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I remember you posting about your book with hints and tips on how to illustrate manga, but your style really reminds me of Maus by Art Spiegelman. Also, keep up the good work. Seeing a more sinister Gaster is an interesting take on the character.

Thank you so much!

While I want to make clear that I’m not *actually* comparing my fanfic about crying skeletons to the Pulitzer-Prize winning holocaust account… I understand what you mean. Both Spiegelman’s work and what I’m doing here use a simplified style with lots of black. 

[Maus by Spiegelman]

But Maus’ style is by no means unique. Spot blacks and hatching are signature aspects of the Underground Comix movement (of which Spiegelman was a veteran). I find it so funny when people tag my style as “unique” when it’s really not! 

I wouldn’t cite Spiegelman as one of my primary influences, either. In my formative years I was much more influenced by Vasquez’s JTHM

[JTHM by Vasquez]

This is where I really fell in love with the spot blacks and scratchy inks that have never really left my style. Since then, though I’ve been influenced by a ton of people mostly in Indie and Web circles. In the Indie world there are so many people doing phenomenal work in B&W:

[Finder by Carla Speed McNeil]

[Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley]

[Order of Tales by Evan Dahm]

Just to name a few off the top of my head. There’s so much out there though!!! 

a conversation reminded me of this one time my friend thought I killed someone because I was watching the fault in our stars and I started sending her messages and it was supposed to go like

“I’m watching the fault in our stars”

“it’s not quite how I imagined it”

“oh dear”

“okay that was not a good thing”

“not a good thing at all”

“I think he’s going to die”

“my sister’s crying what do I do”

“yeah he’s going to die”

“aaaaaand he’s dead”

“oh okay the first one didn’t send I’m watching tfios by the way”

and since I live in rural scotland my wifi has this habit of fucking up every so often when I’m trying to send stuff like this and as a result every single one of these messages sent except the first one and the last one, resulting in my friend assuming I had accidentally murdered someone and traumatised my sister, and since my explanations refused to send I was getting this stream of

“what are you talking about”

“what did you do”

“are you okay”


Reiji & Shu Sakamaki Bro Moment
  • Reiji & Shu Sakamaki Bro Moment
  • Diabolik Lovers Dark;Fate

Reiji & Shu brotherly moment

Source of translations
Thanks to akuichansera

Reiji: … …When you do this… …

When you do this, it just makes me hate you… …

Shu: Reiji… …

Reiji: You’re always like this. You always look at me with those forgiving eyes.

You always take on an indifferent attitude and the main point is, you were always better than me.

Do you understand!? Do you know how much I have suffered because of you… …!?

Whenever I tried to do better than you, I would be reminded of how crucial your role was. Do you know how I feel!?

Reiji: … …Aah.. … .. …

Reiji: … …I hate you… …

Shu.. …I really hate you… …

Shu: Yeah… …I know.

Reiji: .. …You’re holding out your hand. What are you trying to do?

Shu: Let’s end this already. Instead of picking up the saber you dropped, take my hand.

And… …let’s put everything behind.

Reiji: … …People like you… …really are… …

Bellarke - Bellamy x Clarke from The 100

Bellamy: “If you need forgiveness, I’ll give that to you. You’re forgiven. Please, come inside.”
Clarke: “Take care of them for me.”
Bellamy: “Clarke…”
Clarke: “Seeing their faces every day, is just going to remind me of what I did to get them here.”
Bellamy: “What we did. You don’t have to do this alone.”
Clarke: “I bear it, so they don’t have to.”
Bellamy: “Where you going to go?”
Clarke: “I don’t know. May we meet again.”
Bellamy: “May we meet again.”

Made because @fourfinick wanted Bellarke edits.

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your newest post (which is excellent, might i add) reminded me of something i'm curious about; why do you think asgore didn't just take the first human soul and cross the barrier to get the rest they'd need to break it? Toriel actually suggested he should do that - why would he not? because he wouldn't want to kill? what does that make tori then, who suggested he should? does she only care for the fallen ones because they were children? what's your take on that & did i maybe miss something?

I talked about this before and got a lot of hate for suggesting Toriel is capable of getting angry and possibly killing humans. We saw the look she gave Froggit and the way she blasted Flowey and Asgore, you know what she would do if she got a chance to meet the humans that killed Asriel, and it wouldn’t be making them write an apology like she promises to make all the ruins monsters write if Frisk shows up to her with 1 hp.

