because it speaks to me on a spiritual level

It’s Headcanon Time Again.

It seems that there are more than a few folks on here who share my belief that Seto Kaiba isn’t just a paragon of card games and general snobbery, but also a deft hand at the piano. 

He just kind of has that look.

But see, I’m starting to expand this belief. I think he learned because it was at least mildly cathartic, and also so that he wouldn’t completely forget his childhood. See, I think his mother played an instrument, too. Violin, specifically, but that’s not the point.

I think Seto learned to play her favorite pieces first, and then just kind of slowly expanded his repertoire.

I see him practicing every so often, after he gets home. I think there’s a nice grand piano in their front parlor. And sure, he’ll play your Moonlight Sonatas and your Für Elises and whatnot. Obviously. Maybe even an adaptation of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor because he’s dramatic that-a-way.

But then, just to see if anyone’s actually paying attention, he’ll belt out something a little more upbeat, and the Kaiba Estate’s house staff will just stare at each other, trying to figure out where the hell that came from. And then they hear Mokuba, up in his room, just start giggling fit to rupture something delicate.

Because he’s literally playing the Nyan Cat (A.K.A. Pop-Tart Cat) song.

“Thanks, John.”

 “Don’t get used to it, Griffin, I’m returning to my usual asshole state of being as we speak.”

 “If you ever need help with anything,” she continued seriously, “just ask.”

 “Well for starters you could show me how to draw fucking giraffe legs because I can’t seem to figure it out…”

- don’t ask me why, I just felt inspired at a spiritual level to draw this.

-gotta read the hsau by @hedaclexa @effortlessly-opulent
[Not Organic] Sorry, but Felicity is a horrible person • /r/arrow
I know, I know, enough with the Felicity bashing. But I just need to vent a little. So Felicity started off as the comic relief but also...

I know, I know, enough with the Felicity bashing. But I just need to vent a little.

So Felicity started off as the comic relief but also something of a moral compass. She join Team Arrow to save Walter. She stayed on because she liked helping people. And even in the last few episodes, she’s referenced how she just really wants to make a positive impact on the world. She also helped push Oliver to stop killing and find alternative methods of stopping the bad guys. These are all good things. These are good traits for a character and even a hero.

But then there’s the “Ray! Oliver!” thing. Undoubtedly cringe-worthy because of how insanely selfish that is. The constant crying in season 3 about literally everything. I honestly don’t remember if it was legitimate or not (surely her crying was justified at least on a few occasions).

Then we get to her giving Donna relationship advice and sounding sensible and helpful. Only to do a complete 180 when Oliver keeps something from her and it’s explained point blank to her face that it wasn’t his fault. And since the break-up she’s been fucking terrible. Snarky as shit towards Oliver in the next episode. The whole “you’re an illegitimate child away from a perfect Oliver Queen impression.” WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? If I was Diggle I would’ve walked away from her on the spot and told the rest of the team Felicity died. How is that OK? It wasn’t funny, especially coming from Felicity. If Thea said it, maybe. I mean he’s her brother, it’s okay to give him some shit sometimes. But Felicity? She broke up with him and continues to be a total dick about it. I thought Oliver was supposed to be the selfish playboy, no?

We have that meme about Felicity being a strong and powerful woman but I don’t understand the writing of this character. She’s an asshole! She’s just a selfish asshole and we’re supposed to see her as a hero? I mean c'mon, Oliver as Arrow was an asshole and both Arrow and the Flash made sure to point this out several times even though he was still the hero of his show. But with Felicity, no one ever even calls her out for her shit? No one says “hey man, I get you’re hurting, but you can’t just be a dick, it’s not cool.”

