinner, then you could wear Dean’s clothes and be a regular girlfriend. Thin girls can wear anything and be beautiful and cute, big girls can be fierce or brave, but never beautiful and cute. You can’t even wear his jackets when it’s cold out, and that is one blow that hurts more than almost anything. You blame yourself most of the time, you know it’s not all your fault, but blaming yourself is easy. You’ve tried to lose weight it just won’t go.

“Y/n are you almost done with that?” Jess asks, motioning to the lore book in your hands, bringing you out of your thoughts.

“Yeah,” you mutter and scoot the book across the table.

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anonymous asked:

“you’re really invested in your tv show/book/etc and i don’t think you understand how much your absentminded petting is getting to me but like hell am i gonna ask you to stop“ !!

Poe has a thing about his hair. Touch it and he purrs. Pet it, he melts. Pull it… well. Yeah. That’s… yeah. His hypersensitivity has never been an issue before. People who get close enough to get their hands all up in his curls are generally doing so with pretty specific intentions, and even if they’re not, they learn fast how the tide’s rolling. 

But then people aren’t Finn.

Finn who learns scary fast, but is still playing catch up when it comes to a lot of social cues, particularly those centred around touch. Poe has a feeling Finn might have been a tactile person anyway—takes one to know one—but growing up in an insulated body glove obviously hasn’t done him any favours. 

These days Finn touches everything - fingers tracing the gouges in the mess hall tables as he eats, palms pressing against the bark of the megaflora that surrounds the new base like he can feel the sap pumping if he concentrates hard enough. Poe finds it both endearing as hell and teeth-grittingly motivating during those missions he gets the First Order square in his crosshairs.

Finn’s not as physical with people yet — or at least not ones he doesn’t know well. Poe’s obviously not in that category though, which brings him back to his current predicament. 

Finn’s leaning back against the head of the bunk, a data pad propped on his knees as he reads something distracting enough that he hasn’t noticed what’s going on with Poe yet. Poe’s not really sure if that’s a blessing or a curse, to be honest. Because on the one hand, Poe probably looks a special kind of stupid right now, processor parts forgotten on the floor in front of him as he all but drools into his own lap. On the other, if Finn keeps this up too much longer, Poe’s libido is going to start knocking insistently on the situation and that’s… not ideal.

Because Finn’s his friend. Finn’s his friend who’s still learning what it means to have friends and Poe doesn’t want to fuck that up for him. Which means Finn’s deft fingers twisting through his hair and scratching lightly against his scalp is fast becoming A Problem.

Finn hums lightly behind him—a noise Poe’s come to associate with him reading something particularly interesting—and Poe has to bite his lip against humming for his own more inappropriate reasons as Finn’s fingers card through the closer cropped curls at the nape of his neck.

Poe clears his throat. Then has to try again when he almost whimpers instead. “Ah, buddy?”


Finn’s petting doesn’t even pause. Poe’s done nothing to deserve this sort of temptation.

“I’m ah… getting a little distracted down here.”


Finn’s touch halts but he doesn’t pull his hand back and Poe finds himself swallowing hard against the instinct to push back into Finn’s palm.

Finally Finn says, “In a good way or a bad way?”

And that’s… huh. Poe cranes his neck back to look up at Finn’s face and finds a soft smile waiting for him, Finn’s eyes amused and… knowing.

“Fuck,” Poe says. “Who told?”

Finn huffs a laugh, thumbing lightly behind Poe’s ear. “Jess.”

Of course it was Pava. Poe would be annoyed but the way Finn’s looking at him as he smooths his fingers back through his hair, he has a feeling he’s gonna end up buying her a cake.

Poe lets his eyes flutter shut as he feels Finn’s movements turn deliberate, fisting a grip at the back of his head and… yeah. Shit. Poe’s breath catches which is probably the only thing that saves him from flat out moaning.

“You should come up here,” Finn says, voice drawn tight and Poe would be relieved he’s not the only one affected here but he’s too busy giving himself over to Finn’s very nice, very competent hands.

“I should definitely come up there,” Poe says. He’s about to get right on that when Finn’s grip shifts and twists and Poe’s hips go rogue, bucking instinctively up and fuck, he’s hard, when did he get hard?

“Oh wow,” Finn says. “Jess wasn’t kidding.”

“I’m gonna kill her,” Poe says, strangled.

Finn laughs like he’s just so delighted and Poe would bask in the warmth of it but Finn’s also taken it upon himself to manhandle Poe up onto the standard-issue mattress, a move that makes an entirely different sort of heat suffuse Poe’s limbs.

Force, did Pava just write out an itemised list or something?

Poe finds himself flat on his back, Finn braced over him, grinning like Poe’s a new dessert he has yet to try. It puts Finn’s very nice shoulders in optimal clutching range and Poe isn’t going to shirk that opportunity, no sir.

“Hi,” Finn says softly and Poe realises he’s grinning so wide his cheeks hurt. Fuck he hasn’t felt this stupid for someone since…ever.

“Hi back.”

Finn dips down, mouth dizzyingly close and Poe very nearly whimpers when he stops just short of his lips, because fuck.

“I ah… you should probably know I have no idea what I’m doing,” Finn says, and ah, that answers that question then.

Poe slides his hands up to scritch through the hair where it’s growing out at the nape of Finn’s neck, easing the nervous tension the best way he knows how.

“Well,” Poe says, struggling to gather his thoughts in the face of Finn humming into his touch like a spoiled loth-cat, shit. “We can slow our roll a bit. Pull back and talk a few things through…”

“Or?” Finn says, dipping toward Poe’s mouth again like a faulty grav drive. The move brushes their noses together, something that probably shouldn’t make Poe’s toes curl but here they are.

“Or,” Poe swallows harshly against the instinct to just tip his chin up, turn things wet and hot and fast, but no - this is Finn’s show. This needs to be Finn’s show. “We can wing it. Do what feels right, speak up when something doesn’t…” 

Finn’s eyes snap back up to his at that and Poe very nearly chokes on the want behind the look. “You’ll show me how?”

Fuck. “Yeah,” Poe says, and he’s gonna need some sort of award for how steady his voice is here because seriously. “Yeah, I’ll show you how.”

The smile that slips across Finn’s features is like a sunrise, slow and syrup sharp. Poe wants to taste it. “We’re gonna do this.”

It’s not a question, but Poe answers it by meeting Finn’s mouth on a groan anyhow.

Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 8)

Part 7

You woke up the next morning to the sunlight coming through the window. You yawned and sat up to stretch a bit. Harry was still sleeping and you giggled when you heard him snoring. 

You put your head on his pillow next to his head and whispered into his ear. 

“Harry,” you whispered. 

He didn’t move, just kept snoring. You laughed softly and poked his nose. He stopped snoring for a bit but still didn’t wake up. You groaned and knew there was only one way to get him to wake up. You pulled the sheet up a bit and hovered over him. He started to move so you stopped where you were. He still didn’t wake up. 

You rolled your eyes and shook your head as you started trailing kisses down his neck. You then moved on from his neck and kissed down his chest and stomach before moving back up. 

“Babe,” you whispered as you hovered your lips above his. “Wake up.” 

“Hm Nah, I’m good,” he smirked. “I wanna see where you’re going with this,” he mumbled. 

“How long have you been awake?” You laughed. 

“Long enough,” he smirked pulling you down towards him. 

“You were snoring,” you said. 

“Eh,” he smirked. “I’m tired.” 

“Hm, I wonder why,” you laughed. “I told you.” 

“Hey, I’m not exactly complaining,” he smirked. 

You giggled leaning down to kiss him. He ran his hands down your sides and up your back. 

“So, when do we need to leave?” You whispered. 

“What time is it?” He mumbled against your lips. 

“Uh… a little after eight…I think,” you said. 

“We’ve got plenty of time,” he said. “Now, come here,” he said pulling you back down for a kiss. 

You giggled when he flipped you over onto your back. He smiled down at you before sneaking under the sheet. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your nose. 

You scrunched your nose. “We should probably order some breakfast,” you said. 

“Eh, maybe later,” he said. “I’d rather enjoy you for a bit breakfast first,” he smirked. 

Harry leaned down to kiss you, but before his lips could touch yours, your phone rang. He groaned. “Let it go to voicemail,” he mumbled. 

“It could be important,” you said. “Let me just see who it is.” 

He whined and reached over to the side table and looked at it. “Who’s Jessen?” He asked confused. 

