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aaa i know you probably have loads of cagney/hilda requests, but pls imagine if cagney planted a garden full of red flowers like roses and poppies bc they remind him of hilda (he never tells her abt it because he knows it’s dumb) (she eventually finds it anyway) (she also thinks it’s dumb but it’s kind of sweet)

i just want you to know that ive been staring at this ask for days and its made my heart explode yall are killin me here ya go

EXO react: confessing to you

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Xiumin: Since he is the eldest member, I would assume he is pretty mature and would be straight-forward about his feelings to his crush. He would be traditional and ask to take them out to a fancy restaurant and would pay for the meal. He would drive you home and would walk you to your front door. He would say that he had a fantastic night and that he wants to get seeing you.

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Lay: I believe Lay would want to get to know you better and hang out with you a few times to really make sure that he likes you and that it’s not just puppy love. When he realizes his feelings are sincere, he will ask you out to his dance studio and perform a romantic dance and at the end say he likes you while handing you a rose.

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Suho: Suho reminds me of Xiumin because I believe he would be straight up about his feelings. He would want to get to know you a little bit before confessing to you, though. He would get a dozen roses and show up to your house and would confess to you. Of course you would say yes, so you both would decide on curling up on the couch together watching your favorite Disney movie.

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Chanyeol: He seems like the type of guy that prefers a friendship before any type of relationship, so you guys would end up being best friends and hanging out all the time. One day, he would be working on a secret confession song for you and he would ask for you opinion on it. You would start tearing up from hearing his sincere feelings for you and you would hug him and tell him you like him, too.

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun is a mix of Chanyeol and Lay. He would want to be friends for awhile to see if it was just infatuation or if he really did like you. After awhile, he would go to your house and sing your favorite love song and dedicate it to you. When he finished singing, he would tell you that he has had a crush on your for a long time and wants you to be his girlfriend.

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Chen: Chen confessing to you would be a complete accident. You were talking about how this other guy asked you out, and he would be mad.

“What the heck, why would he do that? I told him you were my girl!”

“Your girl?”

“Yeah! I told him how I have had feelings for you for the longest time….shoot”

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Kai: Kai is very romantic so he would be like Suho and show up with roses to your door and ask you to go on a date with him. On the date, he would take you to a small park and have a  candlelight picnic with all your favorite foods and desserts. Under the moonlight, he would tell you that you are the most beautiful girl in the world and it would be his honor to be your man.

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Kyungsoo: He is the type of guy that likes to sit back and observe people. He would admire you for a longgggg time until finally a member caught him staring at you and gave him a pep talk on how to tell you that he has a crush on you. The whole time he is confessing to you, he would be looking down and awkwardly giggling, He would forever be in debt to that member when you say yes to going out with him.

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Sehun: His confession would be similar to Chen’s. You two would be best friends and you would be talking about how a guy was flirting with you and Sehun would noticeably turn tense. He thought that he was the only guy you wee friends with, but hearing that other guys are talking to you, he would tell you that he likes you and wants you to be only HIS girl. 

Bon’s Midnight Screechings: 3x06 ‘A Malcolm’ (3 of ?)


E V E R Y T H I N G 

  • I FREAKING LOVE CÉSAR. I honestly had no clue what to expect from him but he really DOES have that boyish innocence and sincerity that reminded me of Romann and I LOVE HIM AND WANT TO SQUISH HIS FACE

You’ve grown up into such a handsome young man! 

Aye…I have

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Oh my god i LOVED how Claire reacted to his wooden hand 

Firstly, can we just all back up (because this has been known for a while) and take a collective HALLELUJAH that the writers 86ed the whole hook-hand thing?


So for me the wooden hand is a MAGICALLY WONDERFUL adaptation


I just adore that moment where Claire acknowledges the hand, and then touches it, just like she would a real one, as if to say ‘hey, i’m here. This doesn’t scare me. I love you.” 

