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High School In Review (so far)+ Some Tips!!!

Hello everyone! I’m Niva and I am a student of the High School class of 2019.

Now I’ve been in high school for 2 years now, so I think that can give some pretty solid advice to ya little upcoming freshman and any person who is still struggling in high school. So buckle up ya seat belts and put on some shades, cause we’re about to take a LONG ride

I know there are tons of freshman advice videos and posts out here on tumblr dot com, so I’m gonna try and make mine unique

*Note: My HS experience is unique; your may not need any of these tips, so who knows. Also, this post contains profanity. I don’t know if y’all care, it just seems that the studyblr community are all these sweet angels who attend church every Sunday and read the Bible in their spare time.


my freshman overview: Look, this year was hardest compared to my sophomore year. One class literally ruined my life, my dudes. {humble brag} Throughout my entire life from PreK to 8th Grade, I had gotten straight A’s on all my report cards. My freshman year, I decided to take AP World History and BOY did it crush me. I made a C in the class first semester and a B in the second semester. Now, it was not the teacher at fault. In fact, I LOVED the teacher. I just was not interested in that class at all and the work matched with me being in Marching Band nearly sent me to my death bed. I’m not trying to scare you, I’m just being 100% legit. This is also a PSA to all freshman offered to take APWH: This is one of the harder AP courses, and I wish one of my teachers had told me this before I decided to take the class (they probably did and I ignored them). This also was my first year in marching band and I’m telling you right now, if you’re wondering whether or not you should do marching band, do it. Even if you just do it for one year, it’s fuckin worth it mate. 

my sophomore overview: This year was SIGNIFICANTLY easier. During my freshman year, the way the schedule was set up was an A/B schedule; your schedule would alternate. On A days, you’d have these 4 classes and on B day, another 4. My sophomore year, they changed that and it was a bit easier for me. Not that I didn’t like the A/B schedule (I loved it), it was just a lot easier to manage classes. I only had one AP class this year, because I couldn’t take AP Lang because of schedule conflicts. ANTYWAYS, AP Gov is one of the easiest classes I took. My teacher was extremely chill and put a curve on every test and quiz, so that’s mainly why I didn’t fail. Marching band was much easier to handle since I already had experience. This was also the year I quit TSA (technology student association) and VEX Robotics, due to scheduling conflicts with band. And, to be quite honest, neither of the clubs were fun lmao. Literature class was annoying, because I got stuck in a class that DIDNT WANNA DO ANYTHING. They didn’t wanna read along, read at all, do projects, breathe, etc. (if you need tips on how to handle a trash class, just ask and I might make a post on that lol). Chemistry was purgatory, not hell, just purgatory. It was hard but not too hard that I didn’t pass. Math has never been hard for me so nothing really changed with that class. This year I brought back my streak of All A’s, so this school year was the best of the two in my eyes.

~=+=~The TIPS~=+=~

1. Normally, freshman don’t take AP classes, but if you are, be prepared. Depending on the class subject, you’re gonna have to do a hell of a lot more than just read the chapters once and do one page of notes. Try to always be ahead of the class and start some sort of study group. 

2. You’re best friend does not need to be your project partner all of the time. Seriously. If you have friends like mine, you will sit on your phone looking at memes on twitter for a long ass time before you ever start your project. Try doing a solo project every once in a while.

3. Don’t randomly join clubs. I was offered to join BETA Club and I didn’t wanna do it, so I didn’t. Don’t do clubs cause it looks nice cause 90% of the time, that one club won’t affect anything.

4. Save money. If you’re in marching band, dear god, save your money. School might as well be charging you to breathe. Everything cost SO MUCH MONEY. If you need to, set up a secret money jar so your parents don’t hijack your money.

5. Make new friends. Unlike most people apparently, I didn’t lose any friends. I do talk to certain people less because of class schedules, but we’re still friends. There is a small ass chance you’re gonna get caught in a class full of upperclassmen and no friends, and I had that situation. It’s not fun. Eventually, you’ll make a friend in that class, so don’t panic. But, anyways, new school, why not make new friends?

6. Don’t? Switch? Lunch? Tables? Okay, I don’t mean that someone’s gonna like sucker punch you out of your seat like in the movies. I mean like if we’re 5 months into the school year, don’t just randomly change your table, because …just don’t do it.

7. Don’t be that person who purposely gets on the teacher’s nerves to make class harder.

8. If you hate one of your teachers, suck it up buttercup. You have a choice of passing or failing, don’t let a teacher ruin an A in class for you.

9. Try and be on the other side of drama. It’s much more fun to watch drama go down, that to actually be involved in it.

10. Be early (if you can). I ride the bus, so I have no choice. But, there is legit no reasons for you to be walking into the class 10 minutes late, because you thought you could sleep an extra 5 mins.

11. I know your literature class is getting boring. This is probably your 7th consecutive year of learning the difference between a simile and a metaphor. I don’t know why they continue to reteach that stuff, but they do. All I can say is utilize what their teaching in some way, so that you don’t feel like the class is completely useless.

12. We all have that one class that you just do nothing in. Take advantage of that and get work done. I don’t have a “study hall” class so, any time you have to do work, use it.

13. Go to at least some of the school events. You can get relatively free food. 

14. Look, I could not care less if you skip school. But, don’t do it often and if you can, don’t do it ever. 

15. If you’re gonna eat in class, don’t eat something obvious like Lays Chips or a whole orange

16. Make friends with your teacher. Don’t be like creepy, but like, don’t have a bad relationship with your teacher.

17. Sophomore year, start thinking about college. You may think it’s too early, but it’s not. At least have an idea of what you want to major in.

18. If you can, get your permit as soon as you turn 15. Please don’t be like me. I still cannot drive and getting from Point A to Point B is harder than the VESPR Theory.

19. Disrespectful classmates are just an opportunity for you to get special privileges in class. If you’re class is disruptive and you’re just a sweet little angel, the teacher will most likely be more lenient with you. My teacher literally gave me a 100 on a project I turned in a day late (supposed to be 5 points off) because literally me and this other girl were the only ones who turned the project in.

20. Do your homework the day you get it. I don’t give a damn if it’s due in two days or two months, do it right then and right there.

21. In your language class, please try. Nobody likes the kid who doesn’t participate. If the teacher asks,  ¿Como estas?, you better fuckin say ¿Bien, y tu? back.

22. If you’re in a situation like mine, you’re gonna have a class you didn’t sign up for, yet somehow you got it. Just deal with it. If you can’t change your schedule, that’s all you can do. Just do the assignments and hope you pass.

23. Okay, most schools don’t have a “popular” group. But all schools definitely have the Prep group. You know, those kids. If you’re not one of them, just ignore them. If you are one of them, stop being so goddang stuck up and realise that you have an annoying voice. If you are not sure if you are a prep, you most likely are not.

24. My school doesn’t use lockers purely based on the fact that it would take too long for kids to get to them and back to class since my school is so big. So, if you also do not have lockers, make sure your bookbag can handle one full school year. I cannot stress this enough. You don’t wanna walk around school with a 15lb bookbag and only one functional strap.

25. Eat the school food. It’s honestly not as bad as the internet makes it. Like…eat ya pizza and enjoy it.

26. If your single and you want a relationship, please do not get a crush on random people like me. Someone would let me borrow a pencil and I would fantasize about a wedding for the next 2 days. I know it’s hard being lonely, but being in a relationship won’t get you a college scholarship.

27. Don’t drink a lot during school. There’s gonna be a teacher with a restriction on the bathroom because for some reason, they think bladders have a specific schedule to follow.

28. Don’t be that freshman that dates every senior in sight. If you have a relationship with a senior and it lasts, great. I’ve seen it happen, but 90% of the time it does not. 

29. Likewise, if you have a friend that’s running you up the wall with their problems, specifically relationship problems. Find a way to distance yourself from them, or even better, get them help from someone else.

30. If you have Type 4 hair (or type 3, it depends), you gotta do your hair at least 3 days in advance, especially if your hair is short. I don’t know a single person with kinky hair who can wake up and just simply throw their hair up.

31. Look, man. Just look here. Look at me in my eyes and listen. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IF YOU ARE GONNA HAVE SEX USE A CONDOM! USE A CONDOM OR DONT HAVE SEX AT ALL. I’m not speaking from personal experience, but I many of girls have gotten pregnant at my school

32. If you’re gonna do drugs, don’t. Don’t be stupid. Especially if you’re in a school club or sport. You are subject to random drug tests at all times. 

33. Try not to let people affect the way you dress. Wear what you want.

34. Something about you is gonna change. Your personality, your look, your aesthetic. Whatever changes, don’t be stuck up. Nobody likes stuck up people; not even stuck up people like stuck up people.

35. You know those posts that are like “Grades don’t determine intelligence?” Yeah, well they don’t determine your intelligence, but they can determine where you get into college (if you wanna go) and how you’re seen and perceived by teachers. At least, try to pass.

36. If you can, take the ACT or SAT or whatever standardized test you have for your schools. I had an opportunity to take the SAT in 4th, 7th, and 8th grade for $35…and I didn’t take it once. I heavily regret it. Mainly I didn’t take it, because, at the time, it was hard for my mother to pay for it when we had much bigger problems, but like, if you have the opportunity and the funds to take those tests, take them.

37. Don’t rely on quality points. In my school (they’ve gotten rid of this now though), if you’re in an AP class you got 10 extra points and if you were in an Honors/PreAP class, you got 5 points. Colleges look at your grades without the points. The only purpose for these quality points is so that kids in CP classes don’t get valedictorian or some shit idk

38. If you’re in America, you’re gonna have somebody walking around school in a Trump shirt. By all means, beat their ass, but know the consequences. Also, if you’re gonna talk about politics with somebody, please know at least the bare minimum. At least know what the Hillary email scandal is before you try and defend her. Same goes for my friends across the pond. You see someone supporting Theresa May, beat their ass, know the consequences, and learn politics.

39. Actually? Check? Your? Grades? I know so many people who just don’t know what they’re grades are. Know you’re grades so you always know where you stand.

