because it speaks to me on a spiritual level

Have I shown you guys my office toy?

Here she is! I don’t generally like Funko’s designs, but the frown speaks to me on a spiritual level. Me too, tiny!Jasp.

The sandstone bookend I got from a trip to Arizona back in 2009. I ended up digging it out of storage when I got tiny!Jasper because she was the perfect size for it to serve as a display set-up.

Why do I love Voltron so much

Because Lance tries so fucking hard and I want him to be loved the way he loves his team.

Because Hunk is the best human being I’ve ever seen and despite the lack of screen time he’s still a great character.

Because Pidge became the warrior she needed when her world fell apart and this is just so respectable.

Because Keith is freaking valid and I feel like dying inside a little bit more every time he tries to kill himself for the greater good.

Because Shiro has to be protected, he has seen some shit and no one seems to care anymore.

Because Allura wants to be as good as everybody needs her to be and even more and didn’t fell into the Princess Mary Sue stereotype.

Because Coran isn’t just the funny weird uncle but an important and irreplaceable member of Team Voltron.

Because Zarkon became tyrannical for a reason and at the time the reason was fighting for what he thought was right. 

Because Haggar wanted to be able to protect the universe and lost herself because of lust for power.

Because Lotor isn’t just a lost cause but a man trying to prove the universe he is better than what he is supposed to be and what it’s expected from him.

Because Matt is the sparkle of hope we waited for and because his return is the first step towards the end of the war.

Because these characters speak to me on an emotional and spiritual level, because they are full of insecurities, because they are corruptible and breakable, because they are funny and caring for each other in their twisted, complicated ways, because they are so relatable sometimes and because they are more human than some of people on this goddamn planet .

It’s Headcanon Time Again.

It seems that there are more than a few folks on here who share my belief that Seto Kaiba isn’t just a paragon of card games and general snobbery, but also a deft hand at the piano. 

He just kind of has that look.

But see, I’m starting to expand this belief. I think he learned because it was at least mildly cathartic, and also so that he wouldn’t completely forget his childhood. I think his mother played an instrument, too. Violin, specifically, but that’s not the point.

I think Seto learned to play her favorite pieces first, and then just kind of slowly expanded his repertoire.

I see him practicing every so often, after he gets home. I think there’s a nice grand piano in their front parlor. And sure, he’ll play your Moonlight Sonatas and your Für Elises and whatnot. Obviously. Maybe even an adaptation of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor because he’s dramatic that-a-way.

But then, just to see if anyone’s actually paying attention, he’ll belt out something a little more upbeat, and the Kaiba Estate’s house staff will just stare at each other, trying to figure out where the hell that came from. And then they hear Mokuba, up in his room, just start giggling fit to rupture something delicate.

Because he’s literally playing the Nyan Cat (A.K.A. Pop-Tart Cat) song.

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Hi Mister, Okay so I would appreciate your perspective on this... I think my boss knows that I'm a submissive/little but I'm not entirely sure. When ever I get my work done to his liking he says "that's a good girl." AND he doesn't laugh when I'm being sassy he just looks at me and presses his lips together as if he's refraining from doing it saying something. He will also speak in length with me about all things Disney. Is this all in my head? Do doms typically act this way in public too?

ahahahaa..ahaha.hahahaa….. ahem.


Let me preface my words with a true story from Mister’s diary:

I remember plain as day when she walked into the library. Scattered.. emotional… confused. Her spirit frantic, searching, clamoring for any sense o relief and safety it could find.  She had all the traits that my inner being had been so well trained to recognize. Right down to the way she moved.

My heart grew an inch and so I approached her, calmly and gently in the way I would always when I became awakened to the kindred soul among me. 

“You need me” I gently said to her. The look on her face of shock was amazing as her spirit awoke to who I was. She didn’t know what to say to me, so I gently reached out and touched her little wrist. 

“It’s going to be ok, you’re safe with me. Tell me what you are wanting to do”

I solved the problem she was having and then invited her outside for a chat. We spoke about many things for the span of around 45 minutes.

3 weeks later she was kneeling in front of me eager to fill any desire I had.

- Perspective -

Now, for me to say your boss is a Dom or Daddy is difficult because I dont know the full context of your workplace, how you present yourself, or if he has somehow investigated you and found your profiles and what not.