OH, and then Fergus’s moment after Claire’s talking about America, where he’s just staring and grinning again because it’s all too much and he’s so happy I just I JUST SIMPLY CANNA, YOU GUYS!!! I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU THOUGHT I COULD. I C A N N A 





  • I was so pleasantly surprised by Willoughby! He has such a sweetness and a friendliness that I didn’t really get from the audiobook reading. So wistful and wonderful!
  • HE LICKED MY ELBOW!!!!! I was HOWLING!!!!!! This is was so bloody hilarious. The hoor played this magnificently 
  • Claire Ran—MALCOLM. Bet ya thought he was gonna say Fraser
  • I’m a little nervous about Jamie’s sternness with Willoughby. Hear me, I know it’s true to the book, but yikes, I so much want show!Jamie and Claire to show a lot more cultural sensitivity and correctness in this regard. Claire calling him YI Tien Cho is a really nice touch in this regard, though, so hopefully Claire will be able to school her man a bit
  • Oh, I LOVE that the ‘first wife’ thing is said in Chinese. It always seemed to me in hindsight that it should have rung ALL the alarm bells for Claire, hearing that.  

Rollin’ up to the hoorhoose 

  • WOWZA there are literally people fucking in the background! FUN TIMES! 
  • Watching Jeanne’s reaction (BTW, this is my actual middle name, spelled right, too!), Claire is secretly thinking JESUS CHRIST, these French bitches always hanging all over my Gingernut muffin. Stick with your pain au chocolat. This spicy treat is SPOKEN FOR
  • Climbing the stairway to heaven, i like, i like 
  • The awkwardness over the brothel conversation. I love Sam’s delivery of that “Oh, nah!” 
  • I have burned for you so long, do you not know that? But I am no longer the man you once knew. […] No, I don’t want you to go.”  THIS DELIVERY. IS. SO . MUCH. BETTER. THAN. I. COULD. HAVE DREAMED. 
  • “Whoever you are James Fraser. YES. I do want you.”

Next up….

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next installments under the tag: A Malcolm Screechings


REQUEST: hey, love your blog! I have a request: so Ben has a crush on te reader (kinda like his crush on Bev) but reader is Patrick’s girlfriend, but he’s new so he doesn’t know. Ok so Patrick catches Ben “flirting” with her and he gets pissed and shows him she’s his? Reader finds it funny because Ben is tiny and adorable, the exact opposite from her bf. i’d really like that, thanks!!!

AUTHORS NOTE: i was listening to ‘la ocasíon’ while reading this and it reminded me of how hot owen is so there’s that + i love ben sm so this genuinely hurt to write yikes ??

“Alright, on the count of three, I’m gonna shove you into her, Benny boy.”

“Richie, I don’t think—”


Richie Tozier’s hands pressed against Ben’s overly stuffed backpack and handed him a hard shove in the direction of where Y/N was peacefully heading out of the school’s north entrance. The force was a hair too much on Richie’s part, on purpose, sending both awestricken Ben and his oblivious crush tumbling to the grass laying in front of the school. Ben’s usual dose of panic shot through his veins from the collision into the girl, immediately regretting telling Richie about his little crush, the shock from the impact leaving him laid across the ground even as Y/N had already rushed in getting up.

Pushing herself to her feet with ease, dusting the dirt that found its way to the short skirt she had worn specifically for Patrick’s plans after school, her narrowed eyes fell on the boy planted on the grass who looked up at her like she was a celebrity just striding through the school’s hallways for fun. The glower on her face had morphed into from the shove softened up when she read the obvious lovey-dovey signs that Ben had smeared across his adorable face at the sight of her, a look she wasn’t used to receiving anymore since she linked herself to the infamous Patrick Hockstetter.

“You okay there?” Her soothing, velvety, voice pulled him from his loving thoughts surrounding her; putting a pause on the numerous amounts of poetic verses he was already conjuring up in his brain at the sight of her lovely facial features under the warm April sun.

