because it speaks to me on a spiritual level

Have I shown you guys my office toy?

Here she is! I don’t generally like Funko’s designs, but the frown speaks to me on a spiritual level. Me too, tiny!Jasp.

The sandstone bookend I got from a trip to Arizona back in 2009. I ended up digging it out of storage when I got tiny!Jasper because she was the perfect size for it to serve as a display set-up.

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Hi Mister, Okay so I would appreciate your perspective on this... I think my boss knows that I'm a submissive/little but I'm not entirely sure. When ever I get my work done to his liking he says "that's a good girl." AND he doesn't laugh when I'm being sassy he just looks at me and presses his lips together as if he's refraining from doing it saying something. He will also speak in length with me about all things Disney. Is this all in my head? Do doms typically act this way in public too?

ahahahaa..ahaha.hahahaa….. ahem.


Let me preface my words with a true story from Mister’s diary:

I remember plain as day when she walked into the library. Scattered.. emotional… confused. Her spirit frantic, searching, clamoring for any sense o relief and safety it could find.  She had all the traits that my inner being had been so well trained to recognize. Right down to the way she moved.

My heart grew an inch and so I approached her, calmly and gently in the way I would always when I became awakened to the kindred soul among me. 

“You need me” I gently said to her. The look on her face of shock was amazing as her spirit awoke to who I was. She didn’t know what to say to me, so I gently reached out and touched her little wrist. 

“It’s going to be ok, you’re safe with me. Tell me what you are wanting to do”

I solved the problem she was having and then invited her outside for a chat. We spoke about many things for the span of around 45 minutes.

3 weeks later she was kneeling in front of me eager to fill any desire I had.

- Perspective -

Now, for me to say your boss is a Dom or Daddy is difficult because I dont know the full context of your workplace, how you present yourself, or if he has somehow investigated you and found your profiles and what not.

What I CAN tell you, is that advanced Dom’s and Daddys like myself pride themselves on both self awareness and behavioral recognition. When I was first coming up as a Dom, my mentor trained me in non verbal behavioral recognition skills. Recognizing your sub/littles needs and wants through simple behavior right down to the way she greets you, and also communicating on a full cerebral level without words. 

In fact, you could line up 50 people today and I could choose every single one of them that identified as a submissive without ever speaking a word to them. I’ve done it several times… and even today, I can tell when one is bothered or off simply in the way they say hello through a text.

three of my in person subs became such simply from my ability to look at them from across the room and immediately make a spiritual connection with them.

IF… this is the case with him, then congratulations. Though I would absolutely NOT recommend you pursue a relationship, because he is after all, your boss and source of your income.

But… for all intents and purposes, he does sound quite like myself and how I might act if I was still that kind of position. 

I was just speaking to someone about this yesterday… the spiritual component to our lifestyle that many often bypass because they dont even know it exists or how to nurture it in the first place.

My last sub… I could completely control her in a public crowded room with simple eye movement and gestures. with a simple look she knew exactly how I wanted her to be, what to do, and how to do it. Because I had trained her to connect with me on a spiritual level. Those in this lifestyle, who are truly genuine, we all have.. as cliche’ or cheesy as it may sound… kindred souls that cry out to each other beneath the surface. 

Its the same reason my first mentor recognized it in me and woke me up and its the same reason that IF.. he is a Dom and in tune with himself enough, that hes seeing it in you.

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I imagine wizard fashion as a strange mix between victorian era fashion (especially for like, Pureblood wizards because of how rigid and strict it is), and also Tang Dynasty chinese fashion. I don't know why, it speaks to me on a spiritual level I guess. What do you think?

very interesting! seen as i’m not even remotely familiar with chinese fashion whatsoever I had to look it up, but it looks brilliant, i can definitely see elements of it incorporated into wizard fashion! 

i like to stray a bit from the “traditional” victorian, i agree purebloods would be more rigid in terms of clothing especially when it came to covering up, but personally i love playing with elements from ancient roman and greek fashion, and I also like some pureblood wizards and witches wearing their capes in viking fashion *cough*draco*cough*. 

but I’d wager the “regular” witch or wizard would appreciate the comfort muggle clothing offers to a point, and besides it’s fun trying to combine wizard robes with modern clothing I think, among others I see Ginny as a total 90s grunge girl and I believe Sirius with his leather jackets had a Depeche Mode streak going at some point. Luna could also give wizard fashion a nice bohemian twist? It’s definitely worth exploring, I’m thinking I could try and draw different styles :)


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It’s Headcanon Time Again.