“Oh, that’s… she’s my best friend,” you said. 

“Oh, so you can just call her back later,” he smirked leaning down to kiss you. 

“Yes, I could, but she’s very persistent and she’ll just keep calling if I don’t answer,” you giggled. 

“Then we put it on silent,” he smirked. He put down the little switch on the side and put it back on the table. “Now, where were we.” 

It was a few minutes later and he was working his mouth down your body when your phone started vibrating on the table. 

“Bloody hell,” he mumbled. 

“I told you,” you laughed. 

“That’s like five times in the span of five minutes,” he said. 

“It’ll only take a minute,” you said grabbing the phone and answering it. “Hello.” 


“Mystery boy?” Harry smirked. 

“Jess, calm down!” You laughed. “What are you talking about?” 


“Will you calm down and stop with the yelling,” you said. 

“Sorry, I just, I can’t fucking believe you’re fucking him!” she said. 

Harry laughed and laid down next to you with a smirk on his face. You rolled your eyes and threw a pillow over his face. 

“How did you figure it out?” You said sitting up. 

“Oh, I didn’t, but looking back now, I probably should have because it definitely adds up,” she said. 

“Wait a minute, if you didn’t figure it out and I didn’t tell you, how did you know?” you asked. 

“You don’t know?” She asked. “It’s all over the papers back home and the internet.” 

“W-What?” You said. 

“Yeah, apparently someone top secret “source” talked to that one guy from that one newspaper the uh The Moon no The Sun, that one and talked about how you two were dating, but were keeping it top secret or something, which is why there are no pictures of the two of you together, however, they did use a pictures of you from your Instagram, so people know who you are,” she said. 

“Oh my god,” you sighed. 

“What?” Harry said rubbing your back. 

“Look, Jess, I gotta go, I’ll call you later,” you said. 

“You better cause I want to know everything and I mean everything,” she said. 

“Yeah, yeah, bye,” you said before hanging up the phone. 

“What’s wrong?” He asked. 

“Jess found out about us,” you said. 

“I heard and I’m sure the entire city of Paris did as well,” he laughed. 

“Yeah, she’s a little loud,” you said. 

“But what’s so wrong about her finding out,” he said. 

“It’s not that she knows, but how she found out,” you sighed. “Word of our secret relationship is all over the papers and the internet. And my Instagram pictures were used in the article, so now everyone knows who I am.” 

“But how?” He said. “I mean no one knew about us, not really anyway. I mean my team obviously because hello, you’re here with me, but they would never…” 

You shook your head as you laughed. It wasn’t a laugh with humor, but a laugh, of ‘I should have known.” “Madison, I guarantee it,” you said. 

“I know she’s a bitch, but do you really think she’d go to the press about it? And she only saw us having lunch, so it’s not like she had any real evidence,” he said. 

“That wouldn’t stop her. She wants her fucking fifteen minutes and this is how she’s getting it. And if it’s a way to hurt me, then it’s like winning the lottery for her,” you mumbled. 

Harry wrapped his arms around you. “I know this isn’t how we wanted this to go, but it would have happened eventually.” 

“I feel like my privacy has been violated,” you sighed. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered kissing your head. 

“It’s not your fault. I don’t blame you,” you whispered. “It’s just what does this mean for us now? Are we going to be followed more? Are you going to be asked questions about me during your interviews now?”” 

“Probably,” he said. “But I’m going to do everything I can do protect you from all of this and when we go out together. I can go out to certain places and not be seen and I won’t talk about you in the interviews if you don’t want me to.” 

“I don’t want you to at least not right now,” you said. “Our relationship is still new and I don’t want all these eyes watching us.” 

“Don’t worry,” he said. “The whole world doesn’t need to know about our relationship.” 

“And I guess I don’t have to worry about calling my boss and quitting today because I’m pretty sure Im already fired anyway,” you said. 

“I know you wanted to leave, but getting fired wasn’t the way,” he sighed. 

“No, it’s not because getting fired for breaking company rules can’t hurt my chances for getting another job in this business,” you sighed. “God, Madison is such a fucking bitch!” You screamed. 

“Is there a reason she’s like this towards you?” Harry asked. “I mean is she like this to everyone or just you?” 

“Eh, she’s a bit to everyone, but she uses it mostly towards me,” you sighed. “And it’s a long, fucked up story to be honest.” 

“What happened?” He asked rubbing your back. 

You sighed. “We used to be friends, actually. We went to the same University, in the same classes. We even had a flat together for a few years,” you said. 

“Really? Wow, I’d never thought-” he said. 

“That we were ever nice to one another? Yeah, me either,” you sighed. “But anyway, we both got the internship at the magazine and we worked together too. And it was great, but then the end of our Uni run was coming up and we were graduating. The magazine only had a few openings for the ten or so interns that were working there. I guess she was afraid of me getting it over her, so she started to try to fuck with everything,” you sighed. 

“It even got so bad, when I ended up having the top grades in our major department, she told everyone it was because I slept with our professor,” you sighed. “I didn’t, by the way. It spread around to so many people, my boyfriend at the time broke up with me. We were together the entire time we were in Uni and one rumor starts and he bolts. But quite honestly I have a feeling he was cheated on me most of that time because a few weeks later, he was with Madison and they’re still together to this day,” you said. 

“Wow,” he said wrapping his arms around you. “I can’t believe that.” 

“Yep, and when she found we both got the job, it was like she made it her mission to get rid of me so that she could be the top. That’s how she got to be the editor,” you sighed. 

‘I’m sorry baby,” he whispered. 

You shrugged. “Just when I thought I’d be free from her after this job, she’s going to be going to the press about me.” 

“No, she won’t. Anytime she even thinks about it, we’ll get any article taken down immediately,” he said. 

“Once it’s out there, it’s out there,” you sighed. 

“Then we sue her for slander,” he said. “She’s been bullying you for years, and you don’t deserve any of that shit from her.” 

“Let’s not talk about this anymore,” you sighed. “You don’t need to be worrying about my problems before your interview.” 

“Baby, your problems are my problems,” he said. “But we should probably order some breakfast though.” 

“You order some breakfast, while I go jump in the shower,” you said. 

He nodded. “We’ll talk about this more, though, okay.” 

You nodded and went into the bathroom. You turned on the water and waited for the shower to get warm before getting in. You were emotional with everything that was going on. You were angry for the most part, so you just let the water wash over you to help you calm down a bit. 

A few minutes later, you felt arms wrap around your waist and hands grab your chest. You giggled. 

“Really?” you laughed. 

“Yep, did you really think I’d let you shower alone,” he smirked. 

“This is going to more than a little shower isn’t?” You laughed leaning against him. 

“Well, we should finish where we left off…” he smirked. 


When it was time to leave for the interview, you two went out the back where the car was waiting. Harry took your hand and the hotel worker opened up the door. As soon as the light of day hit your eyes, so did the flashing light of cameras. 

“Shit,” Harry mumbled. “Keep your head down and don’t let go of my hand.” 

You nodded and put your head down before you felt Harry leading you out the door. All you heard was the sound of cameras and yelling. Harry stopped when he got to the car and helped you inside before getting in himself. The door was slammed shut and the car. 

“Are you okay?” Harry said quickly. 

“Uh yeah… I think I’m more in shock than anything,” you said. “I thought they coudln’t come in the back?” 

“They’re not supposed to,” he shook his head. “But unless there’s round the clock secruity back there, it’s not really montiored.” 

“Do you think they came back there becaue of the article,” you whispered. 

“Probably,” he sighed. “I’m so sorry about this,” he whispered kissing your head. 

“No, it’s okay. It’s not your fault,” you said. 

“It might be even crazier at the show today,” he whispered. 

“I’ll be okay,” you said. “And I’ll just stay backstage and watch it from there.” 

He nodded. “I’m really glad you’re here though,” he smiled. 

“I’m always going to be there,” you smiled. 

“That makes me happy to hear,” he whispered. 

You leaned over to kiss him. He put his hand over your face and kissed you back. 

Once at the studio for the interview, there was a crowd of fans and paps lined up on the sides of the entrance to get to the door. Luckily, they were barcaded. 

“Ready?” Harry asked. 

“Yeah,” you nodded. 

The door opened and Harry got out first, causing loads of screaming fans to start shouting. Harry waved to them before turning around and helping you out of the car, which caused them to scream even more. Harry put his hand on your back and walked with you into the studio, waving to fans. 