What I CAN tell you, is that advanced Dom’s and Daddys like myself pride themselves on both self awareness and behavioral recognition. When I was first coming up as a Dom, my mentor trained me in non verbal behavioral recognition skills. Recognizing your sub/littles needs and wants through simple behavior right down to the way she greets you, and also communicating on a full cerebral level without words. 

In fact, you could line up 50 people today and I could choose every single one of them that identified as a submissive without ever speaking a word to them. I’ve done it several times… and even today, I can tell when one is bothered or off simply in the way they say hello through a text.

three of my in person subs became such simply from my ability to look at them from across the room and immediately make a spiritual connection with them.

IF… this is the case with him, then congratulations. Though I would absolutely NOT recommend you pursue a relationship, because he is after all, your boss and source of your income.

But… for all intents and purposes, he does sound quite like myself and how I might act if I was still that kind of position. 

I was just speaking to someone about this yesterday… the spiritual component to our lifestyle that many often bypass because they dont even know it exists or how to nurture it in the first place.

My last sub… I could completely control her in a public crowded room with simple eye movement and gestures. with a simple look she knew exactly how I wanted her to be, what to do, and how to do it. Because I had trained her to connect with me on a spiritual level. Those in this lifestyle, who are truly genuine, we all have.. as cliche’ or cheesy as it may sound… kindred souls that cry out to each other beneath the surface. 

Its the same reason my first mentor recognized it in me and woke me up and its the same reason that IF.. he is a Dom and in tune with himself enough, that hes seeing it in you.

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Headcanon for what each of the captains' on stage persona would be like? Do they have costumes or like a signature move?

HOOO *cracks knuckles*

Okay so I was going to put my head into this and research strippers like a good noodle, but now I’m just going to go with my gut and shitpost this shit

(All nicknames are either from the fandom or from the shitpost recesses of my imagination. Don’t judge me) Enjoy~!

~ Admin Kay


I picture Daichi as a military man with camo booty shorts, and dog tags. The customers like his thighs (of course) so they started calling him ‘Captain Thighchi’. He totally loves it btw.


Kuroo doesn’t really have a theme with his persona? He is just…cool, confident, and just oozing sensuality. His lithe form, and the way he moves, is reminiscent of a panther. All these factors make the ladies call him “Cat Daddy”, which he thought was genius, of course, so he adopted the song Cat Daddy as his theme song (Kuroo you meme loving fuck) sometimes he adorns a pair of cat ears, as a special treat to the audience ;D


Honestly, I don’t know what to say about my favorite owl boy? I don’t think an owl persona would work on stage…and any themed things sound over the top for him lol. So…maybe he’s just his regular excitable self? (that’s enough for me tbh) He knows how to pump up a crowd and make anyone feel comfortable. His nickname is “The Buff Owl”, which is strictly because that’s how people describe him to their friends. He’s probably one of the strongest, most charismatic dancers in all of Japan lol (he’s at least in the top five) dem arms definitely bring in the customers *wink wonk*


Honestly, the only thing that comes to mind with stage personas for Wakatoshi is a Cowboy because Lana said “Farmboy can wreck me anytime” and that just speaks to me on a spiritual level. So yea his nickname is “Farmboy” and the whole audience wants him to wreck them. His theme song is “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” (*evil laughs*)


Obviously I have to go with “Grand King” as Oikawa’s nickname. It isn’t the costume that makes him the “Grand King”, but his cocky nature (and the complete dominance he has on stage). He likes to call the ladies in the audience his Queens, and boy does he treat you like one.


Futakuchi is a tough one…but I’d have to go with a police officer theme because he would love to order people around and tease them. Plus, he definitely has a kinky dom streak, so the handcuffs would be his favorite prop. His nickname is “Officer Steele” (Get it? because of Iron Wall? I’ll take my leave now)


Oh superhero theme, all the way. He’d make every routine fun, and he’d sully everyone’s childhood love for superheros and replace it with a very adult love for them instead (especially Spiderman). I bet he’d do a magical girl theme once in a while. His favorite is Sailor Moon (he gets the rest of the guys to dress up as the sailor scouts) and everyone loves it. His stage name is Spiderman and his nickname (on special occasions) is Sailor Teru lol