It’s driving me insane. It pulls me out of the show every time. Like, wtf? She’s not a likable character. Agents of Shield, Agent Charter, Jessica Jones, and even Daredevil all have loads of examples of strong female characters who outshine male characters in legitimately organic ways.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think Karen from Daredevil is basically what Felicity is trying to be and failing. I don’t like Karen, she’s annoying and meddles in everyone’s business. But she’s not an asshole. She doesn’t say shit to Matt just to be an asshole. And he hurts her, too, and she reacts with emotions that resonate in a realistic way. Not like “oh you hurt me so I’m gonna be a crazy bitch asshole now”.

I considered doing a lengthy comparison of Civil War and BvS, but I decided against it.
The reason I decided that is simple, they aren’t all that comparable.
Sure, there’s some similar themes and ideas, even similar plot points and narrative editing. But the truth is, they are worlds apart.

Civil war entertained me, but that was the extent of my feelings. I’ll watch it again from time to time.

BvS really made me feel something. The experience of that movie was philosophical, almost spiritual. This was something that entertained me on all of the comic book movie levels and inspired me and filled me with complete joy and awe.

I was not in awe of Civil War, but I enjoyed it.

I will watch BvS again and again, much like with Man of Steel, because these movies speak to me. And I can tell from my followers and those that I follow, that they speak to a lot of other people, too.

And that there highlights the only comparison I need to make.

BvS spoke to people on a personal, intelligent, non-condescending level and engaged us in the conversation.
Civil War shouted at everyone and waited for the applause.

neondye , thank you so much for letting me keep your baphomet girl on my arm forever. Your girl was redrawn in traditional tattoo style by the talented artist Jake Vantiger at 805 Ink in Santa Barbara, California. I related to your girl instantly. In the comic she’s being bullied for her appearance, my interpretation says that this is more sinister than it seems, because the girl has the power to overcome and even take revenge when she grows into her true self. This speaks to me on an emotional and spiritual level. It says not to let people or my anxiety or my PTSD ruin me in the long run, even if the pain I’m experiencing seems like it’ll never end. I’m going to grow into a strong and fierce being and I’m going to be more than what is hurting me. I am the beast I worship. Thank you so much.

okay but

can we please talk about how amazing Mockingbird #3 is?

I mean

I say “This speaks to me on a spiritual level” about fatty foods and nerd jokes but

This speaks to me on a spiritual level.

I was the kid that brought home spiders hoping for spider powers. And stray cats, hoping to be Catwoman. And tried climbing fences and poles and trees because ninja training. And then there were sword fights? And trashcan shields? And batman masks.

And then I hit 17 and the xrays started? You know you’re breaking adulthood in right when they ask you if you’ve been smoking for 18 years? Or when they tell you they need another CT scan – this time with radioactive dye contrast.

Because, you know, you’ll get super powers in the end, right?



Do me a huge favor and go pick up Mockingbird #3. (The rest are just as good, I promise.)

anonymous asked:

I test as an INFP on every MBTI test I've ever taken. Reading cognitive functions, I kind of see myself in some of the INFJ functions, even though I know that they're essentially very different. For example, my Fi means that I can't imagine compromising on my values, ideals and identity but somehow I identify with Fe because it's not always about me - there is such thing as the greater good and my everyday battles involve balancing the two. What do you think?

I personally find online test tend to be somewhat inaccurate so I decided to devise a new method to type people. All you have to do is pick one book that speaks to you on a spiritual level. Your choice will inevitably reveal your true personality. Here you go:

Okay I’m kidding. Just come off anon to let me help you sort this out.

Okay but that little sigh Robert does and the way his shoulders relax after he says Aaron is his boyfriend really speaks to me on a spiritual level.
Rob, who has always tried to put up a front, just admitted out loud to somebody that he is anything other than straight. That sigh to me seems like an “Okay, I’ve said it. That wasn’t so bad. The world didn’t end.”
As someone who has struggled with this before, I can tell that this is a big deal for him and it’s terrifying, but he’s willing to go above and beyond for Aaron because he truly loves him and genuinely cares for his safety, and to me that is beautiful.