As soon as you got in, Harry had to get his hair done and changed into the outfit he would be wearing. 

“Stop staring,” he smirked as he buttoned up his shirt. 

“I’m not staring. I just happened to look up from my phone at the same time you looked at me,” you laughed. 

“Hm. Sure,” he smirked. “I think we both know that you can’t enough of this,” he said motioning down to his body. 

You rolled your eyes. “You’re the one who can’t keep their hands off me.” 

“Can you blame me though?” He smirked walking over to you. “You’re gorgeous.” 

You giggled and leaned up to kiss him. “Now, you have lipstick on your mouth.” 

He laughed and started wiping it off. You giggled standing up and took your thumb across his lips and wiped the red lipstick off. He put his hands on your hips. 

“After the interview, we can go grab some lunch nearby and go sightseeing, if you want,” he said. 

“I’d loved that, but do you think we’ll be followed?” You asked. 

“Maybe, but we’ll be okay,” he said. 

“Okay,” you nodded. “Then that sounds like an awesome plan.” 

“Harry we need you in five,” the producer said on the other side of the door. 

“Okay, I’ll be there,” he shouted. 

“Are you nervous?” You asked. 

“Eh, not really. Well, maybe  a bit because the interview is in French and someone is going to be translating to me in my ear, so that might cause for an awkward interivew,” he laughed. 

“You’re going to do great,” you smiled. 

“Thanks baby,” he smiled kissing your cheek before heading out to the interview. 


Once the interview was done, you and Harry had lunch, you walked around the city. 

Harry laced his hand with yours and held you close. You smiled up at him.

“What?” He laughed looking down at you. 

“Nothing, I’m just really happy,” you whispered. 

He smiled. “I am too. I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Not that I wasn’t ever happy before, but not at this level. I have my music coming out and I have my girl by side, who I’m absoulety falling in love with, and we’re in Paris.” 

“Ooh, let’s go in here,” you said. “I should find something for Jess to make up for not telling her about us.” 

He laughed. “So, now that she knows when do I get to meet her? She sounds interesting…” 

“Oh, she is,” you laughed. “Very.” 

“I can’t wait to ask her what you’ve said about the mystery boy,” he smirked. 

You rolled your eyes. “I didn’t tell her anything.” 

“Uh huh, sure,” he said. 

“Come on, help me pick something out,” you said walking around the store. 

He nodded and started looking around the store. He pretended to look around, but was watching you as you were looking. He noticed that you had picked up a few things and held them up to yourself or put the handbag over your shoulder before putting them back after looking at the price tag. 

You finally decided on just buying a scarf and took it to the cashier. Harry snuck over to grab all the things that you had looked at and waited until you were gone to look for him. He quickly took them to the cashier and had her ring them up and put them in bags. 

“Oh, there you are,” you smiled. “What’d you buy?” 

“Just some things for my Mum and Gemma,” he shurgged. 

You smiled and nodded before he grabbed the bags and the two of you left the shop. 

As you turned the corner, there was a huge crowd of fans standing there. Harry sighed. 

“Could we go the other way?” You asked. 

“No, the hotel is back this way,” he sighed. “Just stay here, and I’ll take some pictures, maybe they’ll leave.” 

“Okay,” you nodded. 

Harry kissed your head and went to walk through the crowd. After about fifteen minutes of pictures, the crowd was only getting bigger. Harry sighed and went back over to you. 

“We can go back the other way and just call the car to pick us up there,” he said. 

“That’s crazy. The hotel is right there, we should just… go,” you said. 

“Are you sure?” He asked. 

You nodded. 

“Hold onto my arm and don’t let go,” he said. 

You nodded and took a deep breath before grabbing his arm. He walked his way back through the crowd of fans and ignored them the best he could. The second you were in this crowd of fans, you knew that you made a huge mistake. You couldn’t see anything, but cell phones, arms, legs, and Harry’s back. 

The shouting in your ear was deafening and you could feel people grabbing at you. That oh so familar feeling of being trapped started to trigger your anxiety. You started to feel sweaty and sick to your stomach. The knot in your throat got bigger and bigger as if it was cutting off your airway. 

Your tried tightening your grip on Harry’s arm, but the heat of all the bodies and your sweaty palms from your anxiety made it hard to do that. You were having trouble breathing now and felt yourself gasping for air. 

You tried calling out for Harry, but it was impossible with all the screams already shouting his name. After what seemed like hours, you were finally out of the crowd and heading into the lobby of the hotel. Harry looked back at you to check on you and that’s when he noticed you were having an attack. 

“Y/N!” He said dropping the bags. 

You were grabbing your chest and felt your legs give out as you fell down to the floor.

In The Dark

Been a rough 48hrs, but I kept thinking about these pieces by @yuutayo and decided to write something inspired by his art once more :)

- - - - 

Jesse can’t tell which voice belongs to who anymore. There’s taunting, cheering and a few requests to ‘knock it off’. He tastes blood on his tongue and his jaw feels loose. His shirt is even slipping off one of his shoulders from being stretched. There’s a grip on his arm and then another fist clashes with his jaw. He grins and gazes at his opponent through his bangs. Jesse attacks and lands his punch. More cheers erupt around them when they tackle the other to the floor. Jesse lands on top, settled on the other guy’s hips and pulls his fist back for another assault.

A familiar, strong hand grabs Jesse by the wrist and pulls him up as if he weighted nothing. He’s pushed against the wall and suddenly everyone falls silent and steps back.

“What the hell is going on here?!” Gabriel barks to his agents and some lower their heads. He looks at the man still laying on the floor before looking at McCree. “I asked a question, soldiers!”

“Milton got handsy.” Jesse smirks down at the agent while blood drips from his nose.

“Fuck off, McCree!” Milton barks and Gabriel notices his swollen lip as he scrambles to his feet.

“Who threw the first punch?!” Reyes asks, causing both agents to startle.

“McCree,” Milton quickly says.

Reyes inspects his surroundings. The other agents still stand near, bowing their heads. A few nod when their commander looks over to them, but no one gives explanation. Gabriel knows his men and women don’t rat each other out that easily, but seems the options here are limited.

“Everyone dismissed. Milton and McCree stay.” Gabriel’s tone lowers, yet they still spread through the hallway until everyone is gone. “One of you is going to tell me what the hell happened, before I ask.”

They hesitate. Milton rubs the back of his neck and Gabriel narrows his eyes on him, knowing he is starting to feel guilty about his actions.

“He bitched about me taking his place in the Dorado mission.”

“Language.” Gabriel looks at Jesse, then at Milton.

“With all due respect, sir. I’ve been working hard for this mission. It’s going to take us maybe a week of stakeout and I thought I was the right one for this.”

“You were.”

Milton seems like he’s going to say something in return, but stops himself.

“As much as I hate to admit it, McCree has proven good at hiding in plain sight. He will know how to get lost in the crowd for days. We could use that kind for this mission.”

“Ha, told ya,” Jesse elbows Milton who stiffens.

“McCree,” Gabriel says sharply. “But you won’t be bored, Milton, there’s an upcoming mission in Illios I assigned you for. Not only will you be perfect for it, it can help you improve in other areas. This concern of yours should have been directed to me, not your teammate. Much less in this matter.”

Milton swallows, “Understood, sir. I apologize.”

“Dismissed, agent.”

“Yes, sir.” Milton walks away without another word and Jesse watches him with a proud smile.

“Wipe that smile off your face.” Gabriel steps closer. “You started a fight because of that?”

Jesse’s grin fades. “He asked if my legs hurt after spending so much time on my knees in front of ya.”

Gabriel’s nostrils flare. “You know that’s not true. You could have told him to take it with me or talked about it yourselves.”

Jesse scuffs, “like he wasn’t right.”

“He isn’t. You know I’ve stayed fair, McCree. It’s you who makes me think has taken advantage of this.”

“Yeah, like people will believe I have taken advantage of the super soldier.” Jesse rolls his eyes as he leans against the wall and laughs.

Gabriel’s brow twitches before he grabs Jesse by the dog tags around his neck and pulls him closer. The action makes Jesse grin in victory when he should be squirming. The trail of blood has marked his lips and Gabriel is tempted to kiss it away, along with this cocky smile. “You always have the option to back out. You’ve even said it yourself, I’m still the same hardass you met in Rout 66. It’s you who believes no one can touch you because you get on your knees for me, that’s why you throw these tantrums.” He lets go of the dog tags and Jesse falls back against the wall again. “This is something I would have expected from you when you joined, not now. You’re proving to be what everyone else thought then. If you are not going to change at all, let me know, pendejo.”

