because it seems to work on fitz and liv

As an Olitz shipper, I really can’t decide if I feel optimistic or pessimistic after last night’s episode. 

On the one hand, Jake’s speech about doing the same thing expecting a different outcome made me pessimistic, because Shonda often uses Jake as a way to voice Liv’s inner thoughts. That, combined with how distant she seemed from Fitz, makes me wonder if she is thinking that sleeping with Fitz was just a slip up, a step backward. I really hope that’s not the case, especially after the buildup of the last few episodes. I am also concerned because now that she is going to be White House chief of staff, especially for Mellie, she may feel she is unable to fit Fitz into her life. When she kissed him, she did not think she would have a role in Mellie’s administration, and thus was no longer “tethered to power” and was free to love again (see speech to Quinn in 602). Also, the 100th episode gave me a lot of hope because she was able to see that they could have worked out if not for Defiance, which was followed by her attempt to put back on the white hat and let go of her quest for power. But it didn’t work, and now she is taking power out of obligation, realizing that, as Mellie said, they are still dealing with the fallout from Defiance. So I am worried that the moral of the story may be that in this world, where she did agree to Defiance, she and Fitz can never be together.

On the other hand,  when looked at in the context of this interview Shonda did in November 2015, after 509, last night’s episode seems a little better, because she is saying that what went down in 509 “doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love Fitz”, but that it was never going to work under the circumstances and that they both had to grow. I think they have both grown now, Fitz especially, and his speech to David about headband women versus tornadoes was indicative of that. In season 5, he wanted Liv to be his First Lady, a “headband wearer”, and failed to understand why she would be so unhappy in that role. Now he gets it. He gets her and he knows she loves him and he wouldn’t have her any other way. So that gives me a lot of hope.

Argh, why do I have to care so much? I binge-watched this show to distract myself after the real election, but now it’s taking over my brain!

Olivia Pope and the Long Shadow of Shame: #Scandal 502 Analysis


A painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.

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After many instances of running, Olivia Pope admitted out loud that her relationship with Fitz–the white, married President of the United States–caused her to battle with shame for many years. It’s a feeling from which she has run time and time again, even as far as halfway across the world. It is not Fitzgerald from whom she was running, but from the external judgment that accompanies the context of that love. It is the context of the Olitz relationship that has caused Olivia to suffer.  @spectaclesinscript and I have spent time tracing the most dramatic instances in which Olivia was made by others to feel humiliation or guilt for the ‘immoral’ love she and Fitzgerald Grant share.

“Happy Birthday, Mr. President” (208)

In the flashback sequence, we see Olivia and Fitz working on the State of the Union speech by day, playing together in her cabin by night. Olivia has Fitz all to herself. They were in their little bubble until Mellie shows up at Camp David. Olivia was expecting another night of bliss with Fitz when she heard the knock on her door, only to discover that Fitz had brought with him reality in the form of his wife. This leads to Olivia doing everything she could to avoid him when they returned to the White House.

Finally bumping into each other in the hall, Olivia reroutes, but Fitz won’t be deterred.

Fitz: “Olivia, I miss you.”

Olivia: “You walked her to my cabin door.”

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February 6, 2016 - Washington D.C.

Losing Olivia was perhaps one of the most devastating things to ever happen to Fitzgerald Grant. He had seen people come and go in his life and had been mistreated by his own controlling, power hungry father, but it had never impacted as much as this. It hadn’t been as if Liv had been taken from him, but it was even worse – she’d left on her own accord. He’d been heart broken and left to pick up the pieces while the love of his life placed her focus elsewhere. She had pulled together Pope and Associates in D.C. and had made a rather reputable name for herself. Due to his marriage and image, Fitz hadn’t chased her down as he probably should have, not wanting to topple everything that Olivia had worked for to get him elected in the first place. This wasn’t simply an affair that had occurred between him and Olivia, but Fitz truly believed he’d found the person he was meant to be with for the rest of his life. Not able to take his mind off her, he soon, after a few weeks, caved in to his curiosity. He had her followed and watched from afar, simply to make sure she was doing okay but more importantly and selfishly on his part, to see if she was interested in someone else, to see if she left him to be with someone else.