Outstretching a genuine helping hand down to the shoved boy, the corners of her baby pink lips twitching into a coy half-smile at the thought of finally emitting the same effect Patrick always had on her onto someone else. It gave her a sense of control, making someone be as love stricken like she was with her boyfriend, a feeling that wasn’t familiar with her. Her freshly painted red nails heavily contrasted Ben’s pale skin when she curled her fingers around his palm, pulling him up with ease and nodding down at him in acknowledgement.

“Uh, yeah. I’m so sorry about him, he has this stupid thing where he thinks pushing his friends is hilarious.” Ben hastily apologized, his shy tongue stumbling over his words and his clammy hand rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment.

The familiar flush of scarlet stretched across his cheeks when the girl didn’t bother breaking her intent gaze on him, feeling as if all the innocent thoughts he had since he first saw her were written all across his skin for her to publicly view. Instead of from disgust at his obvious liking towards her, which is what he had anticipated since he first took notice of her in the halls, Y/N accepted his crush on her with open arms — in desperate need of the ego boost and lacking the bone in her to torment the poor boy like her boyfriend would if given the opportunity.

“Trashmouth Tozier? Yeah, I don’t find that hard to believe.” She softly laughed he situation off, glancing back at where Richie and his friends were watching the spectacle and quickly turned their observing eyes away when they she looked their way. “I’m Y/F/N, by the way and you’re Ben Hanscom, right?” She inquired, cocking an eyebrow at him with friendly interest.

“Yeah, I just moved to Derry a few weeks ago.” Ben explained, even though, he was sure that it was a known fact around the school now.

“So, I’ve heard.” Y/N nodded, not bothering to mention that she had heard that little fact from the group conversation her boyfriend and the gang were having; talk of what to do to put Hanscom in his place being the topic circulated throughout the car. “How’s it going for you, so far?” She asked him, the attention she was throwing his way not something he was used to from people other than the Losers.

“Well, it’s—“

“Here, let’s sit.”

Y/N interrupted what she expect to be a long reply by leading him over to the concrete, now empty, steps of the school and taking a seat at the bottom step. Patting the empty spot beside her, eager to have a normal conversation with someone other than the gang, she looked up at him with expectant eyes that Ben just couldn’t find himself saying no to. Hesitantly seating himself on the step, leaving a safe distance between them, he beamed at the sight of her sweetly grinning at him as she urged him to continue what he was saying.

“So, tell me about your stay here so far.”

Some luck seemed to oddly be on the girl’s side as Patrick stood a few yards away with his back to her, unaware that the person he was waiting for was seated at the school’s entrance with another boy at her side — a sight he would’ve put a stop to immediately if he was present at the scene. Not all luck was on her side, though. The rest of the gang were leaning against the car with their gazes set on their friend’s girlfriend and their ears forced to listen to the explicit details Patrick was given them on his plans for tonight; Y/N, undressed and in his bed, being the focal point of his words.

“Oh, yeah?” Henry rudely interrupted Patrick’s obscene words and pushed himself of the car. He stared down the much taller kid and smirking at him in the way Patrick had seen him do many times when he was ready to tear down a kid’s self-esteem like his father always did to him at home. “How come she’s whoreing it up with the new kid then?” He smirked, nodding over at the school behind him and snickering at Patrick’s bewildered expression, a rare sight that he always treasured.

“The hell are you talking about, Bowers?”

Patrick lecherous leer fell into a frustrated frown at Henry’s words, eyebrows furrowing and narrowed, deadly, eyes landing on Henry’s amused face — daring him to repeat his last statement. When Henry met him with silence, the boyish smirk taunting him to reconsider his words, Patrick turned on the heel of his combat boot and looked back at where Y/N appeared to be having the time of her life. Scoffing under his breath when Y/N swatted Ben’s chest with her melodious laugh filling the minimal space between them, Patrick scowled at the sight of her attentively hanging onto every word the smaller boy was saying, an action that Patrick had only permitted her to use on him.