Jesse stops smiling, but his eyes turn wicked. Gabriel grimaces to the gaze and stomps away. He can feel young eyes on him, trailing his curves and counting the steps he takes. He also knows Jesse’s guessing how many steps it will take Gabriel to return.

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Idiot - Justin Foley

Originally posted by rafaelasgomes

Request: an imagine where you and Justin play fight

Word count: 1041

Pairing: Justin Foley x reader

I’m not really sure if this is what you asked for or if it is good but I tried my best, enjoy it xxx

You were laying on your bed doing some homework due to the next day. You  putted your music in your ears and turned the volume on. This was the way you could concentrate the best. You were struggling with a math problem when suddenly someone started to play with your hair. It was your best friend Justin, during your friendship you started to develop feelings for him but you never told him, the friendship you had was too special. You wouldn’t want to ruin that in a million years. Justin was always there for you, he picked you up every morning, he gave you compliments because he knew how insecure you were, when you were sad he came to comfort you with ice cream. And besides of his actions Justin was extremely handsome, he had such a hypnotising smile and his eyes, don’t even get me started on his eyes. Was it even possible not to fall in love with the boy. But you weren’t alone, Justin had an on and off relationship with Jessica. One week they were Liberty high’s cutest couple other week they couldn’t even look each other in the eye. You always listened when he went on and on about her, how she was total bitch and he should just end it. Every time he said he would end it for good you got a little hope, but it never happened.  

“Well hello there! What are you doing here, I didn’t know we were going to meet?” you smiled at you best friend.

“Your mom let me in, I was around the corner and I was wondering how you were so I thought why not give my best friend a visit.”

“Of course you were around the corner, you live there idiot.”

“What did you just call me?” he said while a stupid smirk started to show on his face, you knew what was going to follow so you already started to run around your room.

“No Justin noo quit it with the tickles”

He started chasing you, escaping was impossible. Justin picked you up around your waist throwing you on the bed. He pinned your hands above your head with one hand, he placed one hand on your stomach.

“So what did you call me?” he asked again with a huge smile on his face.

“ I called you the most beautiful human being on the planet, now let go!”

“Soo first calling me an idiot and now lying, you did this to yourself.”

“No Justin please!” You were too late the horrible tickling began. You were moving and stamping so maybe he let go. With all the force you had you tried to escape out of Justin’s grip. Suddenly your hands got free, you picked his hands and you  turned him over. Now you sat on top of him.

“Now I’m in control.” You said with a grin on your face. You tried to tickle him and tried to find his weak spots but you failed. Justin was a basketball player so he was pretty strong, you could have known you no chance.

“Obviously I’m in control.” He said while laughing. Suddenly something changed, Justin was looking at you with his playful eyes but they were different than the others times he tried to tickle or playfight you. He looked so loving and caring. You didn’t want this moment to end, ever.

“What is it?” you asked with your hands still held by Justin so you couldn’t tickle him.

“I’m just enjoying my incredible view.” You were shocked by what he said.

“What..euh..what do you mean?”

“I think you know what I mean.” He said while pulling you closer. He let go of your hands when he put your face between his hands and pulled you closer. Justin kissed you, his lips felt so good on yours. They were so soft and warm, also his kiss was gentle and careful. You loved every part about it but you didn’t kiss him back.

“I’m so sorry y/n, I shouldn’t have done that, I just thought..”

“You thought you could use me as a rebound because you have a bad week with Jessica?”

“Do you think I would ever do that?” he asked with a disappointed look on his face

“I don’t know, you’ve been all over her for months. Why would you even kiss me?”

“Don’t you see it? My relationship was so bad because I never really loved Jess, when I went through my mind and what I really felt it always brought me back to you. Y/N I love you. I thought if I stayed with Jess long enough I would forget about you but I never did. You’re just so smart and pretty and..” Justin just confessed his love to you, you couldn’t be happier, you weren’t even listening anymore. Your heart must have skipped a million beats. You decided to kiss him back immediately.

“So you love me too?”

“I think I do” you said still shaking about his confession and with a little blush on your face. Justin smiled at you and started to kiss you again. After a nice make out session Justin’s phone started too ring, first he ignored it but there was another call immediately after.

Justin looked at the caller ID, it was Jess. He sighed and told you he was sorry before he picked up.

“What do you want?” you couldn’t hear what she said so you just sat there listening to his monologue.

“No Jess, I don’t want to see and I don’t want you back, it’s over forever, and if you don’t mind I’m with someone who really cares about me, goodbye Jess.” And with that Justin ended the call. He walked over to you and gave you a kiss on your forehead.

“I’m deleting her number, seriously. I want you and nothing else.”

“So where do you want to go from here?” you asked a little scared.

“Let me take you on a date, Wednesday night? I’ll pick you up at 7. I’m not going to take you for granted y/n, I’m going to show you how much I want and love you.”

“I’ll be ready” you said giving Justin one last kiss.

Let me know what you think and thank you for reading xxx

anonymous asked:

Hey, can I get reaper, hanzo, reinhardt and mccree receiving baked gifts from their (gender neutral) s/o?


  • Due to the constant de- and regeneration his tastebuds aren’t what they used to be. Even on the best days half of them are dead and as a result most things taste bland to him.

  • Eating becomes a chore, made more difficult by the fact that his body doesn’t register hunger like it used to and his stomach more often than not revolts at the idea of food after it just digested its own degrading parts and remade itself from scratch

  • Thus when he receives a small box filled with cookies he’s wary. He won’t be able to enjoy them, he’ll throw up and that’s not a pleasant experience at the best of times, least of all when you’re puking out your own esophagus along with everything else.

  • Part of him wants to throw them away, furious of what they represent, something so simple he can no longer take part in, dangling it before him like they’re taunting him. He doesn’t throw them out, because he knows it’d break your heart

  • He didn’t expect the taste. He didn’t expect how easy they are on the stomach and before he knows it he’s emptied the whole box, scooping up some leftover jam with his finger.

  • When you baked them for him you baked them for him, using special sweeteners that are much more intense than normal sugar and taking care to not make them too heavy. They’re light, fluffy things, hopelessly over sweetened but perfect for his own special needs.

  • He can barely believe you would put this much thought into something just for him and acts accordingly. Everytime he gets another box, lovingly decorated and filled with sweet delicacies, he reminds you he never asked for this and he doesn’t owe you anything.

  • He needs to say it, because he couldn’t begin to guess how to repay you for something he thought he lost forever

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R76 Valentines Day 4: Proposal

I rarely ever do a 5+1 but really how the fuck could I pass up Gabe failing to propose to Jack 5 times because he’s a fucking perfectionist? Also Anahardt cause they’re really cute too.

AO3 mirror


It seemed sort of old fashioned to be out doing this but Gabriel sometimes felt a little old fashioned. Especially with Jack. Everyone said they were like an old married couple. But not in that they bickered (they did that sometimes) but that they just seemed to have been together for so long it was impossible to not just make everyone aware of it. Even the brass, notorious for being completely oblivious, had figured out that their Strike Commander and Blackwatch Commander were dating. Ana always complained that they made her feel like a real third wheel even when they weren’t acting like a couple because they didn’t even have to talk about anything. Just a look would do most of the time. Still, buying a ring for your boyfriend was pretty old fashioned.

Gabriel had left the watchpoint and headed into the city a bit aways. He hadn’t told anyone what he was doing and only Athena knew where he was really going because Athena just knew everything. He’d found a jewelry, not a chain place, one run by some locals who made high-quality jewelry. Athena had actually suggested it after snooping around his Google searches as she did. He’d been annoyed when she’d suggested it but now he was grateful because he would never have found this place otherwise. It was more of a gallery than a jewelry store honestly and along with the jewelry was paintings and some real weird looking sculptures.

“Hello! Let me know if I can help you with anything,” the artist behind the counter said when he entered.

Gabriel didn’t know anything so he just went up and way more awkward and shy than he’d ever been in his life- even more so than the first time he’d ever asked a guy out- he said, “I’m looking to buy a ring.”

“A ring? For yourself?”

“No. For my boyfriend,” Gabriel and their entire face shifted, lifting up just a little.

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Hi everyone! Here I come with a new Harry story. I really liked writing this one so, hopefully, you all like it as well. 

