because it took forever to make so why not


- This is all from my personal experience, everybody is different- yada yada yada.

- I love you all


- You make me laugh so much

- No sense of space or direction, basically don’t send us to get something together because we will fail. 

- Good counselor

- Sometimes you don’t see what other people are implying because you are very genuine and trusting. 

- Nice stash of memes


- Why the HELL, why the absolutely HECKING HELL, do you SIT IN THE RAIN WHEN YOU HAVE A COLD? I understand you are a child of nature, but WHY? You will get an even worse cold!??? 

- I love you

- You’re emo sometimes 

- A lot of ISFP weebs


- Why the hell haven’t you ever made me cookies like the stereotype says, huh?

- ISFJ’s will listen to you whine

- Good solid advice

- You are nit picky perfectionists at heart.

- You are very anxious and small and I love you. 

- Will cry if you insult their favourite characters


- I don’t understand the unique unicorn thing, you are all massive nerds and know it.

- Secret memelords

- Terrible at social interaction on the inside, but you aren’t as bad as you think from an outsiders perspective.

- Gets overwhelmed at parties. 


- I love you

- Best type

- I’m joking

- I’m not

- Big nerd for video games

- I’ll be there at 3pm. (aka 5pm)

- Not actually good at maths


- When we first start talking I always think you hate me and then you secretly liked me all along?

- Hilarious

- Blunt in a good and bad way

- Your ideas amaze me

- Make very good artists


- So, so, sarcastic

- A+ grade student 18 years in a row

- Speaks a lot but not to you

- Obsessed with young adult fiction 

- Has a crush on every actor

- Doesn’t like my memes?


- Understated humor that gets me every time

- Whenever i need anything fixed, after i try to fix it myself, you are there for me.

- Bad at social interaction until they get older.. and then, still….

- Leather jacket


- Bad experiences, good experiences…

- That tertiary Ne gets me giggling 

- You listen to my opinions and accept them, even if you disagree with them- sometimes you even change yours once you hear mine. I admire this a lot and appreciate it.

- In the grip or looping ESTJ’s have been the most annoyingly patronizing people I have ever met, HOWEVER, healthy ESTJ’s are cool cats and I like you lots. 


- Honestly, dominant Se scares the hell out of me and I don’t know how you survive. 

- Bluntly honest, smart, caring- good good good.

- Always willing to help you

- Very eager to learn 

- Charming and hilarious


- Met two kinds of ESFP’s- shy and standoffish but sweethearts, and GO GO GO GO GOGO GOGOOG.

- Okay so once my ESFP friend slid down a 20 metre long railing with rocks beneath it and I almost died because YOU COULD HAVE DIED

- “I’m looking for a girl that will encourage me to slide down railings.”

- So much love to give, so many hugs.

- Please stop shaking it’s like a big chihuahua


- I can’t keep up with you but it’s so good

- I’m smiling at you in admiration 90% of the time

- Cute 

- Gets everything done somehow and has fun doing it?

- Doesn’t like emotions but is simultaneously the most emotive person ever.


- Everything, I love everything.

- Devils Advocate TM

- Very concerned and caring

- The memes are revolutionary

- Has a joke for every situation

- Cool nerd TM

- Stares at people lovingly when you don’t think I can see you doing it.



- Takes responsibility for everything

- Actually hilarious

- Loves all boys

- Hates all boys

- Doesn’t give themselves enough credit


- So much Disney

- So. much.

- Loves INTP’s too much

- Incredibly strong people

- Once they have a vision they go at it full throttle 

- Want’s everyone to be happy

- Hates conflict


- The grand master

- I am terrified of you but i love you

- Gets it done

- Visionary’s

- Can get caught up sometimes and needs a friend to talk to

- Makes a lot of enemies accidentally, and a lot of the time on purpose

- Get’s annoyed when I make jokes about things that are unrealistic 

-but I keep doing it because I know it annoys you and I’m sorry


Star Wars Age!Squash AU, Comic #02

Initiate Era - Master Dooku & Qui-Gon

Master Dooku has the highest standards and only chooses the most elite of the elite as his apprentices. Initiate Jinn is a prodigy and looks perfect on the records and is also exceptionally gifted in sensing the Living Force. Master Dooku thought he would make the perfect Padawan. Sometimes, Master Dooku is wrong.