“I guess it’s time we introduce ourselves to that new kid like you said, huh?”

Patrick sauntered back over to the desolate school, the scowl on his face contouring back into his usual smile that screamed danger. His hands fell to his sides, balling themselves up into fists and the sweet idea of connecting them with Ben Hanscom’s face filling him with each step he took in their direction. The rest of them followed in suit, more so excited to have a fresh body to lay their hands on than to help Patrick, not having met their daily quota of kids to bully. The Losers’ gazes turned wary when they first caught sight of the lanky, looming, figure heading towards the school.

“Shit, Hockstetter’s headed their way.” Richie cursed, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose and looking over at the other two for ideas on what to do; knowing the three of them wouldn’t be enough to stop the deadly blows the gang had planned for Ben. “I forgot she was seeing that freak!” He exclaimed, desperately wishing that Beverly and Bill would hurry up whatever they were doing inside the school still.

“Fuck, you think he’ll be okay?” Stan asked, his question hanging in the air when the other boys refused to acknowledge the bitter truth, never leaving his eyes from the lethal storm approaching Ben’s romantic scene.

“No.” Eddie boldly replied, speaking the truth that the other two boys were afraid to voice, knowing that they needed the missing pair to be an effective distraction for Ben.

“Well, what do we have here, guys?” The laughing pair glanced up at the source of the new shadow looming over them, blocking the friendly sunlight they previously had. “New kid trying to get in my girl’s pants? Without my permission?”

Ben felt the blood in his veins turn cold at the sight of the group of boys that had it out for him since day one, his many attempts to steer clear of their path thrown out the window as he was forced to meet their most dangerous one in the eyes. Sadly taking sight of Ben’s frightened body, his once gleeful eyes drenched in fear because of her boyfriend’s mere presence, Y/N hurriedly stood up from her seat and stood in between them to serve as a makeshift barrier.

“Patrick, cut it out.” She weakly tried, crossing her arms over her chest in a defiant manner and forcing herself to stare up at him.

“Cut what out?” Patrick asked, glancing around the faces of his friends to see that they were enjoying this as much as him before jutting a thumb in Ben’s direction. “Putting this tub of lard in his place? Someone’s gotta show him Derry’s ropes, baby”

“That’s not funny.” Rolling her eyes at the usage of a pet name, knowing it was all for show, she grimaced at the sound of the gang snickering from Patrick’s crude comment.

“Did I tell you to tell me if it was funny, Y/N? Like I didn’t tell you that you could be a little slut with other boys.”

“He was just being friendly.” If it had been another scenario, Y/N’s words would have wounded Ben’s fragile ego but in this situation, he would rather want Hockstetter to believe that he was just being a friend.

Y/N coming to another person’s defense irked Patrick even more, the cruel intentions in him growing on the ruthless scale as he looked from his girlfriend to the enemy in his mind.

“That true, faggot?” Patrick’s attention falling on him caused Ben to hastily stand up from his once comfy seat, his pupils darting from threatening face to threatening face before landing back on the worst one. “Were you just being a friendly little shit to my girl or were you thinking of what she would look like under this ittt bitty skirt? Want me to give me you a peek?”

A long arm hooked around her neck, her hands desperately moving to pry it off due to it’s tight hold against her throat threatening her breathing, he pulled her back into the front of his body. Ben helplessly watched from where Vic and Belch were now holding him down as Patrick wrapped his other arm around her squirming waist, fingers curling around the bottom of her skirt and inching it up to reveal more skin than Y/N had intended. The gross whistles coming from the boys at the sight was the pushing point for Y/N to heavily push her elbow against his skinny torso, sending him stumbling back and freeing her from his hold as her hands flattened her skirt back against her thighs.