Asgore is a coward, he admits Toriel is right, he doesn’t want to go and hurt anyone, he has the power to do so as the most powerful type of monster, he could have gone after the first soul and left the barrier and killed 6 more and destroyed the barrier, then waged war and destroyed humanity. That’s not what he wanted. He called Chara the future of monsters and humans, he intended them to be an ambassador, which Frisk ends up having the choice of being.

As Toriel says, he merely waited hoping that another human never came down to be killed by his Royal guard, hoping a human like Frisk never made it to him and made him have to kill the human himself. It’s always easier to get upset and call for others to do your dirty work.

Either all the other monsters are very stupid and never considered Asgore just had to use one human soul to leave and go kill more souls and come back to free them, or maybe it’s just not common knowledge somehow, despite it literally being writing on the walls.

Let me explain exactly why there are people,...

Let me explain exactly why there are people, institutions and forces who are actively trying to use fear to persuade you that you are weak; it is because you are staggeringly POWERFUL! People have forgotten how powerful they are; they have been distracted, and a bit domesticated, at least on the surface. If you have forgotten yourself, allow me the pleasure of reminding you. Do you think a mountain lion is powerful and dangerous? Let me tell you something — you are dangerous. A human being is infinitely more powerful and dangerous than a mountain lion. Your will, your mind, your heart, your body; your total intelligence orchestrated into one razor-focused determination IS the hungry eye of the tiger. There is a fierce concentration inside of you; dormant — it is in your blood. It is the strength of your ancestors. It is the hammer and anvil of eons which struck the hardened steel of your spirit into a weapon of survival. You are a weapon. People deny their own strength because they are afraid of their own strength. Whether it’s a corrupt government or an abusive lover, those who seek to control you want you to forget your strength, because they are afraid of you. And they should be afraid. In you is the terrible power to lay waste to a dark enemy in the resistance of evil. In you is the glorious power to heal, to love and to protect what is virtuous and honorable in life. Your awesome strength is a guardian and champion for all manner of good to prevail. In your hands and words are both the power of healing and destruction. When the false-voice of doubt starts whispering in your darkest hours, let the other voice, the voice of ages, which speaks through time to give you life answer back with your defiant, awakened resolve. Awaken to your power; the power to live, the power to overcome and the power to survive the challenges presently before you.

— Bryant McGill

New Book:
The Royal Society:
Bryant’s Page:

(This passage is from the SR book, but I post all my writings freely as a gift for those who cannot afford them. If these writings have benefited you, please kindly leave a review at

For more clarity you can read in context here:

Bleach 662 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, so I cannot guarantee the following snippets are completely accurate. In other words, these can be completely wrong, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Also, feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST these snippets anywhere.

In which I want to practice a bit and a recent conversation on Bleach reminds me that Jump Netabare also has spoilers for it, so here we go. I’m not planning on translating spoilers for it, though, especially since I stopped reading it years ago and I have no idea what’s going on (and the spoilers made me painfully aware of how the lack of context complicates things…).

Still, it was nice reading about these guys and their barrier adventures again - makes me want to re-read the Soul Society arc.

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Tips on how to stop extreme procrastination?


Well, you’ve come to the right place because I used to be the world’s WORST procrastinator. Well, in some cases, I still am, but I’ve trained myself to block that out when studying! Here is how I did it:

1- Focus on your goals and make them inescapable.
When I started my senior year of high school I knew I had to change my ways, so I put lists of my goals - for the term, or semester, or year - EVERYWHERE. This was easy for me because I only lived with my mum, and she’s a teacher so she got it. She let me put reminders of my goals everywhere: on the fridge, in my room, on the coffee table in the lounge room, on the dining table that we never used for dining, in HER study so she could remind me. TRUST ME, if you keep getting reminded about what you have to do, you start feeling guilty and end up working WAY more.

2- Don’t overestimate yourself.
It’s easy to sit down and say, “I am never procrastinating again”, but we all know that’s a lie. You can’t kick a habit in a day. So what I did when I got that “I couldn’t be bothered” feeling was do small tasks. Even if it wasn’t completely effective study, it still helped. For example, if I was sitting in front of the TV, during the ad breaks I’d read an article that I needed for research. Or if I was on Tumblr and didn’t want to keep working on an essay, I would take a few minutes to start building the bibliography (even if usually I left it until 10 minutes before the assignment was due, every time.) I would rewrite some notes on a topic I was okay with but not GREAT with (don’t do this if you’re not okay with the topic, leave that for serious study). When I started doing small tasks more frequently, I became more likely to start studying seriously.