Or, Master Dooku has to bribe a young Padawan Qui-Gon with Obi-Wan’s company in order to get him to do anything.

[A/N] In this AU where everyone is happy, almost no one is evil and everyone lives, Master Dooku is that grumpy grandpa who looks super scary but is actually ridiculously soft once you get to know him. Qui-Gon is his third apprentice, and all three of his Padawans are ridiculously rebellious (and spoiled) in their own ways. You’ll meet the other two soon <3

                              <<< PREV                          NEXT >>>

Confused? Have no idea why Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are only 3 years apart?

vvv Click the link below! vvv

This is part of the Star Wars Age!Squash AU. Find all other posts through THIS MASTERPOST. Update schedule for future posts will also be on the Masterpost!


In which Kratos also got wet in the name of science.

replication of this experiment.


Hello, my darling anons!

I know I literally requested these asks in my tags, BUT THANK YOU FOR OBLIGING ME SO BEAUTIFULLY. I’m a bit late to the game when it comes to talking about 2jae’s Extremely Close Interview because I haven’t had much time to keep up with GOT7 lately, and I know that the wonderful @huggableyoungjae already talked about it so beautifully, but I NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS MOMENT AS WELL BECAUSE:

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so i’ve hit 2.5k in a suprisingly short amount of time and i want to say that i love all of you so very much,, thank you for making me feel loved and wanted♡

and i wanted to do a little follow forever because,, why not?? (okay this is not little, sorry)

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hey it’s your local chan stan™ n i’m here with my fourth follow forever but i feel like a whole new blog so let’s just say it’s my first lmao 

first of all i changed blog types and urls.. even sort of changed my mains from exo to seventeen.. i make gifs now?? i’m a whole different person?? anyways i’m saying this because ever since these things happened i’ve lost mutuals, gained mutuals but the ones who stayed throughout that whole phase.. like.. thank you so much.. i might not say it much or even at all but i’m so grateful for the ones who stayed.. i hope you know who you are!!

anyways i reached *k a while ago but never got around to making a follow forever n my last follow forever was a year ago.. i made this kind of short because i really wanted to say thank you to all of you for making more experience here on t*mblr more enjoyable than it ever was!!

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i love you all so much!!

keep reading for messages (note i’m not rly good at messages n i wrote this at.. a late hour.. and it’s VERY long)~

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First of all, I wanna thank satan for making it possible for me reach this number. This took a while for me to post because I was too lazy and too busy to get around it. I’m nearing 700 now. Second of all, I wanna question why everyone chose to follow such a shit blog like this. Though I am mostly thankful to everyone that did. Thank you for tolerating me on your dashes even though my presence has been scarce and I rarely get to reply back to any of you. Getting to RP someone like Nyx has certainly been a fun and emotional experience for me. He’s given my RPing hobby a second chance on a lease of life. And I wanna thank everyone who’s given me a chance to RP with them too. You are all lovely.

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Male!MC Mystic Messenger! {Random Presents!}

Happy Birthday @theonlylivingvirus!!! Sorry this took my forever but…It’s here now yay! 

Game: Mystic Messenger
Characters: V/ Unknown/ 707/ Male! MC 

Spoilers!! I use Unknown and Seven’s real name!!

“Do you trust me?” Saeyoung smirked. 


“Smart man.” Saeran scoffed. 

Zack watched as Saeyoung installed a fuel tank into the robotic dog he had just-so-happened to whip up. Why did it need that? He didn’t know. The whole reason they were making this was because the three figured V needed something to keep him company on his long trips that he liked to take. Zack and Saeran had pointed out more than once that if V took this thing to an airport he’d be reprimanded and arrested. Still Saeyoung insisted that he knew what he was doing. In his own words this was “To help him move faster” but Zack wasn’t so sure. 

Saeran had pointed out that he was probably doing this because he could which Saeyoung never denied. Zack sighed as he watched Saeyoung’s careful hands slowly insert the fuel tank. There was a small click and the three held their breath. And then the robot dog barked. 