“Fucking asshole.” Y/N viciously spat at her stupid boyfriend, charging at his grinning figure with an intensity he adored but stopped by Henry Bowers roughly pulling her back in place by her shirt, stopping her mid punch and earning a sneer from her as she tried to swat his hands off of her.

“Look at what you did, now she’s all pissy with me and won’t do me later.” Patrick dramatically exclaimed, letting out an exaggerated huff and crouching down to where they had Ben held down by the soles of their shoes. “Thanks for screwing up my plans.” He lightly slapped his hand against Ben’s cheek in a taunting manner before shooting a look at Henry, the raise of the eyebrows and tongue running over his bottom lip giving Henry the go to take out his knife and let go of his girlfriend.

Pushing the girl off of him, Henry darted over to where the new kid was being held down by the other half, knife glimmering from the once innocent sunlight in his hand. Hopelessly watching as Patrick sauntered back over to her, his large hand cupping her saddened face, enjoying the sight of her pretty eyes glazing over from the threat of tears spilling from frustration.

“I only do it because I don’t want them to think they have a chance with you, I need to teach them a lesson. Don’t think you’re being let off easy, though.”

Patrick’s threat of her own ‘punishment’ were hidden underneath the sweet tone he forced himself to have; though, not fooling her one bit since she knew him all too well. “Head home, I’ll meet you there in thirty.” Softly pushing her away from him in the direction of her path home, Patrick shot her one last boyish smirk before he headed back to where his group of buddies were.

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okay wait i'm v confused, but are you saying that bc dnp are at marzia's birthday and since it's associated with f*elix it makes them bad people?

you know what i’m saying? i’m saying that this is a stark reminder that surprise! this fandom is also not welcoming for black people, these people also don’t particularly give a shit about black people, a large majority of the people that follow me don’t give enough of a shit about black people to even see why this might be even a little bit hurtful because they’re too busy worrying about the precious feelings they will never ever know.

because that’s what people, what *you* are saying when you ask me really leading questions about whether or not Dan and Phil are “bad people” or not. You’re saying that I don’t even get the space to maybe feel some kind of way about people being friends with out and out racists.

Secret Sessions.

I think everyone can agree that Secret Sessions are such an incredible thing for Taylor to give to her fans to thank them and show how much she cares. She honestly goes above and beyond for her Swifties.

But in saying that I get it. It’s hard when you are one of those fans that feels like they never get noticed, never has had her comment on a live stream, been sent a package, held a Grammy or never has had the opportunity to meet her or tell her how much she means to you. This person is me 100%

It can be hard seeing so many fans live out your own dreams right in front of your eyes, especially for those in places where things like secret sessions seem impossible (Australia represent) or for some Swifties even seeing her on tour is beyond a mission.

But, I just want to remind everyone not to give up hope because Taylor is literally going beyond humanly possible lengths to thank and meet.

Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

One day you WILL meet Taylor! You will get to hug her and hold her and hear her say your name as she looks back at you and smiles. You are going to get your chance to tell her how much you adore her and what her music has done for you, you’re going to be able to cry or laugh, smile or RIP DIE DEAD right before your idol because you will finally be living that same moment, experiencing all the same emotions the secret sessions fans got to feel at this moment in time.

We are Swifties, we need to remember when we stick together and support each other we are strong. We will all get our special moments eventually, good things just take time ❤️


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tbh I want to be your best friend !! I love your writing, I do writing myself but I'm so bad at cramming all the ideas together and turning them into something (also my faves of your characters are Rooney, Ramona, Lou, Fiona, all the girls?? idk I love girls sorry but I love the boys too!) also Santi reminds me of Elliot Alderson from Mr. Robot + Rooney is one of my favorite names and I'm rambling now whoops


honestly the girls deserve the most love. (especially eli and miyu, their time is coming once pets comes out) 

AND IT’S REALLY FUNNY YOU SAY THE MR. ROBOT GUY because i remember last year i reblogged a gif of him to santi’s inspo tag not because he even looked like him but like his facial expressions reminded me of him…i’m glad we’re on the same page (even tho i’ve never even watched that show)

it’s okay i ramble a lot too that’s how u know we’d be fast friends

Thank you, fellow Mythical Beasts!