Before getting into the story I wanted you to know REQUESTS ARE OPEN! however, It’ll take me a bit of time writing them (I don’t have as much free time as on holidays)

Nothing else just… Enjoy!!! :)

Harry and I laid on the garden’s ground, doing nothing but enjoying the serenity of the evening. As time went by, the sun got closer and closer to the horizon, leaving behind a wide range of warm colours, revealing a lovely landscape in front of us.

Doing this was something common in us, we would always spend the last summer evenings in the backyard realising how lucky we were to get to see such a beautiful phenomenon everyday.

The soft currents of air hit on our faces, giving a pleasing tickle on them and making the situation inviting to fall asleep. I turned to the side staring at him. His eyes were shut, hiding his green orbs, lips parted and chest lifting up and down in a calm pace, he was asleep.

I loved the way he looked when he was lost in his dreams, like if nothing could worry or torture him at all.

The stare didn’t last long, as he suddenly opened his eyes, without previous expectation “What are you smiling at, love?” “Harry, you scared me! Weren’t you sleeping?” he chuckled at my reaction “Well yeah, or at least trying so… but the feeling of your eyes on me wouldn’t let me” I bit my lip in embarrassment, moving my eyes away from his “Sorry” “No, don’t be sorry. I love it when I have your eyes on me” “Why?” he picked me by the chin and made me lock eyes with him “Because I can see love in them” that, and a kiss on the forehead were enough to make me feel an inner butterfly explosion “Just love for you” he delicately brushed my lips with his pads before placing a kiss on them.

After some minutes of peaceful silence, enjoying the warmth his body radiated, I heard the groan of his stomach begging for food. The awkward cough he let out to hide it made me laugh “Some cutie hungry out there?” “Mee” “Any suggestions on what to eat?” He shrugged, before answering “Dunno, whatever… the last one to get in the kitchen cooks!” Between childlike chuckles he stood up and ran towards the inside of the house, throwing some soil at me in the process “Hey you little cheater, wait!”

* Few days later *

Harry’s POV:

“… Here you have another type of ring, it’s the most demanded between many women” the shop assistant placed a shiny diamond ring in front of me “It’s really beautiful, but it seems to be quite expensive” “Well, compared to others it’s not that expensive but… sure it isn’t the cheapest of all” “How much?” “Six hundred dollars” my eyes opened wide but I tried my best to play it cool “Mmm, how about something a bit cheaper?” She nodded, walking to the next one “Here we have… ” I stopped listening when I spotted a simple but at the same time nice ring, that was definitely the one “Sorry for interrupting you, but I’ve just found the perfect one” “Oh, which one?” I smiled pointed at it “Uh, are you sure you want that one? I can show you others way more elaborated” I shook my head “No, it isn’t necessary thanks, I know that’s the one” she finally gave up her attempt to change my mind “Okay, come with me then”


From the moment I stepped out of the store onwards, I couldn’t think of anything else than in the events about to occur that same night: the setting of the situation, the nervousness my words would be filled of, her reaction, and the most important part, her answer. The idea of taking this step had been wandering around my mind for a long time. I knew she was the only thing I wanted to wake up to the rest of my life, her voice was the only thing I wanted to hear during our late night conversations, her characteristic clumsiness was the only thing I wanted to laugh to; but the fear and insecurity made me back down, until today.

I ran every of the errands Jess left me enthusiastically, dancing and singing all around the house, I was on cloud nine.

When I was about to move on to the other task the doorbell rang. At the other side of the door a young postman awaited me “Hi, may I help you?” “Good morning, is this Harry Styles?” I nodded “This is for you” He said, handing me a white envelope. I furrowed my eyebrows at the sight of it, I definitely wasn’t expecting anything like that. I tried to see who the emitter was but the only thing written on it was my name and address  “What’s this?” “I don’t know, but it seems like something important, my boss told me to give it to you in hand. Could you sign here please, I’ve got more work ahead” His comment made me come out from my wondering “Yeah, sorry” “Thank you”

I sat on the sofa, envelope in hand. Just one possible emitter came up to my mind, and I prayed for it not be the one. My hands began to slightly shake, and an uncomfortable sensation settled in my chest. Something inside me told me nothing would be the same after opening it, and that was what scared me the most, I had never had that feeling.

‘You can’t be like this forever’ I told myself before opening the envelop, worry intensifying as I revealed more of the paper contained.

‘Appreciated Mr. Styles,

My duty as Colonel of the United States Army is to make you aware our country needs your support.

We demand all our best soldiers to seek for our nation’s protection.

As a consequence we recruit you, Mr. Harry Edward Styles to fight for United States’ sake.

As you must know, you applied voluntarily for the army, therefore, you have no chance to refuse, it is a soldier’s duty and a fact that had to be taken into account before having decided to make such an important decision.

The duration of the mission is undefined.

The date of departure will be the 16th of September at eight o'clock in the morning. An official army bus will pick you up that day and time.

Yours Faithfully,

Colonel of the United States Army.’

As I read every word inked in the paper, the previous bliss I felt went away completely, this being replaced by a mixture of worry and outrage, outrage for my foolishness back when I applied for it. I noticed how tears began forming at the back of my eyes, making my vision blurry, I wiped them off sloppily and read the letter once again and again trying to find anything on it revealing it all had been a joke, but as time disappeared, my hopes did as well.

I let out a long sigh, throwing the paper away, and bringing my eyes to the picture of Jess that decorated the wall. Today was supposed to be the happiest day of her life and I was going to spoil it telling her I was leaving, without being certain whether I was coming back or not. That wasn’t fair, she deserved someone who could be by her side, not me.

The problem was I was too selfish to let her go.


“Curly, I’m home!” The sound of her voice brought me back to reality, an awful reality. I brushed my face with my hands, trying to take it as easy as possible and have the best look so she didn’t notice the upcoming news, when she walked into the living room with her bright smile, I found it pretty hard not to feel a stab of pain “Hey love, how was your day?” She collapsed on the couch and I gave her a gentle kiss, she then searched for my embrace “Good, as always. What about you?” "The usual, nothing out of the ordinary” she looked up to me with loving eyes, nuzzling into my neck and spreading kisses all over it “You have no idea how much I wanted the day to end, I just looked forward cuddling like this” she gave me a deeper kiss and I felt a bitter sensation on my chest, that was going to be one of our last kisses before my departure. When she pulled away with a frown drawn on her face, a lump made its home in my throat “Hazz, is everything okay?” There was a silence, my head hung low. I wasn’t able to pronounce a thing and the soft brush of her fingers on me didn’t do any better “Honey, I know you the best, you’re worried about something, it’s obvious. Please tell me so I can help you”

Just more silence.

Her frown disappeared only to be replaced by a earnest stare “Harry, what the hell is happening”

This was the moment.

Jessica’s POV:

The uncomfortable feeling in the upper part of my stomach grew and grew wider with his silence. Usually, when Harry had to tell something he just went straight at it and didn’t create this much tension, right now he was doing exactly the opposite, which meant the thing wasn’t any good. I looked down at his hands, they were intertwined and rubbed nervously against each other.

The heartbreaking look he gave me when he raised his head shattered me into thousands of pieces.

“You know before we knew each other I applied for the army, right?”

“Uhm… Yeah"  

“Today a guy brought me a letter… from the army… it said-”

“No… Harry please no” I interrupted him, knowing since that precise moment what his next words were going to be. He couldn’t do more than facing downwards “I’m so sorry…” Suddenly I felt out of breath, a heavy weight in my chest oppressed me. I noticed that hideous itching in my nose which showed up only when I was about to cry “No Harry. No, no, no! Please tell me this is a prank, where’s the camera? Harry tell me this is whatever you want but don’t you dare to tell me this is true” his sorrowful gaze intensified more as he said his next words “Jess, this is real… I’m leaving tomorrow” I couldn’t hold my tears anymore, he immediately wrapped his arms around me and whispered soothing words to my ear “Shh love, we’ll make it through this, don’t cry please, it breaks my heart, you don’t know how much It does” and although I knew he tried to calm me down, his words only made me cry more.