40. I wanna say class rank does not matter, but if you’re anything like me, you’re gonna obsess over it for a while. I know you wanna be in the Top 5, but if you’re no where near it, you’re gonna have to work EXTREMELY HARDER THAN NORMAL. Try not to make a huge deal out of it, unless you’re aiming for Valedictorian.

41. Moisturize ya self. Don’t nobody like ashy knees and elbows. Invest in some lotion.

42. Listen. We all hate dress code. But just follow it. You can’t do anything about it. Just wait til the weekend to wear your spaghetti strap shirt and ripped jeans. And if you wear leggings and you have a wide hip and butt area, you are definitely going to be called out. If you’re not sure if you’re breaking dress code with what your wearing, bring an extra shirt and jeans just in case.

43. Go the fuck to sleep. Don’t be up at ass o’clock in the morning doing who-knows-what on the internet. I know from experience. You may think you can survive 8 hours of school with 2 hours of sleep, but as the day goes on, you’re not gonna want do anything at all, but sleep. But hey, if 2 hours of sleep works for, go ahead. It’s not healthy but I can’t regulate your life.

44. If you walk in the wrong class, everyone will forget about it after the a good 2 days. Literally nobody cared that much. Just walk out and forget about it.

45. If you have a phone, get your friends numbers/contacts/emails. You’re gonna need them for homework sooner or later.

46. To all those uber religious people out there, drop the clean act. If you hear somebody say “fuck”, get over it. I don’t know how else to say it. Teachers cannot stop somebody from cursing completely. People are gonna have sex, people are gonna cuss, people are gonna be inappropriate, and all you can do is focus on yourself.

47. Wear deodorant. You will be surprised at the amount of people who don’t. 

48. Studyblr is fun. Studyblr is nice. That being said, studyblr is not the end of the world. If you don’t have a bullet journal, just use the calendar in your phone or have an online bujo. Don’t let studyblr take up 90% of your study time, because scrolling through the studyblr tag is not studying.

49. Don’t be that kid that walks around with fucking surround sound speakers on their back. Wtf, like invest in some headphones my guy.

50. Never buy a 1 inch binder. Always 2 inch and above, unless you know for sure you only need a 1 inch.

51. You are gonna have a set of people you absolutely hate that for some reason, you cannot get away from them. The best you can do is ignore them.

52. If you’re required to take a Fitness class and you are a festively plump child or an unhealthy/unfit person such as myself, you are going to be embarrassed at some point. Look. I cannot give you advice that’s gonna raise your self-esteem, but I can tell you that if you don’t pay attention to anyone else, it’s much easier to get through that class. The fitness gram pacer test doesn’t last forever. Likewise, don’t treat fitness class like the fucking Olympics. The coach asked for 10 pushups not 100.

53. Extra Credit is your friend. Even if you have a 100 in a class, extra credit doesn’t hurt.

54. Do not walk slow in the hallway, please. I like getting to class on time. If you plan on having a conversation in the hallway, only do it if you walk and talk at a reasonable speed.

55. If you ride the bus, get up at least 45 minutes before the bus gets there. I don’t have a big morning routine, so half of the time in the morning, I just scroll through twitter. Wake up early enough to get everything done.

56. C’s get degrees, my friend, but C’s don’t get scholarships.

57. If you wear AXE Body Spray or any perfume/cologne, I want you to know that your smell occupies the entirety of the hallway you’re on. Please, use only a small amount of fragrance, because not only do they most likely stink, some kids have asthma and some kids are allergic to fragrances. Just refrain from wearing strange smelling spays.

58. If you’re a theatre kid or sport kid, don’t be completely set on becoming a professional singer/actor/athlete. Have a Plan B. The last thing counselors wanna hear when they ask you what you want to be when you grow up, is a NBA Player.

59. To all my shy people out there, that speech you have to give doesn’t last forever. In fact, it may only last 3 minutes. In my literature class, we were required to recite lines from Romeo and Juliet, for some odd reason, and I made such a big deal out of something that barely affected my grades.

60. For this last and FINAL tip of this post, don’t give up. I didn’t wanna be generic, but here the fuck! I! am!!! When I took AP World History, part of the reason I ‘failed’ was because I just stopped trying. I would make low C’s on the test and just think, “Well I didn’t pass, might as well just give up.” Well, no shit you didn’t read the chapter. If you’re trying all you’ve got and you’re just not making it, talk to the teacher. That’s one thing I regret from my freshman year. I just gave up. I didn’t try and get help because I felt that getting help meant that I was stupid. It doesn’t. It just means you’re smarter for trying to get a good grade.

WELL THAT’S ALL FOLKS! Sorry if my cursing doesn’t fit your aesthetic, too bad. I can probably think of 40 more tips to make this 100, but I didn’t want this post to be extremely long (lol good job on that). Anyways, if you ever want any help, feel free to message me, but I’m not that good at text conversations or conversations in general so I’m your last resort.

TO THE UPCOMING FRESHMAN: Have a great first year of high school! You’re about to enter a new life where the teachers are more serious and, yes, coloring still somehow counts as a grade.

TO THE UPCOMING SOPHOMORES: I know. You’ve only been here one year and your tired. Have hope. You’re one year closer to that diploma.

i like you (this is a problem)

“Here’s the thing-” Lily said, marching into the pub and pulling out a stool.

“We’re closed.” James interrupted without looking up from wiping down the bar.

“I want a dog.” Lily barrelled on without hearing him. “But my landlord doesn’t allow pets so I was wondering-“

“I’m not getting a fucking dog for you.” James said firmly.

Lily blinked at him. “I was going to ask if you thought it was morally wrong to raise it in my air-vent.” There was a silence. James was caught between hoping she wasn’t serious and knowing that she was. “Your idea seems better.” Lily admitted.

“Really. Talk me through that, is it because there is no animal abuse involved?”

“I was thinking more along the lines of then you’d have to clean up the poo, but the no animal abuse is also good.”

“Y’know” Sirius was lying on top of the bar, waving around a beer and staring at the ceiling. Nobody looked up. “I always thought once we owned a bar we would spend a solid 60% percent of our time drunk, and that hasn’t happened.” 

Remus, still wiping down tables, said “I shudder to think what you’d be like on your own.”

“Since we bought the bar we spend more time drunk than we used to?” Peter consoled, baffled.

Sirius sat up. “I would say we spent about 15% percent of our time drunk before the bar, and after the bar we spend about 25%. That is an increase of only ten percent.”

“Where are you pulling these numbers from?” Lily asked while holding the ladder for James, who was avoiding the dishwasher by pretending to fix the squeaky window.

“On top of being an excellent barman I double as a statistician.”

“You are neither of those things.” Remus said. Sirius glared.

“Fuck you Moony. At school you were always saying I didn’t do enough math, and here I am, doing math, and you’re abusing me.”

Remus threw a dishtowel at him and gestured to the kitchen. “Go unstack the dishwasher.”

“Fantastic.” Sirius said, throwing his hands in the air. “This is what I get for my brief foray into math. Insulted and unloading dishes.” He jumped off the bar and mockingly gave Remus’ back the finger. James laughed.

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So, I’ve never told anyone about this, ever in my life, and to be honest, I’m not quite sure it even happened. I want to be very clear, this is not a joke or a shitpost or anything like that. The details may not be exactly right, but I’m being 100% serious. It’s something kinda funny and weird that happened to me when I was 10, and for whatever reason it’s been on my mind lately and I think it’s time I shared it with the world.

So, I went to a Lutheran Elementary School, so, in addition to Math, English, Science, etc., Bible Studies was also part of my curriculum. When I was in fifth grade, when this story took place, a different teacher would come in once a week and teach us Bible Studies. He was a younger guy, at least, younger than the rest of my teachers at that point. Late twenties, early thirties, I would say. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this guy’s name was Jonathan. I kinda remember thinking it was kind of a funny coincidence that he had a vaguely Biblical name, like the gospel John.

Jonathan was kind of chubby, and he had spiky black hair and sunglasses, and I think he had tattoos. I might be wrong about the tattoos, but whether he had them or not, he was a cool guy. I remember thinking he seemed like the kind of guy that was in a band.

Even though he only came in once a week, he had an office adjacent to my fifth-grade classroom, and sometimes we’d get sent in there when my actual teacher wanted to grill a kid alone (which she did a lot, because she was a vile bully of a teacher that shouldn’t have been allowed to work with children).

I don’t remember why I ended up in that office, it has been 18 years, after all, but I remember sitting in there, alone, when I spotted an open notepad on the table next to me. Written on the notepad were the lyrics to All Star by Smash Mouth. The song was new at the time; Shrek would not be out for two more years, and I had only heard it once or twice, and hadn’t learned the lyrics yet. I had heard it, though, I knew the song and was able to recognize that these were the lyrics to it. I distinctly remember that reading them on that notepad was how I learned the lyrics to All Star by Smash Mouth. I distinctly remember a time after that day, being in the car with my mom and dad when the song came on. I remember singing along, and they were impressed that I knew all the words. And I could swear that the lyrics written on the notepad weren’t perfect, like, there were some crossed out and some that weren’t in the actual song.

More than 15 years later, Smash Mouth tweets a viral photo of the"original lyrics" to All Star written on a notepad. And I can’t be 100% certain, because I mean, I was 10, but if you put a gun to my head I would say, yes, that is the exact same page of the exact same notepad I saw in 1999.

So my question for anyone reading this is: what actually happened here? Because it sounds like what happened is that Steve Harwell from Smash Mouth, while All Star was Number 4 on Billboard, used to moonlight as a Bible Studies teacher named Jonathan once a week to my 5th-grade class of 20 kids in a tiny elementary school in Burbank, California. But I know that can’t be what actually happened. So what actually happened?

Omegle - All Boys *

Really cringey first attempt at a smut so beware. This was also posted really early on. Probably a year ago at the minimum. My writing has improved. Also the summary makes me cringe but what can you do?

