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Coming Out

Characters: Uncle!Dean x Niece!Reader, Father!Sam x Daughter!Reader (Reader is a teenager, age not stated but arounbd 16 or 17)

Words: 1180

Summary: The reader talks to her uncle about figuring out her sexuality. Once she figures it out, she tells her dad that she’s bi-sexual. 

Warnings: talk about sexuality, crying, bi-sexuality 

Hey guys. This is a special story to me, very special. I wanted to write and post it this month because it’s Pride month, and it seems more than appropriate. I’ll talk more about it all at the end of the one shot, so enjoy. 

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Me not defining my sexual orientation right now is the whole basis of what I’m about. If you don’t get it, I don’t have time for you. There’s acceptance that’s become really rampant and cool. You don’t have to immediately know how to define yourself. I had to have some answers about who I was. I felt this weird responsibility, because I didn’t want to seem fearful. But nothing seemed appropriate. So I was like “Fuck, how do I define that?”. I’m not going to.

Kenma has never been good with words. 

He observes Tetsurou’s dark circles when he comes home from work every night, in turn kissing them all, a silent “i’m glad to be home”. Tetsurou never complains, though. He loves teaching little kids about chemistry and physics and the secrets of the universe. But Kenma knows he likes it best when he’s wearing a pair of ratty old sweats, eating popcorn and laughing at really bad movies with the rest of them. And he always brings back leftover candy from school.

He observes Keiji’s mouth, a slight droop of lips indicating his discomfort at having to work overtime at the hospital. Keiji never complains, though. He loves helping people. But Kenma knows he likes it best when he’s at home, absorbed in a good book, his head on one of their laps, enjoying one of the quieter moments with the rest of them. And he always brings back flowers that remind him of them.

He observes Koutarou from a distance, a star shining almost too bright to look at directly. But he sees the sagging of his shoulders, an indication of self doubt and dejection. Koutarou doesn’t complain about it, though. He loves playing volleyball and he knows his students look up to their coach, a figure of strength and resilience. But Kenma knows that no matter how spirited Koutarou might appear to his students, he likes it best when he is sitting under the blankets with the rest of them, late at night, talking about the latest ghost story he’s heard from his students, an act that always always leads to cuddling. And he always hugs them all so hard, lifting them off their feet and planting a kiss with a plop on their cheeks.

Where does Kenma find himself in this equation? How does he show his love, when he can’t even say the words “i love you”? Maybe he doesn’t have to.

He decides to make them a playlist.

Kuroo Tetsurou

you and i - ingrid michaelson // who do you love - marianas trench // can’t help falling in love - twenty one pilots //  together with the sundown - stephen jerzak // promise the stars - we the kings // a sky full of stars - coldplay // symphony - clean bandit ft. zara larsson // u just can’t be replaced - gnash ft. rosabeales // shooting star - owl city // just the way you are - bruno mars // kiss me - ed sheeran // i’ll follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie

Akaashi Keiji

for him - troye sivan ft. allday // lovers in japan - coldplay // thinking out loud - ed sheeran // rollercoaster - bleachers // i won’t give up - jason mraz // moonlight - ariana grande // vanilla twilight - owl city // goner - twenty one pilots // true colours - tom odell // i do adore - mindy gledhill // truly madly deeply - savage garden // always - panic! at the disco

Bokuto Koutarou 

treasure - bruno mars // somebody to you - the vamps ft. demi lovato // love on top - beyonce // tear in my heart - twenty on pilots // missing you - all time low // love is easy - mcfly // i really like you - carly rae jepsen // top of the world - greek fire // say it, just say it - the mowgli’s // just give me a reason - p!nk // give me a try - the wombats //  turning pages - sleeping at last

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do u think that alex and lena would bond over never feeling like enough while they were growing up? like they both felt that their mother didn't care a lot about them and they both had a sibling who they were constantly being measured up to?

Dear god yes.

They first time they start getting close, it’ll be because both of their women are late from the job, and they’re both at Kara’s apartment already, waiting. Alex arches her eyebrow when she sees that Lena has a key, and Lena makes a quiet comment about how it seems appropriate, because Kara’s apartment is the only thing that’s ever felt like home, and Alex smiles, because she knows the feeling.

And Lena will notice when Alex’s shoulders tense when Eliza calls, knows the feeling of being happy to hear from her mother – wanting to be happy to hear from her mother, always hoping, always wishing, always thinking it can change – and she watches the smile fade from her eyes as she explains that no, Kara’s decisions are her own and no, she’s not neglecting her sister because she’s pursuing her own happiness with Maggie, and don’t you want me to be happy, Mom.