It seems that there are more than a few folks on here who share my belief that Seto Kaiba isn’t just a paragon of card games and general snobbery, but also a deft hand at the piano. 

He just kind of has that look.

But see, I’m starting to expand this belief. I think he learned because it was at least mildly cathartic, and also so that he wouldn’t completely forget his childhood. See, I think his mother played an instrument, too. Violin, specifically, but that’s not the point.

I think Seto learned to play her favorite pieces first, and then just kind of slowly expanded his repertoire.

I see him practicing every so often, after he gets home. I think there’s a nice grand piano in their front parlor. And sure, he’ll play your Moonlight Sonatas and your Für Elises and whatnot. Obviously. Maybe even an adaptation of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor because he’s dramatic that-a-way.

But then, just to see if anyone’s actually paying attention, he’ll belt out something a little more upbeat, and the Kaiba Estate’s house staff will just stare at each other, trying to figure out where the hell that came from. And then they hear Mokuba, up in his room, just start giggling fit to rupture something delicate.

Because he’s literally playing the Nyan Cat (A.K.A. Pop-Tart Cat) song.

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If you please, top 5 books, cartoon characters, and maybe plot tropes?

Classy, I like. 

Granted my top books are always changing and usually it’s not a single book but a series, so I’ll list series instead. Hope that’s fine!

1. The Harry Potter series

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2. The Septimus Heap series

3. The Artemis Fowl series 

4. The Ranger’s Apprentice series

5. And finally, not so much the entire series, but I have a huge soft sport for Eragon

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Now for cartoons characters! 

1. Timmy Turner from the Fairly Odd Parents

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He speaks to me on a spiritual level. 

2. Courage from Courage the Cowardly dog 

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He speaks to me on another spiritual level. 

3. Jack from Samurai Jack

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He doesn’t speak to me on a spiritual level. If I tried to do what he did I’d be dead the first try. 

4. Chuckie from the Rugrats 

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5. And finally Bugs Bunny 

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Hope you don’t mind me skipping the top 5 tropes. I really can’t think of five at the moment. My mind has been currently fried from shopping and shopping is perhaps one of my biggest weaknesses out there. I hate shopping. 

//Family PHOTO! Okay so I apologize first hand for the quality. I suck at drawing when it comes to ACTUALLY FINISHING IT, but I had to do this. It hasn’t even been a year yet and the Kanaloa Family is just beautiful.

Also I need to point out that Wheelie’s expression Speaks to me on a spiritual level. It’s like he doesn’t wanna be in that photo because he hates taking his photo but it’s for his family! He wants to be there for his FAMILY! Also he looks like he’s holding back the urge to make a face xD. His expression just Speaks to me.

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‘1989’ (a HTMYAW-verse side mission)

1980s era Winter Soldier speaks to me on a spiritual level (in part thanks to this fanmix), so when monicawoe wrote this awesome little side story I was compelled to draw something for it. I chose to go more stylized AND full colour for this one since it’s just a stand-alone drawing and because EIGHTIES!!! \o/

The main 'How They Make You A Weapon’ fic and art can be found HERE.

neondye , thank you so much for letting me keep your baphomet girl on my arm forever. Your girl was redrawn in traditional tattoo style by the talented artist Jake Vantiger at 805 Ink in Santa Barbara, California. I related to your girl instantly. In the comic she’s being bullied for her appearance, my interpretation says that this is more sinister than it seems, because the girl has the power to overcome and even take revenge when she grows into her true self. This speaks to me on an emotional and spiritual level. It says not to let people or my anxiety or my PTSD ruin me in the long run, even if the pain I’m experiencing seems like it’ll never end. I’m going to grow into a strong and fierce being and I’m going to be more than what is hurting me. I am the beast I worship. Thank you so much.