Summary: Y/n goes on Omegle to waste time. She’s met with lots of things but she comes across a black screen aka Michael Clifford and friends. They start talking and the boys have some… needs to attend to.

Today is a lazy day for me. I’ve done nothing productive all day. I’ve sat back, with my laptop in front of me, and I’ve been on mindless games all day. While I was playing happy wheels, an ad popped up. ‘Omegle, meet new people, new friends, and just strangers with common interests for free!’ Well, I’ve got nothing better to do this fine Saturday. I know, it’s Saturday and I’ve got nothing to do, I’m a loner. I don’t give a fuck. I clicked on the ad for Omegle and a new screen popped up. It brought me to There was a box in the center of the screen that said interests, obviously, I typed in 5 seconds of summer because, they are life.

     I clicked on video to start off because the whole point is to meet new people. It started loading and the first person I saw wasn’t a person, it was a dick. I made a disgusted face. People can be so rude online. Like, what if there were children on this site. Just some kids who liked 5 seconds of summer. They would be accustomed to nudity. Oh well, what can you do, the whole generation knows about things they shouldn’t. I clicked on skip and next popped a girl. She seemed to be about 15, that’s about four years younger than me. I’m 19 if you can’t do simple math. Sorry, that was rude. The girl smiled at me, and then she skipped me. “Well ok then.” I mumbled as the next person came on. It wasn’t really a person, all I could see was a black screen.

Stranger is typing… the screen said. Ok, so it is a real person I’m talking to.

Hi. Asl? the stranger said. (Stranger will be in italics)

Hi. And wtf does that mean.

Stranger is typing… it means age, sex, location.

Oh, well I’m 19 I live in Australia and kinky;) jk I’m a girl, and not that kinky.

Stranger is typing… Ooo you’re funny, I’m Michael, boy obviously, and 21 in Australia. You know you don’t have to type right? I can hear you.

I looked down embarrassed. “Oh, I didn’t know that. Sorry Michael. Also are you going to talk too?” I asked. Stranger is typing… No I’m not going to, I don’t like speaking because of my voice. “Oh, well that’s ok. I was just curious. So I love your name by the way. Michael Clifford is the best ever!” I exclaimed as I smiled brightly to the camera.

Stranger is typing… I love Michael Clifford, in the best way possible, like, he’s a great guy. Well, seems like it.

I smiled at the camera. “You understand! Finally somebody. Everyone else is like, ‘why waste your time on someone who doesn’t even know you’ and I’m like, ‘why waste you time breathing when your going to die anyway?’ They obviously have serious issues.” I giggled.

Michael Clifford’s P.O.V

 I’m talking to this Y/n girl and she’s really interesting. She’s hilarious that’s for sure. All of the boys are here sitting in the hotel room around the laptop. We’re just watching this girl without her knowing about us. All she knows is that Michael is a guy from Australia. The boys and I laughed at the last thing she said. We have our sound turned off so she can’t hear us. Our video is off to so she can’t see us either. “Hold on. I’ll be right back. I’m going to get food.” She was about to get out of her chair but she sat back down. “Please don’t leave, it’s really nice talking to you and not seeing little dicks everywhere.” She pleaded with a serious face until she giggled. Luke started typing. We’ve decided to each type whenever we want.

Ok, I won’t skip you. Just hurry before I get bored.

She read over the message and smirked. “Oh, am I that fun and entertaining to you?” She chuckled. “Ok well, don’t be too bored I’ve just got to warm up some pizza. Mmm, supreme pizza with everything on it.” She smiled and sighed. “Be right back Michael.” She got out of her chair and revealed her tiny booty shorts. “Holy fuck.” I cursed under my breath. “Shit guys. She’s hot.” Ashton sighed. Calum and Luke nodded their heads in agreement. She came back with three slices of supreme mouthwatering pizza on a plate in her hands. She smiled at us. “I’m back and I see you didn’t go anywhere. Unless I’m talking to myself.” She looked at the screen skeptically. “Well, it isn’t like I don’t talk to myself.” She muttered. I took the typing.

That’s cute. How often do you talk to yourself?

She read the message and a light pink dusted her cheeks. “Not that much.” She mumbled in embarrassment.

“Ok, so Michael,” she got up and made a weird face. “This fucking wedgie. I hate it. It’s like a thick thong and it’s uncomfortable. I’m going to change my pants hold on a minute.” She walked to the side but there was a mirror where the camera was pointed so we could still see her. “Oh shit guys.” Luke swore, “she’s going to be undressing in front of the camera.” As she searched through her drawers with the wedgie still prominent, we could see her ass just hanging out. Luke started rubbing himself through his jeans. I looked over at him, “Really mate?” I asked, he didn’t respond, but looked back towards Y/n. She grabbed another pair of shorts, just a bit longer than the ones she’s wearing now. She took her pants off and showed her black lace underwear. “Shit man.” Calum swore as he started palming himself too. Next thing I know we’re all going at it jerking off to the thought of Y/n undressing. Loud moans were filling the hotel room and soon we all came. “Holy fucking hell Michael. I couldn’t even find a decent pair of shorts. The ones I tried on were too wedgie prone so I went with my leggings.” She smiled and lifted her leg to show plain black leggings.

“So what’s going on? Hopefully I haven’t bored you out too much.“ Ashton grabbed the laptop and started typing.

Not at all princess, it was totally fine.

“Dude, seriously? Princess? You stupid.” Calum argued. She read it over and a pink blush was prominent. “Glad I didn’t bore you too much. Um, is there anyway I’d be able to see what you look like? Just so I know I’m not talking to a fifty year old pedophile.” She asked cautiously. I looked towards the guys.

Sure thing, but we’ve got to go in about half an hour so could we have your number to stay in contact?

The boys yelled at me when I pressed send. “Michael! You said we! As in more than one!” Ashton argued. She looked at the screen unsure. “Um ok.” She typed in her number. I texted her immediately. I said, 'This is Michael from Omegle. Hi.’ She looked at her phone and laughed. “Hi Michael. So I was wondering if I could see you guys now. I mean, there is more than just you right?” She asked.

Yeah, my three friends are here too. Hold on let me put the camera and audio on.

She smiled and squealed. “Oh, I’m so excited to see what you look like. What all of you look like.” I sighed and looked towards the boys who nodded there heads. First I put on the audio. “Hi Y/n.” I said as I put on the camera so we all could be seen. She stopped smiling and her face paled. “You’ve got to be fucking joking with me.” She mumbled. “I am not speaking to 5 seconds of summer. I am not.” They boys and I chuckled. “No babe, it’s really us.” Calum said smoothly. “Well,” she sighed, “its better than a fifty year old pedo.” We started laughing a bit.

“You’re really funny Y/n you know that right?” Luke asked her. She blushed again. “Thank you.” She whispered in a quiet voice. She’s literally so cute. She got up, “I’ll be right back ok? I’ve got to put my dirty dish away. It’ll take about a minute cause I’ve got to go downstairs.” She rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. Her butt swayed every time she took a step. Ashton groaned and went to lay down on his back. “What the hell man? She’s so gorgeous.” Ashton sighed. “We’ve got audio on now.” I whispered. “Yeah but she went down stairs. She’ll never know.” He said as soon as she walked in. “Never know what?” She asked. Luke made the 'oh shit’ face. “Never know that you’re really hot.” He said with a small blush.

     Y/n blushed as well, “Oh. Thanks again. For complimenting me that is.” She said awkwardly. Calum yawned and I looked over at the time. It was about midnight here and we’ve got a show tomorrow. “Y/n, we’ve got to go, it’s midnight and we’ve got a show tomorrow. I’ve got your number so we’ll call. I’ll give the others your number too ok?” I asked her. She nodded her head. “Yeah,” she smiled, “I’d like to talk some more later. I guess I’ll be going to, I feel like doing absolutely nothing for the rest of my day.” She said looking out into space. “Ok, we’ll talk to you later Y/n, goodnight.” I said. “Night Y/n!” The boys screeched. She giggled. “Goodnight you guys, sleep tight.” She blew a kiss and smiled with her tongue out and a wink, then left the page.

I shut the laptop and sighed. “That was one hell of a night you guys.” Ashton said as he walked over to his bed and got under the covers. “But yeah, goodnight.” We all got under our covers and went to sleep. “Goodnight.”

anonymous asked:

sorry for a kind of serious ask, but how do you cope with having adhd in high school? i started my freshman year last september and it's been so stressful for me to deal with bc my adhd is making it hard for me to accomplish what my teachers set as "the requirement" (aka memorizing everything, being able to organize 15 pages worth of study guides) and i was wondering if there were any methods that have helped you deal with school??


  • Ask for help. I’m serious! My pride seriously took a hit the first time I asked for an extension or further clarification, but like. Suck it up. I realized, probably too late, that ADHD puts us on a different track as everyone else. Or, we’re running the same race, but we’ve got all these shitty obstacles in the way. It’s okay to ask for help. We’re not lazy; we just need an extra boost to keep up and stay up with everyone else.
  • I take lots of notes, and always by hand lol. I try to put away anything distracting, because otherwise I will be distracted. So no phones, no laptops, maybe even no music when I’m in class/doing homework at home.
    • People always tell me they love to listen to music while they do homework but imo it sucks?? Like the only subject I can do it in is math lmao. Science/English/etc requires so much upfront thinking?? Meanwhile with math you can kind of backseat drive if you know the material well enough lol
  • Don’t compare yourself against others because again, results are so skewed and shit is so fucked and it’ll just make you feel terrible for doing your best. Stay in thy lane and all that.
  • If you think you need meds, go to your doctor and ask if you can get some. If you can, great! But remember: They only work if you TAKE THEM. It’s easier than you may think to forget to take your meds, and then you’ll be suffering for the rest of the day lmao.
  • Double check with other people? Again, don’t compare your grades or anything, but it doesn’t hurt to go up to someone in your class and just start talking about the day’s lesson? Like it helps you make friends, it’s fun to gripe about a teacher, but you also make sure that you got everything down. Because again, the notes you take are the ones you’ll study from right before a class.
  • If you’re having trouble paying attention in class, maybe buy a fidget toy? They’re super cheap and keep your hands occupied. Most teachers post their notes for the day online, so read through those as well.