Lena talks her way into the DEO the next day and brings Alex lunch, and she doesn’t have to explain, because as hard as Eliza is on Alex, Alex knows she has nothing on Lilian Luthor, so she recognizes the ghosts of inadequacy haunting Lena’s eyes.

It unnerves Maggie and Kara, how well Lena and Alex start getting along.

Especially when they start swapping embarrassing stories about their women, especially when they start giggling together when Maggie and Kara walk into the room.

It unnerves Maggie and Kara to no end, but it also makes them so, so, so happy, because damn, they thought they’d hate each other and this makes game night a helluva lot easier.

To second chances

What if Killian had found out the truth before finding David in that cell…Based on a scene I wrote once in another fandom and suddenly seemed super appropriate to captain charming.   

(Because darn it I wanted this drama wrapped up in one episode) 

The click of the cuff around his wrist was far more insulting than anything else and Killian watched in annoyance until David’s truck vanished from sight.  But there were only so many places to go in this town.  Lifting the chain from around his neck with his hook he found a small silver key, hidden amongst the charms,  very convenient thing to have around, living in close proximity to Charmings.  Taking the key in his teeth he made quick work of the handcuffs and sprinted to Granny’s pushing open the door and calling inside.  

“Drinks on me for a week for the first person to give me a ride-” he gestured in the general direction David’s truck had taken.  

“Sure, why not,” August spoke up from behind him. Killian turned around to see the puppet had pulled up on his infernal contraption.    “But you’ll have to wear the pink helmet.”

“I’m not wearing the bloody pink helmet.”  

“My ‘ship’ my rules,”  August drawled,  then seeming to remember something he dug into a satchel.  “When you catch up with David, would you give these to him?  Honestly there’s nothing else in there but I thought he’d like to have them anyway.”   

Killian glanced down briefly and suddenly his blood turned to ice.  That face-  He must have hesitated for a moment because August looked back at him.

“Thought you were in a hurry, Cap?”  

Killian snapped the pink helmet onto his head and hopped on the demon bike without a second thought.  “We need to find Dave’s truck, now.”

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the signs as bi characters
  • Aries: Korra, The Legend of Korra
  • (spontaneous/strong-willed/driven)
  • Taurus: Calliope Torres, Grey's Anatomy
  • (loving/stubborn/patient)
  • Gemini: Dorian Gray, Penny Dreadful
  • (flexible/moody/imaginative)
  • Cancer: Inara Serra, Firefly
  • (loyal/introverted/sympathetic)
  • Leo: Oberyn Martell, Game of Thrones
  • (brave/head-strong/loving)
  • Virgo: Annalise Keating, How to Get Away With Murder
  • (analytical/impatient/intelligent)
  • Libra: Clarke Griffin, The 100
  • (understanding/indecisive/justice-oriented)
  • Scorpio: Frank Underwood, House of Cards
  • (confident/secretive/perceptive)
  • Sagittarius: Bo, Lost Girl
  • (intense/afraid of commitment/tenacious)
  • Capricorn: Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton
  • (philosophical/prone to dwelling/persevering)
  • Aquarius: Nolan Ross, Revenge
  • (honest/eccentric/humanitarian)
  • Pisces: Brittany S. Pierce, Glee
  • (emotional/gullible/dreamy)
#11 Platt’s Front Desk

A/N: Here we go with the next one. I’m sorry for putting this on hold a bit while I was writing some other stuff, but you guys should now I plan on finishing this series. I’m enjoying them so much, and I hope you do to.

Hope you like this one. It’s a bit shorter, but the next one will be a bit longer I think. Since I’ve been tossing around ideas.

Let me know if you like it! ;)

Prompt #11: Platt’s front desk. - Nothing ever made it past Platt’s desk. Not even their walk of shame.  

Word count: 1001

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Hey I was wondering any advice for baby witches? (And by baby I mean BABY. I know pretty much nothing.) Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated?

here are things i have tagged with beginners

I suggest just typing magick into the internet and see what comes up! there are some pretty shoddy sites but a few gems. don’t believe everything you read, but soak it all in anyway. 

Check out different aspects of witchcraft, for example crystals, tarot, spirit work, herbalism, spells, and see which one you might want to start looking into more! (it’s hard to learn about all of them all at once, but if that floats your boat go for it) i got into tarot and crystals by just following accounts on tumblr and instagram that had info on them, and if you have no energy like me, it’s an easy way to start, you don’t have to put much effort into research and feel frantic about learning as much as you can.

