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Coco: a quick emotional review

So, I went into Coco thinking it was going to be a rip-off of The Book of Life (which I loved).


Coco is one of the few movies where not only the main character but also all the supporting and side characters reminded me of my family members. And I’m not just saying that because they looked Mexican, but because they spoke and acted so AUTHENTICALLY Mexican.

I’m not talking about a caricature of some generic Mexican dude named Roberto who gets 5 lines of comic relief in some gringo’s movie.

I’m talking about how Miguel’s Abuela, a strong matriarch who would do anything to protect her family, reminded me of mi Bisabuela Marianna, may she rest in piece.

I’m talking about how Papá Julio reminded me about of mi bisabuelo Roberto, who dressed simply, spoke softly, and always looked out for me. Siempre te recordaré.

I’m talking about how Mamá Imelda is just like my mother (who FYI is Chilean not Mexican, but I think other Latinx viewers may agree that Latina women have a lot in common despite the rich and varied traditions of different Latinx and Hispanic countries and cultures), a strong woman who doesn’t waste her time or tears on anyone or anything. She rolls up her sleeves and provides for her family. She’s a bit strict, but she’s like that because she cares.

I’m talking about how Héctor reminds me of my dad, a man whose biggest priority is being a good father and who shares his love through music. He may mess up, but he will do anything to make it up to you.

Seriously, if you have $10 to spare, go watch Coco.

We need more movies like this and The Book of Life.







I needed somewhere to vent positivity


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What pronouns do you guys use when referring to God? (And why?)

Hello! A note that there’s just one person running this blog at the moment; Quinn/Leah now works solely on our twitter :)

I most often use They pronouns for God. I like them because
1) they’re gender neutral, and I find it important to remember that God is beyond any human gender when God is so aggressively  gendered as male throughout the majority of Christian history;
2) they pronouns are singular when personal but also contain a sense of plurality that works really well when we’re talking about a Triune God who is both One and also Three persons!

However, I also consider it important to vary my pronoun use for God, because in the end They pronouns do not “capture” God any more than any other set of pronouns does. So I will periodically also use She, He, Xe, Fae/Faer, or avoid pronouns entirely. When I vary pronoun usage for God, it reminds me that no language I try will ever give me a full picture of God, but the more I expand the language I use, the wider my glimpse of God may be. It also reminds me that all people, of all genders and who use all different sorts of pronouns, are made in God’s image. 

A few tags you can wander through for more on my (and others’) thoughts about pronouns for God:

Bitch and Moan - StanKyle

Par for the course, Kyle is the worst and Stan loves him anyway.

Hello friends! This is the first of my own submissions to the South Park Drabble Bomb for November/December. The prompt for it is First Snow. Enjoy!

(Side note: It’s pretty short so I feel like a read-more isn’t really necessary. If you feel differently let me know and I can stick one in here somewhere.)

“Remind me why we do this?” Kyle said, his voice the groaning-kind of whiny slightly muffled by his knitted scarf. They were at the first hill of their typical suburban jungle neighborhood course, which always prompted some variation of the same complaint. It was old the first time he said it and it was old the seventieth time too.

“Because, dearest,” using a pet name from the Forbidden Pet Names List for show, “you have high blood pressure at the ripe old age of thirty-two and the doctor demands that you exercise before it becomes actual hypertension.”

“That’s a bunch of big words for ‘to make you suffer’ and you know it,” Kyle grumbled, and Stan breathed a laugh through his nose. He didn’t like their walking routine any more than Kyle did, but he figured it would be a good show of moral support to do it with him. That, and he knew that Kyle would never commit to it for real without his insistence. He was an expert at coming up with excuses and then aggressively sticking to them. He supposed it would help his own slow goings at shaving off a few pounds at his middle too, which had started to accumulate the colder it got and the older he grew. Desk work made him lazy and the comfort foods even more enticing.

“It’s good for you,” Stan insisted, but the air whistled out of him with it, and he hated that it felt like all his stamina had disappeared once he hit thirty.