I finally had the time to go through my pictures that I took in New York City and wanted to share this one. I was in the city to see Rhett and Link, but decided to make a weekend of it to do some other fun, touristy stuff too. One evening while I was out walking around taking pictures I saw this on the side of a building.

I love this not only for the sentiment, but also because it reminds me of this fandom and the Mythical Beasts. I mostly observe rather than participate, but so often I see people helping others. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the bad stuff going on in the world these days. It seems like there’s just so much of it. Then I come here and along with the silliness, which of course I love, there are so many examples of kindness too. Rhett and Link tell us to be our mythical best and so many of you do just that in ways both big and small. Thank you!

And I’ve also been thinking about what being your mythical best means to me personally. For me, it means forgetting about your fear and doing something anyway. I went to NYC by myself. I guess to most people this wouldn’t seem like a big deal, but I have anxiety issues, so I was really nervous about traveling alone. I debated with myself over and over about whether or not I should go. Eventually, with some added encouragement from my mom, bless her, I decided to just do it. In the past I’ve let my fear stop me from doing things that I wanted to do and I knew I would regret it if I didn’t take the chance to see the guys when I could. I’m so glad I did! I had a blast at the show and it was so much fun to talk to and hang out with other fans while waiting in line to get into the show.

So anyway, to make a long story short (I know, too late lol), I just wanted to say thank you to all the Mythical Beasts for being your kind, awesome, wonderful selves and, even though I’m sure they’ll never see this, I also wanted to say thank you to Rhett and Link for the inspiration to do something that I didn’t think I could do.

evaceratops replied to your photosetSTAR WARS PROPAGANDA BY PABLO HIDALGO “DELIVER US…

This post reminded me of the existence of the “the only thing between you and oblivion” poster AND NOW I’M CRYING AGAIN because even with the clones backing them up, the Jedi were so, SO overwhelmed and outnumbered, that war was ALWAYS going to be at great cost to them, and THEY. FOUGHT. ANYWAY. BECAUSE THEY WERE THE ONLY THING STANDING BETWEEN INNOCENT REPUBLIC CITIZENS AND /DEATH/.


I keep thinking about your tags from the other day–the Jedi sacrificed everything of themselves, they were put into a situation where they had the choice of either fighting & dying in this war or letting other people fight & die, they had so few options open to them, and there was no time for much of anything else, so they put themselves through hell, always giving more and more and more to help save people’s lives, to stand between them and oblivion, to help the most people they could, they bled and hurt and died for this Republic.

They were the ones who stood between war and the innocent people of the public, who took that damage so no one else had to.  Because someone had to, war was coming.

And they were repaid with silence as they were murdered, their children murdered, their Temple burned.


Alt to Red Robin as a hero name

I’ve always been annoyed that Tim Drake became and will be remembered as Red Robin, mostly because it reminds me constantly of his feelings of grief and abandonment from when Bruce died and Damian was made Robin.

But also because Red Robin is a chain of fast food restaurants where I live. (If Gotham is in New Jersey - which I think is common canon - Red Robin theoretically has chains in Gotham. Embarrassing.)

I wish (hope) that Tim “graduates” to another name, leaving Red Robin as an important transitional identity.

That said, what name could he theoretically take to replace Red Robin?

Disclaimer, I suck at names. Like, really suck at names. But in my head, I think an argument could be made for Ibis.

Reason 1: A Scarlet Ibis, native to South America and the Caribbean, looks like this:

(Source: Wikipedia)

Wouldn’t have to change the color scheme of the costume!