“Shit!” Zack jumped away. “Saeyoung what the hell?!” 

“Hmm it’s breathing fire again.” He mumbled to himself. 

“V’s practically blind right? Do you really want a fire breathing dog to be around him?” Saeran pointed out as he took three steps back. 

Zack patted his arm. “I think it singed some hair…” He felt his heart pound into his chest. “Sev- I mean- Saeyoung, I know you mean well but this….this is kind of a bad idea.” He pointed at the dog. “I really don’t think it needs this propane tank in it. Why can’t we just give him a simple little key chain dog like I suggested?” 

“Well because bigger is better!” Saeyoung smiled. 

Saeran scoffed again. “That’s what all the ladies keep telling you.” 

Saeyoung made a face of hurt. “Wow I’m sorry, did I ask for your backseat talking? No I didn’t.” 

Saeran opened his mouth. “Enough!” Zack sighed. “Okay let’s just get back to thinking up a plan okay. First off are we keeping the dog idea or not?” 

“Yes!” Saeyoung smiled. 
“I don’t fucking care.” 

“Great. Okay now, I vote that we make the dog a key chain. You know, something small and light so he can take it around with him.” 

“I like that idea.” 

“You always like Zack’s ideas Saeran. I mean just get a room already!” 


“Guy!” Zack huffed and ran his fingers through his messy hair. “Keychain or no?” 

“I say yes.” Saeran said seriously. 

“But…there’s not propane tank that sm-” 

“NO PROPANE!” Zack and Saeran said in unison.

Saeyoung gave a dramatic sigh before shutting down the small robot dog and returning to his drawing board. Now, finally, they had a plausible plan. It wasn’t like it was V’s birthday or anything. It was more of an impulsive decision. Zack had randomly gave out the idea and then Saeran said it sounded good–really Saeran did agree with Zack on a lot of things–and suddenly Saeyoung was in on it to. And before Zack could back out he was in too deep. Well it wasn’t that bad, at first. That is until Saeyoung started adding strange things to the blueprints and Saeran’s design ideas seemed very…violent. 

It didn’t Saeyoung much time to draw up a new design. It was a simple, kind of fat, looking dog. It was white and grey to go with V’s normal style and had “Elly level” blue eyes. It was to made of metal and hand painted. That sounded kind of fun. The three headed out into the dark clouded weather, and Zack could feel a spring in his step now that they had a nice little to project to work on together.

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justholdinghandsok  asked:

You're working so hard here!! Thank you for what you do and for this blog! I love to see your answers on my dash this morning! ❤

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And because one isn’t enough:

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This made my day.  <3  Having friends by your side for the ride makes every day easier and better!

VERSUS: Monster choreo or Lotto choreo?

This is a bit of a throwback even though it’s not Thursday. I really love watching EXO dance so I figured why not ask you guys which dance you prefer!





Make sure to watch both videos, especially the Lotto one! It took me forever to find and I realized I’ve never actually seen the full choreography because of how music shows cut the footage (@ SM: where’s the dance practice already???).

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- Admin Ashlee

accutane q&a heh

i get soo many questions about my experience with accutane so i’m making this post that i’ll tag with #accutane qs so i can just link it in my faq : ) 

how/why did you get on accutane? i had been going to the dermatologist for 6-ish months already because my breakouts took forever to go away and i had acne scars/redness on my cheeks, we had already tried everything so he recommended that i get on accutane, i didn’t have to convince my parents or anything 

how much is it? i don’t know bc its different depending on where you live and stuff, you’ll have to talk to your dermatologist about it 

what side effects did you have? during the first month i got emotional easily, the first two months i got joint aches, the last two months i got bloody noses easily, and the whole time i was on it (six months) i had really dry, sensitive skin (which is pretty much a given, everyone gets dry skin) and fatigue 

did you get the big initial breakout that everyone says you get when you first start accutane? i didn’t, but it’s different for everyone! same with side effects and stuff like it just depends on the person

what products did you use while you were on it? i used (and still use!!) nivea lip balm (i put it on constantly) and their in-shower moisturizer, body lotion, and face cream aaand cetaphil cleanser

how is your skin now? did it really work? my skin is soooo freaking nice now, i don’t breakout at all anymore (i think the last zit i got was like 3 months ago, it was tiny and went away in 2 days), most of my acne scars are gone, my skin is really smooth and i don’t have redness anymore. it’s still pretty dry but not bad at all

i can’t speak for everyone on accutane bc everyone reacts differently but this was my experience : ) xx 