Going above and beyond for things honestly tires me out so fast lmao so your fifteen-page notes packets sound like hell. I’m pretty good at memorizing things just by reading them so I can’t really offer you any advice on that aspect… Maybe change up the monotony and turn things into silly rhymes or funny jokes?? Idk man. Ultimately I would just google or ask a professional? Lol.

Rough-draft-ish timeline for book 1! BTW if you are visual like me, the closest we get to a calendar year for All For the Game is 2006/2007. It’s not 100% accurate, because not all of the dates match up perfectly throughout the whole series, but this is the closest one, with only a few dates off. It diverges in June, so I kept to the book for the rest of June because dates were easy to track; it meets back up with the calendar year in August and so far as I’ve checked sticks pretty close to it for the rest of the series?? The games do at least??

In the days that were too eventful (or I just typed too much for them), I underline the important parts tumblr removed my underlines?? i’ll think of something sorry!!, and for all of it I italicize direct quotes

The Foxhole Court Timeline - Rough Draft Edition

~Friday, April 7 (approx date): Wymack, Kevin, and Andrew come to Arizona to recruit Neil

Thursday, May 11: “Neil Josten” graduates HS

Friday, May 12: Andrew picks Neil up from the airport, he meets Nicky, Aaron, and Abby, sees the court for the first time, moves in with Wymack

Saturday, May 13: Andrew nearly stabs Nicky, Neil exhausts himself trying to score on Andrew

-it gets approximate again here bc it says 5 weeks should pass but only 4 do, so I’m using context to close out the gaps-

~Tuesday, May 30: Neil goes to the court at night for the first time & finds Andrew and Kevin there; Andrew shows Neil the knives hidden in his armbands, beautiful lines such as “exy is just slightly less boring than living is” and “I’m not a math problem” “I’ll still solve you” and “this was a dream he’d have to wake up from eventually” occur

~Wednesday, May 31: Wymack tells Kevin about the district transfer, tells Neil about the Moriyamas, Neil considers running but decides to stay until the match against the Ravens

Thursday, June 1: Raven’s district transfer effective

*Sunday, June 9: foxes move into Fox Tower, Matt offers to kick Kevin’s ass for Neil (and actually does until Andrew stops him), Dan and Renee give Neil tea and cookies like the princesses they are, Andrew goes through Neil’s stuff, Andrew admits for murder w/ no chill instance #1, Neil has a lot of panic attacks and fits of dissociation and decides again to stay because “one of us has to make it” and he’s decided to pick Kevin’s life over his

*Wednesday, June 12: Seth punches Kevin as soon as Andrew leaves for his meeting with Bee

*Friday, June 14: Columbia & all that that disaster entails

*Saturday, June 15: Neil hops out the window, calls Matt to ask him to watch his stuff, hitchhikes/walks home, tells Andrew half (most) of the truth, ends on “Hope was a dangerous and disquieting thing, but he thought perhaps he liked it.”

*Monday, June 17: Kevin comes to take Neil to night practice, but Matt and Seth send him away

*Tuesday, June 18: first night practice!!, “the master?” “Coach Moriyama”; Matt waits up for Neil like the precious and pure human he is

*Wednesday, June 19: Nicky asks Aaron (in German) if he thinks Neil will ever forgive them (it’s literally been 4 days, he needs to chill), and Neil realizes that Andrew didn’t tell the others he can speak German and wonders why

*Friday, June 21: ERC makes the official announcement about Edgar Allen’s district transfer; Seth says my person favorite of his lines: “Tell me, when’s the last time anyone cried for you?”

Wednesday, August 23: Team psych evals w Bee

Thursday, August 24: First day of classes, Matt wakes Neil up for practice and the following killer exchange happens: “I’m fine.” “You say that an awful lot.”

Friday, August 25: Game day, all of the upperclassmen take turns walking Neil to/from classes, Seth and Allison sit with him at lunch and tell him about the Renee/Andrew betting pool, Neil finds out Andrew goes sober on game nights, Nicky apologises for the Columbia thing 

GAME V BRECKENRIDGE JACKALS: Seth and Kevin fight on court 13 minutes into the game (no one took Nicky’s bet so he doesn’t win anything), Neil goes in at 20 minutes for Seth (”Hey Pinnocchio, time to run. This one’s for you.”), Matt punches Gorilla for Kevin and then runs and hides behind Andrew for safety (these nerds are such children I love them), Neil begins to feel a burning hatred for the jackals: “Gorilla had been trying to hurt Kevin’s hand his first day back on the court, which was unbelievably cruel. Neil hoped Matt had bruised some ribs with that punch.”; Neil scores his first goal!!; final score 7-9 loss (not bad tbh), and then the upperclassmen/Neil stay up all night partying like the nerds they are, I love these kids

Saturday, August 26: Kathy’s show, Neil’s 1st time on the bus, “Kevin’s smile was a brittle and bitter thing”; Kevin threatens to cut Neil off from night practices to force him to go on Kathy’s show (and Andrew laughs and calls Neil an idiot); “As complicated as Neil’s obsession with Kevin was, one truth was undeniable: he didn’t want Kevin to hate him.”; “I think of you as one half of a whole.” “At least I have room to stretch out now.” that is a SAVAGE BURN coming from Kevin wow; but then fuckface Riko appears, fuck him 5ever; “Renee was sitting sideways in Andrew’s lap, one foot braced against the ground to keep him from shoving her off”; Neil insults Riko on national television because “his temper couldn’t stomach any more of Riko’s cruelty”; Neil is actually afraid of Riko a little/lot because “Riko had the same stare that his father did: he looked at Neil and saw only flesh that knew how to bleed”; Andrew puts himself between Riko and Neil <3; back at home Andrew punches through his window; “Oh Neil, as unpredictable as he is unreal” wow Andrew you’re falling in love already aren’t you??; “running was only an option when no one was looking” & “You gave your game to Kevin. Give your back to me.”; Columbia: “Let Andrew buy you things if he wants to. He’s not usually the gift-giving type.” & “You’re one of us, which means we’ll never push you farther than you’re willing to go.” ; Andrew disappears for 30 minutes (so he goes and does the do with Roland in the back room!!!); Wymack calls with the news about Seth’s overdose (Andrew, Kevin, and Neil have too much chill about this news “keep up with the conversation” “what about the lineup” “that apathy doesn’t bode well for your sanity”); Andrew gives Neil the key

-end of book 1-

Book 1 covers 18 specific days days and spans ~5months

so @coldsaturn @glenflower and @unidentified-flying-outrage here’s the first draft!

After School Special part 1

Bughead fanfiction - because whats life without it?

In an alternate universe where Jughead greases his hair more than Danny Zuko and Betty Cooper gives Sandy Olsson a run for her money at being the nicest girl in town. (No Danny Zuko and Sandy do make an appearance in this fic). Set in the early 1960s at Riverdale High. Slow burn leads to rapid fire (all the bughead smut you can imagine)

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Keeping a Promise // Caspar Lee

Word Count- 1492

Summary- aka the five times Caspar didn’t kiss you and the one time he did

A/n- this is by far my favorite imagine yet, it was so fun to write. hope you enjoy!

Being Josh’s little sister, you saw Caspar all the time. Whether you wanted to or not, he was just always around. You had a love hate relationship with the boy. You threw around insults like none other. Of course, you ended up falling for him. But he was oblivious, at least you thought he was.


The first time

You were 14. It was Josh’s 16th birthday party.

“Y/n, sweetheart.” Your mom asked.

“What’s up mama?” you replied, pulling out your headphones.

“Can you go get the ice cream from the garage?”

“Yeah,” you stood up, heading out the door. You went to the freezer, searching for the ice cream, not sure which ones your mom wanted you to grab. So you grabbed them all. While you were busy trying to stack the boxes strategically, Josh and Caspar walked in.

“Y/n! Hurry up! My friends will be here any minute!” Josh screamed, grabbing two things of ice cream. He darted out of the room, towards the kitchen.

“Wanna help?” you nodded towards the other ice cream.

“Nope.” He laughed turning around.

You took one step and toppled over.

“Ouch.” You mumbled, suddenly being pulled up.

“You okay?” Caspar whispered, two inches away from your face.

“Y-yeah.” You looked into his bright blue eyes.

He looked into your eyes, then at your lips, then back into your eyes, he moved half a centimeter closer.

‘CASPAR!” Josh yelled from the backyard, “C’mon!”

Caspar let go of your arms, that neither of you noticed he was holding. He grabbed some ice cream and left. You didn’t move until your mom came in yelling at you for letting the ice cream melt.


The second time

It was about a week and a half later. You slept in because it was a Saturday, why wouldn’t you? Once you finally got up, you reluctantly went downstairs. You loved your bed so much, but your tummy needed food. When you turned into the kitchen you were baffled by the sight. Caspar was sitting at the table eating cereal, shirtless.

“Mornin’.” He said, looking up from his phone.

“Hey,” you muttered, reaching for a bowl. You knew your shirt was going to rise up, and you didn’t stop it.

You suddenly felt a presence behind you.

“You really shouldn’t do that.” He whispered into your ear.

You turned, face to face with your brothers best friend, “Do what?” you asked innocently.

“Tease me.” You breathed, his face straight.

“What’s going on here?” Josh asked from the door.

Caspar immediately reached up for a bowl, “Just grabbing a bowl for Y/n.” he turned and went back to the table. Once again, leaving you flustered.


The third time

You were at school, sitting in the library. You were quietly working on your math homework, when he sat next to you.

“Hello,” he smiled.

“Can I help you?”

“Someone’s moody today.”

“Just curious as to why you’re here.”

“I need help.” He said, catching your attention.


“So you’re saying you’ll help me?”

“I never said that.”

“Okay well, no one can know so come here.”