“It’s fucking cold,” Kyle griped, and Stan grunted, not willing to give more than that as an answer. He knew it was fucking cold. His tits were freezing off just as much as Kyle’s. He also knew that the comments would be relentless, and so he buckled down for the journey of the next ten minutes in the barren wasteland of cul-de-sacs, in which his irritation would fester like a smoldering fire in his temples and give him a headache, as usual.

“I hate this stupid fucking hill.”

“Why do we always go this way? I’m tired of this view.”

“Nobody would even know if we quit. Seriously, Stan, consider it.”

“I’m going to freeze where I stand and it’s going to be entirely your fault.”

“Why is this trail so long?”

Stan snapped. “Jesus fuck, Kyle, can you shut the fuck up and walk for the last five minutes?”

Kyle scoffed with a classic, “Oh whatever, Stan, I was done anyway,” and Stan counted the seconds as their modest townhouse finally came into view.

They were a few houses away from their driveway when a spot of cold landed near the corner of Stan’s eye, and he wiped it away with a gloved finger. When he looked up to investigate, he was pleasantly surprised to find the first hints of snowfall sprinkling down from the heavily overcast sky. The first snow of the season always made him happy, even if he’d eventually be cursing at the snow in a few month’s time anyway. It reminded him of home and was a childhood joy. He glanced over at Kyle to say, “Hey Ky, look, it’s—”

“Ugh, not snow too! I don’t want to walk in the goddamn snow. Fuck this whole thing, fuck the doctor, fuck my shitty genetics, fuck the snow!”

Stan looked directly at him, his expression as flat as he could manage, and Kyle paused to look back at him. They stood for a moment in silence while the snowflakes grew fatter and fell faster. “What?” Kyle asked with a big shrug to throw out his arms, as though he had no idea what the problem could possibly be, and honestly maybe he didn’t; Stan wasn’t always sure how aware Kyle was of his own theatrics.

He rolled his eyes and sighed, risked the dog house. “Dude, you’re such a bitch.”

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Prince!Bucky always finding ways to sneak up to one of the rooms you're cleaning in the castle. He learns how to help you with your cleaning routine just to be closer to you even as you try to tell him it's not right for royalty to be doing this. Bucky doesn't care because now he feels legitimately useful and hearing you sing and laugh up close is the absolute best.

This reminds me so much of Arthur and Gwen from Merlin and I’m going to cry 

Spinoff Saturday™

Look it’s high school me being a nerd talking to people on AIM and making dumb geocities websites probably. I remember that monitor being bigger…It was a whopping 800x600 resolution it’s a monitor for ants

I didn’t have a computer that could art until I got into college. Also I transferred files from my computer to school computers (like to print homework and shit) using a floppy disk because usb sticks were not yet a thing

WHICH REMINDS ME. I got banned from the internet for a year at school one year. At the time the computer lab computers didn’t automatically configure the IE proxies so every time you logged into a new computer, you had to set the proxies. Most people didn’t know what do so the lab lady would have to do it. Which is annoying, obviously, so I watched her do it and then proceeded to do it for myself whenever I needed to. She saw me helping other students do it and then a couple weeks later I noticed I couldn’t access the internet at school. SHE DIDNT EVEN HAVE THE DECENCY TO TELL ME I WAS BANNED. But joke’s on her I became a student tech the next year and doing that kinda thing was my job. Fortunately they sorted out their proxy shit by then.


10. What smells remind you of your childhood?
Antiseptic. Cleaning solutions. Death. Hospitals.

11. What was your childhood ambition?
To escape the lab and get revenge on the scientists.

12. What is your best childhood memory?
There was one time I was allowed outside with my Dad after one of his resurrections. We didn’t do much but sit and talk because he was too weak. Yeah that’s probably the best memory I have. It kind of sucks that everything I remember is either terrible, horrible or terrifying.

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i knew preston was wonderful before but thank u for reminding me that he is the reason i get up in the gotdam morning!!! it's hard to find Quality Preston Content sometimes but ur blog is the Haven Of Good Preston Stuff!!!