What was going to happen since this? Was I going to see the love of my life again? How was I going to carry on without him? A bunch of questions came to my mind and increased my worry. “Harry, I’m so afraid, I don’t want to lose you” he moved from the couch and squatted in front of me, holding my hand tightly “Baby, you don’t have to fear anything. Everything’s gonna be okay, you’re not going to lose me, I promise” he delicately kissed the back of my hand, looking straight at my eyes “C’mon Harry, you know that isn’t true, in the war nothing’s certain, once you’re there you don’t know what will happen next” more tears streamed down my face “Listen to me, when I say I swear I’m coming back, I mean it. I don’t care if that’s the last thing I do in my entire life” The confidence and determination in his words eased my state and gave me that glint of hope I needed, he always fulfilled his promises after all.

He got up and offered me his hand “Get up” I did as he said “Okay, this wasn’t the way I planned it. I wanted this night to be the one you remembered as the happiest of your life not the saddest” I tilted my head in confusion “Jess, six years ago, I didn’t know what love was, nor I believed in it; six years ago, I couldn’t figure myself head over heels for someone; six years ago I didn’t know what having a home was… six years ago I didn’t have you. A year later, I spotted a cute lost girl in the middle of the station and something today still unknown told me ‘Why don’t you go and help her?’ I did so, and when you looked at me with those naive eyes, I knew you were coming into my life to change it completely… I was right” he made a pause, trying not to let his emotions get through the speech “Even though you knew my past wasn’t a good one, you didn’t stop seeing me as something way better than the piece of shit I was, you helped me find the real inner me, you made me a better person… you… saved me” his deep voice dimmed as he said his last words, I knew he was reminiscing those times. I gently tucked some strands of his hair on his ear, trying to bring him back to reality. He kneeled down and opened a small box he got out from his back pocket, revealing the most beautiful ring I had ever seen “I know it isn’t the best moment to ask this but… will you marry me?” A broad smile drew in my face as I went down to the floor and kissed him intensely, breathing out against his lips “Of course I’ll marry you” his eyes brightened. He cupped my face and brought his lips against mine again, moving slowly in sync. My heartbeat rose with every single brush; this kiss was meaningful, with it he established his promise of coming back “Love, with this ring I swear to you I’ll fight with all my strength to come back. I’ll be here to make you my wife and be by your side forever, okay?” “Okay.”

Harry’s POV:

We got lost in our orbs. Jess’ chocolate eyes were still swollen due to all the tears, yet she looked like an angel.

I didn’t want to believe that was one of the last opportunities I had to see the glisten of her gaze before leaving for a long time.

She picked my hand in a warm, soft grip “This is going to be so hard” another time tears began forming in her eyes “Don’t cry, I hate to see you like this” I placed a kiss on her wet pomule, moving to her cheek. My lips slowly dragged from there and ended up on hers, brushing but not reaching the kiss. She closed her eyes and sighed at the feeling, squeezing my sides “Please…” her cinnamon scent hit me, creating a sea of lumps in my stomach. I cupped her cheek with one hand, while the other brought her closer. The kiss was needy, we tried to get the most of each other, feel all the love expressed with it. 

As it got more intense a bunch of images came to my mind; the morning kisses I used to steal taking advantage she was asleep, the secret touches we would share before anyone knew about our relationship, the days we used to spend sprawled in bed, sharing our deepest thoughts; the moments of mutual support…  all that now had to be kept under lock and key in my memories.

The familiar taste of the kiss contained a new ingredient: sadness; at one point I was able to notice a tear slip into it.   

Her lips felt so damn good it was painful.

When air began to lack, we pulled away and rested our foreheads against each other. Her hot breath fanned over my lips and with her hands she traced figures over my chest, beneath my shirt, making small shivers travel down my spine.

In that moment I realised I needed to make her feel loved one last time before I left. I wanted to prove my commitment and leave her clear she was the one thing I was going to fight for.

But before I could say a thing she let out a faint whisper “Harry, make love to me. Prove me you mean it when you say you’ll fight to come back”

And so I did.

I grabbed her hand and kissed its back, meeting her gaze, and lifting us up. I brushed the little facial hair I had against it, tickling the area and provoking ethereal giggles come out of her mouth, which made me smile “C’mere” she said, I brought my lips to hers and they danced along at a slow, sensual rhythm.

I captured every single brush in my mind, I was going to miss her so much…

Her hands travelled from my back up to my hair, tugging delicately at it, and making the hair on my arms rise. I broke the kiss trailing all the way of her neck, breathing in her scent. She let out a whimper when I placed a wet kiss on her soft spot, and a gasp when I cupped the back of her thighs to wrap her legs around me, carrying her to the bedroom.

Once there I sat her carefully in the middle of the mattress, like the valuable treasure she was. I crawled to meet her and admired the blessing I had right in front of my eyes, looking back at me with the same admiration. She sat on her knees and moved upwards to leave a chaste kiss on my forehead, moving away just to pull the hem of my shirt upwards and get rid of it. I breathed out a “You’re so beautiful” and she began tracing the figures inked on my skin, leaving a kiss on them when she finished. I let out a long sigh and threw my head back, enjoying the feeling of her plump lips exploring my chest in the sweetest way.

During her journey down my torso she came across the scar which laid upon on one of my sides. She stared at it, finally spreading kisses over it “I love you”. That pecks she left on my scar, which was the mark of a dark past, a past she shed a light on, reminded me of the many scars she helped me heal, I’m not talking only about the physical ones but the ones of the soul as well.

I unbuttoned her shirt slowly, I didn’t have any rush, this was about expressing all our feelings without words and we needed to take our time. Once her piece of cloth was removed and laid next to mine, I attached my lips to her chest, as I unclasped her bra. I had to feel her against me. We both moaned at the contact, as she straddled me. I placed my hands around her waist and brushed my lips against her collarbone, travelling down the valley of her breasts as she whimpered closing her eyes “H- Harry, kiss me” I looked up to her and remembered that very first time we kissed. It was the most clumsy yet adorable moment ever. She tried to make the first movement but completely failed. I still can make out the moment when she turned around and walked to me with really determined steps just to end up tripping and falling on my arms. She radiated shame and her cheeks were beyond red. In that moment I realised she was the most beautiful person in planet Earth, so I moved my head downwards and kissed her.

I did the same this time, obeying her orders. This one had more passion, our mouths fought against each other, our hands roamed all over our bodies. I moved forward laying her on her back and now I was the one hovering. I unbuttoned her jeans and left feather kisses on the smooth skin of her hips and legs as I slid them down, following I got rid of mine.

Now the only barrier among us was our underwear.

As my eyes travelled up her body I met her slightly red cheeks. I brushed my pads against them and let out a snicker. That blush made me reminisce the most magical experience in my life: our first time. I was the first person to touch her, to see her in her most vulnerable state. She was genuinely nervous and, when she tried to cover the beauty of her innocent body from my gaze, I felt I could burst right there in fondness. That night I didn’t do anything else that whispering sweet nothings to her ear to make her feel comfortable and safe between my arms. “So many years since the first time but you still blush… I love you so much” I nuzzled my head on her neck, sucking on her soft spot, the moan she let out sounded like heaven for me. I slided down to her breasts, paying attention to both of them, I craved for hearing that sound again. As I got lower I noticed she was ready for what we both desired so much. I looked to her and she nodded, allowing me to slide her last piece of cloth, looking directly at her eyes, following, I did the same with mine.

We both moaned at the feeling, not only because of being body against body but soul against soul. “Hold on love, let me get your necklace out” She frowned as I undid the clasp “I just want you to wear the ring while doing this”

“I love you”

“I love you too.”

And with that we connected our bodies, becoming one.

The room filled with our moans, tender touches and specially, love.


Jessica’s POV:


The sun was rising, which meant there were only a few hours left before Harry’s departure.

I woke up not noticing anything beside me, which made me open my eyes instantly, did I sleep in and he left without saying goodbye? I got out of bed and reached for one of harry’s sweatshirts, rushing downstairs “Harry?” there was no answer “Harry?!” the same as before, I ran searching for him in all the rooms the house had, until I found his slightly bowed figure looking at the landscape our garden led to. I let out a long breath in relief, the hideous feeling leaving my stomach. “Hey, I didn’t find you anywhere, I was afraid you left without saying goodbye” he turned around to see me “Morning beautiful. I’ve been here all the time, I’d never do that to you” “What time is it?” “Seven“ “Only an hour left” “yeah…” we didn’t say anything else, the both of us staring at the rays of sun which gradually showed up from the horizon.