“Thanks, John.”

 “Don’t get used to it, Griffin, I’m returning to my usual asshole state of being as we speak.”

 “If you ever need help with anything,” she continued seriously, “just ask.”

 “Well for starters you could show me how to draw fucking giraffe legs because I can’t seem to figure it out…”

- don’t ask me why, I just felt inspired at a spiritual level to draw this.

-gotta read the hsau by @hedaclexa @effortlessly-opulent

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Hi, this is a weird question i suppose but its one i enjoy asking people. And well, you have a post that says ask me anything so??? Do you have an absolute favorite person, who are they and why?

((OOC: I have favorite people but not a single person for say, And I feel like it can fall into different categories. Like you can have people you know in real life and then people who are celebrities, or fictional people, or even people you meet online.

So for me, @a-smol-badger is one of my favorite people in real life; because I love my family and other people I know therefore they are also my favorite people. These people are the ones who shape me the most as a person.

Celebrities for me would be Josh Dun, Tyler Jospeh, Hayley Williams, Ed Sheeran (mainly people who make music) as most of their art speaks to me on an emotional and dare I say spiritual level. These are the people I aspire to be and look up to

The list could go on and on, just a bit of personal opinion))

On the 1911:

The 1911 is probably (definitely) my favorite platform. It is in my opinion- the Katana of the firearms.

Now let me explain what I mean by that:
The Katana is a very finely crafted blade, with a very sharp, very hard blade.
It takes years of practice to master.
It requires special up keep.
And it’s cutting power can be easily surpassed by a drunk Viking with an axe and five minutes training.

Similarly, the 1911’s best examples are more works of art then weapons.
They require more practice then a Glock or other modern gun to truly master.
But there it’s a certain charm to old slab sides that transcends practicality.
I don’t care that I get 8+1, where I could get 15+1 in a modern gun.
I like the 1911 Because it speaks to me on a spiritual level.
I’m fully aware that it’s impractical.
I just don’t care.

I considered doing a lengthy comparison of Civil War and BvS, but I decided against it.
The reason I decided that is simple, they aren’t all that comparable.
Sure, there’s some similar themes and ideas, even similar plot points and narrative editing. But the truth is, they are worlds apart.

Civil war entertained me, but that was the extent of my feelings. I’ll watch it again from time to time.

BvS really made me feel something. The experience of that movie was philosophical, almost spiritual. This was something that entertained me on all of the comic book movie levels and inspired me and filled me with complete joy and awe.

I was not in awe of Civil War, but I enjoyed it.

I will watch BvS again and again, much like with Man of Steel, because these movies speak to me. And I can tell from my followers and those that I follow, that they speak to a lot of other people, too.

And that there highlights the only comparison I need to make.

BvS spoke to people on a personal, intelligent, non-condescending level and engaged us in the conversation.
Civil War shouted at everyone and waited for the applause.

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Top 3 fav stelena scenes?

Oh my God, you are trying to kill me. ONLY THREE? OK. Let me see.

1. Definitely the 3x05 fighting compulsion scene:

I think it’s actually probably the most passionate Stelena scene not only because Stefan is doing the impossible here and fighting off Klaus’ compulsion because he’s holding on to his love for Elena which allows him to hold on to himself but because of the way Elena runs toward Stefan when Klaus pushes him against the wall, she’s scared and she’s worried and she’s frantic not for herself but for Stefan, for his humanity, for his soul and the reciprocity of their love is exemplified in this one scene and I remember watching at the time like … this. This is why it’s always going to be Stelena. No DE scene can top this. Because Damon can say Elena is his life and say that she’s his redemption and the light in his darkness but can he prove it? Stefan can. He fought compulsion for her. Say it with me DE fans, action.