“Come here.” He leaned forward, pulling you closer to him. He sat there for a good 15 seconds.

“Are you gonna tell me what you need?” you said, bored of the game he’s playing.

“I really want to kiss you,” he whispered. “But Josh is looking, so I’m pretending to tell you something.”

You immediately stood up and ran out of the library, flustered again.


The fourth time

You were at a Halloween party. Like any other party, you all decided to play a game. Seeing as Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever were overplayed, you lot decided to play Spin the Bottle.

“Alright, I’ll go first,” said a guy in the grade above you. It landed on someone who wasn’t his girlfriend. This led to lots of screaming, now 2 less people were playing.

Next was a very popular girl, it landed on Josh. You grimaced, watching your brother kiss her.

“Alright, your turn Casp,” Josh said, waiting for his friend to spin the bottle.

You clenched your fists, nervous. Did you want it to land on you?

Pro- you got to kiss Caspar

Con- only because of a game

Pro- you get to kiss Caspar

Con- your brother would see


Yes. You wanted it to land on you.

It must have been your lucky day, because the bottle came to a stop. Facing you. Your breath was caught in your throat. Suddenly you couldn’t breathe. But you played it cool. He smirked, scooting across the floor. You didn’t look at Josh, you knew it would ruin this moment. Caspar leaned in, you closed your eyes.

“IM GONNA KILL YOU!” you heard, jerking your eyes open. Everyone’s head turned to the noise.

There was a loud crash, a few bangs, and lots of yelling. Two boys in your brother’s grade were full on fighting.

“Let’s get out of here,” said Josh, pulling you out of the back door.


The fifth time

You were emotional. Josh was leaving. He was going to London. You didn’t want him to leave. You were sat in the living room, holding one of his sweatshirts.

“Oh, Y/n.” your brother sighed, “Come here.” He opened his eyes.

You bawled, “Why?”

“It’s a great opportunity.” He smiled, “I’m only a FaceTime call away. You’ll be fine.”

“I’m going to miss you so much,” you cried, sitting back down.

“You can keep my sweatshirt if you want,” he offered.

“I wasn’t going to ask for permission,” you giggled.

“C’mon Josh, we need to leave soon. Finish packing the car, I need to piss.” Caspar interrupted.

Josh left and Caspar was in front of you in seconds.

“Why are you crying love?’ he said sweetly.

“I don’t want him to leave.” You said quietly, not wanting Caspar to judge you.

“It’s not so bad, trust me. If you need to talk to someone, you can always talk to Theodora.” He cupped your face, looking straight into your eyes. “God you’re so beautiful.” He put his forehead against yours, you closed your eyes.

“Casp! You said you had to piss not take a shit! C’mon!” Josh yelled. You walked outside with Caspar. You hugged josh one more time. He got into the car, then you turned to Caspar hugging him as well.

“I’ll kiss you one day.” He whispered, then he was gone. And once again, you stood there, alone, flustered all because of the same blonde haired, blue eyed, South African who’s been making you feel this way since you were 12.



You woke up 3 minutes before your alarm went off. You decided to scroll through Tumblr before you had to get out of the bed. You were going to pick up Josh today. It had been way too long since he had been to South Africa. Two years in fact. You were so excited to see him, but when you saw him walk out of the terminal, you got more than you bargained for.

“JOSH!” you screamed, running up to your older brother. “Oh, how I’ve missed you.”

“Missed ya too sis.” He smiled.

“Oli? As in Oli White?” you asked, peering behind your brother.

“The one and only.” He laughed.

“It’s so nice to finally me you! I’ve only seen you in videos!’ you hugged him as well.

After you let go of Oli, you saw him. Two years had passed, and he was still gorgeous as ever.

“H-hey, Casp.” You smiled.

“Hi,” he sighed happily. “It’s been way to long.”

“Yeah it has.”

You pulled him into a hug, his arms wrapping around you tightly, “I’ve missed your touch.” He whispered. He let go of you, but you kept your arms around his neck.

“Do you remember the promise you made me the last time we hugged? “You asked, smiling.

“How could I forget?” he laughed.

“So? Are you gonna keep it.” You bit your lip.

His smile faded, “Josh is going to kill me,” he went to pull away, “Fuck it.”

He attached his lips to yours, you responded almost immediately. You’ve been wondering what he tasted like for the past 6 years. And it was better than you had imagined. He tasted of mint gum with a hint of alcohol. You loved it. You could taste that forever. He licked your lip, asking for permission. Which you gladly gave him.

“Okay that’s enough.” Josh said, “I’m allowing you to be with her, you could at least have the decency to not eat her face in front of me.” Josh threw Caspar’s bag at him.

You giggled mouthing a thank you to your brother who just smiled.

You clung to Caspar the rest of the day, you’ve been waiting 6 years, and you couldn’t wait any longer to be all over that boy.

The phantom thieves children

This was really fun to write! If you guys want me to write this for the p4 gang or for the rest of the p5 crew then let me know!

•everyone sees him as the quiet good child, he’s polite to adults, kind to the younger kids and generally gets along with his class.
•but he’s far from good. All those ‘pranks’ that happened that no one found out who did them… akira was behind all of it
•who let the class frog out from its cage in the middle of the night? Akira.
•who put super glue on the class bullies chair? Akira
•no one knows it’s him though, seriously not a single person assumed the quiet studious Akira would be the type of person to play pranks like this
•Akira is a sneaky little asshole even at a young age
•Akira also did gymnastics as a kid (I mean seriously have you seen him in palaces? He did gymnastics at some point) he only stoped after he got bored with it
•he would play outside a lot but he wouldn’t get dirty, he usually climbed up trees and read on the highest branch he could climb to
•he wouldn’t show up back home covered in dirty and mud, mostly because he likes to stay clean himself
•his reading level was way above most his age due the fact he reads so much
•he read mostly chapter books. He loved detective novels and stories about thieves
•he has a clean room, the only things that may get a bit cluttered is his bookshelf and desk
•he’s a pretty independent child so he cleans his own room
•over all he’s also a very good student, top marks in almost every class except geography, for some reason I think he’d find that subject a little harder than most

•he’s that loud asshole kid in the back of the class who interrupts every single class
•he gets along with most people, I think before the whole track team thing Ryuji would be pretty popular. He’d be the class clown. Always able to make people laugh
•of corse he wouldn’t do too well in his studies, Ryuji would be terrible in maths and English.
•he’d be that one child who yell in the middle of class that he didn’t understand what he was doing
•while he lacks academic ability he’ll do great in anything physical.
•First in cross country every year, breaking a number of records in athletics and he’ll be that one kid entering in every race at swimming sports (is that a thing outside of New Zealand?)
•he’d play outside a lot as a kid, always getting dirty and making a mess
•his mother always got mad as hell when she saw the mud Ryuji dragged in after she had just cleaned the floors
•his room is a mess 24/7
•bed half made, clothes littered the ground, copies of Naruto and Bleach covering his over due homework
•his mother tried to clean his room but she’s given up
•it just turns into a mess again after a week
•the first time he swore was when he was eight
•he said shit after falling out of a tree and broke his arm
•his mother was not impressed at all
•speaking of broken bones, Ryuji broke a lot of arms as a kid. Just from play a bit to rough
•over all Ryuji is that loud, active child that seems to be in every class. He’s a ball of hyperactive energy to say the least.

•Ann has been the source of rumours since a child, I mean here’s a blonde haired, blue eye child who is pretty confident.
•as a child her Japanese wasn’t the best, she could make conversation but she didn’t get a few of the jokes or word play
•that being said she made friends pretty easily, she was easy to get along with and pretty funny
•she wasn’t that much of an outside kid,
•she wouldn’t climb trees or anything but she would sit out in the grass and talk with her friends
•or make flower crowns. Ann made a lot of flower crowns in her childhood, to the point where her parents begged her to stop because she was pulling all the flowers out of the garden
•she was average at school. Social studies and English were her best subject
•but she struggled with complicated maths and Japanese grammar
•her room was always clean.
•bed made, desk organised, books in alphabetical order all that
•pink, as a child she had a lot of pink.
•pink tutu, pink hair scrunchies, pink stationary PINK EVERYWHERE
•in class Ann is pretty quiet, she doesn’t take a lot of detailed notes but she does take them
•she loves cats, she actually had one as a child
•it was a white fluffy one with bright blue eyes
•you better believe it wore a pink ribbon for a collar
•the cat was called Gum Drop
•she does draw a lot in her note book though, mostly flowers, love hearts and cute little animals
•over all she’s the definition of the cute girly girl child

•quiet child, he barely ever speaks to anyone his age
•seriously most of the people in his class don’t know what his voice sounds like
•he’ll just sit in the front of the class and do his work quietly
•or during break he’ll just find a tree and draw in his art pad
•most of the children think he’s pretty weird and ovoid him most of the time anyway
•yusuke is pretty close to some of Madarame other students
•In fact there was a girl a few years older than him (14 or 15) who he sees as a big sister
•they spent a lot of time together, she would give him some tips with his charcoal drawing and Yusuke would help her with water colour
•of corse that didn’t last forever as the girl he saw as family soon left Madarame never to be seen again
•yusuke was heartbroken, he didn’t understand why she would leave him like that without a word
•of corse when he found out the truth about Madarame when he was older he understood but before that he grew to resent the girl for abandoning him
•yusuke is an adverse student as a kid
•average grades in everything except art and Japanese literature where they’ll obviously be higher
•very clean bedroom, but that’s mostly because he hardly spends any time in there
•he’s always in his work space painting
•it’s that art room that shows how much of a slob he can be
•there’s wet and dry paint everywhere! Paint brushes laying on every flat surface and canvases leaning against the wall
•over all as a child Yusuke wasn’t much different to the way he his now, he’s a little bit more closed off but he’s still that same weird art kid as he is in the main game