3- Do not micro-plan!
I have a terrible habit that I fall into every semester around finals, and that is getting panicked, micro-planning my entire month down to the half-hour, then 100% not following that plan. My tip when planning if you’re terrible at sticking to plans to it make it guidelines. For example, this is what my average Monday plan might have looked like last year (keep in mind I did very independent classes and also like to chip away at things a little at a time!):
- Ancient history: plan essay, find some sources
- Study hall: work on ancient essay plan, maybe start writing
- Study hall: mind break, edit english essay
- Drama: monologue rehearsal, plan play text analysis
- After school: work on things from above that were neglected, finalise Modern History notes

4- Start work from the first day of the semester to minimise stress
I think this speaks for itself, but seriously: I procrastinate because I’m stressed, so the more you do in the beginning, even small, the less chance you have to becoming overwhelmed and falling into procrastination. 

Sorry this is so wordy! I hope it helped :) 

Positive Affirmations for Infertility and TTC

I caught myself yelling a my uterus this morning, then I thought to myself “Well that can’t be very helpful”. So I have decided to do a series of positive affirmations in regards to infertility and TTC for every day of my (hopefully) healthy 28 day cycle. (Whenever it decides to start, which is why I was yelling at my uterus this morning)

Although I believe the power of positive thought can be strong, I do not believe that if you think happy thoughts you will get pregnant. These affirmations are meant as more of a stress reliever, to help calm anxiety, and to remind you how amazing you and your body are.

I have a few affirmations that will repeat every day, because I feel that they are most important:

  • I love and trust my body. I am grateful for all it does for me.
  • My worth is not determined by my ability to conceive
  • My body knows how to conceive a healthy baby.
  • I trust and I love myself

Then each cycle day will add another 1 or 2 that may be specific to that cycle day or just positive in general. I tried my best to make them as non-gender specific as possible, however they focus a lot on the actual reproductive cycle and it functioning properly.

New message

I’d be lying if I said
I didn’t think about you
from time to time,

if I said that whenever
I drink earl grey tea,
I’m not reminded of
the time you were angry
that I lost your tobacco
and in a huge frenzy,
spilled the boiling
hot water all over me,

or that whenever I lock
my bedroom door at night,
it’s not partially because
of that time you were drunk
at three in the morning
and snuck into my room,
calling me disgusting
names when I wouldn’t
let you touch me in
the state you were in,

and speaking of your
pathetic behavior,
I do give you credit for
making me more skeptical
about apologies, because
yours were always so
passionate and sweet
and so manipulative that
I wasted a lot, if not
all of, my pride on you
way back then, so

when you contact me
after all this time–
all this time I spent
earning back my life,
it’d be a pity, a real
dagger to myself, and
especially to you,
to lie about how I feel.

So the truth is yes,
I think about you,
but only to remind
myself of how far I’ve
come, how much better
off I am, my self-respect,
well-being, backbone, and
how other than that,
I really don’t give a
single fuck about you.

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Will you ever draw nsfw stuff? :3

((Had a talk with someone yesterday that reminded me to answer this- but the short answer no. You won’t be seeing anything overtly or blatantly explicit.

And it isn’t because I have a distaste for it. Rather I’m not really comfortable going that far (anymore) knowing how many under aged people I’ve found to follow me. Especially since I started as a nearly entirely sfw blog.
It doesn’t feel entirely appropriate to start then posting really explicit content where I know minors will see it.

So yeah- no. I mean I do joke around with fringe nsfw stuff etc or dirty humor. But you won’t see any naked people here (at least in a sexual context- I’ve zero qualms about casual human nudity art.) or explicit gore for that matter.

That shits for private boots out of kiddo reach.

-Lin ))

Girls who have father’s who weren’t there for them or who are unfit as dad’s and didn’t treat her well, please don’t tell her what a piece of shit her dad is. Trust me, she knows, but it still hurts. Because she is half him and it hurts, it hurts that that piece of shit is a part of her and there’s nothing she can do about it. And no matter who or what he is, he is still her dad, and somewhere inside she still respects him and cares about him. Stop telling girls their dad’s are pieces of shit, they know, just stop it. It’s an unecessary reminder.

Dear You, On Loving The Man I Cannot (For Various Reasons)

I have to ask you to do me favour
Tell him his eyes are galaxies of hazel and green
And that he calms tempests in my soul

Tell him he is my most constant reminder that there is always tomorrow
And that he doesn’t have to always know how to help me
Because he does it without trying

Show him that he has created flowers from thorns
Brought the dead back to life
And has saved my life (albeit indirectly)

Above all; remind him he is loved.
Tell him that he is why the sun rises
And unselfishly lights the night sky with stars

Because I never will.

Had a funny conversation with my mom.