“I’ll write you whenever I have the opportunity” I smiled, looking down to my jewelled finger “Couldn’t wait longer to hear those words” he threw his arm across my back and brought me closer to him “I’m very proud of you” “Why?” “Because you’re taking this the best way. I knew you were strong, but this has left me with no words” I grinned “At first I didn’t process it the best way, but who would? I mean it’s hard to listen your boyfriend-” “Now fiancé” he corrected me, making me let out a loud laugh “Excuse me sir, as I was saying, it’s hard to listen from your fiancé he is going to the war for an unknown period of time. But you promised you were coming back and I fully trust in you… besides it’s not use to freak about this, it wouldn’t change a thing, would it?” “No, and that’s why I love you baby, you are the most mature woman I’ve ever met” I smiled, resting my head on his shoulder.

The sound of the doorbell made us automatically intertwine hands “It’s the time” I sadly nodded. We walked to the door, once we opened it a tall middle aged man stood in front of us “Good morning, I’m Colonel Franklin Western, I’ve come to pick up soldier Mr. Harry Styles” “Yeah, that’s me. Could you give me a minute?” “I will be waiting for you in the bus, don’t take too long please” “Thanks” Harry turned to face me “I love you, I love you endlessly, please don’t forget it. I’ll be back I promise. I’ll be back to make you my wife and to be by your side forever. I’ll fight for you, okay?” I nodded as a lump settled in my throat “Harry I’ll wait for you, even if it’s for a thousand years, when you come back I’ll be right here with my arms wide opened” he kissed me, that was going to be our last kiss for a while. I got the most of the moment, to remember the sensation of his lips against mine for as much time as I could. Our heavy breaths fanned against each other’s lips. I brought my hands to the clasp of my necklace undoing it “Take it with you okay? As a reminder that I’m with you, no matter we’re oceans away” He gave me warm smile as I placed it on him “See you soon Jess” “See you soon Harry”.

* A year later*

“Jess, I’ve just seen the postman, should we go and check?” My best friend Zoey said “What are we waiting for?” Every time the postman appeared I ran to the postbox in attempt to find a letter from Harry. After a whole year I haven’t received anything from him, yet I believed he was fighting to get back to me. I picked the lot of letters and searched for his one, I didn’t find anything. “Nothing… there’s nothing!” Disappointment was the only thing I could feel at that moment, but as I said before, after a year without news from him I got used to the feeling “Uhm Jess, I think you haven’t looked well enough…” “What do you mean?” “There’s one letter left” I frowned and looked inside, a white envelope appeared on my vision “It must be another bill…” “Well, why don’t you pick it and see?” I introduced my hand and picked it, my fingers covered the emitter. For an unknown reason I felt very nervous “Jess, move your hand so you can see who is it from" “I know Zoe but… I’m nervous” “Oh C'mon Jess!” She laughed and took it from my hand, once she read what was written the giggles stopped “Uhm here you have Jess” ‘From: Soldier Harry Edward Styles’ “Oh my… Zoey!” I covered my mouth with my hands and began to shake “Jess are you shaking?” “H- he’s alive… He’s alive!” I shouted “I knew he was going to keep his promise!” I hugged my brunette friend “Let’s get in so you can read it” we walked towards the house “ I’ll leave you some time to read it in private. I’ll prepare us something to eat” “Thanks, You’re the best friend ever” She smiled “Yeah yeah, now go and read that fluffy letter” While I made my way to the garden I felt how nervousness took control of my body. Once there I opened it quickly, I took a deep breath, preparing myself for his words:

'Monday 7th of September


It’s been a year since I left, and I’m here writing you this letter, I’m keeping my promise!

You haven’t got any idea of how much I miss you baby, I know you do too.

I’ve written you a bunch of letters during all this time but I think you haven’t received any of them because there’s been no answer back from you. I understand it, the colonel told us of a hundred letters sent, twenty only reach their destinations, I hope i’m lucky this time and you get to read this.

Things here are being hard, not gonna lie, but the thought of one day coming back home to you and our bright future helps me take this as easy as the situación allows it.

I want to mention that I dream of you every single night, imagining I’m in front of you admiring how good you look on your wedding dress, staring at your eyes and listening those words I’m yearning to hear from you “I do”.

Before I go to sleep and when I wake up I kiss the necklace you gave me. I feel somehow I’m kissing you, although it’s way too far from being that.

I’ve made some friends here, their names are Louis, Liam and Niall. During this time we’ve had the opportunity to get to know our stories, they all have something to fight for and they work hard everyday to reach their purposes. We all take care of each other. I was wondering if you’re okay with them attending our wedding, they’re very nice lads and we’ve grown really strong bonds.

As I assume you’ve never received any of my previous letters, you must be very worried and even have started to think I wasn’t able to keep my promise. If this letter reaches you I want you to stop thinking that way because I’m alive and giving my everything.

If you receive this reply me, I need to read how you’re feeling.

Stay strong, please.

I love you, always,


As I read the letter I felt a great relief. His words made me renew my hope. I ran to the studio to write another one as a reply for him, placing on it all the feelings I got to experiment during all that awful year.  

*6 months later *

The rays of sunlight hitting on my face made me wake up from my deep sleep, I snuggled in the pillow that replaced Harry’s body. Breathing in his fresh scent as if he was right there, probably because of the shirt I was wearing, which was his. I brought the pillow closer to me noticing it was harder than usual “What’s this?” I frowned propping myself up “Morning baby!” I opened my eyes wide, being unable to pronounce any word “Hey, are you okay?” The bewilderment didn’t let me say a thing “I-I-I… Harry!!!” I immediately hugged him as tears of happiness slid down my cheeks. He opened his arms taking me into the embrace “God I missed you so much… I can’t believe I’m here” he broke the hug and began spreading kisses all over my face and neck as I giggled. I straddled him and went to tug at his curls, finding there were none “Where’s your hair?” He laughed “I had to cut it, they didn’t allow anyone to have a longer hair than this one” he pointed his brand new haircut “Oh, I’ll miss your curls… but I have nothing against this one, looks really good on you” he chuckled, and the sound made shivers travel down my spine, how I missed his voice, his touch, everything about him. “This year and a half has been the hardest in my life. Not knowing how you were or felt killed me everyday” he moved his head downwards his face ending in contact with my chest “Baby I know, I’ve felt that way too… but now you’re here, with me, we don’t have any reason to be sad anymore” I wrapped my arms around him and held him tightly “Ouch!” he whimpered in pain “What?” “I’ve got some bruises on my chest” I moved away and got rid of his shirt. His chest was stained with purple spots and some scars “Oh Harry” I pushed him down the bed and placed a kiss on every foreign spot in his torso, in attempt to reduce the pain. “Better?” “Yeah…” he answered as he closed his eyes.

I let out a snicker when I saw how his chest lifted and went down with every breath, he was falling asleep. With a raspy voice he said “Let’s continue sleeping, I want to cuddle with my baby” to what I answered “And I want to wrap my arms around you and never let you go” We slid in the covers, closing our eyes. Time after I heard some snores coming out from his mouth, that sound which irritated me before, now made me the happiest woman in the world. Little by little I took off to the land of dreams with him.

He came back… he came back for me, as he promised.


Characters: daughter!reader, daddy!sam

Warnings: bullying, angst, fluff

Word count: 2077

Summary: you accidentally reveal to your father, Sam, that you’re being bullied at school when you ask him if he believes you are a freak.

You didn’t mind they way you lived, there were the ups and downs but you mostly enjoyed it. It was nice to travel around a lot with your family, your only family being Sam and Dean. You would hunt together, you were all protective of each other and you kept close tabs on each other.

You also loved the time you spent together when you weren’t hunting. You and Dean had a prank war, you asked Sam to join to but he was still pissed about the hair removal cream Dean had put in his shampoo before so he decided he wasn’t going to be a part of it. Then there was when you would all stop off at diners and grab dinner together, sometimes talking about the big problems going on at that time or just about the monster you were hunting that week.

However, on a random occasion there would be times where you would just talk like a family. They would tell you embarrassing stories of each other when they were little and make you laugh, Sam would tell you about his memories with Jess because you never got to meet her and you only knew your mother through your fathers memories.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Caan you do a reinhardt x reader where reader is younger and McCree is flirting with her nonstop and reinhardt is jealous af but also insecure that she should be with a younger man?

There’s not enough Reinhardt
btw I wasn’t sure how young, so I just kinda made reader around McNuggets age…


The large German watched disgruntled as the cowboy is flirting with you- yet again. His head was rested in his palm as he slouched over the dining table with a mug contained in his other hand. 