•Makoto was a happy go lucky kid, always smiling and laughing
•she was a real daddies girl, she always looked up to and admired her father
•some of her best memories where when her dad took her and Sae to work with him for the day
•in class she was still the straight A student, getting perfect grades in all her classes and all the teachers liking her
•she got along with kids her age well, and had a handful of very close friends but she still had times where she felt lonely or left out
•this is mostly because she was more mature than those around her
•she was totally the mum friend when at a young age
•she played outside a lot but she rarely got messy
•the worst that would happen would be grass stains on her socks from running in the park
•rather than climbing trees or playing on the play ground she stuck to riding her bike around the neighbourhood
•she was actually a huge girly girl as a kid
•she had dolls and Teddie bears
•Makoto wore dresses and ballet flats often, there’s countless photos of her dressed like this in the family album
•her room is spotless
•seriously all her toys are ordered and standing straight, her bookcase is in alphabetical order according to the books author
•she’s a very organised child
•she loves stationary
•seriously she has like twenty unused notebooks
•thirty pens that she refuses to use because there 'too pretty to use’
•over all she’s the good and studious child, the definition of the angel child

•She is so loud, oh my god
•seriously she’s the kind of girl that runs to every destination, and her lowest volume was a whisper shout
•she always watched Saturday morning cartoons religiously
•As a child Futaba had some really close friends
•they were all as loud and energetic as she was
•she got pretty good grades
•she was terrible at English and Japanese… her grammar was terrible
•but she was good at the rest, especially maths. She was damn good at maths
•she was more of an indoor child
•she would go outside but it was mostly when her mother forced her to go outside
•she would just walk around the neighbourhood and play with the neighbours dog
•really she was just annoying the poor animal until the neighbour kicked her out of their yard
•room is a mess 24/7
•doesn’t matter how many times she tries to clean it it just stays a constant mess
•she stays in shorts and a graphic tee shirt
•no one has ever seen her in a dress
•ever, and no one will if she has a choice
•Futaba’s mum would always find the time to do her hair when she was a child
•she would show up to school with buns, braids, ponytails and everything in between
•Futaba still missed when her mum played and styled her hair
•Futaba didn’t get her glasses till she was 9. She refused to admit she was blind
•so she spend a few years running into walls, tripping over stairs and shoving books right in front of her face to read the text
•she hated her glasses at first, it took her mother to start wearing her constantly for Futaba to start wearing them
•over all Futaba is a loud, hyper child. She all over the place and can’t sit still for more than five minutes but she’s a good child who loved her mother dearly

•Haru was one of the most polite children you’ve ever meet
•she has perfect manners, perfect communication skills, perfect everything really
•she was raised to be a proper young lady so she didn’t have that much of a childhood
•sure she had dolls and fairy tales but she was never allowed to climb trees or play tag
•she was not allowed to get messy.
•seriously when she was outside of she brought a single speck of dirt into the house trouble would arise
•Haru still had a love for flowers and the garden as a young child
•she would read books about flowers, examining the meaning behind each plant
•every year for her birthday her father would gift her with flowers
•he would add a flower to the bouquet for each year (eg she got 6 roses when she turned 6 and so on)
•she was a good student
•she had private tutors for any of the subjects she struggled so her grades were never lower than a A
•Haru loved fairy tales as a kid
•she love the story of Cinderella and Snow White, she would read them almost daily
•when she was around 8 or 9 she started to read Alice in Wonderland and fall in love with the story
•she still reads the book today
•she was very girly
•dresses and skirts were the only things she would wear
•her hair was also a fuzzy mess
•seriously, in the mornings her hair is sticking up everywhere
•she wears a lot of ribbons and hair bands as a kid
•she’s a very clean child
•the messiest place in Haru’s room is her wardrobe
•Haru had two close friends as a child
•they were both neighbours of hers and they spent hours together on the daily
•over all Haru was one of the most polite children you’ll ever meet. She’s almost any parents dream child.

When, exactly, did the Hales die?

Inspired by the discussion on @halekingsourwolf ‘s blog about Teen Wolf timelines, I got kiiiinda into figuring out when exactly the Hale fire might have been set. 


So yeah, Teen wolf wiki has Deuc being blinded in fall of ‘03, right after Derek turns 15, Jennifer happening in spring of ‘04, and then Kate and the death of the Hales happening in January of ‘05 (referencing the webisode that suggests it went down during the Wolf moon, which was Jan 25 in ‘05, claiming that born wolves have massive reunions/celebrations for that full moon every year, thus explaining why everyone was together), right after Derek turns sixteen… so it would have been just over six years since all that, when S1 starts.

But Peter’s comment is just that Derek was a Sophomore, and 15. While there are always exceptions, most folks I knew in California school systems, if they had a fall birthday, turned fifteen during their Freshman year. So I posit the timeline: Derek is 15 at the beginning of his Sophomore year, ‘03, when He and Paige start up. The shit with Deuc and the alphas and Paige’s death happens that fall, Derek has the shittiest sixteenth birthday, and Kate starts preying on him while he is exceptionally vulnerable that next semester (there’s probably some bullying/blowback/ostracization from his peers to deal with, if only because of his changed behavior, let alone any connections anyone has drawn to Paige’s disappearance and death, not to mention his mother’s distraction with pack politics and hunters, and him having gone from top-of-the-world to fuck-all self-esteem wise… plus, y’know, crushing grief and guilt). Kali attacks Jennifer that spring (2004), Talia is even more preoccupies there, and Kate makes her move sometime before the end of the semester, since Derek and Laura were presumably at a school function/practice/etc instead of home when the fire happened. This also Lets Derek and Laura be two years apart in school if she’s a senior, which I like better. Also lets her graduate (although, what a shit-show that probably was. Holy shit). And then it’s a full seven-years-and-a-summer before they come back and S1 starts (which would make him 23 when we meet him, instead of 22) (or, if you prefer, move all the years up one, duec attacked in 04, jennifer dies in 05, shorter time Derek and Laura were gone… or make Derek younger, make Paige happen his freshman year when he is 14/15, and Kate happen either that spring/summer he’s 15 or during his sophmore year, maybe, at 15/16).

This ignores the webisode/Wolf moon breadcrumb, which attempted to explain why all the Hales were gathered together, but unless it was, like, a lunar eclipse, which it was not, why would they have been inside the house, instead of out running with the moon? I would expect a moon celebration to involve, y’know, being under the moon.

I would argue that there doesn’t need to be a reason that they were gathered, at least, not beyond the fact that there were lots of dangerous things happening in the territory at that time. Maybe it was just a meeting to deal with that. Maybe it was a pretty regular occurrence, during times of strife like that, and so it was predictable. Hell, maybe they were in the house planning something for Laura’s graduation??? This is also suggesting that they didn’t all live there???


However, if you dig the Lunar Eclipse theory, do you know when there was a lunar eclipse? A total Lunar eclipse? That might explain the Hales gathered together someplace defensible? Like the Alpha’s house? 2004. 2003-2004 feature a tetralogy of full lunar eclipses, two a year, one in spring and one in the fall. On May 4, 2004, there was a total lunar eclipse, but it was not visible in California. And then there was another on October 28, 2004. The October lunar eclipse was visible from all of North America (if any of y’all were into baseball at the time, this is the lunar eclipse that took place during a a world series game, the first time this had happened, and was the world series where the Boston Red Sox won for the first time in 86 years, ending the curse of the bambino. ;) trivia!) . The penumbra started about 5pm in California (if I’ve done my math right), partial started at 6:15, Total at 7:23, and by the time of the greatest eclipse at 8:04, the Hales would already have been dead, since the canonical time-of-fire seems to be about 7PM.

But, if we assume the moon has some effect on you whether you see it or not, then I like the May 2004 moon. Even though it would be on the wrong side of the planet, the penumbral eclipse would start about 10:50am, with the greatest eclipse being at 1:30 PM… and the whole thing is done by 4:09 pm. But what if the goal is not so much having the wolves powerless as together?  Because… I have a theory/headcanon/plot bunny about eclipses.

We know that the wolves lose all their wolfy powers during the short window of the full eclipse… but what about the rest of the time? What weird/new thing happened right after a full eclipse, probably still during the partial or penumbral part?

Scott breaking through an Ash Barrier. (which, I know, isn’t the only time he’s done it, but what if the eclipse stuff helped?) 

So what if the hunters have figured out, and are desperate to never let the wolves know, that during the eclipse, yeah, they’re weaker but also sometimes they’re immune/resistant to weaknesses they normally have?

Were that the case, hunters would want to be very careful going after wolves on lunar eclipses because, if you screw up the timing like Jennifer did, you might wind up missing the “powerless” window and landing in the “pissed off, wolfed out, and mountain ash only works some of the time” window… which, hey, may be where the canonical “rumors” and speculation about wolves getting more powerful on lunar eclipses comes from.

So the October moon might not have been the best one, esp since they didn’t need to weaken the Hales, just get them together.

And on the evening/night of the May moon, the “danger” from their “weakness” would have passed, as far as they knew, they would be feeling safe (and from the hunter’s POV, they would be safely vulnerable to mountain ash once again), but they would likely still be together in the aftermath of a “dangerous” moon, and strategizing over the hunter issues and the alpha pack issues.

They’d feel secure.

And that’s when Kate would strike.

anonymous asked:

Hi, what do you think about schools in England teaching Welsh as a second language ? Also what do you think could be done to encourage more people in Wales to study Welsh at a level ? I am doing a project looking at how we could improve the number of a level students studying languages. Thank You

Hello! Personally, I think every country in the world should teach the languages of its native populations in its schools, because that’s a huge part of native multiculturalism; I think that goes triply or more for imperialistic powers, though, where a dominant culture actively attempted to eradicate others. So if you’re American, you should be learning a regionally appropriate Native language; if you’re Swedish, you should learn a Sami language. And if you’re English, you should be learning Welsh, or Scots Gaelic, or Irish.