We were talking about this guy. Chris Evans. And I said how I felt bad he hasn’t found anyone yet. My mom said she did too because he probably was running into a lot of fake girls who only want celebrity status. She has seen Harrison Ford before getting his shoes shined but never approached him because he was living his life. And it was out of respect. (mom raised me the same way. Respect people, period.) But she said she hoped he would find a good girl. My response. “But I am a good girl.” “Yes. But do you expect it to ever happen?” *tears and sighs* “No.” Thanks mom for reminding me. Lol I love my mom.

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I'm coming out to you (because you aren't a hateful reylo hate blog) that I was a pretty intense FORMER Reylo shipper. Do you know what made me stop? It wasn't all the anti-reylo people tell me it was wrong, it was when one of my friends said "Reylo reminds me of my sexual assault". That sort of hit home and made me feel nauseous. Suddenly I understood all the hate in that brilliant moment of clarity. I found your blog shortly after and it helped open my eyes even more. Thank you.

oh, wow. thank you for sort of, having a moment of realization, and thank you for telling me? i’m glad that i could be of some assistance, and genuinely, thank you for informing me. i’m really happy to hear that i helped you out. thank you.

I’m not doing any more homework, and have been reminded of how much fun CAH can be, if no one tries to start shit. Sadly, I must make ground rules because people don’t have common courtesy on the internet.

1. I’m the host, so I’m in charge.
2. No complaining if you disagree with something. 
3. Don’t be a sore loser. It irritates me. 
4. I decide what cards we’re playing. 
5. Don’t make other people uncomfortable. Don’t be obnoxious. Don’t be rude to other people. 

These rules exist because I’ve had to deal with this every single time I’ve hosted a card game. I don’t think I can necessarily kick people from the game, but failure to follow the rules, I’ll just stop the game and do something else tonight. 

- IC chat for all kinds of shenanigans. 

- Blanks will be put in. 

- Pass is dummydumbdumb

- Game is here.

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2, 45, 59, 100. :)

2. do you like the feeling of cold air on your cheeks on a wintery day?

    Yes! I am usually not one for cold when I’m inside but that exact sensation reminds me of walking to school with my grandmother, the frost in the grass, cool air burning in my lungs. All good associations because I’ve never lived where it gets really cold.

45. do you trust your instincts a lot?

     Yes. At least with writing. I feel the fear of losing my voice, of mimicry because I feel a nostalgia for certain things or admire how someone wrote something. However, I know when I’ve gone wrong, the step into someone else’s language, and though I may post it I like seeing what’s salvageable. Not to reuse but to re energize. I’ve written responses to certain fads that appeal to me yet repel me because they are everywhere (the utf8mb4 poem I wrote called twenty-six letters was one; the one on being no goddess, forget what it was called). 

     With people, yes and no. I often ignore gut feelings and later regret it. I’m a person with a temper who wants to be kinder and sometimes gives people chances they do not deserve because of it. There is, however, always a sense that that person is not to be trusted. It’s easier to be distant at first until something incites me and I reveal too much. Except with L and forum people who absolutely know too much about my life.

59. what’s your favorite myth?

Answered here.

100. if you were presented with two buttons, one that allows you to go 5 years into the past, the other 5 years into the future, which one would you press? why?

Answered here.

I think I got addicted to you. You’re in every smile and every tear and all I know is that without you I feel broken and incomplete. You give me so much strength that when you’re not here I fall apart, I’m so fragile that I can’t even find the will to wake up unless I know we’ll meet. Please, don’t believe me if I were to say “I can do it on my own” because it’s not true…
I need your smile to show me that there’s light shining in the darkness, I need your love to remind me that pain is just an illusion, I need your arms to know that I’ll never be alone again…I need you to stand, walk and smile without worries, leaving unsolved hatred and sorrow behind,
I need you.
All of you.

Because I love you with all of me.

—  A Knight lost in the night

Every time I watch anything Love Live!-related there is at least a 5-10% chance I will just randomly burst into tears because it reminds me how much I miss music/performing. In the theater this is basically elevated to 100%.

In particular I cannot get through Sunny Day Song. My university marching band used to do an event called Band Day where we would invite high school bands from all over to come perform with us and then we’d just fill up the football field completely during halftime (all conducted by my late and great band director who we lost to a heart attack a few years ago…) after practicing all morning and with eveyone screaming and dancing and just like seeing that Sunny Day Song performance it was JUST LIKE THAT (except marching band) so like whenever they pan out to show that huge group of school idols in Akihabara I’m just gone. I’m tearing up on the train just writing this.

And also I haven’t slept in well over 24 hours that doesn’t help either I guess.