Why do I always draw things that I know will take me forever and a day. Why. WELL IN ANY CASE. I love Cherche and Minervykins. You know I do because I spent an eternity shading them. B’)


Drunk Deduction Cushions

For some reason when I saw the drunk deductions I thought “these would make good cushions” so I made them. I bought the fabric, sowed them together myself (which is why they aren’t quite perfect squares but i think it adds to the drunkness), and then painted them with fabric paint.

These actually took forever to finish because I have been procrastinating them for months. I bought the fabric this time last year.

Go on judge me on my bookcase.


Red Lines - Part Five

Sorry guys this part took forever. And I just realised why ^^ instead of sticking to my usual 12 or even less panels I went crazy and made 19 this time. So maybe there’s a bit more happening in this one, maybe not ^^

The next part will probably be the last one, well not really because I’ve got another comic planned afterwards, but if this was a fanfic it would be the end of a chapter… if that makes any sense ;) Anyway, don’t know if I’ll get that ready and done before London, I’ll see what I can do.

<— Part Four | Part Six —>

All Red Lines comic parts.

yay i made a second follow forever because why not?! im so confused as to people follow me tbh im a mess but im so grateful for all of my followers and friends because  you make me soooo happy!!! <3 im really sorry if u see this and i missed you out :/

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@cxndemned i dont know why your fine ass is still friends with me tbh but im sooo glad you are, i love u to a thousand bits and pieces to pluto and back!!!!!

@laethel honestly the love of my life, so much perfection in one human being isnt fair! im pretty sure youre my lowkey soulmate as well. ilysm b

@smollkid my little peach!!! ive never met someone so cute and sweet and kind and ahhh you are an angel!! theres no other explanation okay? okay love you

Jeez this took forever to make D:

Because I drew them once, and now that Rebs put out the official sisters (a while ago..) I had to re draw them. Because Fritz’s family would be the quirkiest thing to see. And fairies, cuz you know, myth AU :P

Sorry if they are not 100% accurate. I took some liberty with faerie’s hair, and I turned her into a war fairy, because why the fudge not.

Characters by Rebornica~
Myth AU by rykitsu and umbreeunix~

☆ Just A Show Of Appreciation ☆


Oh my, I must be doing at least one thing right.

OOC: So one day I woke up and found not only a bunch of stars in my inbox, but people even had some really nice words to say about me too. I… can’t really explain the smile this put on me that afternoon. It wasn’t pretty And so I thought I’d send a bunch too out to those I felt deserve it. 

I decided against that, because quite frankly, it would take forever with how many times I’d hit the ask limit. On top of that, I could think of a reason for so many people to receive that I figured I’d just end up telling them how I feel. But how to just go about doing that? Well, why not make a big post about it!

I’ve been enjoying this hobby very much on both this blog,and recently on my newest blog @freshgodthatlikeshills , and it’s about time I took the time out to just spill out a bunch of goodwill towards my followers that’s been building up in me. I’ve got over two hundred of you, after all!

I don’t know if this counts as one of those ‘Follow Forever’ things, but this is just me taking the time out on this midnight to maybe spread some love which I don’t do often enough. Besides, this is limited to mostly people following me with a few exceptions.

Not everyone I’ve talked to or has followed me will be mentioned here, I’m afraid. If you aren’t mentioned, all that means is that we haven’t gotten to know each other that well at all. That can change whenever, naturally, and is probably my own fault for not reaching out! So please don’t feel left out or that you’re worth less than any other follower. If anything, it means there’s a chance to get to know each other better.

This is going to be a long ride though, so feel free to ctrl-f your own url if you were tagged. Otherwise, buckle in.

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