I also think you should bare cultural appropriation in mind whilst researching because that seems to turn up a hell of a lot in some places. here’s a small post on a few things about that :-)

Read, research, find out what you can/want. and if your hands on, throw yourself into it. start a grimoire and write anything you find particularly interesting in there, try out simple spells (if that’s what you’re into) start small. be cautious, but also learn and grow from experience. don’t be afraid to ask questions. it’s also super cool if you find a local spirit/crystal shop to go, you can ask questions, buy stuff, find things to pique your interest!. i’ve been to quite a few in my time and each and everyone the owner/s have been very lovely and always want to help. :-) 

i hope this helps! if anyone else had advice please add comment in a reblog! :-)

Personal Update: Pronouns/Gender/Stuff

Hi, loves! 

So for the past year or so (a little less than a year), I’ve been dealing with a major depressive episode that impacted a lot of areas of my life from finances to friendships. Some of you have been really wonderful with being gentle and patient with me as I struggle to work my way out of this rough spot with a mental illness I’ve battled since I was twelve. So I just want you to know whomever you are that I really appreciate and love you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for sticking by me even when I’m a pain in the ass.

Those of you who struggle with MDD or BPD or Anxiety or what have you will understand the daily struggle where it’s difficult to make any sort of personal progress because it’s even difficult to do basic things like shower and move and wear clean underpants. (Soz but y’all know it’s true). It takes all of your mental focus and energy just to function on a base level, let alone do any sort of figuring out of any shit.

So as the dust clears from this, (thanks to Wellbutrin, goddess bless), I’ve been doing some looking into and reexamining of personal attachments to certain labels and ideas of sexuality and sexual expression, gender and gender identity and gender expression and ALLLLL of that good stuff, so I have a few things I’d like to talk to you about. 

The rest will be under a cut because this is already hella long.

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okay so we all agree that something feels super off about the balloon squad laughing in their youtube video when they mention even? like yousef is the only one to actually have a serious reaction while the others just joke around. well… i have a theory that maybe they don’t know even tried to kill himself.
first, mutasim says “remember the thing with even and mikael” but he doesn’t mention anything about even’s attempt.
second, yousef’s reaction seems like the only appropriate one maybe because he’s the only one who knows the severity of what happened. maybe he’s the only one who knows even tried to kill himself.
third, it seems pretty far out of character for the boys to be so blatantly disrespectful and rude over something as serious as a suicide attempt. especially when it’s someone they use to be really close to.
i mean i may be wrong but i honestly doubt they know about even’s suicide attempt. and if they do happen to know anything it’s probably from whispers and rumors. i just don’t think the balloon squad (who probably treated even with the same compassion and humor and affection they treat each other now) would be so purposefully offensive and downright cruel to joke about a suicide attempt.

The Most Beautiful Moments in Life | 7

Originally posted by ikonxtaehyung

Hey everyone! This update ended up being a little shorter than I planned but I hope to be able to write and post part 8 before my spring break ends and I have to go back to school. Please let me know what you think, even if it entails yelling at me because I’m in pain too, sorry not sorry :) Also, this part starts in Taehyung’s POV, but the rest is in Yoongi’s. ~ Moon xxx

Pairing: min yoongi x reader

Genre: college au ? (they’re young adults but it is not focused on college) | angst

Warning: Depictions of violence, blood and a whole lot of cussing.

Word Count: 3,746

previous part | next | masterlist |

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Omg I just noticed that the abbrevation for the conpanion fic obs&bh would stand for tampons&bras in german 😂 ... Just wanted to let you know that - finally something not utterly shattering about the companion fic

oh my god I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or completely change the name of the companion fic! Why do these things happen to me??? 。゚(TヮT)゚。

Alternatively maybe it’s weirdly appropriate because everyone in this series seems to either be in pain or need support or both 

Quick Question

So, I’ve seen lots of stuff about cultural appropriation, and I’m really not quite sure what is so bad about wanting to learn about other cultures. As someone who is interested in linguistics and therefore in other cultures (since language is a huge part of culture), I have to ask:

Where does one draw the line?

I mean, I don’t think that people consider learning another language cultural appropriation. But they will consider wearing a part of that culture’s costume so. And probably they don’t consider making and enjoying the cuisine of that culture so bad, but decorating your house with stuff from that culture would be considered cultural appropriation.

But then, most people don’t think anything of decorating with, say, rosemaling even if they’re not Scandinavian, but I’ve seen people get mad at white women who use traditional African patterns on their dresses. 

So, where do you draw the line? Because it seems vague at best. And why is cultural appropriation even a problem? 

Because to me it just seems like getting to know another culture better, which is one of my favourite things to do (and has been ever since I was very young).

Maybe that wasn’t quick. But it is a question.