Fitz scanned over the images before him on his desk. “I need the room.” His two agents who were standing before him – Tom and Hal – looked over at the President, gave a nod, and then exited the Oval to let him have time to himself. Lifting his hand to stroke his chin, Fitz fixed his blue hues down on the photographs. Olivia’s smile was wide in several of them and the man who accompanied her, Eddison, had been in and out of her life for years. With some research, Fitz quickly discovered that this man and Olivia had dated for a while years before and had even lived together. Why was she seeing him again and so soon after her resignation from the White House? Jealousy gathered up inside him as he moved through each photo. His heart literally ached and even more importantly, his eyes began to swell with tears. He never imagined a woman would have such an impact on him, yet here he was questioning whether or not life was even worth living any longer because he’d been left by the formidable Olivia Pope.

Months later:

After Olivia left, things seemed to fall apart rather quickly as far as the White House aides were concerned. Cyrus was doing his job well, though without Liv to rely on, decisions were made quickly without much deliberation. The poll numbers had slowly been on a decline as well, but things took a huge turn once the news channels began to be flooded with the alleged rumors that Fitz had been carrying on an affair with a young woman who had no ties to the White House currently but had worked on Fitz’s campaign in recent years. Of course, Fitz had certainly not been having any relations with her in the past or present, especially since he’d been too involved with Olivia at the time to be even thinking about any other woman. He spent his days and most nights with Olivia while on the campaign trail, so the allegations were ridiculous. The woman had apparently stepped forward and informed the press, telling them intimate details of their “relationship” on the campaign trail and how she’d sneak into his room and vice versa at the various hotels they frequented. If one person who saw the news interviews with the woman was to believe Fitz, it was certainly Olivia. Olivia was the only woman he’d shared a bed with, but it wasn’t so easy to convince the American people, especially with many of the details she put forward.

It was certainly an issue to be addressed, but Fitz remained focused on his job to take his mind off Olivia. As a week passed, the story seemed to disappear until finally the news channels began to report a different story: the woman had been proven to be a liar and had been going through a financial slump, wanting to further her career, write a book, and make money off the rumors. As Fitz watched the news broadcast, he knew something had been done. Things like that didn’t just disappear. Olivia had to have been involved in some way. Even from afar, it seemed she was still watching out for him.

The state dinner arrived, and Fitz sighed as he looked over his tux in the mirror. Soon Mellie’s voice rang out, and he looked back before heading towards the door following her. He remained quiet for the most part before they arrived at the dinner, standing at the entrance with others to greet the guests. Fitz shook the hand of one guest, slowly glancing to the next before his eyes set sight on none other than Olivia. His heart stopped at once as he watched her, trying not to seem stupified as she stepped forward to be welcomed by him and the First Lady. His eyes locked with hers and he leaned forward to kiss her cheek then watched her move to the next person.

All Fitz wanted to do was be with or near her that evening and once the music began, he took the opportunity to locate her on the dance floor. He walked over and looked to the man she’d been dancing with. “Mind if I cut in?” Fitz gave a smile and reached down placing one hand to Olivia’s waist, the other taking her hand in his as they began to dance. Fitz found he couldn’t take his eyes off her, perhaps drawing more attention to them than he wanted. “You look beautiful,” he whispered down to her so only she could hear. “Don’t act like you don’t want to see me. You knew coming here that I’d be here and we would run into each other.” Fitz glanced up and around them, checking to see if others had been watching them. Fitz couldn’t talk to her the way he wanted to nor could he touch her so he glanced back down to her, giving her hand a squeeze. “Meet me in our spot in ten minutes. I am not spending any more time away from you.“