And I don’t even mean it should be taught to fluency, necessarily, not that any language other than English is taught to fluency in England (although I 100% think the resources should be in place to allow people to study it further if they choose). I think a module that teaches each of those for a term would actually be fine, along with the respective cultures; because, as evidenced by that cringing racist the other day, the fact is that English people have completely isolated themselves in their little cultural bubble and have absolutely no clue about any other native British culture at all. And when you try to tell them, they actively reject the facts and tell you you’re wrong. They literally don’t believe you. It’s like trying to tell an MRA that women did actually exist and do stuff in history. School never taught them that, and implied the opposite, and therefore it can’t be true, you know?

Spend a term learning basic, conversational Welsh. Greetings, how to ask for shit in shops, directions. Learn our myths. Learn our culture, our social conventions, our music, Eisteddfodau. And for the love of all that’s holy, learn our history, you know? All the oppression and the bloodshed; all the triumphs and inventions. England knows none of it, and then we get disgusting imperialists like Tumblr user loki_zen who invent their own narrative based on absolutely nothing except their own prejudices and then think they get to define us and impose value judgements on us.

Unfortunately, not only have I never heard of a school in England teaching Welsh (other than the London Welsh school, which the government literally closed down for not being English enough), but if every I suggest the above to an English person their reaction is one of visceral hatred for the very idea. People like to stay on their pedestals, I think. But for my money, if you belong to a culture that violently and intentionally oppressed another, the fucking least you can do is teach it to your own citizens and help to save it; especially since language and culture are so inextricably linked in these cases, regardless of what the loki_zens of this world want to believe. Anything else is morally repugnant and completely indefensible. 

In answer to your second question, though; tricky. What you’re asking is slightly different, see, from how do we encourage more people to learn the language? Instead, it’s how do we get people to study an A Level in it?, and I imagine there are broader sociological factors at play there. When I was choosing my A Levels (2002-2004), the economy was booming and we were all told to choose what interested us. I chose Welsh, Art, Psychology and Classics. But then the recession came, and suddenly there was a scramble for everyone to do maths and sciences, to make themselves Recession-proof. So that sort of thing needs taking into account.

But then, you can work with that. A lot of young people now are trying to take courses that will get them a job afterwards, and there are whole sectors that want Welsh at least in part. Teaching, the environment, politics, a lot of business, lots of public sector stuff… There’s loads, and that’s before you get to the more obvious stuff like translation. The majority of Wales is working class, with people who don’t want to move out or leave their home areas. Tell them that Welsh will help them get a job, and I think that would help.

For me, I think, it was about identity. My Welsh teacher for GCSE (thank god) was actually very good, and used to do her best to talk about her culture while teaching us the language, and combining the two - as, of course, all of them should have. And then she took us all on a field trip up to North Wales, to stay in Nant Gwrtheyrn and visit Hedd Wyn’s house and all that. We stopped in at Cilmeri on the way to visit the site of Llywelyn the Last’s murder, and there were flowers on it that someone had laid. That was when I personally realised, I think, that there truly was this whole other culture running parallel to my own that I wanted to see and experience, and so I did. I chose Welsh at A Level, which became a degree (joint with Celtic Studies), which became… me, I suppose. I am now married to a man so Welsh-speaking he only learned English at 15. We got married in Welsh. I have Welsh-speaking friends. This is an integral part of who I am.

15-year-old me was, as all teenagers are, looking for an identity, and Welsh gave me that.

The other thing that does come to mind, though, is the concept of opportunities. And I don’t mean jobs, because we’ve already covered that - I mean cultural stuff that you can’t do in English, because you language hop when something comes up that you can’t do in the one you’re currently using (one of the many arguments in favour of multilingualism.) Stuff like computer games, VR, interactive escape room-style experiences, music gigs, interactive have-a-go music workshops; all done in learner-friendly Welsh settings. I think a fusion, bilingual youth culture is needed in Wales; something new, and alive, that’s inclusive and encouraging and means people want to go out and learn a bit more so they can do more. Like… I never even knew what Cerdd Dant was until I became a Welsh speaker. Introduce the concept of that. Make something new. 

All of that’s a bit nebulous, though, so probably the first two points will suit you better!

So, TL;DR: I 100% think schools in England should be teaching Celtic languages and cultures and offering the opportunity to learn more if requested; and I think the two big drivers for encouraging students to take Welsh A Levels are future employment prospects and identity. And also some ill-defined bollocks about cultural fusion.

Hope this helped!

7 Reasons to Choose Community College by abby-learns

I’ve spent a total of 4 years at a community college as a dual-enrolled student and then as a more traditional college student; here are some of the reasons I recommend CC to my friends. Please do note that every CC is different, and some of these may apply to small colleges as well.

So many people overlook community college as an option for higher education. You could complete your higher learning career at a CC by earning a certificate, or you could complete half of a bachelor’s degree and transfer the credits to a 4-year university! Here are some reasons to look into your local community college to see if it’s a good fit for your academic goals:

1) the price tag
At my CC, the cost is ~$90 per credit. At the university I will be attending this fall, the cost is ~$470 per credit. Overall, this makes tuition roughly $2,700 for a year at community college and $14,100 at a 4-year university. This means if you attend a community college for your first two years of college, you could save about $22,000 on tuition alone.

2) small class sizes
In my 4 years at community college, I was never in a class with more than 30 people. Typically, it was about 25. This meant more 1-1 attention/feedback from my professors and an ability to form a personal connection. I would regularly talk to my professors and ask them for additional feedback or advice when I found something difficult. I’d also share my study methods with them and ask for feedback. I’d ask what previous students have done to be successful. Having your professors know who you are helps with a number of things. It makes class less miserable knowing they’re just a person. It opens up doors; teachers who know you are more likely to recommend you for scholarships, university admissions, internships, etc. It can also sometimes help your grade. When teachers see your hard work and the interest you have in a class, they may give you the benefit of the doubt more often or give you an extra opportunity to fix mistakes. I’ve offered to write a short paper for extra credit before for a class where I was nervous about the final exam, and the professor happily agreed it would be a fine idea, since they knew I was putting my all into the course. The feeling of having your professors as a support system through your college career can make all the difference, and community college made it so simple to form.

3) opportunities to grow
Many community colleges offer ample opportunities for personal and academic growth in students. My school has dozens of student-run organizations, and a number of departments that hire students for part-time jobs or work-study. Since I was quite young when I started college, it took me about 2 years to actually get involved on my campus, but I ended up serving as president of two organizations, a student ambassador, and working for the academic support services center. The student body at most community colleges are much smaller than a typical 4-year; they expect students to only be there for a year or two, so the opportunities come more quickly. Leadership opportunities aren’t reserved for juniors and seniors.

4) ability to live at home
Although some may see this as a con, living at home for another two years if your parent/guardian allows can save you a ton of money. If you’re someone who’s anxious to move out already, consider getting an apartment with a friend or two. Even if you’re paying for rent, the money you save yearly on tuition has the potential to make up the difference.

5) program flexibility
I know so many high school students have trouble deciding what they want to major in. At community college, you have the opportunity to try a multitude of things. Since the first 2 years of school are pretty similar for most majors, you have a lot of flexibility. My school offers about 40 different degree programs and certificates to students. There’s a culinary program, and EMT training program, an ultrasound technician certificate, and more. Because community colleges are significantly cheaper than universities, there’s less of a fear of “wasting” a class as you work to find your passion.

6) be a full-time or part-time student
At community college, there is no pressure to take a full 15-credit class load each semester. If you need to continue working full-time to earn money and support yourself, you have the option of living at home and taking a class or two without having to put your life on hold. However, if you want to take 18 credit hours, that freedom is there for you as well. Most CCs also offer online classes! All kinds of people attend CCs: first-time college students, people who dropped out of 4-years and are returning to school, high school drop-outs seeking a fresh start, parents, teachers continuing their own education, community members looking to learn something new. No matter what your situation and commitment to school is, CC will welcome you!

7) summer classes
If you have an annoying Math or Philosophy class that you just want to get out of the way, summer is a GREAT time to do so! Many 4-year college students will take summer classes to get a class or two completed while they work over the summer. Summer classes are loads of fun, and are usually done in half the time as a normal course would be in the fall or winter. It’s an excellent way to get an accelerated course or something. Summer semesters were always my favorite, and I’d recommend them to anyone!

That’s it for now! If you find this helpful and would like a part two, a cons list, or if you have any questions, feel free to send them my way! 

anonymous asked:

What are your headcanons for Anakin's relationships with the other padawans?

TL;DR: He had no friends his own age or in Temple so it didn’t raise any eyebrows that all his friends were in the Senate and so much older than him.

When he was a padawan, he was not the youngest of “his batch” - there was another three padawans that had been chosen at age nine and the average age of his generation (to be chosen by a Master) was age eleven or so. The oldest of his generation of padawans was age 15 when he was 9 and the youngest was born the same year as him, by Galactic Standard anyway. Most of them had grown up together in the creche - they were all in the same youngling group, all in the same classes, all had the same training instructors, etc etc. When Anakin was brought in, there was no place for him to come into, not space for him to wiggle in, and it showed. They didn’t resent him or anything, but there was also nothing they had in common.

However, since he came into the Order late, he was also behind his generation in classes. I firmly believe that to become a padawan you have to pass certain classes first, so that’s why the cut off is age 13 - by that time, you should be finished with all your classes and the only thing you need from then is one on one instruction that you get from a Master. If you don’t get chosen, you go off either to one of the Corps - of which I believe there are a few branches, the Agri-corps, the Edu-corps, and the Medi-corps. (The Agri-corps we know from the EU are basically farmers, only they also do things like re-pollinate planets after massive disasters and help planets that are dealing with things like food shortage from planetary climate change or overpopulation. The Edu-corps are trained in basic childcare, education, and various psycology of galactic species and are either fed back into the Order itself to be creche masters or leave the Order entirely to become teachers or go further into education to pursue their own interests. The Medi-corps become doctors but are usually not fed back into the Order because of their lack of Masters. At least, that’s my HC on how things work.)