“Reinhardt, what seems to be troubling you?” Ana asked placing her tea and crossword book on the table before seating on opposite of Reinhardt. When there was no answer she followed the upset mans gaze to see you and McCree talking- well more Jesse flirting with you. A saddened smiled made its way to Ana’s lips as she quickly understood the situation.
“Am I too old?” His gaze never broke as he took a sip from his mug. Ana was unsure if a simple ‘yes/no’ answer would be the correct way to respond.
“What does your heart say?” Reinhardt looked down at the table as if he was anticipating the answer to be written down.
“No.” His answer was unable to please him. “But they are 42, I am 61.”

But a knowing smirk was now on Ana’s face as she leaned forward head on both hands. She looked from you back to Reinhardt.
“A little birdy told me (Y/N) likes someone.” At first hope filled Reinhardt, but quickly left as it left many options as to who it would be. “And they made it clear it wasn’t Jesse and they were older too.” Ana finished off her tea before leaving her friend with a newly found hope.

Luckily for Reinhardt he was assigned to be on a mission with you. But the downside was McCree was also there. He’’s a sweet kid and doesn’t mean any harm. But he just can’t help it and be jealous of the relationship he has with you.
“Hey Reinhardt.” His heart jumped and fluttered at the sound of his name coming from you.
“Ja?” He smiled down at you trying his best to stop himself from kissing you and wrapping you up in his large arms.
“Do you mind if I sit with you for take off?” You whispered before looking back to see McCree talking with Hanzo. “I kinda- well really- don’t want to deal with his flirting.” Reinhardt instantly replied happily at the fact that you wanted to be with him and not Jesse.

Take off lasted about a good ten minutes. The both of you made quick conversations trying to get each others mind off the turbulence. It was one of the greatest ten minutes of Reinhardt’s life, he couldn’t be for ecstatic. Then once it was safe to walk around McCree made a beeline towards you.
“Evening.” Jesse greeted titling his hat towards you.
“Hi. Anyway as you were saying.” Who turned back toward Reinhardt who was rudely interrupted. Reinhardt opened his mouth ready to speak.
“You know I was wondering…”
“Wondering what? If you could stop flirting with me and continue sucking of Hanzo, like you’ve been doing for the past 4 months. Because by all means go ahead.” McCree, Reinhardt and a very flustered Hanzo stared at you in shock. Jesse coughed into his hand nervous and flustered.
“Alright.” Jesse stiffly made his way back to the archer plopping himself back in his seat just staring at the ground.

A few seconds later there was a booming laughter erupting beside you. It was Reinhardt who had his hands on his armored stomach while falling down the chair. It took a few minutes for him to regain himself brushing away the tears. He wrapped an arm around your waist pulling you closer to him and placing a kiss on your forehead with a smile showing no end.
“That’s my leibling.”  He didn’t even realize what he had said until he heard your statement.
“So you’re not going to ask me out, just claim me.” Reinhardt quickly retracted his arm looking away ashamed.
“Sorry.” His voice was naturally above a whisper.
“I mean I’m not complaining or anything, just making sure.” He turned his head to face towards you slowly.
“You don’t mind that I’m-”
“Don’t even go there. It’s never bothered me. Just think of it this way; wine and some beers or champagnes- like what is it? AH Cantillion Gueuze- gets better the longer it’s left to age and uhhh… crap I forgot what else I was going to say.” You combed your fingers through you hair in frustration.
“Thank you.” Was all Reinhardt could say, insecurity of his age gone as he saw your determination to boost his confidence.

Who says you can’t go home? (chapter 6)

I made you guys wait really long for the previous chapter so I’m doing my best to update this fic a bit faster now. 

There’s only one chapter left after this one. Thank you all for sticking with me!

This chapter: Life without Bucky is hard on Jess but she isn’t ready to give up on him yet.

No warnings, mostly plot and feels.


Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5


Who says you can’t go home?

Her eyes were drawn to his hand and the way his fingers kept tapping at the bottom of the glass. 

It was a nervous tic and he’d been doing it ever since their drinks arrived 15 minutes minutes ago. It was getting on her very last nerve and at this point she was so focused on the small movement that his words were lost on her.

And there were a lot of words, this guy literally hadn’t stopped talking for the past half hour and she was wondering if he would ever come up for air.

This wasn’t going to work out, none of them were going to work out.

This was the 12th date in the past two months and Jess had hated every single one of them. 

Sometimes it was something small like an accent that bothered her, or the way he kept pushing his glasses up his nose every 20 seconds.
And sometimes it was a bigger obvious reason, like the way he couldn’t keep his hands to himself or came on way too strong or how he didn’t stop talking about his job and how much money he made.

It wasn’t that Jess didn’t want to give them a chance, she really wanted one of them to work out. She wanted to fall in love, she felt ready to move on, to forget.

At least that’s what she told herself.

The man in front of her wasn’t bad looking, beautiful brown hair, honest eyes and an open smile. He seemed nice, and he seemed genuinely interested in getting to know her too, despite of all his talking. 

Yet all she could focus on was the way his little nervous tic was driving her crazy.

She would end the date before dessert, make up an excuse about having to get up early for work, and she’d promise to call him, which of course she never would. Let him down gently, after all it wasn’t his fault.

It was nobody’s fault that all her dates failed for the very same reason: none of them were what she wanted. 

None of them were James Bucky Barnes.

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diesintheshower asked:

Can you do one where (y/n) is a new character on the show but the fans don’t really like her and that makes her sad.

This isn’t the greatest, but im proud of it. I hope you like it @diesintheshower i did my best.

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It was every Supernatural fans dream to be on Supernatural, even if it was just a small role. Everyone wanted to be on Supernatural, but for you that dream was a reality. But reality was no where as good as you had dreamed. 

When you were a kid you had acted in a few things, a commercial here a Disney show there. But they were always minor roles. So it came as a huge surprise when you auditioned for a small role on Supernatural, but instead they gave you a huge role instead. Instead of a one time role, you managed to get cast as a recurring character. They cast you as Sam’s daughter, that he had had fourteen years ago with someone, before he met Jess. 

The writers thought it would be a great idea, they wanted to bring a side of Sam out that they had never shown before. But the viewers didn’t like it as much as the writers thought they would. Just because the fans hated your character, apparently they also hated you.

Getting to film with Jared and Jensen and Misha was a whole new experience for you. These guys had been acting for longer than you had been alive, it was scary acting next to them because they were so good, and had so much experience. You learned after the first day they were anything but scary, they were big giant goof balls that loved to mess with each other. Your first episode would be airing tonight. Never in your mind would you have thought that the response you would get from the episode would be so negative.

After your last scene of the day Misha came up after and told you, 

“Since this is going to be your first episode tonight, we’re going to be having a party in Jensen’s trailer.” 

“Does Jensen know were having a party in his trailer? Last time you invited us to watch something in Jensen’s trailer he was asleep, and didn’t know we were coming over. My innocent eyes saw to much that night.” 

Misha snorted “Innocent eyes, you are the least innocent person here. You just try and act cute and harmless but I’m not stupid. I know the truth.” You batted your eyes at him, giving him puppy eyes. “Stop giving me that look, also yes Jensen does know that we are having a party in his trailer. He just doesn’t know that I’m ordering five pizzas off his credit cart.” Laughing you told him you would see him later tonight, and to make sure to order sausage pizza or you weren’t coming.

Because of the small roles you had been in the past you had a small following on social media. Before you headed off to Jensen’s trailer you tweeted a picture of you hugging Jared with the caption, “Pranking Jensen, laughing at Misha, the family business.” You posted it, plugged your phone in, because it was almost dead. Than left for Jensen’s trailer, excited to see your first episode. 

Opening the trailer door, you smelled pizza. You rushed inside to make sure you got some, knowing how fast these guys could eat. Scarfing down pizza you heard Jared laugh than say,

“Kid slow down, there is more than enough pizza here for all of us. And i don’t think Jensen would appreciate you puking all over his trailer, he has enough of that at home right now.”

You swallowed, looked up at Jared and than took as big of a bite as you could, mumbling, “fight me Jared,” around the food in your mouth.

Jared sighed, “kids these days.”

You took your shoe off than threw it at him, 

“Alright children please calm down the show is about to start, and i would like to watch it in peace.” 

You mouthed to Jared that it wasn’t over, before going back to your pizza when Jensen gave you a stern look. Hearing the show start you felt your nerves go away, you couldn’t wait to watch it.”

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