2. When they get to the Lake House in 2x14:

Next to this being a really fun and goofy Stelena scene and a direct contrary to the DErs and non-SErs who like to say that SE was all doom and gloom all the time, I like this scene because it also shows just how much Stefan and Elena turn each other on. Like they can’t keep their hands off of each other, Stefan grabs Elena’s thigh to wrap her leg further around his waist and sets her down on a counter, they can’t even make it to a bedroom or a couch or anything, just the closest surface and he’s leaning into her while she’s pushing him even closer to her body while her legs are wrapped around his middle. It’s hot. But it’s also sweet and it’s loving and you can clearly see how much they want to be with each other and around each other and it’s such a deep-down good feeling scene.

3. Of course, of course their first love scene in 1x10:

The amount of connection that happens in this scene is simply unparalleled with any other ship on the show and you can see how in sync Stefan and Elena are with their movements, with their touches, with their gazes, you can see just how much they love each other; when Elena’s fingers enclose around Stefan’s, this need to always be entwined, to always be in contact is so telling but the moment I love the most in this entire scene (and there are so many moments I love) is when they’re gazing at each other and Elena slowly runs her thumb down Stefan’s lips because it’s almost like she’s committing everything about him to memory, she’s learning his body, while staring so intently and longingly at him because they reached a level of profound togetherness.


When the visions of their fantasy lives are taken away from them in 5x18:

I loved this scene because of how sad it was, how devastated Stefan and Elena both look at no longer being able to see their lives together; Stefan can barely speak and Elena has tears in her eyes and the way she asks him “Does that mean that it’s over?” there’s such yearning to have that life with him, they are both so affected by the loss and it showed me just how emotionally and spiritually and intellectually wanting Elena is in the DE relationship and how much she needs this intimacy with Stefan and how for some stupid reason the show was refusing to give this to a character that’s so clearly in need of a partner who fulfills her like Stefan did/does. 

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Do you like secular tv shows and movies? do you find this keeps us off the path of Jesus/condemns us?

Hey dear friend, to be very truthful, I’m a huge fan of TV shows and movies. My favorite TV show of all time is 24, and I currently watch Person of Interest and The Walking Dead.  I’m secretly a noir film buff and I love the old 1940s-50s black and white detective films, particularly with Humphrey Bogart. As an Asian-Easterner, these sort of Western tales are hugely fascinating, with their strong feminine characters and self-deprecating anti-heroes.  I’ve read nearly all of Raymond Chandler’s work. I’m also a sucker for Michael Crichton and Stephen King. Oh, and Marvel and DC (why not both?).

I try not to think of entertainment as “secular” versus “Christian,” because this “sacred/secular” divide unnecessarily stirs up a self-righteous superiority, as if art can only be art when “I say so.” There’s no special medal for skipping The DaVinci Code. It also excludes a wide variety of creative expression, which gets a little bit too much like an authoritarian tyranny to me. 

Art in itself has a connective tissue which speaks to us on a personal and universal level. Some art does this better than others, but most art does speak to us. I wouldn’t wipe out an entire genre just because it wasn’t totally “safe” or “pure.” In fact, some art or music or movies that claim to be about Jesus are actually rather terrible, and are so distracting that they only remind me how weird the Christian art industry really is. But then I have a spiritual experience watching the forsaken love of The Phantom of the Opera or the heroism of Harry Potter, and these point me to Jesus better than Left Behind or Kirk Cameron.

Certainly there’s art that’s degrading and regressive. While every voice can be freely expressed, it doesn’t mean it should all be freely received. Some of it must be outright rejected. But nearly every form of art can be redeemed, if not in whole, then in pieces. It’s up to us, individually, with wisdom and discernment, to redeem the connective tissue. In the end, it’s all about our motives with these things. Am I watching this to vicariously fulfill my objectification and anger? Or am I watching this out of the appreciation of storytelling and aesthetic beauty? For the most part, I think we can tell the difference, and so we can decide accordingly.

It’s a Romans 14 issue, so if something does cause me to stumble, then I will absolutely skip it, no matter how much I get called a prude. It also depends on our season of life, whether we’re trying to quit a certain habit or free our minds of an old pattern. Each of us must be wise to decide what we filter and what we intake. So please don’t let anyone embarrass you if you choose to stay away from certain things, but please don’t shame others for what they watch, either.

— J.S.