Stuff said in group chat pt. 4

  • “[Name] will attend a fun class of building shelves.”
  • “I should never be awake.“
  • “Pls don’t fuck Thai food.”
  • “Oh no my dingaling.”
  • “This sounds like a Gunther song.”
  • “I’m hallucinating coz of the heat.”
  • “That’s the problem. There are no thoughts in my mind, only thots.”
  • “Hot boys more like thot boys.”
  • “My dog sneezed and for a second I thought I had bread in the toaster.”
  • “Dog sneezes toast confirmed.”
  • “All hail our Space Lawyer Chuuni.”
  • “Getting stabbed isn’t that bad.”
  • “The moon is gay anyways what better than to run into the ocean and maybe meet the moon.”
  • “Thank you for being our true gay icon.”
  • “A gay error occurred.”
  • “Gae. We’re all gay in here.”
  • “Can you smell the folgers.”
  • “I can’t believe we don’t exist.”
  • “So we finally became one with the void.”
  • “I feel like this meme speaks to me on a spiritual level.”
  • “I too like to yell out Darth Vader-ish nos.”
  • “You even had a midlife crisis, I know.”
  • “I am your onee-chan now.”
  • “Sorry onee chan I’m dying.”
  • “We were married not ten minutes ago and now you wanna eat me.”
  • “I’ll just murder everyone who smokes here.”
  • “Don’t lose your sightmobiles to the void “
  • “So today I was introduced to the goodness that is hot pockets because I’ve never been allowed to eat them or any other frozen food sort of thing and just I cant stop thinking about them and I’m craving them really badly now.”
  • “Edgysaur looks like something you’d see while smoking a ton of meth.” 
  • “You no longer look like an Indian Danny Devito. I’m disowning you.”
  • “I’m not a masochist I just want [name] to kill me.”
  • “Dammit not enough money. I guess I’ll have to gamble in the black market.”
  • “I am your irresponsible onee-chan as well.”
  • “No one will stop you from getting 37 ice creams.”
  • “Maybe the real Zuckerberg was the friends we made along the way.”
  • “Destroy him so you don’t have to wait.
  • “Destroy the things that STAND in your way.”
  • “Netflix is a slut.
  • “What is all of this affection suddenly?”

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I imagine wizard fashion as a strange mix between victorian era fashion (especially for like, Pureblood wizards because of how rigid and strict it is), and also Tang Dynasty chinese fashion. I don't know why, it speaks to me on a spiritual level I guess. What do you think?

very interesting! seen as i’m not even remotely familiar with chinese fashion whatsoever I had to look it up, but it looks brilliant, i can definitely see elements of it incorporated into wizard fashion! 

i like to stray a bit from the “traditional” victorian, i agree purebloods would be more rigid in terms of clothing especially when it came to covering up, but personally i love playing with elements from ancient roman and greek fashion, and I also like some pureblood wizards and witches wearing their capes in viking fashion *cough*draco*cough*. 

but I’d wager the “regular” witch or wizard would appreciate the comfort muggle clothing offers to a point, and besides it’s fun trying to combine wizard robes with modern clothing I think, among others I see Ginny as a total 90s grunge girl and I believe Sirius with his leather jackets had a Depeche Mode streak going at some point. Luna could also give wizard fashion a nice bohemian twist? It’s definitely worth exploring, I’m thinking I could try and draw different styles :)


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I do like AOS, but I kinda assumed I’d never write any AOS fic because there’s just something about TOS’ glitter and camp and drama that speaks to me on a spiritual level. But here I am outlining a multi-chapter AOS fic and writing about blue eyes and motorcycles and New Vulcan. So idk what changed, but oh well, I’m rolling with it.

neondye , thank you so much for letting me keep your baphomet girl on my arm forever. Your girl was redrawn in traditional tattoo style by the talented artist Jake Vantiger at 805 Ink in Santa Barbara, California. I related to your girl instantly. In the comic she’s being bullied for her appearance, my interpretation says that this is more sinister than it seems, because the girl has the power to overcome and even take revenge when she grows into her true self. This speaks to me on an emotional and spiritual level. It says not to let people or my anxiety or my PTSD ruin me in the long run, even if the pain I’m experiencing seems like it’ll never end. I’m going to grow into a strong and fierce being and I’m going to be more than what is hurting me. I am the beast I worship. Thank you so much.

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If you please, top 5 books, cartoon characters, and maybe plot tropes?

Classy, I like. 

