because it sounds so good


hoseok birthday bonanza!

day 06 - dancing

me: I just hate it when rappers say random words only because it sounds good, it’s so stupid

suga: Click clack to the bang bang, click clack to the pow


anonymous asked:

Hey, aren't you the CHARAtaker of the ruins? Heh, I don't CHARAt all!

it’s funny you should say that.

we’ve been calling it that for short for months! 


“I’m absolute shit at singing, so it takes so much time [and so many tries] until I can hit the best take for any song. The woes of a crappy vocalist, you know. But you all deserve to hear that miraculous point where I actually sound my best, and it’s all I can think about everyday as I give my all at singing and recording again and again.”Tomoya Nagase, SLIDER vol.29


jeup from imfact did a cover of park hyoshin’s wild flower on i can see your voice 4 and it’s literally the most captivating thing ever 

because i haven’t really been giffing since the cyfi promotions ended i might start doing lists, i plan on working on my gtkm gifs because i’ve only done the first one and i might do gifsets/get to knows of underrated groups or like 100 boy group challenge or something i don’t know i just wanna make gifs but never know what to gif anymore :/

Well, I think it’s time for another update. It doesn’t have become better and it’s on the verge of becoming worse.

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