So, while he was a padawan in terms of label he wasn’t a padawan in terms of education. Which meant he had to go through the classes, so he was around other Initiates younger than him for the first few months. He was the oldest kid in a lot of those classes in the early times and they all treated him like he was a fucking idiot, even the instructors would treat him like shit a lot of the time. And then he got caught up with Basic and he started soaring through his classes. He advanced so quickly through his science, math, mechanical, and Force classes that he passed his generation and ended up in classes that Senior Padawans took. In political, debate, writing, history, and such classes he advanced quickly but not so quick as to put himself in advanced courses.

So then he was in such a wide range of classes it was ridiculous and historical because literally no one had ever done what he had. He could start a day in classes with a group of five years then go to another class with senior padawans that were all nineteen.

And that was when he started going from having no friends due to no common interests to having no friends due to other people actively resenting him or likewise. Everyone was annoyed with him, intimidated by him, jealous of him, or all the above. It was, in short, a mess.

And then he got older and guess what? HE STILL HAD NO FRIENDS IN THE ORDER. He had friends in the senate, in the underground, and a few literal red light district workers who he was friends with, but people who lived in the same place, eat together, slept together? Other than Obi-Wan he had NO ONE.

People would challenge him to fights and he would kick their ass. The same people would challenge him to more duels and he’d throw them, they’d find out, and be angry with him. He would ace exams, people would be angry, he would purposely flunk exams, his instructors would find out and be pissed. And at first, it would hurt so much you know? He wanted to have friends, he wanted to be friendly, but literally no one wanted anything to do with him. And then he had to force himself not to care because if he continued to care, he’d break from it.

And then he got older and a lot of his generation died in war. So…guess it was a good thing he had no friends?

(When he finally got his own padawan, he was much better with padawans. They liked him, he liked them, he taught them, they learned from him. He was so happy that Ahsoka had friends in the temple because he didn’t have them and he was lonely. It was also really hard for him to socialize because all of his friends were so much older than him.)

I Give Up - part 15 (A Baekhyun Series)


Genre: Smut / Fluff / Angst / Romance

Characters: Baekhyun X You

A/N: hiatus? Postponed for a moment. Read this guys.

I Give Up [M]- part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 , part 6 , part 7 , part 8 , part 9 , part 10 , part 11 , part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23, part 24, part 25

A few weeks passed. You started your next semester of college as you normally did. Meeting new professors, getting class syllabuses, buying low cost digital versions of expensive text books online to save money, taking out student loans, doing the math and figuring out that you would have to work as a doctor for 10 solid years while aggressively paying off the debt to be free of it completely. You grumbled to yourself as you rolled homemade kimbap with your mom that morning.

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Random deh School Headcanons

-despite being better at English, Evan’s highest grades are in math because he doesn’t have to present
-Evan’s grades and his GPA are kind of average because of this
-which makes Evan a little paranoid, so he spends a lot of time studying just so he can have good grades in class (which, he thinks, isnt terrible because what else is he going to do with his time?)
-Evan actually tried to join a few clubs his freshman year (including the ecology club), but after realizing how many people there were, he quickly backed out
-Evan never buys any yearbooks from school because theyre not really that cheap but also he doesnt really talk to anyone anyway (and really, didnt people only buy them so their friends could sign it? Who even would?)
-Evan used to keep his phone in his locker because he was always afraid of it going off in class (even though he was sure he turned it off and checked 10 times before each class) but after overhearing about how someone’s locker was broken into, he carries it around with him
-(after he starts brining it to class, he realizes it was silly to think it would go off in class because who would even call/text him anyway?)

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About art thief

So, since I’m into the Miraculous Blackout, some had come to both me and AC ask on our inbox why we are into that if we didn’t write/draw anything for the fandom and the pieces we did are small.

As for AC, it’s a whole another level and personal experience, it’s not in my place to tell you or explain, but she does have her fair reasons to do so and to the right to not publicly say it.

As for me, well, I gotta need tell you guys a story.

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RISE OF THE DISNEYFACE: an illustrated essay

Alright so there’s something that has been irking me about current CGI Disney movies - specifically female character design - and I finally put my finger on it.

Current Disney heroines are suffering from a disease that I, for lack of a better term, call ‘Disneyface.’ Original, I know.

Commencing rant essay beneath the cut.

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Beach [Part 4]

Description: You see your old crush after four years again and realize that he changed into a total fratboy - yet, he is the only one you can openly talk to and before you can realize, you rediscover lingering feelings for him.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance, University AU

Who: BTS, Taehyung x Reader ,

Word count: 4,1K

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

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Your Highness - Prolog

(A/N): As I promised, Prolog for Your Highness is finally here! Enjoy! You can still be tagged if you want. :)

Summary: (Y/N) was a princess in the past but decided to live an almost normal life. After she’d escaped from her home, she was found by Charles Xavier better known as Professor X. She was taken to the School for Gifted Youngsters where she learned how to work with her ability until she was recruited to the Avengers Tower. No one knew about her past and her royal status. She kept it as a secret until one day; someone discovered who she really was and decided to bring the princess back home.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x enhanced princess! Reader

Warning: none

Rating: 15+

Words: 2300+



               A massive clock from 1846 standing next to an expensive statue was ticking annoyingly. A tic-tac sound coming from them was making the young princess fiddle with a pen she was squeezing between two fingers. She was sitting in a comfortable chair behind a mahogany table, pretending to be listening to the woman in front of her who was walking from one place to another, talking only in French and about the French revolution. The girl knew the language like the back of her hand and there was probably nothing new she could learn. French was her second language as were four other.

Her (e/c) eyes drifted to the window and noticed small snowflakes slowly falling down on the ground. Christmas was knocking on the door. The gardens were covered in first snow and everyone was in a festive mood – everyone except the princess. There were public occasions where her presence was highly expected. She hated them – every single one of them.

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Homestuck Sizes and Distances

I was procrastinating today and I thought, hey! Why not see just how big the Homestuck Lands actually are? (I was VERY bored).

I started checking John’s house, and assuming his door frames are standard, 6’ 8" ((Or around 2 meters)), I calculated the width of his house at its thickest point. Then I compared it with LOWAS and voilá!

But then I remembered, LOWAS has rivers of tar and clouds! That measurement could have been more than it should. So I took John’s cleaned land from the latest updates and did it again. It was a noticeably much smaller measurement, so to round it a little, as it’s hard to tell sizes when your reference is a 2-7 pixel thick tower, I came up with this.

The Mass and Density of it were taken ASSUMING the Lands and Moons have the same gravity as Earth, because they don’t seem to have it any more easy jumping or anything. Which gives a… Rather small planet, but also I think relatively very heavy and dense?

It makes sense, though, after all the Lands are like Levels of a game. They have things to explore, quests, but they can’t be absolutely massive, and more when each of them is this size. For a single human to explore, and still, full of underground dungeons and with its own landscape? Still a handful! Then…

Skaia’s always seemed a bit bigger than the planets, and it’s quite obvious too since the Battlefield, of the same size as a Land, is inside of it. The measurement was taken from the Double Reacharound pic, assuming the circles that represent the troll planets and Skaia are to scale. Then, Prospit’s size has been calculated from the flash with Infinity Mechanism, the End of Act 6 Intermission 1.

Also, assuming the Gravity in the moons is also like the Earth, as Non-Dream selves have been shown to not float, and Carapacians walk like normal people, this makes the Moons, and the Moons’ Moons VERY heavy, much like the planets. I came out with…

Prospit: 4.193x10^15 kg mass, and 207963.106 g/cm3 density.

Prospit’s Moon: 1.677x10^14 kg mass, and 1039815.53 g/cm3 density.

Which means that nope, Prospit is not literally made out of Gold. Or that you can’t apply real physics to settings like Homestuck.

Once knowing the sizes of the planets, we have the Incipisphere itself. Taking the Double Reacharound picture and this as references, I calculated every planet is 9.7 km away from Skaia, placed at an equal distance from each other in a 57005.69m circumference around it.

Also if you trust that picture, apparently Derse is only 3 and a half km away from the nearest Planet if they are perfectly lined up.

Once I finished this I thought I’d just let it be but I thought- Wait, if I know the sizes and trust this so far, why not go a step further?

So I calculated just how hard the Planets clashed in Game Over.

Aranea spent 2.9 seconds throwing LOLAR towards LOFAF. That’s 1250.91 m/s. It makes me doubt about the Mass of the planets, however, because such an impact would have been EXTREMELY catastrophic. I mean, it was but, 10 thousand million (Or an american billion) times the strength of the most powerful Atomic Bomb ever detonated? That amount also represents the energy from the Sun that arrives to Earth in an entire year. So yeah. That’s a lot. Not sure if I believe that one.

This one’s even more catastrophic. Jane’s planet spent 8.7 seconds moving to LOFAF, and didn’t exactly reach, and Condy flung Dave’s planet, EVEN further away than LOCAH, in just 4.3 seconds. Which means Condy is still badass and much stronger than Aranea, but also, that Dave’s planet was going 4503 km/h towards Jane’s planet. No wonder a chunk came right off it! And that’s not taking into account how Jane’s planet’s speed affected the impact. I’m not too good with Maths, you might have noticed by this point.

I could have left it here but NOPE, since I was doing this I decided to see the strength of Prospit’s moon hitting the Battlefield in [S] Descend.

The result was… Inconclusive. I had two options, either Prospit sped up until it impacted, or it reached some terminal velocity, as it wasn’t being flung, but falling towards the Battlefield.

I checked the time it takes Prospit to hit the Battlefield in the flash, 32 seconds, and if it sped up constantly, it would reach the surface MUCH faster. It also gave the extreme energy released of 2000 Megatons, so I thought that, yeah, maybe a bit too strong.

Its maximum speed would have been around 17 m/s if it had to fall for 32 seconds, so taking that into account…

Yep, 5 Megatons sound like a more believable impact.

I also just noticed I could have calculated the true size of Prospit and Skaia taking how Prospit’s Moon fell right into the Battlefield as seen above. Seeing the size comparison I think either Skaia is bigger or the Lands are smaller… Or Prospite is bigger?

Yeah, I’ve been procrastinating to do this. Gods, what am I even doing.