Granted my top books are always changing and usually it’s not a single book but a series, so I’ll list series instead. Hope that’s fine!

1. The Harry Potter series

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2. The Septimus Heap series

3. The Artemis Fowl series 

4. The Ranger’s Apprentice series

5. And finally, not so much the entire series, but I have a huge soft sport for Eragon

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Now for cartoons characters! 

1. Timmy Turner from the Fairly Odd Parents

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He speaks to me on a spiritual level. 

2. Courage from Courage the Cowardly dog 

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He speaks to me on another spiritual level. 

3. Jack from Samurai Jack

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He doesn’t speak to me on a spiritual level. If I tried to do what he did I’d be dead the first try. 

4. Chuckie from the Rugrats 

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5. And finally Bugs Bunny 

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Hope you don’t mind me skipping the top 5 tropes. I really can’t think of five at the moment. My mind has been currently fried from shopping and shopping is perhaps one of my biggest weaknesses out there. I hate shopping. 

“Thanks, John.”

 “Don’t get used to it, Griffin, I’m returning to my usual asshole state of being as we speak.”

 “If you ever need help with anything,” she continued seriously, “just ask.”

 “Well for starters you could show me how to draw fucking giraffe legs because I can’t seem to figure it out…”

- don’t ask me why, I just felt inspired at a spiritual level to draw this.

-gotta read the hsau by @hedaclexa @effortlessly-opulent

//Family PHOTO! Okay so I apologize first hand for the quality. I suck at drawing when it comes to ACTUALLY FINISHING IT, but I had to do this. It hasn’t even been a year yet and the Kanaloa Family is just beautiful.

Also I need to point out that Wheelie’s expression Speaks to me on a spiritual level. It’s like he doesn’t wanna be in that photo because he hates taking his photo but it’s for his family! He wants to be there for his FAMILY! Also he looks like he’s holding back the urge to make a face xD. His expression just Speaks to me.

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Okay okay, like in all honesty, I've been reblogging a lot of shit from you today regarding Aoi because, my god, I can't help but to relate to all of it. It's like you speak to me on such a spiritual level. I love you and I love him and we all love him and that's a beautiful thing 💙💙💙

😭😭😭😭😭 ZOMI.❤ Loving the same bias is a beautiful thing, right?? Imagine if we were instead fighting over who he “belongs to” like I’ve heard stories from back in the day when apparently Aoi stans used to be super hardcore possessive over him and mean and it makes me kinda glad that recently (as in, the past few years), there’s just.. Only been love for him?? Like we really just care about his happiness & I’m so glad you can relate to the stuff I (spam)post and that it means sth to you 😭😭😭❤ maybe that’s what that 1 anon back then meant by they love the way I love Aoi.. Haha Idk though, I’m just so glad that I’ve found people here who feel the same 💙 (Sorry for the long ass answer xD)

Okay I see a lot of posts on my dash about how your first draft isn’t supposed to be clean or sensible and they speak to me on a spiritual level because my first drafts are NEVER clean or sensible. It takes so much editing to get there that you wouldn’t believe.

Got me thinking though–here is an ask game idea:

Send me any fic I’ve written and I’ll post an absolutely terrible outtake from the first draft.

YoI stuff because I have virtually no friends that will enjoy it with me

Theme of king JJ is really uplifting to me cause he’s so confident and idk the song has that positiveness to it. Especially the ending lyrics, “I’ll never give up even if the night should fall, always do my best.”

Still alive is also really good too because of similar reasons.

I considered doing a lengthy comparison of Civil War and BvS, but I decided against it.
The reason I decided that is simple, they aren’t all that comparable.
Sure, there’s some similar themes and ideas, even similar plot points and narrative editing. But the truth is, they are worlds apart.

Civil war entertained me, but that was the extent of my feelings. I’ll watch it again from time to time.

BvS really made me feel something. The experience of that movie was philosophical, almost spiritual. This was something that entertained me on all of the comic book movie levels and inspired me and filled me with complete joy and awe.

I was not in awe of Civil War, but I enjoyed it.

I will watch BvS again and again, much like with Man of Steel, because these movies speak to me. And I can tell from my followers and those that I follow, that they speak to a lot of other people, too.

And that there highlights the only comparison I need to make.

BvS spoke to people on a personal, intelligent, non-condescending level and engaged us in the conversation.
Civil War shouted at everyone and waited for the applause.