Reason 2:

The Ibis is associated with Thoth, the Egyptian god of Knowledge, Wisdom, Writing, the Moon, and Secrets. I like this association filtered through a bird-themed name.

Reason 3 (aka the Real Reason):

English gets the name “Thoth” through the greek transliteration Θώθ, pronounced  thṓth or Theut . This is actually a weird transliteration since Greek doesn’t have the ḏ/dj sound in its alphabet. From hieroglyphics, the name would now be read as ḏḥw.ty (ancient Egyptians generally did not write out their vowels which, correct me if I’m wrong, is a trait it shares with related languages like Arabic and Hebrew). Transliterating straight from the Egyptian to English, you end up with Djehuti.

Which is a really long technical explanation for why after two days with the new name, Jason “nerdiest of nerds” Todd starts called Tim “Djehuti” in the field. He can’t not call him Djehuti - it both a sincere reflection of Jason’s respect for his brother and it sounds absolutely hilarious when shouted across rooftops. It’s the perfect name to tease your brother with.

And once Jason starts using it, it’s only a matter of time until everyone joins in. Dick thinks it sounds adorable. Cass likes the way it rolls off the tongue. Steph wishes she’d thought of it first. Barbara starts working more Egyptian references into the files she sends Tim.

Even Damian gets in on the action, but only because everyone is pronouncing the name wrong and he’s the one best equipped to correct them. (As previously mentioned, Egyptian shares a language family with Arabic - some of the sounds are shared.)

Long story short, almost no on in the family calls him Ibis and Tim is just eternally done with them all. He doesn’t even correct them anymore. Anyone outside of the family - heroes and villains alike - are pretty confused.

(Except the Riddler, who immediately complimented Red Hood on his sick reference.)

(Bruce and Alfred actually call Tim “Ibis” even after “Djehuti” catches on. Though Bruce secretly uses “ḏḥw” in coded notes as a nickname for Tim.)

“Bernie Sanders was a living symbol of what Democrats used to stand for, and party leaders didn’t seem to appreciate being reminded of how far they had strayed.”


Thomas Frank’s Listen Liberal is really making me hate Democrats.

They’re not even the lesser evil, they’re just another evil, pretending to care about inequality while they rack in the same money as the Republicans and let the working class suffer.

I hate Donald Trump.

But God.

I hated Hillary too. 

Okay. I’m afraid I’m going to have beef with @queen-mabs-revenge

Because HOW DARE YOU remind me that season 7!Hook still most likely met Baelfire in Neverland, so Hook’s betrayal is still gonna have an impact on his mind because “i fucked up once with being a father figure, I’m not fucking up again”?! Oh! And now that Baelfire’s dead in that alternate realm, that’s gonna inspire Hook to be even more driven in his “I’m not fucking up again” mission, to save his daughter!

I mean… what the hell did I ever do to you to let you do this to me?!

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ok im……….[heavy breathing]……….the imaginary in paper houses reminds me so much of long way down you know. the ‘’we built something together and then left it to die’’ kind of metaphor - i think it’s really similar. except paper houses is a lot softer, personal, and?? special? delicate in a way. and we all speculated how long way down was about zayn and the boys in general. but now imagine niall sitting down and thinking about long way down and then thinking about his relationship with zayn, just them two, and writing the same concept in a much softer and gentler way. because if long way down is about a falling out between a group of friends, paper houses is about something a lot more special that got broken: niall’s heart

It’s weird looking back on your childhood as an adult, because sometimes you remember very specific things, like, “Hey, remember that time I got flung off the seesaw at recess in elementary school and almost got my head cracked by the seat? And Lauren wouldn’t stop making the thing bounce faster? God, that girl was awful.” or a vague feeling, like, “Aw, man, this soap reminds me of my Grandma’s house.”

And then sometimes you remember some really messed up crap that you saw and you’re like, “Ah, crap, dude, remember that time we saw the neighbor getting robbed while we were playing on the rope swing out back?” or is that one just me?