I try honestly because I love Preston, he is my fave and I will do everything in my power to give him the appreciation he deserves as a character. I am glad you enjoy the content though, not a lot of Preston fans out there, thank you.

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Anasui as a father Headcanons?

My first Anasui headcanon! I love the guy (but I love Weather more)!

-He dotes on their child as much as he dotes on Jolyne or his s/o

-Anasui is definitely the type to spoil their kids. They want a book? They’re getting a book. They want a pony? They’re getting a pony.

-Anasui will bend over backwards and do some impossible features just so that his kid can get a good future (he’ll definitely murder harm some peps too.)

-PTA Dad (“Fight me, Helen.” Idk why but I definitely want Anasui to fight some parent). He’s only in the PTA because of his child of course.

-Will avoid the topic of Disneyland as long as possible from his kids (Reminder: Bohemian Rhapsody), but if they insist that they want to go, he’ll have no complaints.

-Will be the dad who will automatically disapprove of anyone who tries to date their kid, and has ridiculously high expectations of the person who is dating his child.

-Has a hard time saying ‘no’ to his kids (unless if it’s about dating). Usually he gets Jolyne or s/o to do it.

-Also has a hard time punishing his kids (he might ground them for two weeks, but maybe might shorten it to four days).


Remember to take care of yourselves today & do something that’ll put a smile on your face ☼

Ps: the first and last filters remind me of @httpsamholland because Nana calls me her Strawberry Shortcake & strawberry shortcakes are cute & pure, just like that filter ❁
Screenshot and Lyrics - Alexia

Take a screenshot, existing or new, and pair it with a song that reminds you of your muse! Link the song in your lyrics if you like or just tag it.

Feel free to do multiple or group screenshots.

I, am the eye of the storm
Inside, I am silent and strong
Just waiting for the moment
Never see me coming

-Eye of the Storm - WattWhite

It took me a while to find a song with fitting lyrics because I don’t listen to a wide variety of music, and then it took me a while to get a good screenshot! I’m pretty proud of the screenshot though.

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Tagging: @rivercolquhoun, @cendresgrey, @tenaciouswarriorxx, @saggitariusarrow (again :3c), @bardsoverflowers, @dragonsongsummoner @ululeis, @flamesworn, @eeveekins and if you want to do this consider this an excuse to do so!

Been building up my personal Anti Archive again

So I’m not feeling too great. I’m lacking motivation to do anything, so anything I’ve managed to finish recently has taken a lot of energy to do so. I thought I’d help distract myself and give myself something to do by reorganising and adding to my not so little archive (it’s just something to keep me busy and smiling)

I went through twitter (10th Oct-1st Nov) and Tumblr (8th-31st Oct) and there’s so many things I didn’t know about
I wasn’t that active in the community at the time, and certainly wasn’t active on things like Twitter and Tumblr just in general, so I’m discovering a lot for the first time, and I’ve still probably missed things (like when bios/icons/names changed)

Also the archive has now progressed to this (which is a WIP)

and this (they’re all gifs bar two screenshots, but there’s so many I had to change the layout to get everything onto a screenshot)

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5-10, but for 10, change 2013 to 2019

5. Is there someone mad because you’re dating/talking to the person you are?

i am not dating/ seeing anyone atm so nope
6. Have you heard a song that reminds you of someone today?

i listened to frank iero’s 9-6-15 which reminds me of my grandfather :(
7. What exactly are you wearing right now?

my ne obliviscaris shirt and some workout leggings that match almost too well, i went to the gym earlier~

8. How often do you listen to music?

literally all day
9. Do you wear jeans or sweats more?

10. Do you think your life will change dramatically before 2019?

yes! i am going to graduate and get my first job post-college, and move out on my own:) might be moving to chicago actually~

Just a reminder that I’m an Adult™ and if that makes you feel uncomfortable feel free to:

  • unfollow me
  • ask me to unfollow you
  • block me

I won’t get mad or anything. It’s important to make sure you feel comfortable and secure.

this is what happens if you get trapped between baekhyun and chanyeol